Former Microsoft COO Robert Herbold sold a business book complaining about what he calls The Fiefdom Syndrome—mini-empires within companies that undermine their goals—to Roger Scholl at Doubleday's Currency imprint for six figures; the North American deal was done with Leighco, the literary agency attached to his speakers' contractor, the Leigh Bureau.... Bloomsbury's Colin Dickerman bought a new book by John Freyer, mediagenic author of All My Life for Sale. The new one is about the world of second-hand dealing, and the world English rights sale was made by Bill Clegg at Burnes & Clegg.... Lauri Hornik at Dial Books for Young Readers won American rights to the first three books by British author Graham Gardner. Hornik bought the trio from Fiona Kennedy at Orion, the author's British publisher, and plans to publish the first, a YA novel called Inventing Elliot, in spring 2004.