Fall 2002 Listing by Publisher
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Seaman's Journal: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark by Patricia Eubank ($15.95) offers an account of these explorers' travels from the perspective of Lewis's Newfoundland. (5-8)
Christmas Every Day by William Dean Howells, illus. by Meredith Johnson ($12.95). A girl learns that one can have too much of a good thing. (5-8)
New Meet... titles are Meet Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore, illus. by Amy Wummer; and Meet Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt ($9.95 each, 5-8).
The Story of Jesus: La historia de Jesús by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh ($3.95), offers a bilingual account of the life of Jesus. (3-5)
My First Book of Prayers: Mi primer libro de oraciones, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt ($3.95), presents prayers in both English and Spanish. (3-5)
Paperback Reprint
I Wish I Was the Baby by DJ Long, illus. by Gary Johnson ($5.95, 3-5).
Paperback Reissues
The Other Wise Man, retold by Pamela Kennedy, based on the story by Henry Van Dyke, illus. by Robert Barrett; and My First Day of School, Let's Learn All We Can, Just Open a Book and Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan ($5.95 each, 5-8).
Paperback Series Reissues
P.K. Hallinan's Today Is... reissues Today Is Halloween!, Today Is Thanksgiving!, Today Is Christmas! and Today Is Valentine's Day! by P.K. Hallinan ($5.95 each, hardcover $7.95, 5-8).

The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh ($6.95), is a board-book rendition of this tale about an angel who discovers the importance of sharing. (3-5)
The Elves and the Shoemaker by Peggy Schaefer, illus. by Joe Boddy ($6.95), retells this Brothers Grimm tale. (3-5)
Titles in Spanish
La historia de Jesús (The Story of Jesus) by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh; and Un niño Dios (The Twelve Days of Christmas) by Pingry, illus. by Wendy Edelson ($6.95 each, 3-5).
The Story of... welcomes three titles by Patricia A. Pingry: The Story of Samson, illus. by Kristina Stephenson; The Story of Adam and Eve, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh; and The Story of Benjamin Franklin, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt; and The Story of Chanukah by Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg, illus. by Pamela Levy ($6.95 each, 3-5). And new P.K. Hallinan Boardbooks are My Mommy and I, My Daddy and I, My Grandma and I and My Grandpa and I by P.K. Hallinan ($7.95 each, 3-5).

The Power of Positive Thinking for Teens by Mary Lou Carney ($7.95). Based on Norman Vincent Peale's bestseller, this offers advice for overcoming challenges teens face. (12-18)

Dreams to Grow On by Christine Hurley Deriso, illus. by Matthew Archambault ($15.95). A girl explores career possibilities through imaginative play. (3-9)
One Smile by Cindy McKinley, illus. by Mary Gregg Byrne ($15.95). One act of kindness sparks others. (3-up)
Dreambirds by David Ogden, illus. by Jody Bergsma ($16.95, 6-up).

Little Krishna by Harish Johari, illus. by Pieter Weltevrede ($16.95), recounts the adventures of Lord Krishna. ($6-9)
Animals in the Stars: Chinese Astrology for Kids by Gregory Crawford ($15.95) introduces Chinese astrology. (8-12)

Teen Feng Shui: Design a Space That Works for You by Susan Levitt ($14.95) explains how to create balanced environments. (12-up)
Tarot for Teens by M.J. Abadie ($14.95) is a guide to tarot interpretation. (12-up)

Code Master Treasure Hunter by David Seidman, illus. by Preston Palmer ($19.99). Readers follow clues to crack a code to open a locked case. (8-12)
Pop-Up Pals gains Mouse's Christmas Eve by Leslie Bockol, illus. by Susanna Ronchi ($14.99, 1- 4). Magic Color Slide additions are The Magic Rain and The Wizard Who Loved Black by Nora Gaydos, illus. by Marcelo Elizalde ($14.99 each, 3-7). Puppet Playhouse adds Knight-Time Tales, adapted by Ellen Florian, illus. by Keiko Motoyama ($19.99 3-up). Get in Gear by Sholly Fisch, illus. by Mark Oliver, joins Hands-On Science ($19.99, 6-up). And Crash Course: Games for Brains issues Gross Anatomy and Secrets of Space by Susan Ring, illus. by Alan Snow ($16.99 each, 7-up).
Paperback Series
Build & Float Soft Shapes welcomes All Aboard! and A River Safari!, illus. by Simon Morse ($9.99 each, 1-4). And new Tall Soft Shapes titles are Who's in the Middle? and Doggy Duds ($7.99 each, 1-4).

Peek-A-Boo Guess Who offers Farm Animals and Wild Animals, illus. by Salina Yoon ($5.95 each, up to 2). Learn About Concept Books presents Colors, Counting, Shapes and Time, illus. by David Sim ($5.95 each, 2-4). New My Little Shimmery titles are Neighborhood and School Days, illus. by Salina Yoon ($5.95 each, 2-up). Joining Learning Pictures are Who Lives Here? and What Will I Become? by Dorothea DePrisco, illus. by Annie Lunsford ($7.95 each, 2-up). Sparkling Little Colors Books offers Country Pals, Sea Creatures, Little Friends and Bug Buddies by Salina Yoon ($5.95 each, 2-up). Holiday Sparklers gains The Gingerbread Man and The Busy Little Elf by Dawn Bentley, illus. by Tom Patrick ($4.95 each, 2-up). Angel Fish by Iain Smith is a new Pull and Lift Book ($10.95, 3-up). Picture Clue Touch and Feel Books welcomes Meet Gator by Dorothea DePrisco, illus. by James Lee Croft ($10.95, 3-up). Winter Wonder Books issues Snowbear's Winter Day by DePrisco, illus. by Dagmar Fehlau ($9.95, 3-up). And My Shimmery Alphabet Book, illus. by Salina Yoon, is a new My Shimmery title ($8.95, 3-up).

Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, illus. by Bethanne Anderson ($16.95), tells of the role that Noah's wife played in the biblical tale. (4-up)

The Kids' Cartoon Bible by Chaya Burstein ($17.95) presents illustrated biblical tales. (4-up)

The Gardener's Gold Ring by Nancy Bopp, illus. by Christina Mutchler ($5.49). After a gardener loses his wedding band, his wife makes an unexpected discovery. (2-6)
Children of the Storm by Natasha Vins ($6.49) relays the story of a persecuted Christian family in Soviet Russia. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Fingerprint Classics continues with Jewel Cases: Five Classic Mysteries of Theft by Arthur Morrison, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others ($6.49, 12-up).
Paperback Reprint
The Mystery of the Indian Carvings by Gloria Repp, illus. by Christopher Pelicano ($6.49, 9-12).

Paperback Series Kicking off Science Solves It! are The Nose Knows by Ellen Weiss, illus. by Margeaux Lucas ($4.99, 4-6); Ant Attack! by Anne James, illus. by Anthony Lewis; What's That Sound? by Mary Lawrence, illus. by Lynn Adams; and What Homework? by Linda Hayward, illus. by Page Eastburn O'Rourke ($4.99 each, 5-7); and The Green Dog by Melinda Luke, illus. by Jane Manning; and The Rainbow Mystery by Jennifer Dussling, illus. by Barry Gott ($4.99 each, 6-8).

