The Children's Book Council released its long-awaited sales survey last week and the findings tended to confirm the major sales trends of the children's book market identified by the AAP and Book Industry Study Group, but also delivers more detailed information on trends of various industry segments such as picture books and board books.

The survey includes sales data from 29 CBC members whose revenues represent 53% of the $1.8-billion children's market reported by the AAP. According to the CBC, hardcover sales of its members fell 27% in 2001, compared to a 22.7% decrease reported by the AAP. Paperback sales rose 17% for CBC members, nearly identical to the 17.9% gain recorded by the AAP. The survey also provides a plethora of data on dollar and unit sales about a wide range of formats; for example, unit sales of paperback picture books increased 26.1% in 2000 and 44.1% in 2001, while unit sales of hardcover picture books increased 36% and 10.3% in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Another fast-growing segment between 1999 and 2001 was board books, with unit sales up 28.3% in 2000 and ahead 4.8% in 2001.

The report is available from the CBC (