(Arranged alphabetically by publisher)
AAA - Broadman & Holman
Candlewick - Crossway Books
Da Capo Press - Enchanted Lion Books
F&W Publications - Groundwood
Hachai - HarperEntertainment
HCI Books - Just Us Books
Kane/Miller - Loyola Press
Macmillan Caribbean - Overmountain
Parabola Books - Putnam
Ragged Bears - Running Press Kids
Sasquatch Books - Silver Dolphin
Simon & Schuster - Storey Kids
Tallfellow Press/ Smallfellow - Zonderkidz




Here, There and Everywhere ($4.99, 1-56251-878-7) provides safety tips for children who are traveling. (4-6)

Wheels, Wings and Other Things ($4.99, -874-5) offers activities and travel safety instruction on such topics as staying at hotels, sightseeing and taking a cruise. (6-8)

Adventures Across the USA ($4.99, -876-1) presents facts about U.S. geography. (8-10)



How Artists See continues with How Artists See Heroes ($10.95, 0-7892-0797-4) by Colleen Carroll (7-11).




Prehistoric Animals Set II offers six titles, among them American Mastodon (1-57765-973-2), Irish Elk (-975-9) and Scimitar Cat (-977-5) by Michael Goecke ($14.95 each, $89.70 the set, 6-8).



Nutrition serves up six books by Kristin Petrie, including Conquering Carbs (1-59197-401-1), The Food Pyramid (-403-8) and Vitamins Are Vital (-406-2) ($15.95 each, $95.70 the set, 7-10). One Nation presents 10 books by Nichol Bryan, among them Cuban Americans (1-57765-980-5), Italian Americans (-985-6) and Jewish Americans (-986-4) ($15.95 each, $159.50 the set, 7-10). The 10 titles that comprise Countries Set V include Argentina (1-59197-290-6) and Nepal (-293-0) by Kate Conley and New Zealand (-294-9) by Tamara Britton ($15.95 each, $159.50 the set, 7-10). Awesome Athletes Set III consists of six books, among them Kobe Bryant (-488-7) by Lydia Pyle, Alex Rodriquez (-485-2) by Joe Christensen and Ichiro Suzuki (-483-6) by Terri Dougherty ($15.95 each, $95.70 the set, 7-10). And Young Profiles introduces Hilary Duff (-407-0) by Jill Wheeler and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen by Bailey Russell (-408-9) ($15.95 each, $31.90 the set, 7-10).



World War I offers six titles by John Hamilton, including Aircraft of World War I (1-57765-912-0), Battles of World War I (-913-9) and Final Years of World War I (-915-5) ($16.95 each, $101.70 the set, 9-14). Among the 12 War in Iraq books are Allied Forces (-491-7) by John Hamilton, Operation Iraqi Freedom (496-8) by Sheila Rivera and Saddam Hussein (-499-2) by Jill Wheeler ($17.95 each, $215.40 the set, 9-14). And World in Conflict—The Middle East issues 12 titles, including Afghanistan's Struggles (-410-0) and The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (-416-X) by Cory Gunderson and Women of the Middle East (-415-1) by Sheila Rivera ($17.95 each, $215.40 the set, 9-14).



Compound Words presents a dozen books by Amanda Rondeau, among them Base + Ball = Baseball (1-59197-430-5), Rain + Bow = Rainbow (-436-4) and Snow + Shoe = Snowshoe (-439-9) ($13.95 each, $167.40 the set, 4-7). The six volumes in Silent Letters by Carey Molter include Silent H as in Ghost (-445-3) and Silent L as in Chalk (-447-X) ($13.95 each, $83.70 the set, 4-7). Kelly Doudna's Word Sounds offers six titles, among them Bow Wow (-450-X) and Tick Tock (-455-0) ($13.95 each, $83.70 the set, 4-7). Rhyming Riddles by Pam Scheunemann issues six books, including Ape Cape (-457-7) and Overdue Kangaroo (-462-3) ($13.95 each, $83.70 the set, 4-7). And among the 18 Sight Words titles are Any Day but Today! (-464-X) and When Can You Play Again? (-478-X) by Kelly Doudna and Come Home with Me! (-465-8) and Who Is This at the Beach? (-480-1) by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann ($13.95 each, $251.10 the set, 4-7).


Old Testament Stories (0-687-06527-5) and Stories of Jesus (-06537-2) by Leena Lane, illus. by Roma Bishop, collect prayers and biblical tales ($8 each, 2-5).


Boys Can Be Angels Too: & Three Other Christmas Dramas ($6, 0-687-06517-8) by Peg Augustine. Holiday plays.(All ages)

Christmas Promise Drama (-06497-X) by Peg Augustine collects short dramas, recitations and finger plays. (4-12)


Babar's Museum of Art ($16.95, 0-8109-4597-5) by Laurent de Brunhoff. Babar and Celeste turn the Celesteville train station into a museum filled with elephant art inspired by master painters. (All ages)

Vernon Grant's Santa Claus ($14.95, 0-8109-4518-5) by Mary Lynn Norton rounds up illustrations featuring Santa. (All ages)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Other Seasonal Favorites ($16.95, 0-8109-4582-7), ed. by Edward Lach, presents holiday stories and poems illustrated with works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (All ages)

Babar Goes to School (0-8109-4582-7) and Babar and the Christmas House (-4583-5), based on characters created by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. In these stories, Babar attends school with his children; and Babar's new neighbors decorate their house for Christmas ($9.95 each, 3-6).