The Yellow Umbrella by Jae Soo Liu ($19.95). This tale that follows an umbrella through the city on a rainy day is packaged with a musical CD. (All ages)
In the Jungle by Bénédicte Guettier ($11.95). Children place their faces in cut-out pages to become jungle animals. (up to 3)
Kevin Goes to School, Kevin Takes a Trip, Kevin Spends the Night and Kevin Goes to the Hospital by Liesbet Slegers ($7.95 each) reveal a boy in potentially stressful situations. (1-4)
Something Is Not Quite Right by Ralf Butschkow ($13.95). Kids spot the mistakes in illustrations. (3-7)
Saving Sinbad by Michael Foreman ($15.95). While villagers rescue a family from a sailboat in a storm, a dog saves the family's dog. (4-8)
Marta and the Bicycle by Germano Zullo, illus. by Albertine ($13.95). A cow builds a bicycle and enters a race. (4-8)
I Am a Dog by Alan Brown ($7.95). A boy pretends he is a dog until his parents adopt a real pooch. (3-7)

Alphabeasts by Wallace Edwards ($15.95) is an ABC book. (All ages) City Signs, photos by Zoran Milich ($15.95), showcases signs from the city. (2-5)
The Little Land by Robert Louis Stevenson, illus. by Kim Fernandes ($14.95), presents this poem with three-dimensional art. (3-8)
Tina and the Penguin by Heather Dyer, illus. by Mireille Levert ($14.95). Tina brings home a pal from the zoo. (5-8)
The Klondike Cat by Julie Lawson, illus. by Paul Mombourquette ($15.95), describes an adventure in the Klondike. (5-9)
Jasper's Day by Marjorie Blain Parker, illus. by Janet Wilson ($15.95). A family honors their dog's last day. (5-up)
Under the Ice by Kathy Conlon ($16.95) recounts a woman scientist's adventures under the polar ice. (8-12)
A Foreign Field by Gillian Chan ($16.95) is a tale of love and loss during WWII. (10-14)
Losing Forever by Gayle Friesen ($16.95). Jess deals with her mother's wedding plans. (10-14)
The Seeker by Margaret Buffie ($16.95) continues the Watcher's Quest trilogy. (10-14)
Elliot Moose returns in Elliot's Noisy Night by Andrea Beck ($12.95, 3-7). Franklin stars in The Franklin Annual, Vol. 1 ($14.95, 3-8); Franklin's Holiday Treasury ($15.95, 3-8); and Kids Can Read: Franklin and the Magic Show and Franklin's Music Lessons ($14.95 each, paper $3.95, 3-8), all created by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark. Once-Upon-a-Time adds Three Tales of Trickery by Marilyn Helmer, illus. by Noushin Pajouhesh ($10.95, 5-8). Joining Lu & Clancy is Sound Off by Adrienne Mason, illus. by Pat Cupples ($14.95, paper $6.95, 6-9). Sam: Dog Detective gains One Terrible Halloween by Mary Labatt ($12.95, paper $4.95, 7-10). Cynthia Pratt Nicolson's Hurricane is a new Disaster title ($14.95, paper $6.95, 7-11). FAQ adds Space by Valerie Wyatt ($12.95, paper $6.95, 8-12). Good Times Travel Agency journeys on with Adventures in Ancient Greece by Linda Bailey ($14.95, paper $7.95, 8-14). And Kids Can Do It continues with Making Masks by Renée Schwartz, Shadow Puppets by Jill Bryant and Catherine Heard, Knitting by Judy Ann Sadler and Electric Mischief by Allan Bartholomew ($12.95 each, paper $5.95, 8-up).
My Pet Hamster by Lyn Thomas ($4.95) is a guide to caring for hamsters. (5-8)
The Jumbo Book of Paper Crafts by Amanda Lewis ($14.95) offers instructions for creating toys, gifts, etc. (9-up)
Paperback Reprints
A Difficult Day by Eugenie Fernandes and What Did Dinosaurs Eat? by Elizabeth MacLeod, illus. by Gordon Sauvé ($5.95 each, 3-7); Bone Button Borscht by Aubrey Davis, illus. by Dusan Petricic; and SkySisters by Jan Bourdeau Waboose, illus. by Brian Deines ($5.95 each, 5-8); Morning on the Lake by Waboose, illus. by Karen Reczuch; The Dust Bowl by David Booth, illus. by Reczuch; and Emma and the Silk Train by Julie Lawson, illus. by Paul Mombourquette ($5.95 each, 5-9); Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Mining by Ann Love and Jane Drake, illus. by Pat Cupples ($5.95 each, 7-10); and Lucy Maud Montgomery and The Wright Brothers by Elizabeth MacLeod ($6.95 each, 8-12).
Paperback Series Reprints
Elliot reprints Elliot Gets Stuck by Andrea Beck ($5.95, 3-7). And new Pippin reprints are Pippin Takes a Bath, Pippin and the Bones and Pippin and Pudding by K.V. Johansen, illus. by Bernice Lum ($5.95 each, 4-7).

Memorable MilestonesThis fall brings an unusually bountiful harvest of titles celebrating the anniversary of a book's original publication or the introduction of a now familiar character.
Treasured by generations of young readers, ever-youthful Peter Rabbit turns 100 this year, and Frederick Warne marks the occasion with the publication of new editions of all 23 of Beatrix Potter's original tales.
Three-quarters of a century has passed since the Hardy Boys cracked their first case, and in honor of their continued sleuthing, S&S/Aladdin is releasing Franklin W. Dixon's The Hardys on Holiday: Collector's Edition, which rounds up three mysteries, as well as two new capers, Trick-or-Trouble and In Plane Sight, plus The Hardy Boys' Swell Guide to Life.
Walter Brooks's Freddy the Pig also has a 75th birthday this year, and Overlook Press is bringing out two fall volumes, The Art of Freddy, with an introduction by Michael Cart; and The Freddy Anniversary Collection by Brooks, illustrated by Kurt Wiese. Also due in the fall are four newly reissued Freddy adventures: Freddy's Cousin's Wedding, Freddy the Magician, Freddy Rides Again and Freddy and the Men from Mars.
Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal for The Little House when it was first published in 1942, and Houghton Mifflin celebrates the book's 60 years in print with an anniversary edition. Also due are Mike Mulligan and More: A Virginia Lee Burton Treasury and Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art by Barbara Elleman, a biography.
Sixty years have also passed since the publication of The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde H. Swift, illustrated by Lynd Ward. Due out from Harcourt are a facsimile edition featuring Ward's original watercolors and a gift set that packages the book with a lighthouse-shaped nightlight.
Also celebrating 60th anniversaries are Maureen Daly's Seventeenth Summer , which S&S is reissuing in a hardcover edition with a new jacket; and the inaugural tale in The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner, which Albert Whitman is bringing back in The Boxcar Children 60th Anniversary Edition, with art by L. Kate Deal and biographical information about the author.
The Berenstain Bears have been keeping kids chuckling—and teaching them lessons—for 40 years. On the anniversary of their first foray into Bear Country, creators Stan and Jan Berenstain will publish Down a Sunny Dirt Road: An Autobiography. Random House will release this hardcover in September, which is also the pub month of reissues of five Berenstain Bears titles.
Norman Bridwell's ageless Clifford—whose books have sold close to 100 million copies—also has a 40th birthday this year. Due out is an anniversary edition of the original picture book, Clifford the Big Red Dog , featuring flocking and foil on its jacket. For every copy of this book sold through December, Scholastic will donate $1 to Reading is Fundamental.
Yet another 40th anniversary—that of the publication of Ed Emberley's The Wing on a Flea —will be marked by Little, Brown in the fall with the release of a new edition of this picture book.
Thirty-five years ago, E.L. Konigsburg won a Newbery Medal for From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler , and this fall Atheneum will bring out a new hardcover anniversary edition with a new afterword by the author. Also due is a Simon Pulse mass-market paperback and an Aladdin digest edition.
Another staple of the Atheneum backlist, Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, with pictures by Ray Cruz, is marking its 30th anniversary this year. The publisher has sold more than two million copies of the book.
A pair of titles turns 25 this year. Steven Kellogg's The Mysterious Tadpole , in which Louis's Scottish uncle gives him a tadpole plucked out of Loch Ness, will be published in a reworked version featuring all new art. And Peachtree plans a 25th-anniversary edition of If I Found a Wistful Unicorn: A Gift of Love by Ann Ashford, illustrated by Bill Drath.
Since it first made a splash 10 years ago, Marcus Pfister's The Rainbow Fish has been published in 28 countries and 37 languages, giving North-South Books ample reason to celebrate. Due in September is The Rainbow Fish Anniversary Edition, sporting holographic foil type on the cover.

