It's hard to get time on the hardcover fiction bestseller list. This week, six novels make a first landing; four of them in the top 10. On PW's October 21 list, there were four new fiction hardcovers, and two—December 6 and Tricky Business—had only one-week runs (so far). Off this week after a 32-week stay is The Nanny Diaries; the debut novel's tenure on the weekly charts is the best performance for any hardcover fiction in 2002. After that is John Grisham's The Summons, with 21 weeks on PW's charts. If The Lovely Bones (another debut novel) manages to stay on the list through the end of the year, it will take over second place. This week, Bones gives up the #1 spot to Sue Grafton's latest, Q Is for Quarry (N, O and P all took the lead spot in their first week out). Putnam launched the book with about 660,000 copies and Grafton is on a 16-city national tour.