(Arranged alphabetically by publisher)
AAA - Broadman & Holman
Candlewick - Crossway Books
Da Capo Press - Enchanted Lion Books
F&W Publications - Groundwood
Hachai - HarperEntertainment
HCI Books - Just Us Books
Kane/Miller - Loyola Press
Macmillan Caribbean - Overmountain
Parabola Books - Putnam
Ragged Bears - Running Press Kids
Sasquatch Books - Silver Dolphin
Simon & Schuster - Storey Kids
Tallfellow Press/ Smallfellow - Zonderkidz



Puppet Mania! ($14.99, 1-58180-372-9) by John Kennedy tells how to make 13 puppets. (6-12)

Fairy Crafts ($14.99, 1-58180-430-X) by Heidi Boyd offers instructions for making toys, gifts and costumes. (6-12)

Stamp Your Stuff! ($12.99, 1-58180-386-9) by MaryJo McGraw reveals how to create stamps and use them to make gifts and cards. (6-12)


Beegu ($16, 0-374-30667-2) by Alexis Deacon. Stranded on Earth, a young alien finds friends on a playground. (3-6)

The Dirty Cowboy ($16, 0-374-31791-7) by Amy Timberlake, illus. by Adam Rex, reveals what happens when a New Mexico cowboy decides to clean himself up. (4-8)

The Elephant's Pillow ($16, 0-374-32015-2) by Diana Reynolds Roome, illus. by Jude Daly. A boy in Peking tries to cheer up the late emperor's Imperial Elephant. (4-8)

Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes ($16, 0-374-37576-3) by Clyde Watson, illus. by Wendy Watson, collects holiday verse. (4-8)

Jeoffry's Halloween ($16, 0-374-33677-6) by Mary Bryant Bailey, illus. by Elizabeth Sayles, is a follow-up to Jeoffry's Christmas. (4-8)

Karate Girl ($16, 0-374-33977-5) by Mary Leary tells of a girl who faces new challenges. (4-8)

Mary Smith ($16, 0-374-34842-1) by Andrea U'Ren is the true story of a woman from London's East End, who shot dried peas at residents' windows each morning to wake them up. (4-8)

Monsoon ($16, 0-374-35015-9) by Uma Krishnaswami, illus. by James Akib, offers a tour of urban India. (4-8)

Old Granny and the Bean Thief ($16, 0-374-35614-9) by Cynthia DeFelice, illus. by Cat Bowman Smith. In this Southwestern folktale, a woman protects her beloved beans from a thief. (4-8)

The Shape Game ($16, 0-374-36764-7) by Anthony Browne. The family featured in Zoo visits an art museum. (5-up)

Winnie & Ernst ($15, 0-374-38452-5) by Gina Freschet collects four stories featuring a possum and an otter. (6-8)

The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark ($17, 0-374-38039-2) by Judith Edwards, illus. by Sally Wern Comport, chronicles these explorers' travels. (6-10)

Jack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a Clue ($16, 0-374-39987-5) by Jack Gantos presents interrelated stories featuring Jack. (8-12)

The Curse of the Raven Mocker ($18, 0-374-31667-8) by Marly Youmans is a fantasy based on a Cherokee myth. (10-up)

Not Quite a Stranger ($16, 0-374-35548-7) by Colby Rodowsky is the story of a family secret, told from the alternating perspectives of two teenagers. (10-up)

The Revealers ($16, 0-374-36255-6) by Doug Wilhelm. Tired of being bullied, three seventh-grade outcasts rebel. (10-up)

Guerrilla Season ($18, 0-374-32811-0) by Pat Hughes is a first novel centering on a boy in Civil War Missouri. (12-up)

White Midnight ($18, 0-374-38389-8) by Dia Calhoun is a companion to Firegold. (12-up)

The Return of Calico Bright ($19, 0-374-38048-1) by David Winkler. A teen heads into the mountains in search of information about her 19th-century namesake. (12-up)


Gus and Grandpa return in Gus and Grandpa Go Fishing ($15, 0-374-32815-3) by Claudia Mills, illus. by Catherine Stock (6-8).


CDC? ($16, 0-374-31233-8) by William Steig (all ages); The Juniper Tree and Other Tales from Grimm ($30, 0-374-33971-6), selected by Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak, illus. by Sendak (all ages); and Moominvalley in November ($17, 0-374-35013-2) by Tove Jansson, trans. by Kingsley Hart (10-up).