Jack and Annie's Story Word Book by Rebecca Elgar ($12.95) centers on two children in day care. (2-5)
Katie & Tom's Busy Day by Armelle Boy ($16.95) is a pull-tab, lift-the-flap tale. (2-up)
Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton, illus. by Ant Parker ($9.95), examines flight. (3-5)
The Big What Are Friends For? Storybook by Sally Grindley, illus. by Penny Dann ($16.95), rounds up three adventures starring Jefferson Bear and Figgy Twosocks. (3-5)
Little Encyclopedia of Our World by Angela Wilkes ($11.95) is a reference for youngsters. (5-8)
The Kingfisher Children's Bible Questions and Answers by Dennis Doyle ($14.95) introduces the Old and New Testaments. (5-8)
The Kingfisher Treasury of Classic Stories, compiled by Michael Morpurgo and Rosemary Sandberg ($29.95), collects tales. (5-10)
The Kingfisher Book of Scary Stories, compiled by Chris Powling, illus. by Peter Bailey ($10.95), presents scary tales. (6-10)
1000 Questions and Answers ($24.95) addresses commonly asked questions. (8-12)
Everyday Life in the Ancient World by Julie Ferris et al. ($15.95) explores great empires from the past. (8-12)
Explorers by Philip Wilkinson ($16.95) focuses on explorers throughout history. (8-up)
1000 Years of Famous People by Clive Gifford et al. ($24.95) profiles individuals from the last millennium. (8-up)
The Kingfisher A—Z Encyclopedia, edited by Ben Hoare ($29.95), is an illustrated reference. (8-up)
People Around the World by Antony Mason ($24.95) examines the cultures that make up our world. (8-up)
The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Living Worlds by Jerry Cadle ($19.95) features more than 250 photos and illustrations. (8-up)
The Complete Book of the Seasons by Sally Tagholm ($18.95) looks at seasonal changes around the world. (8-up)
The Kingfisher Children's Who's Who in the Bible by Claire Llewellyn ($14.95) introduces key biblical figures. (8-up)
Titles in Spanish
Mi primer libro de números (My First Number Book) and Mi primer libro de palabras (My First Word Book), illus. by Mandy Stanley ($6.95 each, 2-up).
Kingfisher Gift Boxes adds The Amazing Machines Book and Toy Box and Ten Little Monsters Counting Box ($16.95 each, 2-4); The Kingfisher Dinosaur Factory ($16.95, 4-8); The Milly-Molly-Mandy Gift Box ($19.95, 4-8); and The Kingfisher Magic Tricks Box ($16.95, 7-up). Curious Kids Guides offers Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Dinosaurs, Human Body, Science and Time and Seasons ($8.95 each, 5-8). I Wonder Why gains I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes? ($11.95, 5-8). Question Time continues with Birds and Reptiles ($11.95 each, paper $6.95, 5-8). Joining Kingfisher Modern Classics are The Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse and Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories ($15.95 each, 5-8). New Kingfisher Classics are The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Call of the Wild, Heidi and The Secret Garden ($15.95 each, 8-up). And First Riding Lessons joins Kingfisher Riding Club ($14.95, 8-up).
Paperback Series
The Best Book of adds Martial Arts and Pirates ($12.95 each, 5-8). New to The Kingfisher Treasury Of is Dinosaur Tales ($5.95, 5-8). Questions and Answers Paperbacks presents Exploration and Discovery, How Things Work, Mammals and Oceans and Rivers ($7.95 each, 8-up). And Story Library continues with Favorite Ghost Stories ($14.95, 9-14).
Paperback Series Reprints
At Home with Science reprints Bump! Thump! How do We Jump?, Dig and Sow! How Do Plants Grow?, Munch! Crunch! What's for Lunch? and Splish! Splosh! Why Do We Wash? ($5.95 each, 5-7). And Kingfisher Treasury Of reprints A Kingfisher Treasury of Dragon Stories, A Kingfisher Treasury of Stories from Around the World and A Kingfisher Treasury of Christmas Stories ($5.95 each, 5-8).

Yes or No ($8.95 each) offers eight volumes in which kids flip switches to answer questions. (4-8)
Draw Thumb Animals, Draw Thumb People and Draw Thumb Things ($6.95 each) include instructions, a thumb-size inkpad and pen. (4-up)
Wraps ($7.95 each) present math and reading exercises. (5-10)
Very Fun, Slightly Sticky Stuff to Do with Candy by Barbara Kane ($16.95) includes instructions for making and playing with candy. (6-up)
Christmas Window Art by Barbara Kane ($19.95) contains directions and materials to make holiday window decorations. (6-up)
The Footbag Book ($12.95) provides a footbag and directions for playing with it. (8-up)
My Fabulous Life in Pictures ($19.95) is a guide to creating a scrapbook. (8-up)
Handmade Cards: Simple Designs for Beautiful Cards by Anne Akers Johnson ($24.95) includes instructions and supplies for making cards. (14-up)

Child Sockology by Damon Taylor issues Bible Characters A to Z, Bible Opposites, Bible Numbers 1 to 10 and New Testament Bible Feelings ($9.99 each, up to 5); and Hide and Sink: The Story of Jonah, Forgive and Forget; The Story of Joseph, The Ark and the Park: The Story of Noah and Beauty and the Booster: The Story of Esther ($11.99 each, 5-up).
The Wooden Ox by LeAnne Hardy ($6.99) is a story about a teenager's crisis of faith in the midst of trouble. (up to 5)
Paperback Series Reprints
Parker Twins reprints Secret of the Dragon Mark and Race for the Secret Code by Jeanette Windle ($5.99 each, 8-13).

Titles in Spanish
Me gusta mi libro de cuentos (I Love My Little Story Book) by Anita Jeram ($14.95, 3-5); ¿No te sientes bien, Sam? (Don't You Feel Well, Sam?) by Amy Hest, illus. by Jeram ($16, 3-5); Adiós, ratoncito (Goodbye, Mousie) by Robie H. Harris, illus. by Jan Ormerod ($16, 5-8); Clic, clac, muu: Vacas escritoras (Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type) by Doreen Cronin, illus. by Betsy Lewin ($15, 5-8).
Paperback Series
Step by Step/Colección Paso a Paso by Rosa Sardá, illus. by Rosa Curto, offers I Like Acting Grown Up/Me gusta hacer como los mayores , I Like Getting Dirty/Me gusta ensuciarme, I Like Growing Up/Me gusta ser mayor and I Like Hiding/Me gusta esconderme ($4.95 each, 5-7). And Los cuentos fantásticos de las Tres Mellizas by Roser Capdevila offers El lobo y los siete cabritos, Moby Dick and Tarzán ($5.95 each, 5-7).

