All titles are paperback unless otherwise noted.


Europe, France, Italy, Ireland and Britain (Feb., $16.95 each) are new AAA TravelBooks, and AAA Europe Lodging Guide (Feb., $24.95) is a companion volume of accommodations inspected or recommended by local experts. Spiral Guides for June include Crete, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Spain ($16.95 each). Also for June, Essential Guides are Amsterdam, Austria, Barcelona, Egypt, Ireland, Italy, Madrid and New York City($8.95 each).


Vintage postcards from Florida lend a burnished aura of nostalgia to The Absolutely Essential Guide to Orlando (Sept., $18.95) by Robin Chapman.


The city by the bay offers up its secrets in a 10th edition of Access San Francisco (Sept.). Additional revised editions are ...California Wine Country (Jan.) and ...Sydney (Mar., $19.95 each).


Maps, photos and where to find the state's highest mountain are among the travel-planning tips in the 27th edition of The Alaska Almanac: Facts About Alaska (Nov., $12.95).


(IPG, dist.)

Differences in grape cultivation and winemaking are explored by John Beeston in Wine Regions of Australia: The Complete Guide with Over 60 Maps (Oct., $24.95). Additions to the Short History of Asia series are A Short History of China and Southeast Asia: Tribute, Trade and Influence (Nov.) by Martin Stuart-Fox and ...Malaysia: Linking East and West (Nov., $16.95 each) by Virginia Matheson Hooker. Brian Thacker, tour guide extraordinare, regales readers with adventures and mishaps in Planes, Trains & Elephants (Sept., $11.95).


Twenty-five luxurious and romantic hotels come to life through the tales François Simon spins in Paris Hotel Stories (June 2003, $40 hardcover). None other than Brigitte Bardot provides the foreword to In the Spirit of Saint-Tropez (July 2003, $40 hardcover) by Henry-Jean Servat.


More than 80 of the 100-plus Moon Handbooks target destinations in the Americas, and new first editions to this growing roster include Moon Handbooks Buenos Aires (Oct., $17.95) by Wayne Bernhardson, ...Four Corners (Oct., $16.95) by Julian Smith, ...Cape Cod (Jan., $14.95) by Jeff Perk, ...Minnesota (Jan., $17.95) by Tim Bewer. Revised editions include ...Tahiti (Sept., $17.95) by David Stanley and ...South Korea (Jan., $21.95) by Robert Nilsen.

Laminated fold-out maps are key to the Moon Metro series, which adds first editions of Moon Metro Boston (Nov.), ...Barcelona (Dec.) and ...Las Vegas (Apr., $16.95 each).

Rick Steves cements his excellent reputation further with first editions of Rick Steves' Provence & the French Riviera 2004 (Dec., $16.95) by Steves, ...Best of Eastern Europe... (Dec., $17.95) by Steves and Cameron Hewitt and ...Prague... (Dec. $14.95). The 15 revised guides for 2004 include ...Europe Through the Back Door (Sept., $21.95) and ...Scandinavia (Dec., $17.95).

Information on fees, site descriptions and ratings swell the first editions of Foghorn Outdoors Bay Area Biking (Feb., $17.95) by Ann Marie Brown and ...Tom Stienstra's Bay Area Recreation (Feb., $16.95) by Tom Stienstra.

Addressing pooch issues, The Dog Lover's Companion to Chicago (Dec., $17.95) by Margaret Littman is a first edition, as is Asia in the San Francisco Bay Area (Feb., $17.95) by the Asia Society.


Organized regionally with notes on lodging, dining, shopping, attractions and more, newly revised Great Destinations titles are Great Destinations Charleston, Savannah & Coastal Islands 2004 (Sept.) by Cecily McMillan and ...Sarasota, Sanibel Island & Naples... (Oct., $18.95 each) by Chelle Koster Walton.


(Interlink, dist.)

From poets to politicians, from estates to slums, the broad urban diversity is summed up in Mungo's City: A Glasgow Anthology (Oct., $25.95 hardcover), edited by Brian D. Osborne and Ronald Armstrong. The Aberdeen Guide (Oct., $19.95) is by Ranald Macinnes. The Movie Traveller: A Film Fan's Travel Guide (Sept., $22.95) by Allan Foster points to actors' birth and burial places, movie locations, festivals and more.


Lost in Mongolia: Rafting the World's Last Unchallenged River (Sept., $12.95) by Colin Angus recounts a true story of surviving the Yenisey, 5,500 kilometers from from source to sea. Ann Vanderhoof tells of a sailboat trip with her husband in An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude (Feb., $24.95 hardcover).


