Broadway's Ann Campbell paid a high six figures for world rights to a book by Kathy Kaehler, who is a fitness adviser and trainer to many of Hollywood's top female stars, including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cindy Crawford; the untitled book, in which Kaehler will discuss her methods and her clients, was bought from Matthew Guma at Arthur Pine Associates.... Judy Clain at Little, Brown was the winner in a heated auction for a first novel by movie screenwriter and producer Elizabeth Robinson, buying North American rights from Betsy Lerner at the Gernert Agency. The book is a comedy, with elements of tristesse, about a pair of sisters, one a movie producer trying to film Don Quixote, the other battling leukemia.... Agent Andrew Blauner sold a translation of the journals of celebrated Norwegian painter Edvard Munch to Raphael Kadushin at the University of Wisconsin Press; called We Are Flames Which Pour Out of the Earth, and translated by English professor J. Gill Holland, they are said to show a lighter, even humorous side of the painter of The Scream.... Pocket's Scott Ivers bought a book about the recently murdered hip-hop star Jam Master Jay, written by Time's David Thigpen; it was a world rights deal with agent Caron K, for publication next March.... In a sudden spate of agent moves, former editor Joe Veltre joined Carlisle & Company as rights director; Jessica Craig left Franklin & Siegal for Burnes & Clegg; Denise Shannon left ICM to hang out her own shingle; and the Hill & Barlow team in Boston (including John Taylor (Ike) Williams), are temporarily homeless following the dissolution of the law firm that housed them.... A correction to last week's report on Holt's acquisition of Philip Ardagh's new children's trilogy: it was bought from British publisher Faber & Faber, not directly from the author.