Good Night, Sleep Tight ($14.95, 0-8109-4513-4) by Claire Freedman, illus. by Rory Tyger. At bedtime, Archie's grandmother finally finds a way to make him sleepy. (3-6)

The Twelve Days of Kindergarten ($14.95, 0-8109-4512-6) by Deborah Lee Rose, illus. by Carey Armstrong-Ellis, offers a school-based twist on the holiday song. (3-6)

We're Going on a Treasure Hunt ($12.95, 0-8109-4519-3) by Tom Arma features photos of babies in sea-themed costumes. (3-6)

The Star People ($14.95, 0-8109-4584-3) by S.D. Nelson. After two children become separated from their tribe, the spirit of their grandmother guides them through the wilderness. (4-8)

Who You Callin' Chicken? ($14.95, 0-8109-4593-2) by Thea Feldman, photos by Stephen Green-Armytage. Text and photos provide insight into this feathered creature. (4-8)

Cirque de Soleil: A Parade of Colors ($15.95, 0-8109-4515-0) by Patrisha Grainger Robinson. Performers from Cirque de Soleil introduce colors. (4-8)

Rapunzel: A Groovy Fairy Tale ($16.95, 0-8109-4242-9) by Lynn Roberts, illus. by David Roberts, gives this story a 1970s setting. (4-8)

Bonz, Inside Out! ($15.95, 0-8109-4599-1) by Sandra Higashi and Byron Glaser compiles facts and riddles about bones. (4-10)

Romare Bearden: Collage of Memories ($17.95, 0-8109-4589-4) by Jan Greenberg, illus. by Romare Bearden, presents the story of this artist's life, illustrated with his work. (6-10)

The Sea: Exploring New Life on an Ocean Planet ($14.95, 0-8109-4591-6), adapted by Robert Burleigh, photos by Phillip Plisson, illus. by Emmanuel Cerisier, reveals the wonders of the ocean. (8-12)

Volcanoes: Journey to the Crater's Edge ($14.95, 0-8109-4591-6), adapted by Robert Burleigh, photos by Philippe Bourseiller, illus. by David Giraudon, examines volcanoes. (8-12)

Searching for Anne Frank: Letters from Amsterdam to Iowa ($19.95, 0-8109-4514-2) by Susan Goldman Rubin. Postcards underscore the contrast between Anne's life in Amsterdam and her pen pals' lives in America. (10-up)


Spinwheels rolls on with Junior Goes to School ($10.95, 0-8109-4574-6) by Lisa Eve Huberman Viscardi and Samantha Berger, illus. by Daniel Moreton (3-6). And Hello Kitty returns in Hello Kitty, What Will I Be A to Z? ($12.95, -4595-9) by Higashi Glaser Design (3-6); Hello Kitty Hello Halloween! (-4594-0), Hello Kitty Hello School Book and Finger Puppets (-4596-7), illus. by Jean Hirashima; and Hello Kitty Hello Christmas (-3543-0), illus. by Higashi Glaser Design ($12.95 each, 4-8).


Paperback Series

Everything Kids continues with The Everything Kids' Halloween Puzzle & Activity Book (1-58062-959-8) and The Everything Kids' Christmas Puzzle & Activity Book (-965-2) by Beth Blair and Jennifer Ericsson ($6.95 each, all ages).


(Consortium, dist.)

The Big and Little ABC ($15.95, 0-9710278-4-6) by Sandra Ure Griffin is an alphabet book featuring plant and animal drawings. (2-8)

Dillan McMillan, Please Eat Your Peas ($16.95, 0-9710278-6-2) by David Schneider, illus. by Jeff Shelley. When Dillan refuses to eat his peas, his neighborhood joins in to cheer the picky eater on. (4-8)

My Brother and I ($15.95, 0-9710278-8-9) by Brad Harris, illus. by Phyllis Harris. Two brothers discover that despite their differences, they have a shared bond. (4-8)

Shadowbox Hunt ($17.95, 0-9700863-8-5) by Laura Seeley is a seek-and-find collection with shapes, colors, numbers and more. (4-up)


Magical Thoughts ($10.95, 0-9700863-5-0) by Arlene Maguire, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm (2-8); and Swim, Swam, Swum by Roy Marsaw, illus. by Phyllis Harris (4-8).


(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)

Gezani and the Tricky Baboon ($14.95, 1-86508-720-3) by Valanga Khoza, illus. by Sally Rippin. An African boy learns a lesson from a wily baboon. (4-7)

Paperback Series

Tashi returns in Tashi and the Haunted House ($5.95, 1-865-08840-4) by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illus. by Kim Gramble (6-10). And Storymaze adds The Wooden Cow (-08783-1) and The Golden Udder (-08784-X) by Terry Denton ($5.95 each, 8-11).