Scenic waterways and good eating provide the focus for Barging in Burgundy: Boating, Exploring, Wining & Dining (July, $12.95) by Erasmus Kloman. The second book in the City Guide series is Washington D.C. from A to Z: The Look-Up Source for Everything to See & Do in the Nation's Capital (Sept., $20) by Paul Wasserman and Don Hausrath. Castles, abbeys, manors, inns and pubs can be found in The Amateur Historian's Guide to The Heart of England: Volume 3—Nearly 200 Medieval & Tudor Sites Two Hours or Less from London (Oct., $22.95) by Sarah Valente Kettler and Carole Trimble.


Consortium of Collective Consciousness Publishing has been producing travel guides with a concentration on New Age interests since 1995, and next up is a second edition of Sacred Places Around the World: 108 Destinations (Feb., $17.95).


(IPG, dist.)

School bus demolition derbies? The Nudist Hall of Fame? It's all in Oddball Florida: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places (Nov., $13.95) by Jerome Pohlen. Jon Pruett and Mike McGuirk provide copious info in The Music Festival Guide: For Music Lovers and Musicians (Feb., $18.95).


The legions of peripatetic leaf-peepers will enjoy 80 color photos and two accompanying maps in The Colors of Fall: A Celebration of New England's Foliage Season (Sept., $19.95 hardcover) by Jerry and Marcy Monkman. The Green Mountain State comes into view in The Nature of Vermont: A Year-Long Photographic Journal (Oct., $35 hardcover) by David Middleton. Hardie Truesdale supplies the photos and Joanne Michaels the text for Hudson River Journey: Images from Lake Tear in the Clouds to New York Harbor (Oct., $29.95 hardcover). 50 Hikes in South Florida: Walks, Hikes and Backpacking Trips in the Southern Florida Peninsula (Sept.) by Sandra Friend and 50 Hikes in Louisiana: Walks, Hikes and Backpacks in the Bayou State (Jan., $17.95 each) by Nina Baxley promote exercise. Oars are a necessity for following Florida Keys Paddling Guide: From Key Largo to Key West (Feb., $17.95) by Bill Keogh and Day Paddling Florida's 10,000 Islands and Big Cypress Swamp (Feb., $18.95) by Jeff Ripple. The first urban guide in the Explorer's Guide series is New York City: An Explorer's Guide (Feb., $18.95) by Paul Karr.


New to the Crown Journeys series is Blues City: A Walk in Oakland (Sept., $16 hardcover) by Ishmael Reed, about the city across the bay from San Francisco, and Lost in My Own Backyard (Feb. 2004, $TBA) by Tim Cahill, about a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Phillip Lopate goes on an urban treasure hunt along Manhattan's shoreline in the nonseries title Waterfront (Jan., $TBA).


The 10th anniversary of Eyewitness Travel Guides continues come September with 29 updated entries—among them are Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan and the Lakes, Sardinia, Sicily, Singapore, Southwest USA and Las Vegas, Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna and Washington, D.C. ($20 each); Canada, Egypt, Florida, New England, New Zealand, South Africa and Delhi, Agra and Jaipur ($25 each); and Germany ($30). November will bring two new destinations: Austria and Pacific Northwest ($25 each). Another 14 to be relaunched in December include A Taste of Tuscany, Budapest, New Orleans and Warsaw ($20 each).


Since, according to polls, more than 76% of Americans believe in heaven, Anthony DeStefano uses the Bible to create a "virtual tour" in A Travel Guide to Heaven (Sept., $18.95 hardcover).


The Road to Somewhere: Travels with a Young Boy Through an Old World (Oct., $23.95 hardcover) is James Dodson's account of a journey across Europe with his son.


(IPG, dist.)

Black-and-white photos by Hugo Bernatzik capture the human condition in Bernatzik: Southeast Asia (Oct., $45 hardcover) by Kevin Conru et al.


