Harry Turtledove is a specialist in speculative fiction, and his latest, a massive manuscript on what might have happened if the Japanese had occupied Hawaii in WWII, was just bought for a mid—six figures by Laura Ann Gilman at NAL. She bought North American rights in Days of Infamy from agent Russ Galen, and will publish in two volumes.... Leah Flickinger at Rodale bought a series of three books by popular health author Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld in which he will interpret the latest medical and health discoveries for laypeople, one book to be published each January for the next three years; it was a world rights deal with William Morris's Joni Evans.... An analysis of the military campaign in Iraq was signed by Forge's Bob Gleason, to be published, with a big first printing, in November; it's Operation Iraqi Freedom: What Went Right, What Went Wrong, and Why by retired Air Force colonel, military historian (and, inevitably, TV commentator) Walter J. Boyne. Agent for the North American and open market deal was Marty Greenberg at Tekno Books.... An author on the religious aspects of leadership, Laurie Beth Jones, previously published at Crown and Hyperion, is moving to Nelson Books at Thomas Nelson with a book tentatively called Jesus, Coach. Publisher Jonathan Merkh signed with agent Terry Barber.... A currently hot rap artist, 50 Cent, is doing an autobiography of his rise to fame, including his drug-dealing troubles and attempts on his life, for MTV Books; Pocket's Liate Stehlik and Lauren McKenna bought world rights from Los Bravos Management.... Another music star, former lead singer for the British group Sleeper, is now a novelist, too; she is Louise Wener, and her novel The Big Blind, about a girl who learns poker in order to find her vanished father, a poker professional, was preempted for an "enthusiastic" six figures by Claire Wachtel at Morrow. Jane Gelfman at Gelfman & Schneider made the deal on behalf of U.K. agent Hannah Griffiths at Curtis Brown.... Harper's David Hirshey signed GQ food critic Alan Richman to write a book on his adventures as a professional eater; he bought world rights from Kathy Robbins and hopes to publish in fall next year.