John Lescroart's latest bestseller, The First Law, is number 14 in the writer's oeuvre. Dutton cross-promoted it with his Signet paperback bestseller The Oath. Lescroart landed in the #5 spot his first week out, his highest landing ever. First printing was 111,000 and after going back to press, the new print total is 122,000 copies. The author is criss-crossing the country and doing media and signings in 18 cities. After an appearance at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati, Lescroart stopped for a bite at a restaurant in his hotel. A friendly waiter asked him how his day went. The author replied that it was great, because he just found out he hit the Times list at #4 (his previous high on that list was #11). Champagne was served on the house. Soon after, a waitress came over to ask how Lescroart was doing. He told her, and she said, "the 'Dismas Hardy' John Lescroart?" Not only was she a big fan, but so was everyone in the kitchen—they all read his books and passed them around. Pretty soon he had a small crowd of staff around his table. Only in Cincinnati, kids, only in Cincinnati.