Paperback Reprint

3 Kinds of Scared ($7.95, 1-86508-396-8) by F.N. Monjo and Justin Monjo, illus. by Peter Viska (4-8).


All About Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It ($14.95, 1-59147-058-7; paper $8.95, -059-5) by Marc Nemiroff and Jane Annunziata, illus. by Carol Koeller, explores the adoption process and the feelings children have about being adopted. (4-8)


(Kregel, dist.)

Bedtime Book of Bible Stories ($10.99, 0-8254-7272-5) by Tim Dowley collects nine stories and prayers. (up to 5)

Noah's Ark ($10.99, 0-8254-7266-0) is an interactive book that introduces the story of Noah. (up to 5)

365 Bible Activities for Kids ($7.99, 0-8254-7273-3) compiles biblical tales and activities. (5-up)


Snuffleheads Puppet Books presents Little Lion and Daniel (0-8254-7268-7) and Little Camel and Joseph (-7267-9) ($7.99 each, 4-7).


(Firefly, dist.)

Animachines ($17.95, 1-55037-797-3; paper $5.95, -796-5) by Debora Pearson, illus. by Nora Hilb. Animals and machines demonstrate verb concepts. (1-4)

Ma, I'm a Farmer ($18.95, 1-55037-697-7; paper $5.95, -696-9) by Michael Martchenko. Fred invents machines to perform his farm chores. (4-7)

Sally Dog Little, Undercover Agent ($18.95, 1-55037-825-2; paper $6.95, -824-4) by Bill Richardson, illus. by Céline Malépart, brings back the heroine from Sally Dog Little. (4-7)

38 Ways to Entertain Your Babysitter ($19.95, 1-55037-795-7; paper $9.95, -794-9) by Dette Hunter, illus. by Stephen MacEachern, presents a story and 38 activities. (4-9)

The Balloon Sailors ($15.95, 1-55037-809-0) by Diane Swanson, illus. by Krystyna Lipka-Sztarballo. Two siblings send a balloon message to their grandmother on the other side of the wall that divides their kingdom. (5-8)

Cabbagehead ($18.95, 1-55037-805-8; paper $6.95, -804-X) by Loris Lesynski is a poetry collection. (5-8)

The Birthday Book ($18.95, 1-55037-829-5; paper $6.95, -767-1) by Tina Forrester and Sheryl Shapiro, illus. by Suzanne Langlois, compiles facts about birthday celebrations around the world. (6-9)

Drusilla the Lucky Duck ($16.95, 1-55037-799-X; paper $4.95, -798-1) by Errol Broome, illus. by Sharon Thompson, centers on a girl and her new pet. (7-9)

Hidden Treasures: Amazing Stories of Discovery ($19.95, 1-55037-803-1; paper $6.95, -802-3) by Tina Holdcroft, collects 10 treasure tales. (7-10)

Archers, Alchemists, and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed ($24.95, 1-55037-811-2; paper $14.95, -810-4) by Priscilla Galloway, illus. by Martha Newbigging, describes 100 careers in medieval times. (9-12)

Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know ($25.95, 1-55037-815-5; paper $14.95, -814-7) by Shari Graydon, illus. by Warren Clark, explains how ads are created and how they work. (9-12)

Secrets in the Fire ($17.95, 1-55037-801-5; paper $7.95, -800-7) by Henning Mankell, trans. by Anne Connie Stuksrud, centers on a girl who survives a land-mine explosion in war-ravaged southern Africa. (11-15)

The Dirt Eaters ($19.95, 1-55037-807-4; paper $9.95, -806-6) by Dennis Foon. After war transforms the world into a wasteland, a teen learns a terrible truth about his past and his purpose in life. (13-up)

Certain Things About My Mother: Daughters Speak ($18.95, 1-55037-813-9; paper $7.95, -812-0), ed. by Susan Musgrave, compiles personal accounts of mother-daughter relationships. (14-17)


Talk-About-Books adds My Friends (1-55037-817-1) and My Pet (-816-3) by Debbie Bailey, illus. by Susan Huszar ($5.95 each, 1-4). And Imagine That! issues Imagine You're a Mermaid! (-791-4, paper -790-6) and Imagine You're a Wizard! (-793-0, paper 792-2) by Meg Clibbon, illus. by Lucy Clibbon ($19.95 each, paper $7.95, 6-9). The Mole Sisters are back in The Mole Sisters and the Fairy Ring (-819-8, paper -818-X) and The Mole Sisters and the Way Home (-821-X, paper -820-1) by Roslyn Schwartz ($14.95 each, paper $4.95, 2-5). True Stories from the Edge presents Escapes! ($18.95, -823-6; paper $7.95, -822-8) by Laura Scandiffio, illus. by Stephen MacEachern (8-12).

Series in Spanish

Talk-About-Books offers Mis Amigos (My Friends) (1-55037-827-9) and Mi Animalito (My Pet) (-826-0) by Debbie Bailey, illus. by Susan Huszar ($5.95 each, 1-4).


(Dufour Editions, dist.)


