(arranged alphabetically by publisher)
Abbeville Kids -- The Culture Co-Op
Dalmatian Press -- F+W Publications
Gallopade -- HarperCollins/Rayo
HarperCollins/HarperTempest -- KregelKidzone
Lectorum -- Oxford University Press
Patria Press -- Running Press Kids
Sasquatch Books -- Simon & Schuster/McElderry
Simon & Schuster/Pulse -- Zonderkidz

Titles in Spanish
Ji, ji, ji... cuac, cuac, cuac (Giggle, Giggle, Quack) ($15, 1-930332-46-7) by Doreen Cronin, trans. by Alberto Jimenez, illus. by Betsy Lewin (5-7); and ¡Horton escucha a quién! (Horton Hears a Who!) ($16, -35-1) by Dr. Seuss, trans. by Yanitzia Canetti (8-10).

Paperbacks in Spanish
D.W. la quisquillosa (D.W. the Picky Eater) (1-930332-42-4) and La visita del señor Rataquemada (Arthur's Teacher Moves In) (-41-6) by Marc Brown, trans. by Esther Sarfatti; and Querido Salvatierra (Dear Greenpeace) (-45-9) by Simon James, trans. by Eida de la Vega ($6.95 each, 5-7).

Butterflies for Kiri ($16.95, 1-58430-100-7) by Cathryn Falwell. A Japanese-American girl makes an origami butterfly. (3-7)

Black All Around! ($16.95, ISBN) by Patricia Hubbell, illus. by Don Tate. A girl discovers all the beautiful things around her that are black. (3-8)

Babu's Song ($16.95, 1-58430-058-2) by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, illus. by Aaron Boyd. A Tanzanian boy's grandfather helps him realize his dream of going to school and owning a soccer ball. (4-8)

The Jones Family Express ($17.95, 1-58430-047-7) by Javaka Steptoe. An African-American boy creates a special gift for his aunt. (4-9)

Goldfish and Chrysanthemums ($16.95, 1-58430-057-4) by Andrea Cheng, illus. by Michelle Chang. A Chinese-American girl builds a goldfish pond to help her grandmother preserve fond childhood memories. (4-9)

Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story ($17.95, 1-58430-086-8) by Bernard Wolf is a photoessay about a family that moves from Egypt to America. (6-up)

Title in Spanish
Sam y el dinero de la suerte (Sam and the Lucky Money) ($16.95, 1-58430-167-8; paper $6.95, -168-6) by Karen Chinn, illus. by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu (3-9).

Paperback Reprints
Grandfather Counts (1-58430-158-9) by Andrea Cheng, illus. by Ange Zhang; and The Legend of Freedom Hill (-169-4) by Linda Jacobs Altman, illus. by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu ($6.95 each, 4-9).

Paperback Series
Pull Ahead Books: Animals offers Buzzing Bumblebees (0-8225-3639-0) by Joelle Riley; Hovering Hummingbirds (-3649-8) and Hungry Ladybugs (-3646-3) by Judith Jango-Cohen; Hunting Sharks (-4671-X, paper -3648-X) and Spraying Skunks ( -3598-X) by Kristin Nelson; and Monarch Butterflies (-3647-1 by Laura Hamilton Waxman (paper $5.95 each, 5-7).

Rabbits on Mars ($15.95, 1-57505-511-2) by Jan Wahl, illus. by Kimberley Schamber, is a tale about dealing with the challenges of life. (3-8)

Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone ($15.95, 0-87614-921-2) by Frieda Wishinsky, illus. by Neal Layton. A boy who is bothered by a persistent admirer feels differently after she moves away. (3-8)

Swing Around the Sun ($16.95, 0-87614-143-2) by Barbara Juster Esbensen, illus. by Cheng-Khee Chee, Stephen Gammell, Mary GrandPré and Janice Lee Porter, is a poetry collection focusing on the seasons. (4-7)

Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb? ($14.95, 0-87614-924-7) by Brian Cleary, illus. by Brian Gable. Cartoon cats introduce adverbs. (7-9)

Little Wolf returns in Little Wolf, Pack Leader ($14.95, 1-57505-400-0) by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Tony Ross (7-12).

Paperback Series
My Own Biography welcomes Benjamin Banneker: Pioneering Scientist (0-87614-104-1) by Ginger Wadsworth, illus. by Craig Orback; Bessie Coleman: Daring to Fly (-103-3) by Sally Walker, illus. by Janice Lee Porter; Florence Nightingale (-102-5) by Shannon Zemlicka, illus. by Nicolas Debon; and Martha Washington (-107-6) by Candice Ransom, illus. by Karen Ritz ($5.95 each, 6-8).

New Creative Minds Biography titles are Demanding Justice: A Story About Mary Ann Shadd Cary ( 0-87614-928-X) by Jeri Chase Ferris, illus. by Kimanne Smith; Freedom Seeker: A Story About William Penn (-931-X) by Gwenyth Swain, illus. by Lisa Harvey; Germ Hunter: A Story About Louis Pasteur (-929-8) by Elaine Marie Alphin, illus. by Elaine Verstraete; and Liberty or Death: A Story About Patrick Henry (-930-1) by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, illus. by Nicolas Debon ($5.95 each, 8-11).

Paperback Reprints
Dandelions: Stars in the Grass ($6.95, 1-57505-399-3) by Mia Posada (3-8); and Skullcrack ($6.95, 0-8225-3311-1) by Ben Bo (14-up).

