Viking senior editor Paul Slovak acquired a two-book package by Irishman-in-America author Patrick O'Keeffe, who has studied under Nicholas DelBanco and Charles Baxter at the University of Michigan and now teaches there. The books are a collection of linked novellas, The Hill Road, and an untitled novel, and Slovak bought North American rights from Leigh Feldman at Darhansoff Verrill & Feldman.... A massive manuscript 10 years in the writing, described as a Philip Pullman—like fantasy told in the style of Jane Austen, was bought for Bloomsbury in both the U.K. and the U.S. It's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by British author Susanna Clarke and was bought in London by editor-in-chief Alexandra Pringle from agent Giles Gordon at Curtis Brown U.K. It's about a magician and his assistant who use their powers to help England in its 19th-century struggle with Napoleon, and will be published late next year.... A noted expert on birds and birdsong, to be the subject of a Scribner bio, is to do his own book as well. He's Dr. Donald E. Kroodsma, and his book, The Singing Planet, was won at auction by Lisa White at Houghton from agent Russell Galen; it will be published with a CD of birdsong.... Ann Godoff, in her new Putnam role, bought an authorized biography of trailblazing American chef Alice Waters by Thomas McNamee; called simply Alice, it was bought, North American rights, from David McCormick at Collins McCormick.