Back Up the Beanstalk ($8.95, 1-901737-45-4) by Derek Kielty, illus. by Terry Myler. Giants come after Jack in hopes of procuring the hen that lays the golden eggs. (6-up)

Two Mad Dogs ($8.95, 1-901737-44-6) by Cora Harrison, illus. by Terry Myler. Tim brings home two pups, but he can keep only one. (6-up)

Riverside: The Curse ($8.95, 1-901737-46-2) by Peter Regan, illus. by Terry Myler. A Dublin boys' soccer team needs to find a good player to help them end their losing streak. (6-up)


Sleepy Jesus ($7.99, 0-8066-4499-0) by Pennie Kidd, illus. by Susie Poole, is a retelling of the birth of Jesus in board-book format. (3-8)

God Created ($16.99, 0-8066-4568-7) by Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, illus. by Jui Ishida, is an expanded account of the story of Creation. (4-8)

Papa's Birthday Gift ($16.99, 0-8066-4557-1) by Lynn Downey, illus. by Stacey Schuett. A story of prayer and the nature of truly good gifts. (4-8)

What Scares Me: And What I Do About It ($12.99, 0-8066-4558-X) by Jeff Kunkel, illus. by various children. A collection of children's stories and images that explain their fears and how they deal with them. (5-12)


Joining the Sing-It! Series are Go Tell It on the Mountain (0-8066-4559-8) by Debbie Trafton O'Neal, illus. by Fiona King; and O, Christmas Tree (-4560-1) by O'Neal, illus. by Ande Cook ($8.99 each, 3-8).



New Cow titles are Cow and the Christmas Surprise (0-8010-4517-7) and Cow Finds a Friend (-4516-9) by Todd Aaron Smith ($7.99 each, 4-7). And Promised Land Diaries adds Persia's Brightest Star: The Diary of Queen Esther's Attendant (-4518-5) and The Laughing Princess of the Desert: The Diary of Sarah's Traveling Companion (-4523-1) by Anne Tyra Adams ($10.99 each, 8-12).


The Candle in the Window: A Christmas Legend ($16.99, 0-8007-1815-1) by Grace Johnson, illus. by Mark Elliott. A German cobbler is kind to needy strangers while he waits for the Christ Child's visit. (All ages)


(John F. Blair Publishers, dist.)

Daddy and the Pink Flash ($14.95, 1-889199-11-7) by Ellyn Bache, illus. by Carol Tornatore, reveals how fathers teach their girls confidence. (All ages)

The Anchor ($12, 1-889199-05-2) by Blonnie Bunn Wyche centers on a teenager who runs her father's tavern in pre-Revolutionary War North Carolina. (12-up)


Celtic Memories ($19.99, 1-84148-097-5) by Caitlin Matthews, illus. by Olwyn Whelan, is an anthology of Celtic stories and blessings. (All ages)

A Forest of Stories: Magical Tree Tales from Around the World ($19.99, 1-84148-963-8) by Rina Singh, illus. by Helen Cann, compiles folktales about trees. (All ages)

A Snowflake Fell: Poems About Winter ($16.99, 1-84148-033-9) by Laura Whipple, illus. by Hatsuki Hori, presents poems exploring this season. (All ages)

Mrs. Moon: Lullabies for Bedtime ($19.99, 1-84148-176-9) by Clare Beaton is a book of lullabies from various cultures, packaged with an audio CD. (up to 4)

We All Go Traveling By ($17.99, 1-84148-168-8) by Sheena Roberts, illus. by Siobhan Bell. Book and audio CD introduce songs featuring colors and modes of transportation. (up to 4)

Thesaurus Rex ($15.99, 1-84148-042-8) by Laya Steinberg, illus. by Debbie Harter. This dinosaur adventure teaches synonyms. (4-7)

The Miracle of the First Poinsettia: A Mexican Christmas Tale ($16.99, 1-84148-245-5) by Joanne Oppenheim, illus. by Fabian Negrin, retells this story of a girl's discovery of a Christmas miracle. (4-8)

The Barefoot Book of Monsters! ($19.99, 1-84148-178-5) by Fran Parnell, illus. by Sophie Fatus, collects monster tales from around the world. (5-9)

Riddle Me This! Riddles and Stories to Challenge Your Mind ($19.99, 1-84148-169-6) by Hugh Lupton, illus. by Sophie Fatus, compiles riddles, puzzles and brainteasers from various countries. (5-10)

Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic ($19.99, 1-84148-075-4) by Burleigh Mutén, illus. by Rebecca Guay, rounds up descriptions of and anecdotes about goddesses. (8-up)

Titles in Spanish

Una isla bajo elsol (An Island in the Sun) ($6.99, 1-84148-144-0) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Nicoletta Ceccoli (up to 4); Los tres chivitos Gruff (Three Billy Goats Gruff) ($6.99, -145-9) by Mary Finch, illus. by Roberta Arenson (4-7); Cha-cha-cha- en la selva (Animal Boogie) with audio CD ($9.99, -913-1) by Debbie Harter (4-7); El milagro de la primera flor de Nochebuena: Un cuento mexicano sobre la Navidad (The Miracle of the First Poinsettia: A Mexican Christmas Tale) ($16.99, -308-7) by Joanne Oppenheim, illus. by Fabian Negrin (4-8); and Fiesta Femenina: Homenaje a las mujeres a traves de historias tradicionales mexicanas (Fiesta Femenina: Celebrating Women in Mexican Folktale) ($19.99, -964-6) by Mary-Joan Gerson, illus. by Maya Christina Gonzalez (8-12).