(Antique Collectors' Club, dist.)
Big Foot ($14.99, 0-7112-1945-1) by M.P. Robertson. A girl hears Big Foot's sad song and follows his footprints. (3-8)

Rebecca's Passover ($14.99, 0-7112-1959-1) by Adèle Geras, illus. by Sheila Moxley. A girl learns about the historical and religious significance of Passover traditions. (5-9)

Maui and the Big Fish: A Polynesian Folk Tale ($14.99, 0-7112-2066-2) by Barbara Ker Wilson, illus. by Frané Lessac, explains how the Polynesian islands were formed. (6-8)

Diary of a Princess ($14.99, 0-7112-1854-4) by Heather Maisner, illus. by Sheila Moxley. Marco Polo escorts Princess Kokachin to China, where she will become the wife of Kubla Khan. (7-10)

Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe ($16.99, 0-7112-1949-4), retold by Antonia Barber, collects little-known folktales. (7-up)

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ($14.99, 0-7112-1986-9) by Mary Hoffman, illus. by M.P. Robertson, examines these phenomena. (7-up)

Petar's Song ($14.99, 0-7112-2063-8) by Pratima Mitchell and Caroline Binch. A young violinist is separated from his father when war breaks out. (7-up)

The Vanishing Rainforest ($14.99, 0-7112-1960-5) by Richard Platt, illus. by Rupet van Wyk, is told from the perspective of a young member of the Yanomami tribe. (7-up)

Elsie's War: A Story of Courage in Nazi Germany ($14.99, 0-7112-1861-7) by Frank Dabba Smith tells the true story of Elise Kuhn-Leitz, a wealthy German woman who helped those persecuted by the Nazis. (8-up)

A Twist in the Tale: Animal Stories from Around the World ($11.99, 0-7112-1833-1) by Mary Hoffman, illus. by Jan Ormerod, collects tales from various cultures. (3-7)

Life Story ($8.99, ISBN-2043-3 by Eric Maddern, illus. by Leo Duff, tells the story of evolution. (5-up)

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
The Lion Graphic Bible ($16.95, 0-7459-4598-8) by Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddox offers a graphic interpretation of the Bible. (10-up)

Paperback Series Reissues
The Dragon King Saga reissues In the Hall of the Dragon King (0-7459-4618-6), The Warlords of Nin (-4620-8) and The Sword and the Flame (-4619-4) by Stephen Lawhead ($6.95 each, 11-up). And The Pangur Bán Celtic Fantasies presents Shape-Shifter: The Naming of Pangur Bán (-4762-X), Pangur B án the White Cat (-4763-8), Finnglas of the Horses (-4761-1) and Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing (-4760-3) by Fay Sampson ($7.95 each, 10-13).

Lullaby Moon and a Silver Spoon ($15.95, 0-316-17474-2) by Brooke Dyer is a bedtime tale illustrated with watercolors. (All ages)

What Are You So Grumpy About? ($15.95, 0-316-59236-6) by Tom Lichtenheld examines tiny (and not so tiny) things that annoy people. (All ages)

Thirsty Baby ($14.95, 0-316-16357-0) by Catherine Ann Cullen, illus. by David McPhail, introduces a baby with an unquenchable thirst. (3-6)

The Mouse, the Cat, and Grandmother's Hat ($14.95, 0-316-94006-2) by Nancy Willard, illus. by Jenny Mattheson, reveals a birthday party filled with surprises. (3-6)

Thanks, Mom ($15.95, 0-316-24022-2) by Ed Emberley begins with a hungry mouse and a piece of cheese. (3-6)

Don't Grown-Ups Ever Have Fun? ($15.95, 0-316-14664-1) by Jamie Harper shares a girl's impressions of her parents' daily routines. (3-6)

Elinor and Violet: Two Naughty Chickens at the Beach ($14.95, 0-316-91034-1) by Patti Beling Murphy. Two young chickens discover the secret thrill of being a bit naughty. (3-6)

Persephone the Ladybug ($16.95, 0-316-81544-6) by J. Moria Stephens. A ladybug braves the city and finds new friends. (3-6)

Bad Cat ($15.95, 0-316-60584-0) by Tracy-Lee McGuiness-Kelly tells of a cat that wreaks havoc in the city. (3-6)

My Brother's Flying Machine: Wilbur, Orville, and Me ($16.95, 0-316-97159-6) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Jim Burke. The Wrights' sister recounts her brothers' flight. (6-9)

Lizards: Weird and Wonderful ($15.95, 0-316-17346-0) by Margery Facklam, illus by Alan Male, examines these creatures. (6-9)

Fairway Phenom ($15.95, 0-316-07550-7; paper $4.50, -7551-5) by Matt Christopher. Malik overcomes obstacles to learn to play golf. (10-13)

A Mango-Shaped Space ($16.95, 0-316-52388-7) by Wendy Mass. Though she appears to be a typical eighth-grader, Mia has a secret that no one can understand. (10-13)

Almost Home ($16.95, 0-316-09313-0) by Nora Raleigh Baskin. Leah adjusts to moving to the home of her father and his new wife. (10-13)

Baby Dazzlers issues Sparkly Day (0-316-81228-5), Twinkly Night (-81096-7), Shiny Seaside (-81160-2) and Glittery Garden (-81401-6) by Helen Stephens ($5.99 each, 1-3). Jane Simmon's Daisy returns in Bouncy, Bouncy Daisy (-79570-4) and Splish, Splash Daisy (-79560-7) ($9.99 each, 3-6); and Come Along Daisy! (-16878-5) and Daisy and the Egg (-73872-7) (paper $6.99 each, 3-6). And Cirque Du Freak continues with Trials of Death ($15, -60367-8) by Darren Shan (10-13).

Board Book Reprint
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes ($6.99, 0-316-52576-6) by Rose Lewis, illus. by Jane Dyer (1-3).

Ed Emberley's Complete Funprint Drawing Book ($11.95, 0-316-17448-3) by Ed Emberley shows how to turn thumbprints into various objects. (6-9)

Paperback Series
Arthur is back in Arthur and the 1,001 Dads ($4.25, 0-316-12280-7) by Marc Brown. Soccer 'Cats by Matt Christopher scores Master of Disaster (-16498-4), Heads Up (-16497-6), All Keyed Up (-73821-2) and You Lucky Dog (-73805-0) ($4.99 each, 6-9). Christopher's Sports Series continues with At the Plate with... Ichiro (-13679-4) and On the Bike with... Lance Armstrong (-07549-3) ($4.99 each, 10-13). Joining Smallville are Speed (-16916-3) by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld and Buried Secrets (-16948-3) by Suzan Colon ($5.99 each, 14-up). And Gossip Girls continues with All I Want Is Everything ($8.99, -91212-3) by Cecily von Ziegesar (15-up).

Paperback Reprints
Edwurd Pudwupper Fibbed Big ($6.99, 0-316-14425-8) by Berkeley Breathed (6-9); and All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel ($5.99, -81575-6) by Phoebe Stone (10-13).