Interior and exterior redesigns reinvigorate the publisher's flagship Gold Guide series (see interview, p. 28). A first edition set for December is Peru ($20) and two for next March are Northern California and Southern California ($17 each). Among the 26 revised titles are August's Caribbean 2004 ($21), Hawaii... ($19), London... ($16.95), Mexico... ($21) and Paris... ($16.95); September's Costa Rica... ($17), Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Resort and Central Florida... ($15.95) and Chile... ($21); October's Australia... ($21.95), France... ($21.95), Italy...($21.95) and San Francisco... ($16.95); November's Arizona... ($17.95), California... ($20.95), Las Vegas... ($16), New Orleans... ($16), Spain... ($21.95) and Los Angeles ($16.95); December's Germany... ($22), Ireland... ($20), Washington, D.C.... ($16.95), Scotland ($20) and Europe ($23.95). A new series, Where to Weekend: 125 Places to Get Away, launches in March with Where to Weekend Around New York City, ...Boston, ...Washington, D.C., ...Ohio and ...Chicago ($19.95 each). Editor Barrie Kerper brings her collections of essays and tips to Fodor's with Athens: The Collected Traveler (Mar., $16).


(PGW, dist.)

The newly revised 80th edition of South American Handbook 2004 (Nov., $34.95)—a guide first published in 1924—by Ben Box has a list price $5 less than previous editions. Other revised titles include Caribbean Islands... (Nov., $27.95) by Sarah Cameron, New Zealand (Dec., $24.95) by Darroch Donald and Sri Lanka (Dec., $21.95) by Edward Aves. East Coast Australia: Sydney to Cairns (Oct., $21.95) by Darroch Donald is a new first edition featuring more than 50 maps.


A generous offering of first editions brings up The Unofficial Guide to Skiing & Snowboarding in the West (Sept., $21.99) by Matthew Poole, Frommer's Portable Paris from $80 a Day (Jan., $10.99) by Donald Olson, ...25 Best Trips from London by Train, Bus or Car (Feb., $15.99), ...India (Feb., $21.99) by Pippa de Bruyn and Keith Bain, ...Best Places to Live (Mar., $24.99) by Peter Sander and Bert Sperling, ...Austria's Best-Loved Driving Tours (Mar., $16.99) by the British Automobile Association and ...Europe by Rail (Mar., $21.99) by Suzanne Kelleher et al.


Pals can take off together with Girlfriend Getaway Guide: You Go Girl! And I'll Go Too (Sept., $14.95) by Pam Grout. Places escalating from the strange to the bizarre are described in Arizona Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff (Sept.) by Sam Lowe and Washington... (Oct., $13.95 each) by Harriet Baskas. The Nutmeg State gets its due with Christmas in Connecticut (Sept., $18.95) by Diane Smith and Food Lovers' Guide to Connecticut: Best Local Specialties, Shops, Recipes, Restaurants, Events, Lore and More (Jan., $14.95) by Patricia Brooks and Lester Brooks. Anyone can stretch a budget with Econoguide Cruises 2004, ...Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood..., ...Las Vegas... and ...Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando... (Dec., $17.95 each), all by Corey Sandler. "A Guide to Unique Places" is the subtitle for Philadelphia Off the Beaten Path (Sept., $13.95) by Karen Ivory and Los Angeles... (Dec., $13.95) by Lark Ellen Gould. Lots of choices show up in 100 Best Ranch Vacations in North America (Oct., $19.95) by Gavin Ehringer.

From Bradt: A world of destinations includes Gabon, São Tomé & Principe (Sept.) by Sophie Warne, Mongolia (Sept.) by Jane Blunden, Kenya (Oct.) by Claire Foottit, Chile (Dec.) by Tim Burford, Cameroon (Jan.) by Ben West, Albania (Feb.) by Gillian Gloyer, Armenia (Feb., $19.95 each) by Nicholas Holding. Kabul (Sept., $12.95) by Dominic Medley and Judith Barrand is a Bradt Mini-Guide.

From Cadogan: The tots can go, too, thanks to Take the Kids: Ireland (Sept.) by Amy Corzine and ...South of France (Sept., $17.95 each) by Rosie Whitehouse. Much Have I Travell'd: A Book of Quotations (Oct., $16.95) by Kirsty Crawford mixes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Travelers who desiring a home away from home may want Buying a Property: Florida (Nov.) by Christian Moen and ...Portugal (Nov., $19.95 each) by Harvey Holtom.

From Lyons Press: Six regions and a dozen countryside villages are glimpsed in Spotted in France (Sept., $19.95 hardcover) by Gregory Edmont. Unsung places are the plan for A Way to See the World: From Texas to Transylvania with a Maverick Travel Editor (Sept., $24.95 hardcover) by Thomas Swick. Both fun and drama figure heavily in An American Traveler: True Tales of Adventure, Travel and Fishing (Oct., $22.95 hardcover) by Randy Wayne White. An institution for more than a century prompts As Told by the Explorers Club (Oct., $24.95 hardcover) by George Plimpton. The romance of long distances fuels Eagle Dreams: Searching for Legends in Wild Mongolia (Nov., $22.95 hardcover) by Stephen J. Bodio. The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip: A Fan's Guide to Major League Stadiums (Jan., $22.95) is by Joshua Pahigian and Kevin O'Connell.


