February Bestsellers

1 Vivir para contarla. García Márquez, Gabriel. (Living to Tell the Tale) U.S.: Knopf: Random House. 2002. ISBN 0-4000-4106-6. $25. In less than a month Knopf sold all of the 50,000 copies of the Spanish-language hardcover edition of Gabo's international best-selling memoir. Non-Fiction
2 La ciudad de las bestias. Allende, Isabel. (The City of the Beasts) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2002. ISBN 0-06-0510-315. $11.95. Written for young adults, Allende's latest appeals to all who seek a little magic and adventure in their lives. Children's
3 Atravesando fronteras. Ramos, Jorge. (No Borders: A Journalist's Search for Home) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2002. ISBN 0-06-0505-095. $14.95. Ramos's candid new memoir about his life in journalism and as a Mexican immigrant has caused a sensation at readings across the nation. Non-Fiction
4 La reina del sur. Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. (Southern Queen) Spain/U.S.: Alfaguara: Santillana. 2002. ISBN 84-204-6435-X. $19.95. Still high on our list, this intellectual thriller peppered with Mexican drug world slang is an international hit too. Fiction
5 El Cucuy de la mañana. Schiantarelli, Fernando & Renán Almendárez Coello. (The Boogeyman of the A.M.) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2002. ISBN 0-06-000997-7. $19.95. The Latino Howard Stern (with a philanthropic side) recounts overcoming his poverty-stricken childhood to become a famous U.S. radio personality. Non-Fiction
6 ¿Quién dijo que no se puede? Collins, María Antonieta. (Who Said that It Was Impossible?) Mexico: Grijalbo: Random House Mondadori. 2002. ISBN 970-05-1518-4. $15.95. Univision's Collins hits the best seller list again, along with Dietas y recetas. In this follow-up book on losing weight, Collins is joined by her daughter. Non-Fiction
7 El alquimista: Una fábula para seguir tus sueños. Coelho, Paulo. (The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2002. ISBN 0-06-251140-8. $12.95. A cult figure for U.S. Latinos, international best-selling New Age author Coelho is due to stay on the charts and inspire for a long time.. Fiction
8 Cien años de soledad. García Márquez, Gabriel. (One Hundred Years of Solitude) Spain: Ediciones Cátedra: Anaya. 1994. ISBN 84-376-0494-X. $12.95. This classic by the Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author is a perennial favorite. It's also known as essential reading for those learning Spanish. Fiction
9 Dietas y recetas de María Antonieta. Collins, María Antonieta. (María Antonieta's Diets and Recipes) Mexico: Grijalbo: Random House Mondadori. 2001. ISBN 970-05-1355-6. $15.95. Well-loved Univision anchor Collins dropped many pounds before her public's eyes. Here, in her first best seller, she reveals her secrets. Non-Fiction
10 Harry Potter y la cámara secreta. Rowling, J.K. (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) Spain: Salamandra. 1999. ISBN 84-7888-445-9. $15.95. Further proof that everyone is wild about Harry. The much anticipated movie sequel also sparked book sales in Spanish. Children's