The Flyers ($16, 0-374-32410-7) by Allan Drummond. A group of children witness the Wright Brothers' first flight. (4-8)

The Hard-Times Jar ($16, 0-374-32852-8) by Ethel Footman Smothers, illus. by John Holyfield. This story of a family of migrant workers is based on the author's childhood. (4-8)

Minn and Jake ($16, 0-374-34987-8) by Janet S. Wong, illus. by Geneviève Côté. Two very different girls become friends. (7-10)

The Green Dog: A Mostly True Story ($16, 0-374-32779-3) by Suzanne Fisher Staples tells of a girl who longs for a canine companion. (8-12)

The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin ($18, 0-374-45628-3) by Peter Sís examines the life of the legendary scientist. (8-up)

Colibrí ($17, 0-374-31519-1) by Ann Cameron. Kidnapped at a young age, a 12-year-old Mayan girl endures an abusive life and longs to return home. (10-up)

Stefan's Story ($16, 0-374-37240-3) by Valerie Hobbs reunites the characters from Carolina Crow Girl. (10-up)

Twists and Turns ($16, 0-374-39955-7) by Janet McDonald is a companion to Spellbound and Chill Wind. (12-up)

Walk Softly, Rachel ($16, 0-374-38230-1) by Kate Banks. Seven years after her brother's death, Rachel pieces together the story of his life. (12-up)


The Sound of Day, The Sound of Night ($16.50, 0-374-37135-0) by Mary O'Neill, illus. by Cynthia Jabar. Two poems reveal the importance of family. (3-6)

Boxes for Katje ($16, 0-374-30922-1) by Candace Fleming, illus. by Stacey Dressen-McQueen. A story about friendship set in WWII. (4-8)

When Catherine the Great and I Were Eight! ($16, 0-374-39954-9) by Cari Best, illus. by Giselle Potter, is a sequel to Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! (4-8)

Alligator Sue ($17, 0-374-30218-9) by Sharon Arms Doucet, illus. by Anne Wilsdorf. A young Louisiana "swamper" learns valuable lessons about family and being true to oneself. (5-8)


Rosy Cole stars in Rosy Cole's Worst Ever, Best Yet Tour of New York City ($16, 0-374-36349-8) by Sheila Greenwald (7-10).


Bertil and the Bathroom Elephants ($15, 91-29-65944-2) by Inger Lindahl, trans. by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard, illus. by Eva Lindström, presents a bathtime adventure. (2-6)

Boris's Glasses ($15, 91-29-65942-6) by Peter Cohen, trans. by Joan Sandin, illus. by Olof Landström, reveals the benefits and downfalls of having 20/20 vision. (4-8)

Julia Wants a Pet ($15, 91-29-65940-X) by Barbro Lindgren, trans. by ElisabethKallic Dyssegaard, illus. by Eva Eriksson, introduces a determined child on a quest for a pet. (4-8)


Paperback Reprints

Big Mama ($5.95, 0-374-40634-0) by Tony Crunk, illus. by Margot Apple (3-6); Follow the Leader ($6.95, -42403-9) by Erica Silverman, illus. by G. Brian Karas (3-6); The Moon in My Room ($5.95, -45314-4) by Uri Shulevitz (3-8); The Bird, the Monkey, and the Snake in the Jungle ($6.95,

-40658-8) by Kate Banks, illus. by Tomek Bogacki (3-up); The Lion's Share (-44481-1) by Chris Conover; and Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! (-47551-2) by Cari Best, illus. by Giselle Potter ($6.95 each, 4-8); Bird Boy (-40659-6) by Elizabeth Starr Hill, illus. by Lesley Liu; and The Flimflam Man (-42345-8) by Darleen Bailey Beard, illus. by Eileen Christelow ($5.95 each, 7-10); The Boy in the Burning House (-40887-4) by Tim Wynne-Jones; and An Occasional Cow (-45573-2) by Polly Horvath, illus. by Gioia Fiammenghi ($5.95 each, 10-up); and Is Kissing a Girl Who Smokes Like Licking an Ashtray? (-43628-2) and Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star (-47968-2) by Randy Powell ($5.95 each, 12-up).