Elizabeti's School
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, illus. by Christy Hale ($16.95), tells the story of a Tanzanian girl's first day at school. (4-7)
Raymond's Perfect Present
by Therese On Louie, illus. by Suling Wang ($16.95). A Chinese-American boy grows flowers as a gift for his mother, who is in the hospital. (4-10)
Ghosts for Breakfast
by Stanley Todd Terasaki, illus. by Shelly Shinjo ($16.95). A Japanese-American boy and his father investigate their neighbors' report of ghosts in a farmer's field. (5-9)
The Pot That Juan Built
by Nancy Andrews-Goebel, illus. by David Diaz ($16.95). A biography of Mexican potter Juan Quezada, who rediscovered the methods of the ancient Casas Grandes people. (6-up)
Estela's Swap
by Alexis O'Neill, illus. by Enrique O. Sanchez ($16.95). A Mexican-American girl attends her first swap meet, where she hopes to earn money for folk dancing lessons. (6-10)
First Day in Grapes
by L. King Pérez, illus. by Robert Casilla ($16.95). A boy from a migrant worker family uses his prowess in math to stand up to bullies in his new school. (6-10)
Title in Spanish

Directo al aro (Strong to the Hoop)
by John Coy, illus. by Leslie Jean-Bart ($16.95, paper $6.95, 6-up).
Paperback Reprints

Elizabeti's Doll
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, illus. by Christy Hale ($6.95, 4-7) and Night Golf by William Miller, illus. by Cedric Lucas ($6.95, 4-8).

Jesse Ventura Tells It Like It Is: America's Most Outspoken Governor Speaks Out About Government by Jesse Ventura with Herón Márquez ($15.95). Minnesota's governor discusses government. (8-12)
Paperback Series
First Step Nonfiction: American Holidays releases Earth Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day and Presidents' Day by Robin Nelson ($3.95 each, 5-7). Pull Ahead Books: Mighty Movers rolls on with Dump Trucks by Judith Jango-Cohen, photos by Jango-Cohen and Eliot Cohen; Jango-Cohen's Fire Trucks; Earthmovers by Lee Sullivan Hill; Hill's Trains, photos by Howard Ande; Farm Tractors by Kristin Nelson; and Nelson's Monster Trucks, photos by David and Beverly Huntoon ($5.95 each, 5-7). Joining Pull Ahead Books: Nature are Diving Dolphins by Laura Hamilton Waxman, Pouncing Bobcats by Joelle Riley, Prickly Porcupines by Shannon Zemlicka and Swimming Salmon by Kathleen Martin-James ($5.95 each, 5-7). And Short and Bloody Histories presents Ghosts, Highwaymen, Knights, Pirates and Spies by John Farman ($5.95 each, 10-up).

Emergency! by Margaret Mayo, illus. by Alex Ayliffe ($14.95), shows emergency vehicles in action. (3-6)
Rabbit's Birthday Surprise by Mark Birchall ($15.95). Rabbit's favorite toy is missing on her birthday. (3-8)
Smile a Lot! by Nancy Carlson ($15.95). A frog learns that smiling can improve any situation. (3-8)
Widdermaker by Pattie Schnetzler, illus. by Rick Sealock ($15.95), explores the origin of famous landmarks of the West. (3-8)
T-Boy of the Bayou by Wayne McGaw, illus. by George Crespo ($15.95), offers a Cajun folktale. (5-8)
The Malifex by Steve Alton ($14.95). Sam finds himself in a battle that could determine the fate of the world. (12-up)
On My Own Biography greets Helen Keller by Jane Sutcliffe, illus. by Elaine Verstraete; Jackie Robinson by Sally M. Walker, illus. by Rodney Pate; Nathan Hale by Shannon Zemlicka, illus. by Craig Orback; and Pocahontas by Zemlicka, illus. by Jeni Reeves ($21.27 each, paper $5.95, 6-8).
Harriet's Halloween Candy by Nancy Carlson ($15.95, 3-8).

Little Wolf's Handy Book of Poems by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Tony Ross ($4.95), collects poetry. (7-12)
Paperback Reprint
To Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What Is a Verb? by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by Jenya Prosmitsky ($5.95, 7-9) and The Edge by Ben Bo ($6.95, 14-up).

It's Challah Time! by Latifa Berry Kropf, photos by Tod Cohen ($10.95). A preschool class demonstrates bread-making for Shabbat. (2-6)
Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel by Sylvia Rouss, illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn ($7.95). Sammy stows away to Israel. (3-8)
Mitzvah Magic: What Kids Can Do to Change the World by Danny Siegel with Naomi Eisenberger ($8.95) describes young heroes' good deeds. (7-up)

(Antique Collectors' Club, dist.)
Yi-Min and the Elephants: A Story of Ancient China by Caroline Heaton, illus. by Tim Vyner ($14.99). A girl's father agrees to take her on a search for elephants. (4-8)
Babies Start Here! First Words by Bill Gillham, illus. by Liz Pichon ($8.99), introduces toddlers to words. (1-4)

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Paperback Reprints
Brown-Ears: The Adventures of a Lost-and-Found Rabbit and Brown-Ears at Sea: More Adventures of a Lost-and-Found Rabbit by Stephen Lawhead ($4.95 each, 5-8).

Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld, illus. by James Bennett ($15.95, collectors' edition with CD $18.95). This comedian recalls celebrating this holiday as a child. (All ages)
Museum ABC ($16.95) is an alphabet book illustrated with works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (All ages)
Good Night, Poppy and Max: A Bedtime Counting Book by Lindsey Gardiner ($6.95) offers a counting tale with a bedtime theme. (up to 3)
My Animals/Mis animales, My Clothes/Mi ropa, My Food/Mi comida and My Toys/Mis juguetes by Rebecca Emberley ($5.95 each) are bilingual board books. (up to 3)
The Dreamtime Fairies by Jane Simmons ($15.95) presents a bedtime fantasy. (2-6)
Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll by Marc Brown ($15.95) is based on a fall PBS special. (4-8)
Little Brown Bear Won't Take a Nap by Jane Dyer ($15.95). Rather than hibernating, this bear heads south for the winter. (4-8)
Toot & Puddle: Top of the World by Holly Hobbie ($15.95). These traveling pigs have another adventure. (4-8)
Eat Healthy, Feel Great and You Can Go to the Potty by William Sears and Martha Sears with Christie Kelly, illus. by Renée Andriani ($12.95), address nutrition and toilet training. (4-8)
All Aboard! by Mary Lyn Ray, illus. by Amiko Hirao ($14.95), describes a journey through one passenger's imagination. (4-8)
The Wing on a Flea by Ed Emberley ($15.95) presents a new version of this 40-year-old tale. (6-8)
Fia and the Imp by Lauren Mills and Dennis Nolan ($15.95) is a fairy tale of friendship and perseverance. (6-8)
Get Red! An Adventure in Color by Tony Porto and 3CD ($14.95). A red crayon runs away, causing problems for its young owner. (6-10)
Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Weirdos by Ed Emberley ($7.95) is a guide to drawing monsters. (7-up)
Ansel Adams: America's Photographer by Beverly Gherman ($19.95). Adams's photos illustrate this biography celebrating his 100th birthday. (9-12)
Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books offers Arthur and the No-Brainer and Arthur and the Comet Crisis by Marc Brown ($13.95 each, paper $4.25, 7-9); and Brown's Arthur Chapter Books #4-6 ($9.95, 7-9). Cirque Du Freak offers Vampire Mountain by Darren Shan ($15.95, 10-up).
Paperback Series
New Matt Christopher novels are Dive Right In and Goalkeeper in Charge by Matt Christopher ($4.50 each, 8-12). Matt Christopher Biographies adds On the Ice with... Mario Lemieux and On the Court with... Kobe Bryant by Matt Christopher ($4.95 each, 9-12). Smallville debuts with Arrival, See No Evil , Pet Peeve and Flight ($5.99 each, 12-up). And Gossip Girl offers You Know You Love Me by Cecily von Ziegesar ($8.95, 15-up).
Paperback Reprints
The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illus. by Tasha Tudor ($6.95, all ages); When the Wind Bears Go Dancing by Phoebe Stone; and Raising Yoder's Barn by Jane Yolen, illus. by Bernie Fuchs ($6.95 each, 4-8).
Paperback Series Reprints
Cirque Du Freak reprints A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan ($6.50, 10-up).
Paperback Series Reissues
Jenny Archer returns in Jenny Archer, Author by Ellen Conford, illus. by Diane Palmisciano ($4.95, 7-9). And Mushroom Planet reissues The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet and Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron, illus. by Kevin Hawkes ($7.95 each, 10-up).