Cleo is back in Cleo's Alphabet Book ($15.99, 1-84148-008-8) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Caroline Mockford (4-7).


(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)


Ernest returns in Ernest's Special Christmas ($17.95, 0-9674681-3-2) by Laura Barnes, illus. by Carol Camburn (4-up).


Good Night, Teddy ($14.95, 0-7641-2595-8), illus. by Francesca Ferri, is a padded cloth book packaged with a miniature bear. (up to 3)

Tap! Tap! Tap! ($8.95, 0-7641-5643-8) by Keith Faulkner. This lift-the-flap tale challenges children to guess who is making tapping sounds in the forest. (2-5)

Shiny Garage ($16.95, 0-7641-7716-8) by Bettina Paterson packages four board books shaped like vehicles. (3-6)

Amazing Animal Hide and Seek ($12.95, 0-7641-5667-5) by John Rowe. Readers search for animals hidden in the illustrations. (4-7)

Is It Christmas? ($13.95, 0-7641-5668-3) by John Prater presents a holiday tale starring Little Bear. (4-7)

Anook The Snow Princess ($12.95, 0-7641-5600-4) by Hans Wilhelm. A princess polar bear triumphs after being tricked by her wicked sisters and rejected by her father. (4-7)

The Tale of Jack Frost ($14.95, 0-7641-5675-6) by David Melling. What happens when goblins try to steal Jack's magic? (4-7)

Rainbow's End ($9.95, 0-7641-5641-1) by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Beverlie Manson. Fairies rescue a poor ballerina in this book packaged with a coin bank. (4-7)

Tick Tock Tiger ($6.95, 0-7641-5676-4) by Annet Rudolph. This clock-shaped book with movable hands offers a story about time. (4-7)

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet ($14.95, 0-7641-5574-1) by Laurence Anholt is based on the true story of a girl who visited a country garden in Giverny and met Monet. (4-8)

Little Box of Magic Tricks ($16.95, 0-7641-7698-6) by Janet Sacks offers mini-books of magic tricks in a box. (8-up)

The Garbage King ($14.95, 0-7641-5679-9) by Elizabeth Laird tells the story of two homeless children in the slums of an Ethiopian city. (12-up)

History of the Earth ($16.95, 0-7641-5680-2) by Yuri Castelfranchi and Nico Pitrelli compiles information on earth sciences. (12-up)


My First Animals welcomes Safari Animals (0-7641-2598-2); Pets (-2599-0), illus. by Francesca Ferri ($9.95 each, up to 3); Little Polar Bear (-2596-6) and Little Rabbit (-2597-4), illus. by Ferri ($12.95 each, up to 3). Softy Wheels moves on with Car (-5657-8) and Train (-5658-6) by Richard Powell ($6.95 each, 1-3). Eensy Weensy Spider (-5662-4) and Five Little Ducks (-5663-2) by Penny Dann are board book additions. ($3.95 each, 1-3). New Lola and Binky Books by Lara Jones are Fun on the Beach (-5685-3), Fun at the Zoo (-5686-1), Fun on the Farm (5688-8) and Fun at the Park (-5689-6) ($5.95 each, 1-4). Some Animals gains Some Ducks (-5652-7) and Some Sheep (-5653-5) by Mark Shulman, illus. by Vincent Nguyen and Joe Bartos ($5.95 each, 1-4). The bilingual English/Spanish "I Am" series issues Soy un pequeño murciélago (I Am a Little Bat) (-5506-7) and Soy una pequeña araña (I Am a Little Spider) (-5507-5) by Marta Prims and Nuria Roca ($9.95 each, 1-5). My Colors (-7713-3) and My Shapes (-7712-5) by Ruth Hooper, illus. by Anna Marsh, contain mini board books in a carrying case ($16.95 each, 2-5). Fairy Phones rings in with Daisy's Necklace (-5691-8), Lily's Busy Day (-5692-6), Poppy's Party (-5694-2) and Rosie's Surprise (-5693-4) by Louise Comfort ($4.95 each, 2-5). Funtime Rhymes takes off with On the Road (-2660-1), On the Water (-2656-3), Out at Work (-2659-8) and Up in the Sky (-2657-1) by Raymond Bryant ($4.95 each, 2-5). Jacqui Brown's Animal Detectives offers Who Sat on Me? (-5659-4), Who Made Me Jump? (-5660-8) and Whose Footprint Is That? (-5661-6) ($5.95 each, 2-5).


