Executive editor Terry Karten at HarperCollins has signed Canadian bestselling author and actress Ann-Marie MacDonald (Fall on Your Knees) for a new novel, The Way the Crow Flies, which she will publish in the fall. Karten describes it as a literary crime story, about the murder of a child at an air base on the U.S.—Canadian border in the early 1960s, that also offers a sense of the beginning of the Cold War. She bought rights for the U.S. and U.K. from Andrew Wylie, and Harper will publish simultaneously in both countries, along with Knopf Canada, which first launched MacDonald. Karten also bought North American rights to a new book by Shelby Steele (The Content of Our Character). It's a collection of essays called White Guilt, about how this phenomenon has affected the country. The book was bought from agent Carol Mann.