Teddy Bear Dreams by Donna Lynne Sava, illus. by Scott Christian Sava ($15.95). Teddy dreams of all that he might be. (4-8)
Visit My Alien Worlds by Marc Gave, illus. by Donato Giancola ($17.95), is a digitally illustrated fantasy. (6-up)

This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, illus. by Kathy Jakobsen ($19.95), is a book-and-CD package. (All ages)
Funny Faces and Going Places by Todd Parr ($4.95 each) are board books. (up to 3)
One Beautiful Baby by Martine Oborne, illus. by Ingrid Godon ($14.95), is a counting book featuring babies. (up to 4)
Hooper Has Lost His Owner! by Marsha White ($13.95). A dog finds his owner in this lift-the-flap, pull-tab tale. (2-4)
The Perfect Purple Feather by Hanoch Piven ($14.95). A purple feather guides readers on a magical journey. (4-8)
The Feel Good Book by Todd Parr ($14.95) presents a "feel-good" tale. (4-8)
There Was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star by Charise Mericle Harper ($15.95). How will a bold lady catch a star? (4-8)
Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story by Lisa Wheeler, illus. by Janie Bynam ($14.95), introduces a porcupine in search of love. (4-8)
Courtney's Creative Adventures by Courtney Watkins ($14.95) presents a cure for boredom. (10-up)
The Girls' Book of Love, edited by Catherine Dee, illus. by Ali Douglass ($9.95), collects quotes, poems, love stories and advice. (10-up)
Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi Asgedom ($9.95) offers a memoir of the immigrant experience. (10-up)
Board Book Reprints
The Eensy-Weensy Spider by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Nadine Bernard Westcott ($5.95, up to 3).

(Firefly, dist.)
The Rumor: A Jataka Tale from India by Jan Thornhill ($17.95) retells an Indian fable. (3-8)
I Can Make That! by Mary Wallace ($19.95) outlines crafts made from common household items. (4-up)
What's the Matter with Albert? by Frieda Wishinsky, illus. by Jacques Lamontagne ($19.95, paper $6.95), views Albert Einstein through the eyes of a boy who interviews him for the school paper. (7-10)
How Hockey Works by Keltie Thomas ($19.95, paper $9.95) presents facts about this sport. (8-12)
Body Talk by Ann and Julie Douglas, illus. by Claudia Davila ($19.95, paper $12.95), discusses body image. (9-12)

Paperback Series
Disney Parent and Child Read Together welcomes 101 Dalmatians: Puppy Parade, Original Movie Story, The Little Mermaid: The Big Baby and The Lion King: Not So Fast! ($6.99 each, 3-6). And First Readers Skills and Practice: Little Critter offers New Kid in Town, Show and Tell, The New Fire Truck, Beach Day, Class Trip and Grandma's Garden by Mercer Mayer ($3.95 each, 4-8).

Incredible Journey to the Mummy's Tomb by Nicholas Harris, illus. by Nicki Palin ($18.95), chronicles a deceased pharaoh's final journey up the Nile to the Valley of the Kings. (8-up)
Gods and Goddesses issues Gods and Goddesses in the Daily Life of the Vikings by Jen Green, illus. by Mark Bergin ($18.95, 9-up).

Boat & Wind by Steve Tiller, illus. by Robert Cremeans ($15.95), tells of the friendship between a small sailboat and the summer wind. (5-up)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rocket by Steve Tiller, illus. by Robert Cremeans ($15.95).When an alien crashes at the North Pole, Santa delivers presents to those in the far reaches of the universe. (5-up)

(Firefly, dist.)
Tikal: The Center of the Maya World by Elizabeth Mann, illus. by Tom McNeely ($10.95), relays the history of this Mayan city. (9-13)

(Consortium, dist.)
Yellow & Round and Blue & Square by Hervé Tullet ($7.95 each) are die-cut concept board books. (up to 3)
Pink Lemon by Hervé Tullet ($14.95) is a book about colors. (2-up)
Super H by Olivier Douzou and Philippe Derrien ($11.95) tells of a boy who thinks he's a superhero. (3-up)
A Whole World, illus.by Antonin Louchard and Katy Couprie ($15.95). Pictures reveal how people, animals and objects are interconnected. (4-up)
If I Were a King, If I Were a Queen by Véronique Tadjo ($11.95) presents a wish list in verse. (4-up)

The Return of Gabriel by John Armistead, illus. by Fran Gregory ($17.95, paper $6.95), relays the story of the Freedom Summer through the eyes of three boys in rural Mississippi. (8-13)
Stories from Where We Live presents The Gulf Coast, edited by Sara St. Antoine, illus. by Trudy Nicholson, maps by Paul Mirocha ($19.95, 9-up).

Old MacDonald Had a Farm, illus. by Rosanne Litzinger ($16.95), includes flaps, tabs and pop-ups. (2-5)
The Smushy Bus by Leslie Helakoski, illus. by Sal Murdocca ($15.95). Kids crowd into a bus in this tale introducing addition and subtraction. (5-8)
Best Christmas Crafts Ever! by Kathy Ross, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm ($19.95), outlines holiday projects. (5-10)
Sometimes Bad Things Happen by Ellen Jackson, photos by Shelley Rotner ($7.95), sets out to reassure children frightened by newscasts. (3-6)
Crafts That Celebrate Black History by Kathy Ross, illus. by Jenny Stow ($8.95), introduces 20 crafts. (4-8)
Crafts from Your Favorite Nursery Rhymes by Kathy Ross, illus. by Elaine Garvin ($8.95), presents 20 projects based on rhymes. (4-8)
Merry Christmas, Everywhere! by Arlene and Herb Erlbach, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm ($8.95). This look at holiday celebrations around the world offers crafts and games. (5-8)
Our Big Home: An Earth Poem by Linda Glaser, illus. by Elisa Kleven ($7.95), celebrates air, water, soil, sky, sun and rain. (5-8)
Mario Lemieux: Own the Ice by Mark Stewart ($8.95) is a biography of this hockey player. (9-up)
On the Mall: A Visit to America's Front Yard by Brent Ashabranner, photos by Jennifer Ashabranner ($9.95), takes a tour of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (10-up)
Body Marks: Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification by Kathlyn Gay and Christine Whittington ($14.95), examines traditions from various cultures and contemporary trends. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Learning Is Fun! adds Kathy Ross Crafts Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, and Squares by Kathy Ross, illus. by Jan Barger ($7.95, 3-6). Celebrate the Seasons! welcomes It's Winter by Linda Glaser, illus. by Susan Swan ($7.95, 4-8). And joining All-New Holiday Crafts for Kids is All-New Crafts for Valentine's Day by Kathy Ross, illus. by Barbara Leonard ($7.95, 5-8).

Encyclopedia of Awesome Oceans by Michael Bright ($15.95) is a reference that focuses on the sea and its creatures. (7-9)
Me and My Horse by Toni Webber ($14.95) centers on horses and riding. (9-up)
How? What? Why? continues with What Is a Shadow? and Why Does a Battery Make It Go? by Jackie Holderness ($8.95, 5-7).
Magic for Fun by Peter Eldin ($14.95) introduces magic tricks. (8-up)
Paperback Series
Fascinating Science Projects gains Light by Sally Hewitt and Sound by Bobbi Searle ($8.95 each, 5-8).

