January Publications

Mind Out of Time, stories by Christopher Stasheff, collects the best short fiction by the author of the bestselling Warlock and Wizard in Rhyme series, including "The Warlock's Grandfather," "Pride and Puppetry" and the title tale, an original novella. Stasheff can now claim, in the author bio, "that every short story he's willing to have the public see, is now in print." (Five Star, $23.95 312p ISBN 0-7862-4959-5)

Fans of the late Robert Bloch won't want to miss Crimes and Punishments: The Lost Bloch, Volume III, edited by David J. Schow. In addition to four obscure pulp stories, this volume features a couple of nonfiction pieces ("The Shambles of Ed Gein" and "Dr. Holmes' Murder Castle"), an introduction by Gahan Wilson, an interview conducted by Douglas E. Winter and a tribute, "My Husband, Robert Bloch," by Eleanor Bloch. (Subterranean [www.subterraneanpress.com], $40 283p ISBN 1-931081-16-6)

Wildside offers reissues of three 20th-century fantasy classics: Bruce Boston's unblinking look at '60s drug culture, Stained Glass Rain(Wildside [www.wildsidepress.com], $34.95 344p ISBN 1-59224-940-X); Thea von Harbou's Metropolis, the novel she wrote at the same time as her screenplay for Fritz Lang's film Metropolis, in a new translation ($32.95 236p ISBN -979-5); and Edgar Rice Burroughs's The Chessmen of Mars: A Tale of Barsoom