Sarah Turnbull was supposed to stay in Paris a week, but she kept falling more deeply in love with her French boyfriend and with the city. She tells all about it in Almost French: Love and a New Life in Paris (Sept., $25 hardcover).


Avoiding tourist mishaps is made easier with the Culture Smart! series, which explains each country's culture, etiquette, attitudes and values. September titles are Australia, Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Thailand ($9.95 each). Social and business customs are outlined in the Culture Shock! series, to which four titles will be added in December: New Zealand by Peter Oettli, Saudi Arabia by Harvey Tripp and Peter North, Shanghai at Your Door by Rebecca Weiner and Vancouver at Your Door ($13.95 each) by Pang Guek Cheng. Barnaby Conrad supplies the text and Marc Muench the photos for Santa Barbara(Oct., $29.95 hardcover).


Paul Heltzel and other contributors tell domestic travelers where to eat, drink, wander and sleep in Hard Learner American Travel Advisory (Oct., $20 hardcover).


Having recently survived being kidnapped for two weeks by Colombian death squads, Robert Young Pelton knows whereof he writes in the fifth edition of World's Most Dangerous Places (Apr. 2003, $22.95).


Noted in the sidebar on this page is Mark Abley's Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages (Aug., $24 hardcover). Ian Frazier is the editor (and Jason Wilson the series editor) for The Best American Travel Writing 2003 (Oct.; $13, $27.50 hardcover). This entry in the four-year-old series reprints pieces from Outside, National Geographic Adventure, the New Yorker and many other sources.


Adventure Guides propose activities aplenty in Ireland (Sept., $16.99) by Tina Neylon, Bolivia (Oct., $19.99) by Vivien Lougheed, Switzerland (Oct., $16.99) by Kimberly Rinker, Panama (Nov., $16.99) by Patricia Katzman and British Columbia (Dec., $17.99) by Lynn and Ed Readicker-Henderson. Open seasons, prices and e-mail addresses are provided for a range of Brit accommodations in January titles: B&B Stops in England, Scotland & Wales 2004 ($14.95), Farm Holiday Guide to Coast & Country Holidays in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland... ($16.95), Recommended Country Hotels of Britain... ($9.95), ...Recommended Wayside & Country Inns of Britain... ($9.95) and The Golf Guide 2004: Where to Play & Where to Stay in Britain and Ireland ($16.95). Alive! Guides reveal what's hot and what's not in Vancouver & The Best of Victoria & Whistler (Sept., $17.99) by Mina Shojania.


(Consortium, dist.)

In Wonderland (Sept., $14.95) is the first English translation of Nobel Prize-winner Knut Hamsun's account of his 1903 travels through Russia. New to the Gamble Guides is Meat Me in Manhattan: A Carnivore's Guide to New York (Oct., $12.95) by Mr. Cutlet, who discloses where to buy meat in the city, which are the best steakhouses and more.


San Francisco: A Cultural and Literary History (Sept., $15) by Mick Sinclair remembers the city's artists, eccentrics, visionaries and activists. Charming Small Hotels in New England and New York City (Sept., $15.95), edited by Paul Wade and Kathy Arnold, is a color guide to independently inspected inns and B&Bs. Travelers abroad can find the same sort of information in Charming Small Hotels in Germany (Sept., $19.95), edited by Helen Varley, and ...Paris (Sept., $15.95), edited by Fiona Duncan and Leonie Glass. The city on the Thames opens its byways with Secret London: Exploring the Hidden City, with Original Walks and Unusual Places to Visit (Sept., $17.95) by Andrew Duncan and The London Bible: A Guide to Living and Working in the Capital (Oct., $15) by Katherine Harlow and Katya Holloway. Other treasures found in the British Isles are noted in Ancient Ireland: An Explorer's Guide (Oct., $29.95) by Robert Emmet Meagher and Cities of the Imagination: Edinburgh: A Cultural and Historical History (Oct., $15) by Donald Campbell. By the Ionian Sea: Notes of a Ramble in Southern Italy (Nov., $15) by George Gissing is new to Interlink's Lost & Found Classic Travel Writing series. A look back at a land that has recently undergone vast changes is Iraq: An Illustrated History (Nov., $18) by Gilles Munier.


