Canadian distributor Georgetown Terminal Warehouse Ltd. (GTW) is forming a new sales and marketing company, Georgetown Publication, in part to offer assistance to stranded former customers of General Publishing.

GTW is collaborating with Wilf Clarke, former v-p of sales and marketing at General Publishing, who will hold the same title at Georgetown. Clarke hopes to offer positions to some of his former staff and to hire a sales and marketing team by the end of July in order to be ready for the fall season.

Brenda Sisnett, president of Georgetown Terminal Warehouse, said that the company is responding to demand from prospective client publishers. "The closing of General resulted in a quality group of sales professionals being available to service the needs of General's former clients, who, we understand, had been very satisfied with their Canadian sales results," she commented.

"The publishers we have contacted are very enthusiastic about our new company, and the fact that Wilf Clarke has joined us," said Dan Soucie, president and CFO of Georgetown Publications. "We have combined the experience, industry reputation and financial stability of GTW with a quality sales organization that knows the publishers' books and how and where to sell them."