Paperback Reissues

One Monday Morning ($6.95, 0-374-45648-8) by Uri Shulevitz (3-6); and Moominvalley in November ($5.95, -45309-8) by Tove Jansson, trans. by Kingsley Hart (10-up).



Kokopelli, Drum in Belly ($18.95, 0-86541-068-2; paper $12.95, -069-0) by Gail E. Haley retells the legend of this mythical flute player. (8-up)

Meadow Lark ($15.95, 0-86541-070-4) by Mary Peace Finley completes the Santa Fe Trail trilogy. (10-up)


The Dinosaur Atlas ($18.95, 1-55297-830-3) by Don Lessem, illus. by John Bindon, is a guide to dinos. (8-12)

Exploring Saturn: From Galileo to Cassini ($19.95, 1-55297-766-8; paper $9.95, -765-X) by Dan Bortolotti previews the Cassini-Huygens mission's anticipated arrival on Saturn in 2004. (9-13)


I Want to Be issues I Want to Be a Builder (1-55297-758-7, paper -757-9) and I Want to Be a Musician (-760-9, paper -759-5) by Dan Liebman ($14.95 each, paper $3.99, 4-7). And joining Firefly Animal Rescue are Panda Rescue (-598-3, paper -557-6) and Tiger Rescue (-599-1, paper -558-4) by Dan Bortolotti ($19.95 each, paper $9.95, 10-up).

Paperback Series in Spanish

Quiero ser constructor (I Want to Be a Builder) (1-55297-762-5) and Quiero ser músico (I Want to Be a Musician) (-761-7) by Dan Liebman ($5.99 each, 4-7).


Silver Moon ($21.95, 1-55041-684-7) by Vladyana Krykorka presents the stories that inspired Antonin Dvorak's operas. (All ages)

What's that Sound? In the City (1-55041-812-2) and On the Farm (-814-9) by Sheryl McFarlane, illus. by Kim La Fave, are board books linking noises to objects ($7.95 each, 1-5).

Click! ($14.95, 1-55005-074-5) by Shutta Crum, illus. by John Beder. What happens when a young hunter and a curious bear cub meet face to face? (3-5)

When They Are Up ($14.95, 1-55041-707-X) by Maggee Spicer and Richard Thompson, illus. by Kirsti Anne Wakelin, offers a twist on the nursery rhyme about the Grand Old Duke of York. (3-5)

On Uncle John's Farm ($14.95, 1-55041-691-X) by Sally Fitz-Gibbon, illus. by Brian Denies, is an ode to life on a farm. (3-5)

Amber: The Red Story of a Red Fox ($14.95, 1-55041-811-4) by Shirley Woods, illus. by Celia Godkin, focuses on a young fox and her siblings. (8-11)

Lizzie's Storm ($14.95, 1-55041-7932; paper $7.95, -7959) by Sally Fitz-Gibbon, illus. by Muriel Wood. After an accident leaves Lizzie an orphan, she must discover new strengths within herself. (8-11)

The Perilous Year ($14.95, 1-55041-816-5) by Connie Brummel Crook is a sequel to The Hungry Years. (10-up)

Flight from the Fortress ($14.95, 1-55041-790-8) by Lyn Cook. In 1713, a French boy searches for his English father, a spy for the British. (10-up)

Initiation ($15.95, 1-55005-053-2) by Virginia Frances Schwartz centers on three young people living on the West Coast of North America in the 15th century. (12-up)

A Different Kind of Beauty ($14.95, 1-55005-059-1) by Sylvia McNicoll. Elizabeth raises a Lab puppy for a guide dog program. (12-up)

New Girl ($14.95, 1-55041-725-8) by Mary Ann Scott. Kate must find a way to fit in at her new school. (12-up)

Eye of the Wolf ($14.95, 1-55005-072-9) by Troon Harrison. In 2205 as another Ice Age approaches, Chandra searches for her missing mother. (12-up)

Title in SpanishEn la granja del tio Juan (On Uncle John's Farm) ($14.95, 1-55041-878-5) by Sally Fitz-Gibbon, illus. by Brian Denies (3-5).


