Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a bit longer than previous books in the series, and Scholastic announced on Feb. 6 that it will also be a little more expensive. The publisher will charge $29.99, a relatively high amount for a children's novel and slightly higher than the U.K. price of £17 ($27.80).

The amount is also four dollars higher than Harry IV and about a dollar less than the boxed set of 1-4 in paperback. It should also be noted that, at 255,000 words, Phoenix will clock in with roughly 30% more content than Harry IV.

Amazon had already decided to charge $17.97 for the book, a discount that comes to almost exactly to 40%. B&N had also promised a 40% discount on whatever the list price would be. Now that the tag is known, though, the real price maneuvers can begin.