It took about 20 years and 14 books—eight novels and six story collections—before T. Coraghessan Boyle landed a book on the national bestseller charts. Drop City, his ninth novel, is in the lucky #13 spot on PW's list. While Boyle has always enjoyed good reviews, his latest garnered some of the most congratulatory (including a starred one in PW). Viking backed up its enthusiasm "(this is the novel that Boyle was probably put on the planet to write") with a one-day laydown February 24; a day earlier, the book received positive front-page reviews in both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Sunday book review sections. Viking also recommends a visit to the author's "amazing" Web site ( The author ran a contest on the site to get people to go into stores the first week of sales. He posed questions about the new book, and the first three people to answer correctly received personalized copies of all 15 of his books.