Paperback Series Reprint
Cirque Du Freak reprints Tunnels of Blood ($6.99, 0-316-60608-1) by Darren Shan (10-13).

Oh, Baby! A Celebration of Babies ($12.95, 0-316-60732-0) by Leo Landry. Watercolors reveal babies in a variety of poses. (1-3)

Otto Goes to the Beach (0-316-73870-0) and Otto Goes to Bed (-73837-5) by Todd Parr. This pup enjoys a day by the sea; and gets ready for bedtime ($9.95 each, 3-6).

Rock-a-Baby Band ($15.95, 0-316-60858-0) by Kate McMullan, illus. by Janie Bynum, music by Peggesus. Ten babies rock the house. (3-6)

When Marcus Moore Moved In ($15.95, 0-316-10458-2) by Rebecca Bond evokes the anxiety and exhilaration that accompany a move. (3-6)

Keeping You a Secret ($16.95, 0-316-70275-7) by Julie Ann Peters is a tale about the love between two young women determined to establish their identities. (14-up)

Mom and Dad debuts with Mom Mine! (0-316-73838-7) and Dad Mine! (-73839-5) by Dawn Apperley ($6.99 each, 1-3). And new Mouse titles are A Mouse in the House (-45136-3) and A House-Mouse Party (-45150-9) by Ellen Jareckie ($6.99 each, 1-3).

Board Book Reprint
Sing-a-long Board Books: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly ($6.95, 0-316-93094-9) by Nadine Bernard Westcott (1-3).

Paperback Reprints
Miss Mary Mack ($5.99, 0-316-07614-7) by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Nadine Bernard Westcott (3-6); and Define 'Normal' ($5.95, -73489-6) by Julie Anne Peters (12-up).

Book of Wizardry ($15.95, 0-7387-0165-3) by Cornelius Rumstuckle provides an introduction to wizardry. (10-14)

Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens ($14.95, 0-7387-0393-1) outlines the theory and techniques of natural magick. (12-15)

Paperback Series
The Fortune Tellers Club gains Playing with Fire by Dotti Enderle ($4.99, 0-7387-0340-0, 8-12).

(Biblio, dist.)
Dear Mr. Leprechaun: Letters from My First Friendship ($17, 0-9666490-0-1) by Martin Nelson Burton, illus. by Clint Hansen, shares the author's childhood correspondence with a leprechaun. (4-9)

(Interlink, dist.)
Two Peculiar Pelicans: A Story Poem ($13.95, 0-333-95306-1) by Eaulin Blondel, illus. by Vanessa Soodeen, is a West Indian tale featuring a pair of pelicans. (3-8)

Zebo Nooloo Chinoo: A Caribbean Folk Tale ($13.95, 0-333-95468-8) by Lynette Comissiong, illus. by Rachel Parker, tells a story about an unusual crab. (3-up)

Extinct Fact Files ($13.95, 0-7522-1992-8) by Simon Furman focuses on six extinct species. (8-12)

(Firefly, dist.)
What? What? What?: Astounding, Weird, Wonderful and Just Plain Unbelievable Facts ($19.95, 1-894379-51-9; paper $9.95, -52-7) by Lyn Thomas, illus. by Dianne Eastman, compiles answers to trivia questions. (8-12)

Let's Call It Canada: Amazing Stories of Canadian Place Names ($26.95, 1-894379-49-7; paper $16.95, -50-0) by Susan Hughes, illus. by Clive Dobson, traces the stories behind the names of Canadian locations. (8-12)

Popular Mechanics for Kids adds The Best Book of Bikes ($21.95, 1-894379-43-8; paper $12.95, -44-6) by Amy Pinchuk (9-13).

Avram's Gift ($19.95, 0-9624166-2-2) by Margie Blumberg, illus. by Laurie McGaw. On Rosh Hashanah, Mark views a photo of his great-great-grandfather in a very different light. (8-12)

New Hot Wheels titles are Hot Wheels Hyperformance (0-7603-1579-5), Hot Wheels Stock Cars (-1507-8), Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt (-1508-6) and Hot Wheels Truckin' (-1509-4) ($6.95 each, 8-12).

My Block Book Schoolhouse adds Building Basics (1-58845-505-X), Alphabet (-506-8), Nursery Rhymes (-504-1), Farm Animals (-501-7), Bible Stories (-502-5) and Baby Animals (-503-3) by Vincent Douglas, illus. by Warrick Schroeder ($12.95 the set, up to 3). My Little Libraries offers My Little Library of Dinosaurs (-498-3), My Little Library of Prayers (-499-1) and My Little Library of Counting (-500-9) by Douglas, illus. by Schroeder ($12.95 each, up to 4). Rhythm & Rhyme Book and CD Collections gains Counting (-519-X) and Bible Stories (-526-2) by Douglas, illus. by Schroeder ($19.95 each, up to 4). Growing Pains grows with Ping Won't Share (1-57768-480-X) and Quiet as a Mouse (-481-8) by Lynne Gibbs, illus. by Melanie Mitchell ($12.95 each, 3-8). Joining First Readers Skills and Practice (Little Critter) are Country Fair (-633-0), Our Trip to the Zoo (-643-8), A Day at Camp (-634-9), Tiger's Birthday (-645-4), Our Tree House (-636-5) and Good Night, Little Critter (-635-7) by Mercer Mayer ($10.95 each, 4-8). And First Guide continues with Don't Slurp Your Soup (-556-3), Getting to Grips with Grammar (-557-1) and Getting Down to Business (-558-X) by Lynne Gibbs, illus. by John Eastwood ($14.95 each, 6-9).

Greek Myths greets Fantastic Creatures from Greek Myths (1-57768-507-5) and Gods & Goddesses from Greek Myths (-508-3), retold by Pat Posner, illus. by Olwyn Whelan ($18.95 each, 6-9). New to Magnifications are A Medieval Castle (-980-1) by Mark Bergin and A Shakespearean Theater (-979-8) by Jacqueline Morley ($20.95 each, 6-9). And Kids Who Ruled welcomes Alexander the Great (-553-9) by Penny Worms, The Last Emperor (-554-7) by Jeremy Smith and Tutankhamun, The Boy King (-555-5) by Jackie Gaff, all illus. by Anthony Lewis ($14.95 each, 6-10).

