Cynthia Good, president and publisher of Penguin Canada's publishing group, stepped down last week, a year after celebrating her 20th anniversary with the company. Good, who was joined as head of Penguin last year by Ed Carson as part of its integration with Pearson, said she felt it was time to make a career change "before I'm much older!" The 51-year-old Good's background in academia includes post-graduate research on 19th-century British novelists, and she said her next career may include teaching.

Good joined Penguin in 1982 as editorial director and began the Canadian publishing division. Taking what began as a distribution arm for Penguin International, she began to publish Canadian authors and content in 1984, and the list has grown to include distinguished Canadian nonfiction writers like Michael Ignatieff, Mark Kingwell and John Ralston Saul, as well as fiction by the likes of Robertson Davies, Mordecai Richler and Alice Munro. Approximately one-third of Penguin's titles now are written by or about Canadians.