Matthew and the Midnight Firefighter ($4.95, 1-55041-877-7) by Allen Morgan, illus. by Michael Martchenko, describes a nighttime adventure. (5-8)

The Marvellous Mongolian ($12.95, 1-55041-820-3) by James Aldridge follows a Przewalski horse on his journey home to Mongolia. (10-up)

Between Brothers ($7.95, 0-7737-5530-6) by Irene Morck. Two brothers fall for the same girl. (11-up)

The Savage River: Seventy-One Days with Simon Fraser ($11.95, 1-894856-24-4) by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell chronicles Fraser's journey on a river in Western Canada. (12-16)

Paperback Series

Nature Babies welcomes Baby Elephant (1-55041-717-7), Baby Lion (-713-4), Baby Sloth (-825-4) and Baby Koala (-874-2) by Aubrey Lang, photos by Wayne Lynch ($5.95 each, 5-8). New Biographies are Norman Bethune (-487-9) by Roderick Stewart, Joseph Brant (-494-1) by A. Roy Petrie, Laura Secord (-490-9) by John Bassett and Petrie, David Thompson (-493-3) by James Smith and Gabriel Dumont (-492-5) by George Woodcock ($6.95 each, 10-up).

Paperback Reprints

Rabbit Blue ($7.95, 1-55005-083-4) by Marie-Louise Gay (3-6); Emma's Cold Day ($7.95, -076-1) by Margriet Ruurs, illus. by Barbara Spurll (4-8); The Christmas Orange ($7.95, -075-3) by Don Gillmor, illus. by Marie-Louise Gay (4-up); The Follower (1-55041-880-7) by Richard Thompson, illus. by Martin Springett; and Jack, The Story of a Beaver (-735-5) by Shirley Woods, illus. by Celia Godkin ($7.95 each, 5-8); Enough ($7.95, -884-X) by Marsha Forchuck Skrypuch, illus. by Michael Martchenko (7-9); and The Countess and Me ($7.95, -692-8) by Paul Kropp (12-up).



Our Dad Died: The True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed ($9.95, 1-57542-135-6), as told by Amy, Allie and David Dennison. Siblings share their thoughts and feelings about their loss. (All ages)

The Behavior Survival Guide for Kids: How to Make Good Choices and Stay Out of Trouble ($12.95, 1-57542-132-1) by Thomas McIntyre offers advice for youngsters. (8-12)

They Broke the Law—You Be the Judge: True Cases of Teen Crime ($14.95, 1-57542-134-8) by Thomas Jacobs. A judge provides a look at the juvenile justice system. (13-up)

Paperback Series

Learning to Get Along adds When I Feel Afraid (1-57542-138-0) and Understand and Care (131-3) by Cheri Meiners ($10.95 each, 4-8).


Corgiville Christmas ($15.95, 1-932425-00-4) by Tasha Tudor. Animals prepare for Christmas. (All ages)

The Amulet of Komondor ($15.95, 1-889610-81-2) by Adam Osterweil, illus. by Peter Thorpe, centers on two friends who become characters in a computer game. (8-up)

The Pond God and Other Stories ($14.95, 1-886910-96-0) by Samuel Jay Keyser, illus. by Robert Shetterly, collects 43 myths based on shamanic wisdom. (10-up)

Heart's Delight ($16.95, 1-886910-92-8) by Per Nilsson, trans. by Tara Chace, tells of a teenage boy's first love. (12-up)

Dante's Daughter ($16.95, 1-886910-97-9) by Kimberley Heuston is a novel about the life and times of the daughter of this Italian poet. (12-up)

Song for Eloise ($15.95, 1-886910-90-1) by Leigh Sauerwein is a tale of love and loss set in France at the end of the 12th century. (12-up)

Heck, Superhero ($16.95, 1-886910-94-9) by Martine Leavitt. A teenage boy discovers how awful living on the streets can be. (12-up)


Bye, Bye! ($14.95, 1-886910-95-2) by Nancy Kaufman, illus. by Jung-Hee Spetter. Though he loves preschool, Piggy has a hard time saying goodbye to his father. (2-6)

From Head to Tail ($24.95, 1-886910-98-7) by Hans Post, trans. by Nancy Forest-Flier, illus. by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, introduces the members of the animal kingdom. (8-up)

Paperback Reprint

Asphalt Angels ($7.95, 1-886910-43-X) by Ineke Holtwijk (12-up).


John Muir, America's Naturalist ($17.95, 1-55591-393-8) by Thomas Locker focuses on this man's life and world. (8-up)


Our Stories Remember ($16.95, 1-55591-129-3) by Joseph Bruchac retells Native American stories. (12-up)



Baby's First Signs adds A Book of Colors (1-56368-147-1) and Out for a Walk (1-56368-146-3) by Kim Votry and Curt Waller ($6.95 each, 6 mos.-4 years).