Hushabye, Bearcub ($13.95, 1-57768-432-X) by Strawberrie Donnelly. A cub and his father return home from a day in the snow. (up to 6)

Lily's Garden of India ($15.95, 1-57768-491-5) by Jeremy Smith, illus. by Rob Heffernan. Lily's adventure-loving mother's garden contains exotic plants from all over the world. (3-8)

A Box of Friends ($14.95, 1-57768-420-6) by Pam Muñoz Ryan, illus. by Mary Whyte. Annie's grandmother finds a way to help the girl adjust to her new home. (3-8)

The Great Cat Chase ($10, 1-57768-358-7) by Mercer Mayer recounts the search for an escaped kitty. (3-8)

A Silly Story ($10, 1-57768-338-2) by Mercer Mayer. Each of a boy's silly thoughts leads to another. (3-8)

Bubble Bubble ($10, 1-57768-348-X) by Mercer Mayer. A boy likes blowing magic bubbles-until one turns into a snake. (3-8)

The Wizard Comes to Town ($15, 1-57768-388-9; paper $5.95, -387-0) by Mercer Mayer tells what happens when a wizard rents a room at a boarding house. (3-8)

Princess Fidgety Feet ($15.95, 1-57768-447-8) by Pat Posner, illus. by Philip Norman. A princess secretly wishes to play soccer. (3-8)

I'd Still Pick You ($14.95, 1-57768-431-1) by Angela Shelf Medearis. A mother reassures her daughter of her unconditional love. (3-8)

Kathleen O'Byrne ($16.95, 1-57768-671-3) by Declan Carville, illus. by Brendan Ellis, is the tale of a girl who longs to be an Irish dancer. (3-8)

Mercer Mayer's Little Critter's Picture Dictionary ($16.95, 1-57768-380-3; paper $8.95, -839-2) by Mercer Mayer is an illustrated reference. (3-8)

Perfect Prudence ($15.95, 1-57768-437-0) by Peter Harris, illus. by Deborah Allwright. Is Prudence as perfect as everyone thinks? (4-8)

Pirate Jam ($15.95, 1-57768-442-7) by Jo Brown introduces pirates who are just trying to make a living. (4-8)

Animal Faces releases Animal Faces in the Water (1-57768-417-6), Animal Faces on Snow & Ice (-418-4), Animal Faces in the Night (-427-3) and Animal Faces in the Forest (-428-1) by Hannah Kate Sackett, illus. by Martin Camm ($16.95 each, 5-8).

Titles in Spanish
Connectada al corazon (Connected at the Heart) (0-932317-01-5) and La colonia de arco iris (Rainbow's Landing) (-02-3) by Steve Tiller, illus. by Cremeans ($15.95 each, 9-12).

(Consortium, dist.)
Milet Picture Dictionary, English Edition ($13.95, 1-84059-346-6) by Sedat Turhan, illus. by Sally Hagin. This reference is also available in 18 bilingual editions ($14.95 each, all ages).

The Trouble with Jeremy Change ($16.95, 1-57131-647-7; paper $6.95, -646-9) by George Harrar. In New England at the end of WWI, a teen leaves home after insisting that his father is wrong in a dispute with a neighbor. (9-12)

Stories from Where We Live adds The Great Lakes ($19.95, 1-57131-639-6), ed. by Sara St. Antoine, illus. by Trudy Nicholson, maps by Paul Mirocha (9-up).

Alligator Crossing ($17.95, 1-57131-640-X; paper $6.95 -644-2) by Marjory Stoneman Douglas (9-12).

Read Anything Good Lately? ($14.95, 0-7613-1889-5) by Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman, illus. by Vicky Enright, examines all that reading can be and all the places one can read. (4-8)

Marsh Morning ($14.95, 0-7613-1936-0) by Marianne Berkes, illus. by Robert Noreika, introduces creatures residing in a marsh. (5-8)

The Rooster and the Fox ($16.95, 0-7613-1846-1) by Helen Ward is an illustrated retelling of Chaucer's 'The Nun's Priest's Tale.' (5-8)

The Storytime Craft Book ($19.95, 0-7613-1848-7) by Kathy Ross compiles projects based on children's songs, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. (5-8)

Kathy Ross Crafts Numbers ($7.95, 0-7613-1697-3) by Kathy Ross, illus. by Jan Barger, offer activities that introduce basic concepts. (3-6)

Art Is... ($9.95, 0-7613-1832-1) by Bob Raczka explores various art forms. (5-8)

Just Us Two: Poems About Animal Dads ($7.95, 0-7613-1833-X) by Joyce Sidman, illus. by Susan Swan, celebrates the parenting skills of animal fathers. (5-8)

Let's Celebrate St. Patrick's Day ($6.95, 0-7613-1782-1) by Peter and Connie Roop, illus. by Gwen Connelly, provides a history of this holiday. (5-8)

Lots of Grandparents ($7.95, 0-7613-1896-8) by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly pays tribute to grandparents. (5-8)

Señor Felipe's Alphabet Adventure: El Alfabeto Español ($7.95, 0-7613-1897-6) by Sharon Hawkins Vargo. A reptile photographer shoots objects that represent each letter of the Spanish alphabet. (5-8)

Star-Spangled Crafts ($7.95, 0-7613-1777-5) by Kathy Ross, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm, presents craft projects based on patriotic symbols and themes. (5-8)

Boston Pilgrims vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: The First Modern World Series ($7.95, 0-7613-1890-9) by Peter Campbell chronicles the history of baseball. (8-12)

Flag Lore of All Nations ($12.95, 0-7613-1899-8) by Whitney Smith portrays the flags of various countries. (8-up)

Tell Me a Picture ($17.95, 0-7613-1893-3) by Quentin Blake compiles stories and art by various writers and illustrators. (8-up)

Charley Waters Goes to Gettysburg ($8.95, 0-7613-1887-9) by Susan Sinnott, photos by Dorothy Handelman. A boy and his father reenact Civil War battles. (9-12)