Anyone wishing to build a vacation around baseball's Grapefruit League season can consult Florida Spring Training (Jan., $15.95) by L.Alan Byrd. Or, if movies are the thing, try the 2004 edition of Universal Orlando (Jan., $15.95) by Kelly Monaghan.


Jennifer and Erik Niemann write about overseas travel before and after September 11 in Chasing Summer: Exploring the World on an 18-Month Honeymoon (Aug., $14.95).


Paraguay, South America's little-known "island surrounded by land," provides the setting for John Gimlette's humorous At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig (Jan., $25 hardcover). February introduces four new practical guides: Knopf MapGuide: Budapest, ...Shanghai, ...St. Petersburg and ...Havana ($25 each).


First editions added to the Berlitz Pocket Guides are Orlando, Barbados, Belgium (all July); and Croatia, Iceland and Vietnam (all Aug., $8.95 each). Australia (July, $10.95) is a new edition. Basic foreign words and 3,000 "survival" phrases that promise to make travel abroad easier are combined on book and CD in Berlitz CD Travel Packs first editions: Berlitz Hebrew CD Pack, ...Arabic... and ...Russian... (July, $21.95 each). Co-branded with the Discovery Channel, Insight Guides now count more than 400 titles in three formats. New first editions in the full-size Insight Guides are Asia Best Hotels & Resorts (July) and Shanghai (Nov., $23.95 each). Newly revised editions for July include Austria ($23.95), Belize ($23.95), Florida ($22.95), Hong Kong ($23.95), Jamaica ($23.95), Seattle ($23.95) and Washington, D.C. ($22.95). August revisions include Corsica ($22.95), Finland ($23.95) and Japan ($23.95). Updated Insight Pocket Guides are Hong Kong (July), Beijing (Dec.) and Thailand (Dec., $13.95 each).

From American Map Corp.: New are 2004 Mid-Sized Road Atlas (Sept., $8.95), Large Format 2004 Road Atlas (Including United States, Canada and Mexico) (Sept., $12.95) and Large Scale—Large Type 2004 United States Road Atlas (Sept., $21.95).

From Hammond World Atlas Corp.: New color maps featuring lenticular material that toggles between a physical map and a political map by changing the viewing angle are Hammond World FlipView Map ($3.95), ...U.S.... ($3.95) and ...U.S./World...Combo Pack (May, $5.95). 2004 The World Almanac Road Atlas (Including United States & Canada) by Hammond (Sept., $24.95), 2004 The World Almanac World Atlas... (Sept., $24.95) and The World Almanac World Atlas... (Sept., $39.95 hardcover) are new first editions combining both atlas pages, maps and World Almanac information.


A Pushcart at the Curb, the rare travel poems cycle, is collected along with Rosinante to the Road Again, Orient Express and In All Countries, plus additional letters, diaries and essays in Travel Books and Other Writings 1916—1941 (Sept., $40 hardcover) by John Dos Passos, edited by Townsend Ludington.


Road Trip Guides is a new series combining laminated maps with information on attractions, resturants and lodgings. The first three titles are October's California Highway 1 by Paige Penland, Route 66 by Sara Benson and Napa & Sonoma Wine Country ($10 each) by Richard Sterling. Upcoming first editions include Orlando & Central Florida (Oct., $16.99) by Wendy Taylor, Coastal California (Jan., $18.99) by John Vlahides and Santa Fe & Taos (Jan., $15.99) by Paige Penland. Updated editions include Japan (Oct., $27.99) by Chris Rowthorne et al., Sydney (Jan., $18.99) by Sally O'Brien, Rome (Jan., $17.99) by Duncan Garwood and Kristin Kimball, London (Jan., $19.99) by Martin Hughes et al., Australia (Jan., $28.99) by Paul Smitz and Italy (Jan., $25.99) by Fiona Adams et al.


(Interlink, dist.)

Island lore is presented in The Turks and Caicos Islands: Lands of Discovery (Sept., $12.95) by Amelia Smithers and Anthony Taylor; Anguilla: Tranquil Isle of the Caribbean (Sept., $15) by Brenda Carty and Colville Petty; The Ultimate Caribbean Quiz Book (Sept., $11.95) by John Gilmore; Grenada: A History of Its People (Oct., $25) by Beverley A. Steele; and ...Antigua: The Unsuspected Isle (Oct., $17.95) by Brian Dyde.


