Romance author Mary Janice Davidson from Minneapolis has published several e-books, some with a saucy fantasy bent, on , a Web site for such things. An author friend who is published at Berkley brought them to the attention of editor Cindy Hwang there. Hwang liked one of them, Undead and Unwed, well enough to make an offer for a three-book deal for print publication, at five figures per book. This made it easy for Davidson to secure an agent, which she did, in the person of Ethan Ellenberg, who was able to raise her rate. Now the pair have just made a further deal with Kate Duffy at Kensington for a set of three novellas for a book in the Brava line. An exuberant—and productive—Davidson feels she's now set to be a new M.J. Rose, a pioneer in making the transition from electronic to print.