Can You Move Like an Elephant? ($5.95, 0-7641-2586-9) by Judy Hindley, illus. by Manya Stojic, encourages children to mimic the movement of animals. (2-6)

Hanukkah ($8.95, 0-7641-2600-8) by Debbie Herman and Ann Koffsky explains the history and rituals of this holiday. (6-9)

The Witches of Sea-Dragon Bay ($4.95, 0-7641-2633-4) by Sandra Forrester. Apprentice witch Beatrice Bailey and her friends visit an unusual beach resort. (10-14)

Paperback Series

Bilingual First Books, illus. by Clare Beaton, include La comida/Food (0-7641-2609-1), La nourriture/Food (-2610-5), Los juguetes/Toys (-2611-3) and Les jouets/Toys (-2612-1) ($4.95 each, 2-up). New Hide & Speak titles by Catherine Bruzzone and Susan Martineau, illus. by Louise Comfort, are Hide & Speak French (-2588-5), French advisor Claudine Bharadia; and Hide & Speak Spanish (-2589-3) and Esconde y Habla Inglés (-2590-7), both with Spanish text by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis ($6.95 each, 7-up). And The Explosion Zone issues Wright Brothers (-2591-5) by Ian Graham, illus. by David Antram; and Faraday (-2592-3) by Brian Williams ($6.95 each, 8-12).



Fishy Friends, A Journey Through the Coral Kingdom ($19.95, 0-9728653-0-6) by Michael Patrick O'Neill. Text and photos introduce ocean creatures. (7-11)


I Shook Up the World: The Incredible Life of Muhammad Ali ($16.95, 1-58270-090-7) by Maryum Ali, illus. by Patrick Johnson. This athlete's oldest daughter recounts his life. (All ages)


One World: Teen Voices from Around the Country ($9.95, 1-58270-106-7) by Beth Caldwell Hoyt explores the lives of teens from various countries. (10-up)

The Insider's Guide to High School ($9.95, 1-58270-107-5) by Kayt Zundel and Ann Cain presents advice from teenagers for a successful high school experience. (12-up)

Paperback Series

So, You Wanna Be… orders up So, You Wanna Be a Chef? Creative Cooking for Kids ($9.95, 1-58270-108-3) by Terri Haag (10-up).


X-Men Ultimate Picture Book #2 ($15.95, 1-929945-24-8; paper $8.95, -26-4) by Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey, illus. by Eugene Epstein, features these characters created by Stan Lee. (4-12)

The Ultimate Super Hero Picture Book Gift Set: Spider-Man and X-Men Ultimate Picture Book 1 & 2 ($24.95, 1-929945-38-8) by Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey, illus. by Eugene Epstein, combines two volumes in a boxed set. (4-12)


New Time Soldiers titles by Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey, illus. by Eugene Epstein, include Patch ($15.95, 1-929945-02-7; paper $8.95, -28-0); Time Soldiers Gift Set #1: Rex, Rex2, Patch ($32.95, -23-X); Rex ($7.95 paper, -20-5); and Rex2 ($8.95 paper, -27-2) (4-12).


Spider-Man Ultimate Picture Book #1 ($8.95, 1-929945-25-6) by Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey, illus. by Eugene Epstein, features this superhero. (4-12)

Paperback Series in SpanishSoldados en el tiempo libro (Time Soldiers) issues Rex (1-929945-35-3), Rex2 (-36-1) and Parche (-37-X) by Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey, illus. by Eugene Epstein ($8.95 each, 4-12).


The Alphabet Room ($16.95, 1-58234-841-3) by Sara Pinto. In this lift-the-flap tale, a room gradually fills with objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet. (All ages)

Gordon in Charge ($15.95, 1-58234-823-5) by Jill Newton. A goose named Gordon arrives on the farm and insists he can run the place better than Gordon the goat. (3-7)

Bus-a-Saurus Bop ($16.95, 1-58234-850-2) by Diane Shore, illus. by David Clark takes a ride on a vehicle that is a cross between a bus and a dinosaur. (4-8)

My Grandson Is a Genius ($15.95, 1-58234-815-4) by Giles Andreae, illus. by Sue Hellard. A proud grandfather and his energetic grandson spend the day together. (4-8)

Bill in a China Shop ($16.95, 1-58234-832-4) by Katie Weaver, illus. by Tim Raglin, introduces a bull who has difficulty purchasing a teacup without damaging the entire shop. (4-8)

The Three Grumpies ($15.95, 1-58234-840-5) by Tamra Wight, illus. by Ross Collins. After waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a girl is followed by "grumpies." (4-8)

Bruna ($16.95, 1-58234-836-7) by Anne Cottringer, illus. by Gillian McClure. Bruna is always cold until her friendship with a bear warms her. (4-8)

King of Capri ($16.95, 1-58234-830-8) by Jeanette Winterson, illus. by Jane Ray. The greedy King of Capri visits the generous Queen of Naples. (5-up)

Boolar's Day Out ($14.95, 1-58234-833-2; paper $6.95, -857-X) by Sally Gardner. Boolar leaves his toy family to join a puppet theater. (6-10)

The Last Burp of Mac McGerp ($15.95, 1-58234-856-1; paper $6.95, -868-5) by Pam Smallcomb. The school's champion burper must find a way around a new school rule banning his "talent." (7-10)

Bartlett and the City of Flames ($15.95, 1-58234-831-6) by Odo Hirsch. This fantasy is a sequel to Bartlett and the Ice Voyage. (8-12)

