A book in which a 28-year veteran of the notorious Crips gang, Colton (Cee-Loc) Simpson, talks to author and psychiatrist Ann Pearlman about the gang's ethos and doings, and his life in it, was preempted by Elizabeth Beierat St. Martin's Press. She took world rights from Coast agent Jodie Rhodesfor Inside the Crips, which will talk openly, for the first time from a senior insider, of the gang's huge power and the impact it has, through its control of much of the rap music industry, on a substantial segment of the nation's youth. Simpson is no longer part of the gang and in fact works with the LAPD to help defuse gang violence, but he remains close to many members and former members, including his friend Ice T, who will write a foreword. Pearlman, author of Infidelity, established a close rapport with Simpson that shows in the book, say both editor and agent.