Air Force One ($8.95, 0-7613-1926-3) by Andrew Santella examines the history of the president's plane. (9-up)

Tom Brady: Heart of the Huddle ($7.95, 0-7613-1929-8) focuses on this NFL quarterback. (9-up)

Baseball's Boneheads, Bad Boys, and Just Plain Crazy Guys ($8.95, 0-7613-1928-X) by George Sullivan, illus. by Anne Canevari Green, reveals players' stunts and pranks. (10-13)

How to Write, Recite, and Delight in All Kinds of Poetry ($9.95, 0-7613-1831-3) by Joy Hulme and Donna Guthrie outlines techniques of writing verse. (10-14)

One Wild Ride: The Life of Skateboarding Superstar Tony Hawk ($8.95, 0-7613-1689-2) by Mark Stewart profiles this skateboarder. (11-up)

A Young Dancer's Apprenticeship ($14.95, 0-7613-1898-4) by Olympia Dowd. The author tells of her experiences dancing with the Moscow City Ballet. (12-up)

Paperback Series
Celebrate the Seasons concludes with It's Summer! ($7.95, 0-7613-1735-X) by Linda Glaser, illus. by Susan Swan (4-8). What Was It Like, Grandma? adds Grandma Esther Remembers (-1731-7) and Grandma Francisca Remembers (-1733-3) by Ann Morris, illus. by Peter Linethal ($7.95 each, 5-8). Gateway Biography welcomes Condoleezza Rice: Being the Best ($8.95, -1927-1) by Mary Dodson Wade (7-9). And En Fuego issues Latino Baseball's Finest Fielders/Los más destacados guantes del béisbol latino (-1749-X) and Latino Baseball's Hottest Hitters/Los mejores bateadores del béisbol latino (-1775-9) by Mark Stewart ($9.95 each, 10-up).

Dinosaurs A to Z ($15.95, 0-7613-2737-1) by Jim Pipe is an alphabetical roundup of dinosaurs. (8-11)

Paperback Series
Fascinating Science Projects continues with Air (0-7613-2337-6) and Everyday Chemicals (-2338-4) by Sally Hewitt ($8.95 each, 10-up).

Ask Me ($14.95, 0-7613-1845-3) by Antje Damm presents more than 100 questions designed to spark conversation between parents and children. (All ages)

The Cat and the Cuckoo ($15.95, 0-7613-1548-9) by Ted Hughes, illus. by Flora McDonnell, compiles 26 poems featuring animals. (All ages)

One for Me, One for You ($15.95, 0-7613-1692-2) by C.C. Cameron, illus. by Grace Lin, is a tale that illustrates simple math concepts. (2-6)

Jack's Rabbit ($15.95, 0-7613-1844-5) by Yvonne Jagtenberg. When Jack tries to draw his rabbit, the pet jumps out of the window. (3-6)

Tickle, Tickle ($5.99, 0-7613-1939-5) by Dakari Hru, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max, celebrates this childhood game. (3-6)

The Rooftop Rocket Party ($16.95, 0-7613-1888-7) by Roland Chambers. A boy visiting New York City discovers that the water tanks on top of buildings are really rocket ships. (4-7)

Happy Birthday, America ($15.95, 0-7613-1675-2) by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Peter Catalanotto. Three generations of a family celebrate the Fourth of July. (4-8)

The River ($15.95, 0-7613-1778-3) by Nik Pollard follows the journey of a river from mountain stream to ocean. (4-8)

Mack Made Movies ($16.95, 0-7613-1538-1) by Don Brown offers a profile of pioneer moviemaker Mack Sennett. (5-9)

Animal House and Iz ($15.95, 0-7613-1891-7) by Betty Hicks is the story of a girl and her three mischievous stepbrothers. (8-12)

It Only Looks Easy ($15.95, 0-7613-1790-2) by Pamela Curtis Swallow. On the first day of seventh grade, Kat's dog is struck by a car. (8-12)

My Mother's Daughter ($17.95, 0-7613-1693-0) by Doris Orgel, illus. by Peter Malone, tells the story of two mother-daughter pairs who are goddesses. (8-up)

Act I, Act II, Act Normal ($15.95, 0-7613-1779-1) by Martha Weston is a novel centering on a school play. (10-14)

The Wright Sister: Katharine Wright and Her Famous Brothers ($18.95, 0-7613-1546-2) by Richard Maurer is a biography of the Wright brothers' sister. (10-14)

Dead Girls Don't Write Letters ($15.95, 0-7613-1727-9) by Gail Giles. Sunny receives a letter from her sister after she dies in a fire. (12-up)

How I Fell in Love & Learned to Shoot Free Throws ($15.95, 0-7613-1892-5) by Jon Ripslinger. A teenage boy pursues the best female basketball player in the state. (12-up)

Pool Boy ($15.95, 0-7613-1885-2) by Michael Simmons. A wealthy boy's life changes drastically when his father is jailed for insider trading. (12-up)

The Roman Mysteries adds The Pirates of Pompeii ($15.95, 0-7613-1584-5N) by Caroline Lawrence (11-14).

Paperback Series
New titles are being added to the following series: Caillou Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Caillou Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Caillou 8x8 Concept Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); Caillou Paint with Water Books ($1.99 each, 3-8); Caillou Sticker Activity Books ($2.69 each, 3-8); Caillou Super Coloring and Activity Book ($2.99, 3-8); Tonka Sticker Activity Books ($2.69 each, 3-8); Tonka Paint with Water Books ($1.99 each, 3-8); Care Bears Sticker Activity Books ($2.69 each, 3-8); Kellogg's Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Kellogg's Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($2.49 each, 3-8); The Wiggles Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); The Wiggles Sticker Activity Books ($2.69 each, 3-8); Modern Early Learner Books ($1.99 each, 4-7); Spring into Fun Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Giant Easter Coloring Book ($2.99 each, 3-8); Bible Stories Coloring Book ($2.99, 3-8); Bunny Tales 8x8 Storybooks ($1.99 each, 3-8); and 'If I Had a...' Board Books with Tool($4.99 each, 3-up).

