March Publication

Psychologist and prevention consultant Kerrie K. Saunders posits that America is one of the sickest nations and that many of our diseases can be controlled or eliminated through diet. In The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention: Evidence Supporting the New Four Food Groups, she begins with documentation from writings throughout history positing that meat and fat are dietary dangers. The diets of other cultures indicate that four food groups constitute a healthy diet: fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes alone and in combination will provide all the essentials for optimum nutrition. While foods are recommended to improve specific conditions, this is not a recipe or meal plan source but rather a series of essays arguing for the vegan lifestyle. Ample citations are provided to support the theories, and charts and boxes break out lists of foods and resources where applicable. (Lantern, $20. 292p ISBN 1-59056-038-8)

Correction: The binding of Postcards of Manhattan (Square One), reviewed in the Feb. 10 issue, was incorrectly stated. The book is perfect bound.