Baby's Alphabet by Jean Marzollo, photos by Nancy Sheehan ($12.95), explores baby's first words and phrases. (1-3)
Another Perfect Day by Ross MacDonald ($15.95). Jack performs feats worthy of a superhero until things go awry. (4-8)
Jack the Wolf by Yvonne Jagtenberg ($15.95) describes Jack's first day at a new school. (4-8)
On Christmas Eve by Liz Rosenberg, illus. by John Clapp ($15.95). Will Santa find a family when a blizzard forces them to stay in a motel? (4-8)
Princess Picky by Marjorie Priceman ($15.95). A perfect princess refuses to eat her vegetables. (4-8)
You, Me and the Big Blue Sea by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick ($15.95). Though his mother thinks he cannot remember a sea voyage they took years ago, a boy recalls it vividly. (4-8)
The Naked Lady by Ian Wallace ($16.95). A boy's friendship with a sculptor changes his life. (5-8)
Lily's Garden by Deborah Kogan Ray ($16.95). A girl in Maine and her grandmother in California exchange letters about gardening. (5-8)
Jenny: The Airplane That Taught America to Fly by David Weitzman ($17.95) focuses on an early airplane in the history of flight. (6-9)
Action Jackson by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, illus. by Robert Andrew Parker ($16.95), examines the art of Jackson Pollack. (6-10)
I Smell Like Ham by Betty Hicks ($15.95) is a novel centering on a blended family. (8-12)
My Mother's Daughter: Four Goddesses Speak by Doris Orgel, illus. by Peter Malone ($17.95), describes two mother-daughter relationships. (8-up)
The Shadow Place by Carol Tanzman ($15.95). Lisa's best friend buys a gun over the Internet. (11-14)
The Cannibals: Starring Tiffany Spratt by Cynthia Grant ($15.95). Self-involved Tiffany finds herself in some ludicrous situations. (12-up)
The Parallel Universe of Liars by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson ($15.95). An overweight girl is tempted by an older neighbor's sexual advances. (12-up)
The Secret of Vesuvius by Caroline Lawrence joins Roman Mysteries ($15.95, 11-14).

Real-Life Reader Biographies adds Janet Jackson, Roberto Clemente and Lance Armstrong by Kimberly Garcia; Aaron Carter by Katie Kraemer; Allen Iverson and Tony Blair by Wayne Wilson; Michael J. Fox, Julia Stiles, Ben Stiller, Alicia Keys and Venus Williams by John Bankston; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen by Kathy Tracy; Charles Schulz by Jim Whiting; Condoleezza Rice by Linda Wade; and Colin Powell by Stacey Granger ($15.95 each, 8-14). And Unlocking the Secrets of Science has 18 additions, among them Wilhelm Roentgen and the Discovery of X Rays by Kimberly Garcia, Robert Jarvik and the First Artificial Heart by John Bankston, Godfrey Hounsfield and the Invention of CAT Scans by Susan Zannos, William Hewlett: Pioneer of the Computer Age by Kathy Tracy and Sally Ride: First Woman in Space by Linda Wade ($17.95 each, 10-16).

Treasury of Illustrated Classics adds Series 2 ($3.99, 5-up).
Paperback Series
New titles are added to the following series: Fisher-Price Little People Paint with Water Books ($1.49 each, 3-8); Care Bears Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Care Bears Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Care Bears Bonus Fun Books ($3.99 each, 3-8); Tonka Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Clifford the Big Red Dog Bonus Fun Books ($3.99 each, 3-8); Little Tikes Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Little Tikes Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Medabots Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Medabots Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Bonus Fun Books ($3.49 each, 3-8); and Valentine Activity Books ($2.99 each, 5-up).

I Have Feelings by Jana Novotny Hunter, illus. by Sue Porter ($15.95), offers an introduction to feelings. (3-6)
Lenny and Tweek by Klaus Baumgart ($15.95). Lenny discovers that friends can be found in many different places. (4-8)
Francis Scott Key and "The Star Spangled Banner" by Lynea Bowdish, illus. by Harry Burman ($15.95), explains the origin of the national anthem. (6-10)
Dreams by Day, Dreams by Night: An Anthology of Poems and Photographs, foreword by Nikki Grimes($15.95), features the work of various writers and poets. (7-up)
Eaglesmount: The Silver Horn by Cherith Baldry launches a trilogy. (8-12)
Milo returns in Milo and the Greatest Trick Ever! by Pamela Jane, illus. by Meredith Johnson ($13.95, 6-9). And Way to Go, Winky Blue is a new Winky Blue novel by Pamela Jane, illus. by Debbie Tilley ($13.95, 6-9).
I Need Glasses: My Visit to the Optometrist by Virginia Dooley, illus. by Stephanie Roth ($6), sets out to reassure youngsters making a first trip to the eye doctor. (4-7)
Penguins Are Water Birds by Sharon Taberski ($6) is a book about penguins, written by a second-grade teacher and her students. (5-8)
Young Robin's Hood by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Tony Ross ($4.95), focuses on Robin Hood and his Merry Men. (6-9)

The Hunter and the Ebony Tree by Nelda LaTeef ($15.95) retells an African folktale. (5-9)
Jacob and the Polar Bears by Janet Graber, illus. by Sandra Salzillo-Shields ($15.95). The polar bears on Jacob's new pajamas escape one night. (5-9)

Joining Moments in the Wild is Beautiful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Colors, edited by Stephanie Maze ($15, 2-6).

Play & Pray: Toddler Prayers by Deb Lund, illus. by Joni Oeltjenbruns ($6.95), presents rhyming prayers. (up to 2)
Psalms for Children adds Praise the Lord, My Soul: Psalm 104 for Children by Christopher Webber, illus. by Preston McDaniels ($14.95, 3-6).

The Yellow Jar by Patrick Atangan ($12.95). In this Asian tale, a fisherman marries a maiden he finds in a magic jar. (All ages)
Sundiata, a Legend of Africa by Will Eisner ($15.95) presents a tale from the land of Mali. (8-12)

Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong by Frances Park and Ginger Park, illus. by Yangsook Choi ($16.95). A child worries about her pending move from Korea. (4-8)
The Beeman by Laurie Krebs, illus. by Melissa Iwai ($16.95). A girl helps her beekeeping grandfather throughout a year. (4-8)
Inventing the Future by Marfé Ferguson Delano ($18.95) is a photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison. (8-12)
Bury the Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons & Rituals by Christopher Sloan ($18.95) examines rituals surrounding death. (10-14)
The Making of America: The History of the United States from 1492 to the Present by Robert Johnston ($29.95). Laura Bush contributes an introduction to this reference. (10-up)
True Tales of the Wild West by Paul Robert Walker ($17.95) showcases the Wild West. (10-up)
Jump into Science greets Babies: All You Need to Know by Deborah Heiligman, illus. by Laura Freeman; and Dirt by Steve Tomecek, illus. by Nancy Woodman ($16.95 each, 4-8). And One Whole Day offers Wild Ponies by Jim Arnosky ($16.95, 4-8).
National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide by Stephen Cunha ($9.95) reviews geographic facts. (8-14)
Paperback Series
New National Geographic My First Pocket Guides are Dogs & Wild Dogs and Constellations ($5.95 each, 6-10). National Geographic Maze Adventures debuts with Storming a Castle and Secrets of the Pyramids ($8.95 each, 8-12). Mysteries in Our National Parks by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson continues with Escape from Fear, Out of the Deep and Running Scared ($15.95 each, paper $5.95, 8-12). And National Geographic Extreme Sports kicks off with Climb! by Pete Takeda and Skateboard! by Constance Loizos ($8.95 each, 9-14).
Paperback Reprints
The Return of the Buffaloes and The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman by Paul Goble ($7.95 each, all ages); Potato: A Tale from the Great Depression by Katie Lied, illus. by Lisa Campbell Ernst ($7.95, 5-10); The Tiger Has a Toothache: Helping Animals at the Zoo by Patricia Lauber, illus. by Mary Morgan ($7.95, 6-9); and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, illus. by Jeffrey Thompson ($7.95, 6-up).