The Legend of the Candy Cane (0-635-02124-2), The Story of Christmas Tree (-02150-1), The Story of Santa Claus (-02151-X), Why Do We Hang Christmas Stockings? (-02152-8) and Christmas Traditions Around the World (-02154-4) by Carole Marsh explain holiday traditions ($2.95 each, 7-11).

Christmas Recipes from the Past ($2.95, 0-635-02153-6) by Carole Marsh collects holiday recipes. (7-11)

Kwanzaa: Activities, Crafts, Recipes and More! (0-635-02173-0), Hanukkah: Activities, Crafts, Recipes and More! (-02174-9) and Christmas: Activities, Crafts, Recipes and More! (-02172-2) by Carole Marsh are holiday activity books ($6.95 each, 7-14).

What a Deal! The Louisiana Purchase ($5.95, 0-635-02123-4) by Carole Marsh examines the history, land and people involved in this purchase. (7-14)

Lewis & Clark Go on a Hike ($5.95, 0-635-02122-6) by Carole Marsh chronicles these explorers' travels. (7-14)

Paperback Series

Fiesta! Siesta! And All the Rest-a! by Carole Marsh starts up with Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: 20 Days of Activities, Reading, Recipes, Parties, Plays and More ($5.95, 0-635-02119-6, all ages); The BIG Book of Hispanic Activities ($9.95, -02115-3, 7-14); and The Best Book of Hispanic Biographies (-02116-1) and Hispanic Trivia: The Hispanic Experience A to Z! (-02118-8) ($7.95 each, 7-14). And Carole Marsh Mysteries issues 11 titles, including The Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate (-01648-6), The Mystery in New York City (-02099-8) and The White House Christmas Mystery (-01664-8) ($5.95 each, 7-14).


Bedtime Babies rounds up Little Bunny (1-57755-503-1), Little Teddy (-500-7), Little Puppy (-501-5) and Little Kitten (-502-3) in a slipcase volume ($6.99, up to 4).

Paper Planes Boxed Kit ($7.99, 1-57755-401-9) offers two books for making six planes each. (5-8)

Rainforest Animals (1-57755-509-0) by Kathie Billingslea Smith, illus. by Lisa Bonforte; and Ocean Animals (-508-2) by Gaby Goldsack, illus. by Bob Bampton, are lift-the-flap books about these creatures. (5-8)


Sparkle Series Four offers Park (1-74047-332-9), School (-331-0), Store (-333-7) and Home (-330-2) ($4.99 each, 3-6).


Dinosaur Coloring Books (1-59340-008-X, -009-8) are two coloring books featuring dinos ($1.99 each, 3-8).


A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses ($9.95, 0-89236-706-7) by Richard Woff contains illustrated profiles of more than 40 deities. (12-up)


Emily Goes Wild ($16.95, 1-58685-268-X) by Betty Lou Phillips, illus. by Sharon Watts. This tale about a spirited young monkey features foldout pages. (4-8)

Isabel's House of Butterflies ($15.95, 0-87156-409-2) by Tony Johnston, illus. by Susan Guevara. A girl in Mexico observes the migration of thousands of monarch butterflies. (4-8)


Joining the Photography Activity series is My Family Album ($19.95, 1-58685-323-6) by Candice and Richard Elton (5-8).


Brave Bunny (formerly Indian Bunny) ($9.95, 1-58685-282-5) by Ruth Lercher Bornstein (4-8).


New York City Subway Trains: 16 Classic Punch-and-Build Trains ($12.95, 1-58685-324-4) by The New York Transit Museum, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the New York City subway system. (4-12)


Railway Children ($18.95, 1-56792-261-9) by Edith Nesbit, illus. by Dinah Dryhurst. Three children save a train from disaster. (All ages)

The Old Man Mad About Drawing: A Tale of Hokusai ($19.95, 1-56792-260-0) by François Place, trans. by William Rodarmor. The life of an artist as seen through the eyes of a young apprentice. (All ages)

Great Northern? ($14.95, 1-56792-259-7) by Arthur Ransome. The 12th and final book in the Swallows and Amazons series. (All ages)


1-2-3, and God Made Me (1-886864-03-9) and 1-2-3, Special Like Me (-17-9) by Lisa Kay Hauser and Philip Dale Smith, illus. by Donna Brooks, encourage youngsters to respect themselves and the world around them ($15.95 each (4-7).