Toy Trouble ($14.95, 1-59034-446-4) by Justine Korman Fontes, illus. by Rob Hefferan. Zack and his friends search for a missing toy. (3-7)

Leo and Lester ($15.95, 1-59034-582-7) by Becky Bloom, illus. by Pascal Biet, offers a story that teaches manners. (3-8)

Buster ($15.95, 1-59034-478-2) by Brent Sudduth, illus. by Kenneth Spengler, is a tale that celebrates individuality and patience. (4-8)

If Peace Is... ( $15.95, 1-59034-448-0) by Jane Baskwill, illus. by Stephanie Carter, examines the concept of peace from various perspectives. (6-up)

The Emerald Throne ($15.95, 1-59034-584-3) by Cherith Baldry, illus. by David Wyatt, continues the Eaglesmount trilogy. (8-12)

Grand Central Terminal: Gateway to New York City ($16.95, 1-59034-491-X) by Ed Stanley presents a history of this landmark. (8-up)

Winky Blue issues Winky Blue Goes Wild! ($13.95, 1-59034-588-6) by Pamela Jane, illus. by Debbie Tilley (7-11).

Should We Have Pets? ($6, 1-59034-044-2) by Sylvia Lollis with Joyce Hogan and her second-grade class. Students present arguments for and against owning pets. (5-8)

Making Collages ($6, 1-59034-183-X) by Susan and Wil Johnson is an introduction to collage-making. (6-9)

The Mighty Hippopotamus ($6, 1-59034-493-6) by Susan Evento. Photos and text focus on this mammal. (8-up)

The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers ($9.99, 0-8024-3058-9) by Ella Lindvall compiles 70 biblical stories. (1-4)

Paperback Series
Daughters of Faith continues with Almost Home: A Story Based on the Life of the Mayflower's Mary Chilton ($5.99, 0-8024-3637-4) by Wendy Lawton (8-12). And Laurel Shadrach returns in Equally Yoked ($6.99, -4037-1) by Stephanie Perry Moore (14-up).

Angels Watchin' ($9.99, 0-8024-2921-1) by Anita Shelton Rollins. A woman tells her granddaughter that she needn't be afraid when she's alone, since an angel is watching out for her. (4-7)

The Invisible Seam ($15.95, 1-931659-02-8) by Andy William Frew, illus. by Jun Matsuoka. In this tale based on a true story, a Japanese kimono-maker overcomes sabotage by rivals. (6-10)

Hamlet and the Enormous Chinese Dragon Kite ($7.95, 1-931659-01-X) by Brian Lies is a companion to Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle. (5-9)

Paperback Reprint

Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle ($7.95, 1-931659-03-6) by Brian Lies (5-9).

Me & God: A Book of Partner Prayers ($9.95, 0-8192-1911-8) by Deb Lund, illus. by Carolyn Digby Conahan, describes the wonderful things that God has made. (2-4)

Thank God for Rocks ($14.95, 0-8192-1902-9) by Esther Bender, illus. by Mary Anne Lard, tells of a grateful farmer who turns his rocky soil into fertile land. (3-6)

The Revolutionary John Adams ($17.95, 0-7922-6970-5) by Cheryl Harness offers a portrait of this Founding Father. (8-12)

Home on the Moon: Living on a Space Frontier ($18.95, 0-7922-7193-9) by Marianne Dyson reveals what it would take to live on the moon. (8-12)

Who Came First? New Clues to Prehistoric Americans ($18.95, 0-7922-8228-0) by Patricia Lauber. Where did the first Americans come from and how did they get here? (9-14)

Airborne: A Photobiography of Wilbur and Orville Wright ($18.95, 0-7922-6957-8) by Mary Collins examines the personalities and lives of these flying brothers. (10-up)

Climbing Everest: Tales of Triumph and Tragedy on the World's Highest Mountain ($21, 0-7922-5105-9) by Audrey Salkeld presents a history of the climbing of this peak. (10-up)

Jump into Science issues Coral Reefs (0-7922-6953-5) by Sylvia Earle, illus. by Bonnie Matthews; and Stars (-6955-1) by Steve Tomecek, illus. by Sachiko Yoshikawa ($16.95 each, 4-8). And joining Mysteries in Our National Parks is Buried Alive ($15.95, -6966-7; paper $5.95, -6968-3) by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson (8-12).

Paperback Series
New National Geographic My First Pocket Guides are Backyard Wilderness (0-7922-6927-6) and Birds of Prey (-6929-2) ($5.95 each, 6-10). And National Geographic Extreme Sports adds Skate! (-5107-5) by Michael Shafran and Surf! (-5108-3) by Scott Bass ($8.95 each, 8-14).

Paperback Reprints
Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington 1837-1865 (0-7922-6906-3) and Young Abe Lincoln: The Frontier Days 1809-1837 (-6904-7) by Cheryl Harness ($7.95 each, 8-12); and Triumph on Everest: A Photobiography of Sir Edmund Hillary ($7.95, -7932-8) by Broughton Coburn (10-up).

Noah's Rocking Boat ($6.99, 1-4003-0193-9) is a die-cut board book with moving animals. (up to 4)

The Parable of the Lily (1-4003-0010-X) and The Sunflower Parable (-0009-6) by Liz Curtis Higgs, illus. by Nancy Munger, are board books presenting tales with lessons. ($5.99 each, up to 4)

Big Billy's Great Adventure ($15.99, 1-4003-0235-8) by Sheila Walsh, illus. by Don Sullivan. This adventure at sea comes with a read-along CD. (4-7)

Wild & Wacky Bible Storybooks: All About Obedience (1-4003-0013-4), All About Faith (-0014-2), All About Courage (-0015-0) and All About Helping Others (-0016-9), featuring Frank Peretti as Mr. Henry, illus. by Bill Ross. Each of these books based on Bible stories is packaged with a CD. ($8.99 each, 5-8).