The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff ($5.99) is a board book presenting Jesus's model of prayer. (2-5)
The Pumpkin Patch Parable and The Pine Tree Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs, illus. by Nancy Munger ($4.99 each). In these board-book tales, a farmer turns a simple pumpkin into a glorious sight; and learns the meaning of Christmas. (2-5)
The Tiny Star by Art Ginolfi, illus. by Pat Schorles ($4.99), is a board book that reminds children that they are never too small to be part of God's big plan. (2-5)
A Christmas ABC, The Shepherd Boy's Story, Away in a Manger and The Animals' First Christmas ($4.99 each) are board books with Christmas themes. (2-5)
Max Lucado's Christmas Collection by Max Lucado ($15.99) is a boxed set containing The Crippled Lamb, Jacob's Gift and Alabaster's Song. (3-7)
Thanksgiving, What Makes It Special? by Harold Myra, illus. by Jane Kurisu ($7.99), reveals the role God played in this country's early history. (3-8)
Secrets of the Vine for Young Hearts by Bruce Wilkinson and Rob Suggs, illus. by Sergio Martinez ($15.99), adapts Secrets of the Vine. (3-8)
Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories by Bill Ross ($19.99) contains 27 biblical tales. (5-9)
The Prayer of Jesus for You by Hank Hanegraaff ($9.99) teaches basic principles of prayer. (10-14)
Best Friends, illus. by Thomas Kinkade ($14.99), collects eight stories about friendship. (10-up)
The Veritas Project by Frank Peretti adds Nightmare Academy ($16.99, 10-up).
Paperback SeriesSecret Agent Dingledorf and His Faithful Dog, Splat by Bill Myers debuts with The Case of the Flying Toenails, The Case of the Giggling Geeks and The Case of the Flying Worms ($4.99 each, 6-9). Mysteries in Odyssey starts up with The Case of the Mysterious Message by Marshall Younger and The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman by John Fornof ($5.99 each, 8-12). And joining Timebenders by Jim Denney are Invasion of the Time Troopers and Lost in Cydonia ($5.99, 8-12).

(CDS, dist.)
The Runaway Bed by Martha Newcomer, illus. by Angela Donato ($14.95). Maggie's antique bed runs away when she abandons it during a thunder storm. (3-6)

Rainbow Fish 1,2,3 and Rainbow Fish A,B,C by Marcus Pfister ($9.95 each) teach counting; and the alphabet. (1-4)
The Scary Sleepover by Ulrich Karger, illus. by Uli Waas ($15.95), is a tale that aims to dispel childhood fears. (3-7)
Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Mini Book by Marcus Pfister ($8.95) is a miniature edition of this tale. (4-8)
Little Polar Bear and the Big Balloon by Hans de Beer ($15.95). Can Lars the polar bear overcome his fear of flying? (4-8)
The Bravest Mouse by Maria Barbero ($15.95). A mouse saves the neighborhood from a cat. (5-8)
Miranda's Ghosts by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Christa Unzner ($15.95). A girl discovers how to get rid of the ghosts that appear at bedtime. (5-8) The Rainbow Fish Anniversary Edition by Marcus Pfister ($18.95) celebrates this book's 10th anniversary. (5-8)
The Rich Man and the Shoemaker by Bernadette Watts ($15.95) is an illustrated adaptation of this tale. (5-8)
Shy Guy by Gilles Tibo, illus. by Pef ($15.95). A shy boy receives an equally shy pet for his birthday. (5-8)
Stormy Night by Hubert Flattinger, illus. by Nathalie Duroussy ($15.95), offers a bedtime tale. (5-8)
The Visit by Fulvio Testa ($15.95). A city boy visits the country for the first time. (5-8)
What Lies on the Other Side? by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Maja Dusíková ($15.95). A fox learns that rumors about dangers across the river are unfounded. (5-8)
Winter Pony by Krista Ruepp, illus. by Ulrike Heyne ($15.95), is the story of a girl and the wild horse she must set free. (5-8)
Paperback Reprints
Tommy's New Sister by Gerda Marie Scheidl, illus. by Christa Unzner; and The Treasure Chest by Dominique Falda ($6.95 each, 4-7); and Albert and Lila by Rafik Schami, illus. by Els Cools and Oliver Streich ($6.95, 5-8).

Three Little Kittens by Marilyn Janovitz ($13.95) presents this familiar rhyme. (2-4)
The Little School Bus by Carol Roth, illus. by Pamela Paparone ($14.95), depicts a ride to school. (3-6)
Nicky and the Rainy Day by Valeri Gorbachev ($15.95). A boy who is stuck indoors takes some imaginary journeys. (5-8)

Titles in Spanish
El cofre del tesoro (The Treasure Chest) by Dominique Falda, trans. by Gerardo Gambolini ($15.95, paper $6.95, 4-7); El osito polar y el gran globo (The Little Polar Bear and the Big Balloon) by Hans de Beer, trans. by Gambolini; and Alberto y Lila (Albert and Lila) by Rafik Schami, trans. by Gambolini, illus. by Els Cools and Oliver Streich ($15.95, paper $6.95, 5-8).

Davy, Help! It's a Ghost! by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Eve Tharlet ($15.95). Davy and his siblings decide to scare away monsters by creating one of their own. (5-8)
Moonchild, Star of the Sea by Geraldine Elschner, illus. by Lieselotte Schwarz ($15.95). The moon grants a little star his wish to see the ocean. (5-8)
Halloween Circus at the Graveyard Lawn by Charise Neugebauer, illus. by Robert Ingpen ($16.95), is a holiday tale with two fold-out posters. (5-8)
Snow Ravens by Bruno Hächler, illus. by Birte Müller ($15.95). A raven tries to make a snow angel. (5-8)
Swan Lake by Lisbeth Zwerger ($15.95) adapts Tchaikovsky's original 1877 ballet. (5-8)
Tommy DoLittle by John A. Rowe ($16.95) is a tale about the laziest boy in the world. (5-8)
The Wild Wombat by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Anne-Katrin Piepenbrink ($15.95). The zoo animals are worried about the arrival of the wild wombat. (5-8)
Zara Zebra stars in Zara Zebra Counts, Zara Zebra Draws, Zara Zebra Gets Dressed and Zara Zebra's Busy Day by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Anna Laura Cantone ($6.95, 2-5).
Paperback Reprints
The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, adapted by Eve Tharlet ($6.95, 3-7); The Eagle and the Wren by Jane Goodall, illus. by Alexander Reichstein; and Lord of the Cranes by Kerstin Chen, illus. by Jian Jiang Chen ($6.95 each, 5-8).

The Great Treasure Hunt by Marcia Leonard, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by Rose Mary Berlin ($12.99), is a lift-the-flap board book featuring Rainbow Fish. (2-5)
Lars and His Friends and Lars Learns to Swim by Susan Hill Long, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by Sue DiCicco ($3.99 each) are tales starring Little Polar Bear. (2-5)
Lars's Storybook Adventure by Scott Peterson, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by Sue DiCicco ($6.99). Lars helps his new seal friend when danger threatens. (4-8)
Splish, Splash! by Marcia Leonard, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by Mary Rose Berlin ($6.95), is a bath book featuring Rainbow Fish and his pals. (2-5)
Lars and Robby and Lars Saves the Day by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by John Huxtable ($3.99 each), present tales about Little Polar Bear and his seal friend. (3-6)
Lola the Elf by Diane deGroat ($5.99). Lola dresses up like an elf and helps everyone prepare for Christmas. (3-6)
Scaredy-cat Fish and Star of the Sea by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by David Austin Clar ($3.99). In these stories, Rainbow Fish learns a lesson from Jonah the whale; and Pearl stands up to her bossy sister. (3-6)
Little Polar Bear by Scott Peterson, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by Sue DiCicco ($3.99). Lars saves his ocean neighbors from a ship that guzzles fish. (7-10)
Paperbacks in Spanish
El dragón marino (Star of the Sea) and Pececitos miedosos (Scaredy-cat Fish) by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, trans. by Gerardo Gambolini, illus. by David Austin Clar; and Lars, el héroe (Lars Saves the Day) and Lars y Robi (Lars and Robby) by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Hans de Beer, trans. by Agustin Antreasyan, illus. by John Huxtable ($3.99 each, 3-7).

