Paulist continues a venerable annual tradition with Living the Days of Lent 2003, a daily Lenten devotional that is usually a strong seller in the Catholic market. The reflections (created by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and compiled by Anita M. Constance) are tied to the lectionary readings for each day. This practical, popular devotional strives to keep readers mindful of Lent throughout the day. ($3.95 paper 30p ISBN 0-8091-4124-8; Jan.)

Spiritual director Judy Cannato explores the relationships of human beings to creation in Quantum Grace: Lenten Reflections on Creation and Connectedness, a book intended for individual reflection during the Lenten season. Like many other authors, Cannato goes day-by-day through Lent, offering the standard format of Scripture readings, a meditation and questions for reflection. Unlike others, however, she focuses her lens on "connectedness," drawing upon the new physics "as a framework from which to consider human experience of the divine." According to Cannato, recent developments in science confirm ancient mystics' hypotheses about the interdependence of all life. Cannato's science-and-religion approach is unique among Lenten devotionals. (Ave Maria, $9.95 paper 160p ISBN 0-87793-984-5; Feb.)