My Childhood Memories ($14.99, 0-8499-7783-5) by Tama Fortner, illus. by Thomas Kinkade. Youngsters can create a journal about their past. (8-12)

The Real Me Only God Can See ($14.99, 1-4003-0233-1) by Karen Hill is a journal containing scripture quotations and questions. (8-12)

Kids Praying for Kids 2003 Edition ($4.99, 1-4003-0197-1) by Franklin Graham is a guide to praying for other children. (6-12)

Just Like Jesus ($10.99, 1-4003-0160-2) by Max Lucado, story adaptations by Monica Hall, is based on the adult book of the same title. (10-14)

Paperback Series
The Adventures of Toby Digz debuts with Land of the Pharaohs (1-4003-0195-5) and The Mighty Armor (-0196-3) by David Hernandez ($5.99 each, 6-9). And My Life as a Tarantula Toe Tickler ($5.99, 0-8499-5993-4) by Bill Myers joins The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle (8-12).

X-Men 2: The Illustrated Story and Screenplay ($19.95, 1-55704-577-1); deluxe hardcover $40, -584-4). Director Bryan Singer contributes an introduction to this book about his forthcoming film. (12-up)

Juan Quezada ($16.95, 0-9708617-4-5; Spanish edition -0-2; paper $9.95, -5-3; Spanish edition -1-0), as told to Shelley Dale by Juan Quezada, trans. by Teresa Mlawer, illus. by Dale, is a picture-book biography of this Mexican ceramics artist. (All ages)

The Rainbow Fish Floor Puzzle Book ($12.99, 0-7358-1837-1) by Marcus Pfister, presents the story of the search for the missing Rainbow Fish, plus nine puzzle pieces. (2-5)

Bear's Last Journey ($15.95, 0-7358-1799-5) by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Cristina Kadmon. Forest animals must deal with the loss of their friend Bear. (5-8)

The Best Father of All ($15.95, 0-7358-1679-4) by Peter Horn, illus. by Cristina Kadmon, is a sequel to When I Grow Up .... (5-8)

Fair-Weather Friend ($15.95, 0-7358-1785-5) by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Nora Hilb. In order to join the cool gang, Finn the cat must betray his hamster friend. (5-8)

Filbert Flies ($15.95, 0-7358-1829-0) by Karl Rühmann, illus. by Rolf Siegenthaler. After a jealous seagull tells Filbert that penguins can't fly, a kind seal offers him encouragement. (5-8)

Rufus and Max ($15.95, 0-7358-1797-9) by Hermann Moers, illus. by Philippe Goossens. Two pups build a castle and dress up in regal clothes. (5-8)

The Sandman ($15.95, 0-1358-1789-8) by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Sibylle Heusser. Will the sandman ever find a friend who won't get sleepy whenever he arrives? (5-8)

There's Room in the Forest for Everyone ($15.95, 0-7358-1681-6) by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Gianluca Garofalo. Freddy isn't happy about the arrival of a new squirrel-until the newcomer needs his help. (5-8)

Timid Timmy ($15.95, 0-7358-1811-8) by Andreas Dierssen, illus. by Felix Scheinberger. Timmy discovers that he is courageous in his own way. (5-8)

Paperback Reprints
Albert's Nap (0-7358-1831-2) by Michael Grejniec ($6.95, 2-5); and The Happy Hedgehog ($6.95, -1816-9) by Marcus Pfister (5-8).

Maybe, My Baby ($15.95, 0-7358-1762-6) by Marilyn Janovitz is a bedtime tale featuring animal parents and their little ones. (2-4)

Paperback Reprints
A Cat and a Dog (0-7358-1780-4) by Claire Masurel, illus. by Bob Kolar; and Goldilocks and the Three Bears (-1782-0) by Valeri Gorbachev ($6.95 each, up to 3); and Little Bunny's Sleepless Night ($6.95, -1804-5) by Carol Roth, illus. by Gorbachev (4-7).

Titles in Spanish
Un gato y un perro (A Cat and a Dog), Bilingual Edition ($13.95, 0-7358-1835-5; paper $6.95, -1784-7) by Claire Masurel, trans. by Andrés Antreasyan, illus. by Bob Kolar (up to 3); Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) ($15.95, -1776-6; paper $6.95, -1777-4) by Valeri Gorbachev, trans. by Agustin Antreasyan (up to 3); ¿Cómo iremos a la playa? (How Will We Get to the Beach?) ($15.95, -1768-5; paper $6.95, -1769-3) by Brigitte Luciani, trans. by Andrés Antreasyan, illus. by Eve Tharlet (3-6); and El erizo feliz (The Happy Hedgehog) ($15.95, -1818-5; paper $6.95, -1817-7) by Marcus Pfister, trans. by Diego Lasconi (5-8).

A Baby for Davy (0-7358-1746-4) and No Hugs for Davy (-1656-5) by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Eve Tharlet, are board books adapted from Will You Mind the Baby, Davy? and No Hugs for Davy ($6.95 each, 2-4).

Don't Worry, Wags ($15.95, 0-7358-1849-5) by Christophe Loupy, illus. by Eve Tharlet, is a sequel to Hugs and Kisses. (3-5)

Farley Farts ($15.95, 0-7358-1847-9) by Birte Müller. A frog and his family learn that it's better to let it out than to keep it inside. (5-8)

Paperback Reprints
How Will We Get to the Beach? ($6.95, 0-7358-1783-9) by Brigitte Luciani, illus. by Eve Tharlet (3-5); and With Love ($6.95, -1815-0) by Jane Goodall, illus. by Alan Marks (6-10).

Mother May I? (1-59014-076-1) and Just Like Father! (-075-3) by Susan Hill Long, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by Sue DiCicco, are tales about Lars the polar bear ($3.99 each, 2-5).

