Philippa Harrison, ex-CEO of Little, Brown, is to join the Ed Victor Agency in London. Harrison will take on the specially tailored role at the agency of editorial director.

Harrison has known Victor since they worked together at Jonathan Cape at the beginning of her career in the late 1960s. She rose to prominence at Macmillan and Macdonald and has worked with many of Victor's clients, including Anne Robinson.

With top editorial skills, Harrison has written her own job description. "My particular love has always been editing and working with writers," said Harrison. "I definitely don't want to be an agent." Harrison will be working with a number of the agency's authors from inception to synopsis and on the editing of their manuscripts in collaboration with their publishers.

Victor believes that outlines and synopses are more important than ever in securing the best publishing deal; perhaps other agents will follow and strengthen their position with the best insider editorial advice.