Dragon's Breath ($15.95, 1-58234-858-8) by E.D. Baker is a sequel to The Frog Princess. (8-up)

At the Sign of the Sugared Plum ($16.95, 1-58234-849-9) by Mary Hooper is the tale of two sisters in plague-riddled 17th-century London. (10-up)

The Goose Girl ($17.95, 1-58234-843-X) by Shannon Hale retells this Brothers Grimm tale about a princess who must become a goose girl before she can reign as queen. (10-up)

Midnight Blue ($16.95, 1-58234-829-4) by Pauline Fisk. Bonnie travels by hot air balloon from a harsh world to a more gentle parallel universe. (10-up)

Stravaganza II: City of Stars ($17.95, 1-58234-839-1) by Mary Hoffman is a sequel to City of Masks. (10-up)

The Dark ($16.95, 1-58234-853-7) by Marianne Curley. This sequel to The Named reveals the power of friendship and the strength of love. (10-up)

Pirates! ($16.95, 1-58234-816-2) by Celia Rees. In the 18th century, the daughter of a rich merchant and her former plantation slave join up with pirates. (12-up)


(Chronicle, dist.)

Zoo Parade (1-59354-013-2) and Noisy Barn! (-013-2) by Harriet Zeifert, illus. by Simms Taback, are board books about a parade of animals on their way to the zoo and barn. ($8.95 each; 1-4)

Oh No, Nicky! (1-59354-012-4) and Nicky's Christmas Song (-011-6) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Richard Brown, are board books with flaps about a little cat. ($6.95 each; 2-4)

Fiddle-I-Fee ($7.95, 1-59354-020-5) by Santiago Cohen. An old folksong helps readers remember animal names and noises. (2-5)

It's Hanukkah! (8.95, 1-59354-021-3) by Santiago Cohen is a celebration of rituals based on a Hebrew children's song. (2-5)

You Can't See Your Bones with Binoculars: A Guide to Your 206 Bones ($15.95, 1-59354-015-9) by Harriet Zeifert, illus. by Amanda Haley. An interactive text encourages kids to find and feel their own bones. (5-8)

Little Lessons of Love ($7.95, 1-59354-018-3) illus. by Chris Demarest is a collection of amusing sayings and proverbs about love and relationships. (All ages)

Little Lessons from 1st Graders ($7.95, 1-59354-019-1) illus. by Emily Bolam is a collection of quotes from first graders. (All ages)

Hardcover Series

Early Experiences adds Does a Yak Get a Haircut? (1-59354-016-7) and Does a Panda Go to School? (-017-5) by Fred Ehrlich, illus. by Emily Bolam ($10.95 each; 2-5)

Paperback Series

Hey, Irma! debutes with This Is Halloween ($7.95, 1-59354-022-1) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Barry Gott (5-8).


Coupons for Christmas (1-59354-009-4) and Coupons for Grandkids (-008-6) illus. by Jennifer Rapp are books of coupons to give away. ($6.95 each; All ages).


Title in Latin

Virent Ova! Viret Perna!! (Green Eggs and Ham) ($22.50, 0-86516-555-6) by Dr. Seuss, trans. by Jennifer Morrish Tunberg and Terence Tunberg (all ages).

Paperback Series

I Am Reading Latin continues with Who Loves Me?/Quis me amat? (0-86516-541-6) and What Color Is It?/Quo colore est? (0-86516-539-4) by Marie Carducci Bolchazy ($9.95 each, 4-8).


(Publishers Services Inc., dist.)

Master Stitchum and the Moon ($19.99, 1-932188-01-0) by Mickle Maher, illus. by Spiro Dousias. A tailor and his siblings embark on a journey that results in the moon's appearance in the sky. (All ages)

I Only Like What I Like ($15.99, 1-932188-00-2) by Julie Baer. A boy discovers that he likes more things than he thought he did. (3-8)



Your Healthy & Happy Horse: How to Care for Your Horse & Have Fun Too! ($12.95, 1-931993-40-8) by Lesley Ward is a guide to horse care. (8-14)

Paperback Reprint

Out of the Saddle: The Young Rider's Edition of Horse, Follow Closely ($14.95, 1-889540-74-9) by GaWaNi Pony Boy, photos by Gabrielle Boiselle (8-14).


Where Wild Babies Sleep ($12.95, 1-59078-049-3) by Ann Purmell, illus. by Lorainne Siomades, is a bedtime book featuring wild animals. (2-6)

Daisy the Dancing Cow ($15.95, 1-59078-059-0) by Viki Woodworth, has Daisy on stage in a local theater in this follow-up to Daisy the Firecrow. (4-7)

It Feels Like Snow ($15.95, 1-59078-054-X) by Nancy Cote. Neighbors ignore the warnings of a woman who can predict the weather. (5-up)

No Place for a Pig ($15.95, 1-59078-047-7) by Suzanne Bloom, tells of a woman who raises a pig in her apartment. (5-up)

The Star Blanket ($15.95, 1-56397-889-X) by Pat Brisson, illus. by Erica Magnus. A child learns the value of a family heirloom. (5-up)

