July Publications

Severn House rolls out four novels from veteran British crime authors: Anthea Fraser's Brought to Book, in which biographer Rona Parish finds herself in dangerous waters as she delves into the life of Theo Harvey, the late best-selling author (Severn, $25.99 222p ISBN 0-7278-5965-X); Sally Spencer's A Death Left Hanging, in which DCI Charlie Woodend looks into a 30-year-old murder case that sent, he becomes convinced, an innocent woman to the gallows ($25.99 256p ISBN -5930-7); Eileen Dewhurst's Easeful Death, in which Phyllidia Moon must go undercover to investigate why members of an odd sect are leaping to their deaths into the sea ($25.99 222p -5906-4); and The Hound of the Borders, the third entry in Peter Tonkin's Master of Defence series, in which Elizabethan sword-master Tom Musgrave tries to bring to bay the Barguest, a spectral hound wreaking havoc along the Scottish border ($26.99 256p ISBN -5935-8).