My Very First Bible ($18.99, 1-56148-370-2) and My Very First Prayers ($14.99, -371-0) by Lois Rock, illus. by Alex Ayliffe, are collections of 20 stories; and 120 prayers (up to 4).

Paperback Reprints

I Wish Tonight (1-56148-404-0) by Lois Rock, illus. by Anne Wilson; and Dan's Pants (-413-X) by Merle Good with Dan and Fran Boltz, illus. by Cheryl Benner ($6.95 each, 4-8).


Big Enough Anna—The Little Sled Dog Who Braved the Arctic ($15.95, 0-88240-577-2; paper $8.95, -580-2) by Pam Flowers with Ann Dixon, illus. by Bill Farnsworth, tells of a dog who played a pivotal role in Flowers's expedition in the Arctic. (5-up)

Groucho's Eyebrows ($15.95, 0-88240-556-X) by Tricia Brown, illus. by Barbara Lavallee, centers on a girl and her cat. (6-10)

Paperback Series

Seldovia Sam returns in Seldovia Sam and the Sea Otter Rescue ($6.95, 0-88240-571-3) by Susan Woodward Springer, illus. by Amy Meissner (6-10).


Classic Fairy Tales ($19.95, 0-86713-089-X), illus. by Scott Gustufson, compiles 10 familiar tales. (All ages)


(CDS, dist.)

When I Wished I Was Alone ($16.95, 0-9671851-0-6) by Dave Cutler describes the emotions that anger can release. (2-8)


Bus to Booville (0-448-43189-0) and You Can't Scare Me! (-43190-4) by Wendy Wax are Halloween board-book tales. ($4.99 each, 2-5).

Frosty the Snowman ($9.99, 0-448-43199-8) by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins, illus. by Richard Cowdrey, illustrates the lyrics of this song. (3-up)

Rudolph Shines Again ($9.99, 0-448-43198-X) by Robert May, illus. by Lisa Papp. Can Rudolph save Christmas a second time? (3-up)


The Wiggles appear in All Mixed Up ($5.99 paper, 0-448-43477-6, 2-4); Wiggly Safari (-43418-0) and A Very Wiggly Christmas (-43424-5) ($8.99 each, 2-6); Big Red Car ($6.99, -43422-9, 3-5); Yummy, Yummy Fruit Salad ($6.99, -43420-2, 3-up); and Let's Spend the Day Together (-43419-9) and Ahoy, Captain Feathersword! (-43476-8) ($3.49 each paper, 3-7). Strawberry Shortcake returns in Hello! ¡Hola! Strawberry Shortcake! ($6.99, -43208-0, 3-6); Strawberry Shortcake Goes to School ($4.99 paper, -448-43188-2, 3-6); Strawberry Shortcake Plays Soccer ($3.49 paper, -43207-2, 3-6); Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Merry Christmas ($9.99, -43200-5), adapted by Monique Stephens, illus. by Laura Thomas and Tom Ungrey (3-7); and Strawberry Shortcake and the Friendship Party ($4.99 paper, -43222-6) by Stephens, illus. by Carolyn Bracken (3-7). Storybook Treasuries present Storybook Treasury for Girls (-43341-9), Storybook Treasury for Boys (-73338-9), Storybook Treasury for Christmas (-43339-7), Storybook Treasury of Animals (-43332-X) and Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends (-43340-0) ($10.99 each, 3-7). New All Aboard Reading Collections are Girls Will Be Girls (-43334-6) and Simply Science (-43335-4) ($9.99 each, 4-6); School Rules! ($9.99, -43336-2, 6-8); and Extreme Nature ($9.99, -43337-0, 7-9). Fairy Tale Classics ($9.99, 0-670-03676-5) is a new Easy-to-Read Collection (4-6). And joining Liberty's Kids are A New Kind of Hero (0-448-43268-4) and A Fire in Their Hearts (-43269-2) by Amanda Stephens, illus. by Flying Carnies ($6.99 each, 7-12).