Where Horses Run Free ($15.95, 1-59078-062-0) by Joy Cowley, illus. by Layne Johnson. One man frees a group of mustangs. (5-up)

Coal Country Christmas ($15.95, 1-59078-020-5) by Elizabeth Ferguson Brown, illus. by Harvey Stevenson. A trip to grandmother's house in a mining town makes for a memorable holiday. (6-up)

Come to the Ocean's Edge ($15.95, 1-56397-779-6) by Larry Pringle, illus. by Michael Chesworth, where a 24-hour cycle of the ocean is explored. (6-up)

Flying Jack ($15.95, 1-56397-971-3) by Kathye Fetsko Pietrie, illus. by Paula Mahoney, tells the story of a man's passion for flight. (6-up)

Oceans ($15.95, 1-59078-019-3) by David Harrison, illus. by Cheryl Nathan. This fourth book in the Earthworks series serves as an introduction to the workings of the ocean. (6-up)

The Lost World of the Anasazi ($19.95, 1-56397-972-1) by Peter Lourie is a trip through Chaco Canyon with an archeologist. (7-up)

Black Bear: North America's Bear ($15.95, 1-59078-023-X) by Stephen Swinburne, is an introduction to the black bear, its behavior and habitat. (7-up)

Dream Makers: Young People Share Their Hopes and Aspirations ($17.95, 1-59078-178-3), compiled and illus. by Neil Waldman. Young people across the country express their dreams through poetry, in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Children's Aid Society. (7-up)

Sewing with Felt ($19.95, 1-56397-999-3) by Buff McAllister, illus. by Hank Schneider, is a guide to the basics of sewing. (7-up)


The Fourth Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures ($6.95, 1-59078-097-3 offers 73 hidden pictures. (5-12)

Paperback Series

Puzzlemania issues Vol. 9 (0-87534-721-5), Vol. 10 (-722-3), Vol. 11 (-723-1) and Vol. 12 (-724-X) ($5.95 each, 6-12) And Mathmania adds Vol. 9 (0-87534-939-0), Vol. 10 (-940-4), Vol. 11 (-941-2) and Vol. 12 (-942-0) ($5.95 each, 6-12).

Paperback Reprints

Five Little Pumpkins ($8.95, 1-59078-087-6) by Iris Van Rynbach (2-6); Just Right Stew ($8.95, -168-6) by Karen English, illus. by Anna Rich (5-up); Last Night at the Zoo ($8.95, -167-8) by Michael Garland (5-up); Uncommon Champions ($9.95, -005-1) by Marty Kaminsky (12-up) and Twelve Days of Christmas ($8.95, -086-8) by John O'Brien (All ages).


Bizarre Bugs ($17.95, 1-59078-095-7) by Doug Wechsler (5-up); This Time, Tempe Wick? ($9.95, -179-1) by Patricia Gauch, illus. by Margot Tomes (8-up); Thunder at Gettysburg ($9.95, -180-5) by Patricia Gauch, illus. by Stephen Gammell (8-up); North Town (-162-7), South Town (-161-9), Return to South Town (-164-3) and Whose Town (-163-5) by Lorenz Graham ($16.95 each, 12-up).


Up the Hill and Down ($16.95, 1-56397-028-7) by Will-iam Jay Smith, illus. by Alan Eitzen, collects works by a number of poets.

Mouse Was Out at Recess ($15.95, 1-56397-550-5) by David Harrison, illus. by Eugenie Fernandes, is a sequel to Somebody Catch My Homework. (6-up)

Least Things ($17.95, 1-59078-098-1) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Jason Stempel, is a volume of poetry about nature's wonders. (10-up)

A Fury of Motion ($16.95, 1-59078-066-3) by Charles Ghigna. Forty-six poems explore scrimmages, the hunting season and loneliness, among other topics. (12-up)

Hour of Freedom: American History in Poems ($16.95, 1-59078-021-3) by Milton Meltzer. American history as seen through the eyes of poets. (12-up)

Paperback Reprints

Color Me a Rhyme (1-59078-172-4), Once Upon Ice and Other Frozen Poems (-174-0), and Wild Wings (-173-2) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Jason Stempel ($9.95 each, 10-12); Farmer's Garden: Poems for Two Voices ($9.95, -177-5) by David Harrison, illus. by Arden Johnson-Petrov (10-12).


When the Creepy Things Come Out ($14.99, 0-8054-2687-6) by Melody Carlson, illus. by Susan Reagan, reassures children that God is always there when they are feeling frightened. (4-10)

A Parable About the King ($12.99, 0-8054-2679-5) by Beth Moore, illus. by Beverly Warren, delivers the message that each youngster is a child of God and therefore a child of the King. (5-up)

Know God, No Fear ($14.99, 0-8054-2658-2) by Stephen Elkins, illus. by Jesse Reisch. In this book packaged with a CD, children who are frightened while camping in the forest hear the biblical story of David. (5-10)

Ebony and Ivory ($14.99, 0-8054-2674-4) by Stephen Elkins, illus. by Jesse Reisch. An interracial group of kids learns the secret of getting along in this story packaged with a CD.(5-up)