Carolyn Marino at Morrow signed a first novel by nonfiction author Susan Waggoner, a comic fable about a woman made wealthy—but still unhappy—by the discovery of a nonfattening chocolate. It's Better Than Chococlate, and was bought, world rights, from agent Robert Markel, probably for publication next summer.... Agent Jenny Meyer has taken over the agency previously run by Agnes Krup, specializing in selling U.K. and translation rights for U.S. agents; she can be reached at 718-399-3320, e-mail Paul Golob at Public Affairs bought world rights in The Mind of Wall Street by Street veteran Leon Levy, co-founder of the Oppenheimer Fund, in which he will survey the mysteries and perils of the stock market; Golob bought it from Esther Newberg at ICM and will rush it out three months from now.... Viking editor-at-large Carole DeSanti bought a first novel described as a literary thriller about a politically liberal doctor and a disturbed young woman in rural upstate New York; called The Doctor's Wife, it's by Iowa Writers Workshop graduate Elizabeth Brundage and was purchased, for North American and first serial rights, from agent Linda Chester at Carlisle & Co.... Wendy Carlton at Riverhead bought a fantasy novel called The Country of Sorrows as part of a two-book package by Keith Miller, an American living in Cairo; her buy was U.S. and Canadian plus audio, from agent Jimmy Vines.