Sam's First Library Card ($3.49, 0-44843170-X) by Gail Herman, illus. by Tamara Petrosino, tells of a boy who obtains his first library card. (4-8)

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy ($3.49, 0-44843252-8) by Natasha Wing, illus. by Barbara Johansen Newman, is a tale based on Clement C. Moore's Christmas poem. (4-8)

Drawing Dogs ($6.99, 0-448-43173-4), illus. by Katy Bratun, is a guide to drawing pooches. (7-up)

Cool Yule! A Creative and Crafty Christmas ($5.99, 0-448-43249-8) by Debra Mostow Zakarin, illus. by Debra Ziss, rounds up holiday craft projects. (8-12)

Paperback Series

Sticker Stories issues Happy Halloween, Strawberry Shortcake! ($4.99, 0-448-43191-2, 1-3); and The Wiggles and Friends (-43421-0); The Wiggles Color Party (-43423-7); Penguins (-42527-0), illus. by Barbara Higgins Bond; and Accessorize It! (-43195-5), illus. by Donna Fedenko ($4.99 each, 2-6). All Aboard Picture Readers rolls on with Max and Ruby Play School ($3.99, -43182-3), based on the characters by Rosemary Wells (3-5). New Pom-Pom Sticker Stories are The Great Halloween Costume Contest (-43115-7) by Lauren Turnowski, illus. by Mindy M. Pierce; Strawberry Shortcake's Snow Day (-43206-4) by Megan Bryant, illus. by Josie Yee; and The Great Valentine Mystery (-43281-1) by Megan Bryant, illus. by Pierce ($4.99 each, 3-6).

The Little Engine That Could, based on the original story by Watty Piper, chugs along with The Little Engine That Could Gets a Checkup (-43179-3), illus. by Francesc Mateu; The Little Engine That Could Goes on a Class Trip (-43180-7), illus. by Jose Maria Cardona; The Little Engine That Could and the Fire Rescue (-43279-X) by Megan Bryant, illus. by Loretta Lustig; and The Little Engine That Could's Valentine's Day Surprise (-43280-3) by Monique Stephens, illus. by Cristina Ong ($3.49 each, 3-7). All Aboard Math Reader welcomes Busy Bugs: A Book About Patterns ($3.99, -43159-9) by Jayne Harvey, illus. by Bernard Adnet (4-6); Graphs ($3.99, -42896-2) by Bonnie Bader, illus. by Mernie Gallagher Cole (6-8); and Breakfast at Danny's Diner: A Book About Multiplication ($3.99, -43210-2) by Judith Bauer Stamper, illus. by Chris Demarest (7-9). Joining All Aboard Reading is Me and My Robot #2: The Show-and-Tell Show-Off ($3.99, -43251-X) by Tracey West, illus. by Cindy Revell (4-6).

Read with Dick and Jane offers revised editions of We Look (0-448-43400-8), Something Funny (-43401-6), Jump and Run (-43402-4), Guess Who (-43403-2), Go Away Spot (-43404-0) and Go,Go, Go (-43405-9) ($3.99 each, 4-6). All Aboard Science Readers gains Apples: And How They Grow (-73275-7) by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Tammy Smith (4-6); and Magnets (-43149-1) by Anne Schreiber, illus. by Adrian Sinnott; The Monitor: The Iron Warship That Changed the World (-43245-5) by Gare Thompson, illus. by Larry Day; and A Horse Named Seabiscuit (-43342-7) by Mark and Cathy Dubowski, illus. by Mark Rowe ($3.99 each, 7-9). New Smart About titles are Smart About History: The Wright Brothers Take Off (-42899-7) by Jon Buller and Susan Schade; Smart About Art: Frida Kahlo (-42677-3) by Margaret Frith, illus. by Tomie dePaola; Smart About History: Money (-43205-6) by Jon Anderson, illus. by Thor Wickstrom; and Smart About Scientists: George Washington Carver (-43243-9) by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Jill Weber ($5.99 each, 5-8). Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo is back in Doggone It! (-43172-6), Any Way You Slice It (-43204-8) and Quiet on the Set! (-43214-5) by Nancy Krulik, illus. by John & Wendy ($3.99 each, 7-10). The Zack Files adds It's Itchcraft ($4.99, -42888-1) by Dan Greenburg, illus. by Jack E. Davis. And Dragon Slayers' Academy offers 97 Ways to Train a Dragon ($4.99, -43177-7 by Kate McMullan, illus. by Bill Basso (7-10).