The 2004 North America Michelin Road Atlas (Sept., $16.95) is designed to be used not alphabetically by state, but geographically. A new Regional Road Atlas Collection due in September has maps for California, Florida, New England, Pacific Northwest, USA Southeast and USA Southwest ($6.95 each). For the same six areas, Michelin also offers the Regional Road Atlas and Travel Information Collection (Sept., $8.95 each), each a combination of maps and travel guide. The new Must-See Collection covers Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, Toronto and Washington, D.C. (Sept., $9.95 each).


In Best Wildflower Hikes: Washington (Feb., $14.95) Ira Spring and Art Kucheberg identify 92 flowers found in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains.


Due in February is a second edition of National Geographic Guide to the State Parks of the U.S. ($24). The publisher's international scope is signaled by National Geographic Traveler Germany and ...Ireland (Jan., $27.95 each). Personal opinions on specific lands enrich the National Geographic Directions series: Crete (Feb.) by Barry Unsworth and My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries and Preoccupations (Mar., $20 each hardcover) by Howard Norman.


Travel writing spanning a 50-year career is collected in The World: Travels 1950— 2000 (Nov., $27.95 hardcover) by Jan Morris, a retrospective described as her last book. Retreats are depicted in Outside's Wilderness Lodge Vacations: More Than 100 Prime Destinations in North America Plus Central America and the Caribbean (Feb., $22.95) by Kimberly Lisagor and editors of Outside.


(Interlink, dist.)

Sport fanciers will take to Scotland for Fishing 2003/2004 (Aug., $13.95), edited by Mike Shepley and Stan Headley.


An off-season journey takes in the people, places and events characterizing Mediterranean Winter: The Pleasures of History and Landscape in Tunisia, Sicily, Dalmatia and the Peloponnese (Feb. $25.95 hardcover) by Robert D. Kaplan.


The publisher's fifth collection of mishaps and misadventures is I Should Have Just Stayed Home (July, $17.95), edited by Roger Rapoport et al. The Getaway Guide to Colorado (June, $17.95) by Richard Harris suggests camping ideas, mountain drives and more. Guy Saperstein tells how to explore an American treasure in The Getaway Guide to the John Muir Trail (Aug., $17.95). Celebrities, spiritual pilgrims and mountain climbers check into The Hotel at the Top of the World: Five Years in Tibet (Aug., $17.95) by Alec LeSueur.


Trails ranging from Yellowstone and Yosemite to those in Nepal and Peru challenge the novice hiker and the seasoned veteran as well in Backpacker Magazine's Life List: The 50 Ultimate Hiking Adventures (Oct., $12.95) by editors of Backpacker magazine.


Rough Guide Country and Regional Maps is a new series launching in September. Produced in partnership with the World Mapping Project, a consortium of German cartographers, the initial $8.95 waterproof maps are Andalucia, Australia, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand and Thailand. October will bring Baja California, Dominican Republic, Hawaiian Islands, South Africa and Sri Lanka. November is the pub date for Argentina, Cyprus, Guatemala & Belize, Tenerife and Yucatan Peninsula. First editions in the Rough Guides series are The Rough Guide to Gambia (Nov., $16.95), ...Walks in London and Southeast England (Sept., $14.95), and ...Skiing & Snowboarding in North America (Oct., $21.95). Updated titles include ...Southwest USA (Sept., $19.95), ...London (Oct., $17.95), ...Peru (Oct., $19.95), ...Paris (Nov., $15.95), ...Provence & the Cote d'Azur (Nov., $17.95), ...Vietnam (Nov., $20.95), ...Brazil (Dec., $24.95), ...Europe (Dec., $24.95) and ...Singapore (Dec., $16.95). New City Map Guides are Berlin, Miami and Prague (Nov., $8.95 each). The Rough Guide to New York City Restaurants, ...San Francisco... and ...London... (Nov., $14.95 each) are revised annual editions. Rough Guide History series is the new name for Rough Guide Chronicles, and two new December entries are The Rough Guide History of Spain and ...the USA ($12.95 each).


Designed to help travelers speak like a native, combination packs of book, CD and cassette impart the basics in Colloquial French 2 (Sept., $37.95 complete set) by Elspeth Broady, ...Italian 2 (Sept., $37.95) by Sylvia Lymbery and Sandra Silipo, ...Russian 2 (Oct., $39.95) by Svetlana Le Fleming and Susan E. Kay and ...Spanish 2 (Dec., $37.95) by Untza Otaola Alday. The components are also available separately.