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, illus. by Mary Jane Begin ($19.95), presents this classic with new art. (All ages)
Quilt Counting by Lesa Cline-Ransome, illus. by James E. Ransome ($15.95). A child helps sew a quilt in this counting tale. (4-7)
Mess Pets by Jill McElmurry ($15.95). Two sisters who share a room encounter a creature who emerges from the messy side. (4-8)
That Makes Me Mad! by Steven Kroll, illus. by Christine Davenier ($15.95), reveals what drives children crazy. (4-8)
Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney ($15.95) is an illustrated adaptation of this biblical tale. (5-8)
Sleeping Beauty by K.Y. Craft ($15.95) presents this classic story with new paintings. (5-8)
Bless the Beasts: Children's Prayers and Poems About Animals, compiled by June Cotner, illus. by Kris Waldherr ($12.95), collects writing featuring animals. (5-9)
PeeWee and Plush by Johanna Hurwitz, illus. by Patience Brewster ($14.95). PeeWee wishes for another guinea pig to keep him company in Central Park. (8-12)
The Final Reckoning by Robin Jarvis ($17.95) concludes the Deptford Mice trilogy. (10-up)
SeeMore Readers by Seymour Simon adds Baby Animals and Fighting Fires ($13.95 each, paper $3.95, 5-6); and Amazing Aircraft and Danger! Volcanoes ($13.95 each, paper $3.95, 6-8).
The Porcupine Mouse by Bonnie Pryor, illus. by Mary Jane Begin ($15.95, paper $5.95, 4-8); Dawn by Molly Bang ($15.95, paper $5.95, 5-8); and Crazy Eights and Other Card Games by Joanna Cole and Stephanie Calmenson, illus. by Alan Tiegreen ($14.95, paper $5.95, 8-10).
Paperback Reprints
Animals Nobody Loves by Seymour Simon ($6.95, 4-8); Gus & Gertie and the Lucky Charms by Joan Lowery Nixon, illus. by Diane deGroat ($3.95, 6-9); Lexi's Tale by Johanna Hurwitz, illus. by Patience Brewster ($3.95, 8-12); and The Crystal Prison by Robin Jarvis ($6.95, 10-up).

Penguins ABC and Penguins 123 by Kevin Schafer ($14.95 each). Text and photos teach the alphabet; and counting. (3-5)
Our Wild World welcomes Polar Bears by Linda Tagliaferro and Seals by Wayne Linch, both illus. by John McGee ($10.95 each, paperback $7.95, 7-10).
Board Book Reprints
Children of the Earth Remember and The Family of Earth by Schim Schimmel ($6.95, up to 3).

(IPG, dist.)
The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends by Una Levvy, illus. by Susan Field ($19.95), collects classic tales. (8-11)
Cows Are Vegetarians by Siobhán Parkinson ($5.95). A girl from the city visits a farm for the first time. (8-up)
Sisters... No Way! by Siobhán Parkinson ($7.95) shares diary entries of two new stepsisters. (10-up)
Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (Maybe) by Siobhán Parkinson ($7.95). A group of friends stranded on an island encounter a strange inhabitant. (10-14)

Business Builders continues with Business Builders in Fashion by Jacqueline C. Kent and Business Builders in Toys by Nathan Aaseng ($22.95 each, 10-up). And Profiles issues Influential Economists by Marie Bussing-Burks and Women of Adventure by Jacqueline McLean ($19.95 each, 10-up).

Christmas at Paradise Hill by William Roy Brownridge ($16.95). When two hockey-loving brothers can no longer play, they help each other move on. (4-8)
The Name of the Child by Marilynn Reynolds, illus. by Don Kilby ($16.95). Lloyd is sent to the country to escape a flu epidemic. (4-8)
That's Hockey by David Bouchard, illus. by Dean Griffiths ($16.95). Etienne introduces his cousin to street hockey. (4-8)
Circus Play by Anne Carter, illus. by Joanne Fitzgerald ($16.95). A boy's living room is transformed into a Big Top. (4-8)
Solomon's Tree by Andrea Spalding, illus. by Janet Wilson ($16.95). Making a mask helps heal a boy's grief. (4-8)
The Lottery by Beth Goobie ($16.95) is a novel set in a high school where a secret society controls many aspects of school life. (12-up)
Cairo Kelly and the Mann by Kristin Butcher ($8.95). What will Kelly and Midge do when their favorite umpire is banned from officiating? (9-12)
Paperback Series
New Orca Young Readers are Birdy for Now by Jean Little, Jo's Triumph by Nikki Tate, TJ and the Cats by Hazel Hutchins and Road Trip by Eric Walters ($4.99 each, 7-11). The Spy in the Alley by Melanie Jackson is a new Dinah Galloway Mystery ($8.95, 8-12). And Black Belt offers The Bachelors by Don Trembath ($8.95, 9-12).
Paperback Reprints
It's Raining, It's Pouring by Andrea Spalding, illus. by Elizabeth Watts; and No Two Snowflakes by Sheree Fitch, illus. by Janet Wilson ($7.95 each, 4-8).

Paperback Series
Formac First Novels offers Robyn's Art Attack by Hazel Hutchins, Lilly's Clever Puppy by Brenda Bellingham and Morgan's Birthday by Ted Staunton ($3.99 each, 6-9).

Paperback Series New Sport Stories are Trapped! by Michele Martin Bossley, Rebound by Adrienne Mercer and Walker's Runners by Robert Rayner ($5.50, 8-12).

I'm a Great Little Kid welcomes Sam Speaks Out, A Tale Worth Telling and Respect Is Correct ($12.95 each, 4-8).
Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine ($9.95) tells the true story of a woman's search for the identity of a girl at Auschwitz. (9-up)

Paperback Series
StableMates continues with Keeping Secrets at Dark Creek by Nikki Tate ($5.95, 10-14).

The Art of Freddy by Walter Brooks, illlus. by Kurt Wiese, introduction by Michael Cart ($35), celebrates Freddy's 75th anniversary. (8-up)
The Freddy Anniversary Collection by Walter Brooks, illus. by Kurt Wiese ($35), packages three novels in one volume. (8-up)
Series Reissues
Freddy the Pig by Walter Brooks, illus. by Kurt Wiese, continues to oink with Freddy Rides Again, Freddy and the Men from Mars, Freddy's Cousin's Wedding and Freddy the Magician ($23.95 each, 8-up).

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Diana Bentley, illus. by Sarah Warburton ($15.95), is a look at these phenomena, published in cooperation with the British Museum. (10-up)
Look! Zoom in on Art by Gillian Wolfe ($16.95) examines 18 paintings. (10-up)
Journey into the Desert by John Brown ($18.95) explores desert creatures and plants. (10-up)
Paperback Series
A History of US by Joy Hakim issues revised, third editions of its 10 volumes, among them The First Americans, Liberty for All? and War, Peace, & All That Jazz ($13.95 each, 10-up).