Love, Lola ($5.99, 1-59014-082-6) by Diane deGroat. Lola secretly delivers Valentines to those she loves. (3-6)

I Found You! (1-59014-108-3) and Where Is Mother? (1-59014-109-1) by Susan Hill Long, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by Sue DiCicco, are stories starring Lars, with gatefold flaps. ($3.99 each, 3-6)

The Secret Hideout (1-59014-105-9) and You Can Do It! (-104-0) by Susan Hill Long, based on the work of Hans de Beer, illus. by John Huxtable. In these tales, Lars and his pal Robby discover a shipwreck; and Pieps the snow goose has flying lessons. ($3.99 each, 3-6)

Follow the Leader (1-59014-106-7) and Surprise Party (-107-5) by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by David Austin Clar. These stories describe Rosie's attempts to be a leader; and Dyna's and Rusty's contribution to a surprise party. ($3.99 each, 3-7)

Sea of Riddles (1-59014-111-3) and Hide-and-Seek (-110-5) by Susan Hill Long, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by Rose Mary Berlin. In these tales featuring gatefold flaps, Miss Cuttle and her school of fish play a game; and Rainbow Fish searches for the coral reef. (3-7)

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire ($15.95, 1-58717-214-3) by Diane deGroat. Playing the role of George Washington in a class play, Gilbert the opossum learns that telling the truth isn't always easy. (5-8)

Paperback Reprints
Oh Lord, I Wish I Was a Buzzard (1-58717-220-8) by Polly Greenberg, illus. by Aliki; and Would You Rather... (-217-8) by John Burningham ($5.95 each, 5-8); Harley ($4.95, -150-3) by Star Livingstone, illus. by Molly Bang (6-9); Oh No, Noah! ($4.95, -231-3) by Johanna Hurwtiz, illus. by Mike Reed (7-9); Global Warming: The Threat of Earth's Changing Climate ($6.95,

-228-3) by Laurence Pringle; and Bad Stuff in the News: A Guide to Handling the Headlines ($4.95, -232-1) by Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Tom Hartman (9-14).

Anna's Table ($15.95, 1-55971-841-2) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Taia Morley. On her 'nature table,' Anna displays the treasures she and her family find. (5-8)

Ocean Friends ($15.95, 1-55971-840-4) by Robert Lyn Nelson introduces ocean creatures. (5-8)

Animal Babies debuts with Desert Babies (1-55971-872-2), Forest Babies (-874-9), Polar Babies (-875-1) and Prairie Babies (-873-0) by the editors of NorthWord ($5.95 each, up to 3). Our Wild World welcomes Chimpanzees (-845-5), Gorillas (-843-9), Monkeys (-849-8) and Orangutans (-847-1) by Deborah Dennard, illus. by John McGee ($10.95 each, paper $7.95, 7-10). Joining Take-a-Long Guides is Planets, Moons and Stars ($11.95, -877-3; paper $7.95, -842-0) by Laura Evert, illus. by Linda Garrow (7-10). And Kids' FAQs launches with Everything Dog ($9.95, -839-0; paper $6.95, -854-4) by Marty Crisp (7-11).

Business Builders continues with Business Builders in Cosmetics ($22.95, 1-881508-82-X) by Jacqueline C. Kent (10-up). Innovators adds Meteorology: Predicting the Weather (-61-7) by Susan and Steven Wills and Motion Pictures: Making Cinema Magic (-78-1) by Gina De Angelis ($21.95 each, 10-up). And new to Shaping America is Voyageurs, Lumberjacks, and Farmers: Pioneers of the Midwest ($22.95, -54-4) by Kieran Doherty (12-up).

Gregory and Alexander ($15.95, 1-55143-252-8) by William Barringer, illus. by Kim LaFave. After Gregory the mouse saves Alexander the caterpillar, the latter promises to help his pal's wish come true. (4-8)

Arizona Charlie and the Klondike Kid ($15.95, 1-55143-250-1) by Julie Lawson Kasia Charko. Ben wants to be a Wild West star like Arizona Charlie. (4-8)

Zizi and Tish ($7.95, 1-55143-254-4) by Liz Moore, illus. by Liz Milkau. Two sisters come to appreciate the bond between siblings. (4-8)

The Gold Diggers Club ($6.95, 1-55143-236-6) by Karen Rivers. Carly and her friends search for buried gold. (8-12)

When the War Is Over ($6.95, 1-55143-240-4) by Martha Attema. During WWII, Janke has learned to hate Nazis-and then she meets Helmut. (12-up)

Paperback Series
New Orca Young Readers are The Reunion (1-55143-230-7) by Jacqueline Pearce, Danger at the Landings (-232-3) by Becky Citra and Flight from Big Tangle (-234-X) by Anita Daher ($4.99 each, 7-11). And Orca Soundings issues The Trouble with Liberty (-274-9) by Kristin Butcher, No Problem (-231-5) by Dayle Campbell Gaetz, Who Owns Kelly Paddik? (-239-0) by Beth Goobie and Bull Rider (-233-1) by Marilyn Halvorsen ($7.95 each, 12-up).

Paperback Series
New First Novels are Dear Old Dumpling (0-88780-574-4) by Gilles Gauthier, Marilou Cries Wolf (-580-9) by Raymond Plante, Maddie's Millionaire Dreams (-578-7) by Louise Leblanc and Fred's Halloween Adventure (-576-0) by Marie-Danielle Croteau ($3.99 each, 6-9).

Paperback Series
Sports Stories plays on with Danger Zone (1-55028-778-8) by Michele Martin Bossley, Goal in Sight (-780-X) by Jacqueline Guest, Red-Line Blues (-781-8) by Camilla Reghelini Rivers and Ice Attack (-830-X) by Beatrice Vandervelde ($5.50 each, 9-13).

Princess Backwards ($21.95, 1-896764-64-9) by Jane Gray, illus. by Liz Milkau. A princess and a dragon learn that being different is sometimes a very good thing. (4-8)

Super Women in Science ($7.95, 1-896764-66-5) by Kelly Di Domenico examines women's scientific research and discoveries over the centuries. (9-13)

Getting a Life ($7.95, 1-894549-18-X) by Jocelyn Shipley portrays adolescent life and reveals how families work in different ways. (12-up)

Series Reissues
Freddy the Pig returns in The Clockwork Twin (1-58567-358-7), The Story of Freginald (-360-9) and Freddy and Simon the Dictator (-359-5) by Walter R. Brooks, illus. by Kurt Wiese ($23.95 each, 8-up).

The Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go Round ($14.95, 1-57072-245-5) by Roger S. Baum, illus. by Victoria Seitzinger. Astrid and Tyler find a merry-go-round enchanted by the man who becomes the Wizard of Oz. (2-8)

Go Bluey Go ($14.95, 1-57072-252-8) by Will McClean, illus. by Dustin Turnmyre. In order to win the Kentucky Derby, a horse must forget his fears. (2-8)

New to the Journey series is Journey Under the Sea ($18.95, 0-19-521972-4) by Linda Pitkin (8-up).