First editions for November are Let's Go Japan ($22.99), ...Brazil ($19.99), ...Puerto Rico ($15.99), ...Pacific Northwest ($18.99) and Let's Go Adventure Guide: Alaska ($18.99). Revised and updated guides include Let's Go Europe 2004 ($24.99), ...Australia... ($22.99), ...Britain & Ireland... ($22.99), ...California... ($19.99), ...Eastern Europe... ($24.99), ...France... ($22.99), ...Germany... ($22.99), ...Greece... ($19.99), ...Hawaii... ($18.99), ...Italy... ($22.99), ...Mexico... ($22.99), ...Spain & Portugal... ($22.99), ...USA... ($24.99) and ...Western Europe... ($24.99).


Parents who want to take their children on safari or to a luxurious castle in Italy will encounter lots of possibilities in Exotic Travel Destinations for Families (Jan., $16.95) by Jennifer M. Nichols and Bill Nichols.


Making Connections: Mother-Daughter Adventure Travel Tales (Aug., $16.95), edited by Wendy Knight, shows how the relationship is tested and altered. In Leakey's Lost Angel: Orangutans, Borneo and the Search for Birute Galdikas (Sept., $15.95), Linda Spalding trails the controversial orangutan researcher Galdikas. Steady as She Goes: Women's Adventures at Sea (Oct., $15.95), edited by Barbara Sjoholm, is described as the first anthology dedicated to these contemporary sagas. Dana Sachs gives her personal account in The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam (Oct., $15.95). Examples of how not to travel abroad prove cautionary in No Touch Monkey!: And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late (Nov., $14.95) by Ayun Halliday.


Maps, drawings and more locate strange and fascinating Loch Ness—type creatures around the globe in The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep (Oct., $14.95) by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe.


An almost 40-mile-long metropolitan area becomes less confusing thanks to a revised Lone Star Guide to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (Sept., $17.95) by Robert Rafferty and Loys Reynolds. Sixty-six restaurants give away their culinary secrets in Recipes of Historic Texas (Oct., $24.95 hardcover) by Linda and Steve Bauer. Peculiar places are at the heart of Texas Towns: From Abner to Zipperlandville (Oct., $18.95) by Don Blevins, a Republic of Texas Press book. The nation's capital in all its seasons and its glory is on display in Washington: Portrait of a City (Oct., $35 hardcover) with photos and text by Steve Gottlieb.


First editions are Time Out Marrakech & the Best of Morocco (Sept.), ...Paris Eating & Drinking Guide (Nov.) and ...Great Britain & Ireland Eating and Drinking Guide (Dec., $16.95 each). Updated titles include ...Tokyo (Sept.), ...Hong Kong (Sept.), ...Budapest (Oct.), ...Florence and the Best of Tuscany (Nov.), ...Las Vegas (Nov.) and ...New Orleans (Nov. $16.95 each).


From Aurum Press: A new walking route that includes 75 miles of footpaths through London's green spaces is charted in The Capital Ring: Recreational Path Guide (July, $22.95) by Colin Saunders. England's newest National Trail is celebrated in Hadrian's Wall Path: National Trail Guide (July, $22.95) by Anthony Burton. Byron Rogers reveals England's idiosyncratic individualism with An Audience with an Elephant: And Other Encounters on the Eccentric Side (Oct., $12).

From Duncan Baird: Lorenza de'Medici returns with My Tuscany: Recipes, Cuisine, Landscape (Oct., $35).

From Bantam UK: Al Dente: The Adventures of a Gastronome in Italy (Oct., $19.95 hardcover) is William Black's account of food-fueled travel.

From Doubleday UK: Notes from a Roman Terrace (Sept., $19.95 hardcover) is Joan Marble's memoir of living more than 40 years in a 16th-century palazzo apartment.

From HarperCollins UK: Justin Marozzi takes a 1,500-mile journey by camel in South from Barbary: Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara (Aug., $13.95).

From Kyle Cathie: An ancient culture in transition is portrayed in Bedouin: Nomad of the Desert (Oct., $24.95) by Alan Keohane.

From Pavilion: Paris Revisited and Venice... (Oct., $27.50 hardcover each) by Sandra Harris are in the Orient Express Travel series, designed to express the elegance and culture of each destination. Tour de Provence (Sept., $19.95) is Julian More's pictorial journey through France's celebrated region.

