Carol Higgins Clark has signed a new two-book deal with her Scribner editor Roz Lippel for new adventures of her series heroine Regan Reilly. It was a North American deal, signed with Sam Pincus at McIntosh & Otis, with the first of the new titles to appear next September.... Overlook's Peter Mayer, fresh from his efforts on behalf of Robert Littell, has taken on another classic author of spy novels, Charles McCarry buying not only a new book, The Old Boys, but also McCarry's backlist—including the admired The Tears of Autumn—which he plans to reissue in hardcover; he made the world rights deal with Owen Laster at William Morris, and has already made a number of lucrative foreign sales and a very large paperback one to Penguin.... The National Academy's Joseph Henry Press, a growing contender in the popular science area, paid six figures for a biography of the late Stephen Jay Gould by science writer Frederic Golden. The press's Jeffrey Robbins made the world rights buy from agent Russ Galen.... The Free Press's Liz Stein won a three-day auction involving four contenders for Female Chauvinism: How Women Have Fallen Sway to the Masculine Mystique by New York magazine writer Ariel Levy, which contends that today's young women have taken to adopting some of the worst habits of young men; the North American deal, for a "generous" six figures, was made by Lane Zachary at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.... Putnam's Jennifer Hershey bought a four-book package of short takes on iconic American foods by Southern food writer John T. Edge; agent David Black signed the North American rights deal.