Publishing in New York, a rights show aimed at the international agent and scout community, won't have the support of BookExpo America after all. Convention organizers had considered participating in the event (News, Oct. 28), but BEA show manager Greg Topalian said he asked "a large cross-section of our customers" whether the fair was something they would be interested in, and didn't get a sufficiently favorable response.

Whether the show will go on in 2003 without BEA's support is uncertain. Organizer Mike Shatzkin said, "I wouldn't rule it out," but added he had "nothing specific... in terms of ruling it in." Without BEA's logistical and financial support, some industry members believe it would be a tough go. Shatzkin and his Publishing in New York partner Michael Cader may end up working with BEA on other rights-related programs at the convention.