From Scriptum Editions: Some 200 color photos show off Villas on the Lakes: Orta, Maggiore, Como, Garda (Oct., $50 hardcover) by Elizabeth Helman Minchilli, photos by Simon McBride. From Vintage UK: A little-traveled region steps forward in Charles Lister's Heel to Toe: Encounters in the South of Italy (Nov., $13.95).

From Virago: The Illustrated Virago Book of Women Travellers (Sept., $24.95), edited by Mary Morris, includes contributions by Willa Cather, Joan Didion and more. Lisa St. Aubin de Teran follows up The Hacienda with Memory Maps (Sept., $13.95).


Anne Hopkins escapes into the skies by piloting a 1929-design biplane that she describes in Sticks & Wires & Cloth (Aug., $26.95)—and in which she'll tour the countryside this summer and fall.


Dave Barry, Calvin Trillin and Anne Lamott are among those collected in Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why: The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure (Oct., $14.95), edited by Sean O'Reilly et al. Tim Cahill and Pam Houston are two of the contributors to Travelers' Tales Alaska: True Stories (Sept., $18.95), edited by Bill Sherwonit et al. A pair of updated titles are A Woman's Path: Women's Best Spiritual Travel Writing (Sept., $16.95), edited by Lucy McCauley et al., and Travelers' Tales Greece: True Stories (Nov., $18.95), edited by Larry Habegger et al.


Non-native speakers can find assistance in communicating with Making Out in Chinese (Sept.), ...Filipino (Sept.) ...Japanese (Oct.), ...Korean (Oct.) and ...Vietnamese (Feb., $7.95 each). Survival Japanese (Nov., $6.95) tells how to check into a hotel, ask for directions, use the telephone and more.

New from Periplus are Beijing Travel Map (Sept.), Sydney... (Oct.), New Zealand... (Nov.), Hong Kong... (Jan.), Bangkok... (Jan.), Sabah & Kota Kinabalu... (Jan.), Peninsular Malaysia... (Jan., $8.95 each). Chiang Mai... (Feb.) is $7.95. One hundred key words let the user say more than 1,000 things with Instant Chinese and ...Indonesian (Mar., $5.95 each). Essential Arabic Phrase Book (Dec.) and ...Cantonese... (Dec., $6.95 each) unlock more linguistic mysteries. A pair of action guides are Diving Australia (Oct.) and Surfing... (Nov., $24.95 each). India: Land of Living Traditions (Dec., $24.95 hardcover) is a photographic record of the subcontinent.


More than 150 events can be tracked down in Blue Ridge Music Trails: Finding a Place in the Circle (June, $15.95) by Fred Fussell. Hikers' bounty: Walking the Blue Ridge: A Guide to the Trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Sept., $16.95) by Leonard Adkins and The Trails of Virginia: Hiking the Old Dominion (Dec., $24.95) by Allen de Hart, both third editions.


Arrol Gellner and Douglas Keister step back into the retro world of nomadic life in Ready to Roll: A Celebration of the Classic American Travel Trailer (Oct., $32.95 hardcover).


An active volcano in Ecuador, the Saharan salt mines and giant centipedes in the Congo are all on Tim Cahill's agenda in Hold the Enlightenment: More Travel, Less Bliss (Sept., $14).


(IPG, dist.)

Visible Cities Barcelona: A City Guide (Nov., $14.95) by George Semler is designed for both the armchair traveler and the tourist.


Our California (Sept.), ...Colorado (Oct.) by J.C. Leacock and ...Pennsylvania (Oct., $19.95 each hardcover) by Jerry Irwin are photo tributes to three quite different states.


Fisherfolk will sally forth with On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies: A Traveler's Guide to the Greatest Fly Fishing Destinations in Montana, Idaho & Northern Wyoming (Oct., $26.95) by Chuck Robbins and Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska: Includes Light Tackle (Nov., $29.95) by Scott Haugen et al.


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Teetotalers are probably the only people who won't take to Malt Whisky Map of Scotland (Sept., $11.95) by Neil Wilson, an enticement to regional tastings and distilleries. Still more Scottish temptations lurk in Once Upon a Time in Glasgow: The City from the Earliest Times (Oct., $7.95) by John Watson, and Scotland: Frequently Asked Questions: What Every Visitor Needs to Know (Sept., $11.95) by Derrick White. Jim Perrin ventures out with his little dog dubbed for a buggy pest in Travels with the Flea... and Other Eccentric Journeys (Oct., $14.95).


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The world of pirates, smugglers, naval heroes, invaders and slaves hoves into view with Andrew Phelan's Turning Tides: A Voyage Around the Irish Sea (Sept., $14.95).