WarnerBusiness's Rick Wolff and Jessica Papen paid six figures for a book by a former PepsiCo executive, Michael Feiner, who was the company's "chief people officer." In his book, called The Feiner Points of Leadership, he will offer rules for managing relationships with peers, subordinates and bosses; the world rights buy was made from agent Denise Marcil.... A novel take on the new foodism and some of its movers and shakers will be offered in Sun-Dried, Cold-Pressed, Dark-Roasted and Extra Virgin: A Social History of the American Food Revolution by Vanity Fair writer David Kamp; William Morris agent Suzanne Gluck sold it, world rights and first serial, to Charles Conrad at Broadway.... A new book by Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologues fame will be published by Joy deMenil at Random House, who bought world rights from agent Charlotte Sheedy. It's called Everything Under It Is Mine and will be aimed at a teenage audience, its publication to coincide with a new theatrical performance by Ensler in February 2004.... A book described as the first on-the-scene report on the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan was won at auction by Berkley's Natalee Rosenstein. She bought Anaconda, as the operation was called, by Army Times correspondent Sean D. Naylor for a "significant" six figures. The agent was Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.... Agent Esther Newberg at ICM took beautician Trish McEvoy around to half a dozen female editors to give them makeovers in the campaign to sell her first beauty book, on how busy women can manage their makeup swiftly. The winner was Trish Todd at Simon & Schuster, who took world rights and was thoroughly rejuvenated.... The popular cable TV show Trading Spaces is to have its own series of illustrated books in a deal just made with Meredith Books, the first to appear next March; the agreement was signed by Roger Marmet at TLC and Doug Gundel of Meredith.