Bratz presents Stylin' Slumber Party! (0-448-43326-5), Stylin' Salon & Spa (-43324-9) and Holiday Shoppin' Spree: A Guide to Totally Hot Shoppin' (-43330-3) ($6.99 each, 7-12); Yasmin: Princess Rules! (-43321-4), Cloe: Angel with Attitude! (-43320-6), Sasha: Hop Hop Hot! (-43322-2), Jade: Xtreme Kool! (-43323-0), Love Is in the Air: Valentine's Day Stories from the Bratz (-43414-4) and Xpress Yourself! Family, Friends, School and You! (-43489-X) ($5.99 each, 7-12); and Party Perfection! (-43488-1) and Send Our Love (-43488-1) ($4.99 each, 7-12). Scream Shop starts up with Abracadanger (-43224-2), Now You See Me, Now You Don't (-43225-0), Eye Spy Aliens (-43226-9) and Revenge of the Gargoyle (-43227-7) by Tracey West, illus. by Brian Dow ($4.99 each, 8-10). Who Was...? welcomes Who Was Thomas Jefferson? (-43145-9) by Dennis Brindell Fradin, illus. by John O'Brien; and Who Was Helen Keller? (-43144-0) by Gare Thompson, illus. by Nancy Harrison ($4.99 each, 8-12). New to Hank Zipzer are Day of the Iguana (-43212-9) and Holy Enchilada! (-43193-9) by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, illus. by Carol Heyer ($4.99 each, 8-12). Roller Coaster Tycoon spins on with Spaced Out ($4.99, -43194-7) by Bobbi J.G. Weiss and David Cody Weiss (8-12). And Dish serves up Sweet-and-Sour Summer (-43176-9), A Measure of Thanks (-43201-3) and Winner Takes the Cake (-43213-7) by Diane Muldrow, illus. by Barbara Pollak ($4.99 each, 9-12).


Four Pictures by Emily Carr ($15.95, 0-88899-532-6) by Nicolas Debon traces the life of this artist through four of her paintings. (All ages)

Good Night Sam ($14.95, 0-88899-530-X) by Marie-Louise Gay. Stella's younger brother is afraid to go to sleep when he can't find his beloved dog. (2-5)

The Man Who Walked the Earth ($16.95, 0-88899-545-8) by Ian Wallace. In the 1930s, siblings worry that their father, who has gone in search of work, won't be home for Christmas. (4-7)

Cousins ($16.95, 0-88899-459-1) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Luis Garay, tells of a girl who moves between two worlds: that of her Latin American father and that of her North American grandmother. (5-9)

Zipitio ($16.95, 0-88899-487-7) by Jorge Argueta, illus. by Gloria Calderón. This character from Pipil tradition falls in love with a El Salvadoran girl. (5-up)

The Several Lies of Orphan Jack ($14.95, 0-88899-529-6) by Sarah Ellis, illus. by Bruno St-Aubin, is a fable about a boy who runs away from an orphanage to become a peddler of ideas. (7-10)

The Bear Says North ($18.95, 0-88899-533-4) by Bob Barton, illus. by Jirina Marton, collects tales from the Arctic. (8-up)

The Black Sunshine of Goody Pryne ($15.95, 0-88899-477-X) by Sara Withrow is a novel about a vibrant girl and her best friend, a boy who just wants to fit in. (9-12)

Mud City ($15.95, 0-88899-518-0) by Deborah Ellis completes the trilogy that began with The Breadwinner and Parvana's Journey. (10-14)

Stitches ($15.95, 0-88899-553-9) by Glen Huser. A boy's aspirations to become a puppeteer make him a target for the school bully. (11-13)

Oscar: The Life and Music of Oscar Peterson ($16.95, 0-88899-537-7) by Reva Marin focuses on this jazz musician. (11-up)

Hold Fast ($15.95, 0-88899-579-2) by Kevin Major is a 25th-anniversary edition of this novel about adjusting to life in a new environment. (12-15)

Inanna ($19.95, 0-88899-496-6) by Kim Echlin, illus. by Linda Wolfsgruber, presents myths about this ancient goddess. (12-up)

Titles in Spanish

Primas (Cousins) ($16.95, 0-88899-548-2) by Elisa Amado, illus. by Luis Garay (5-9); and El Zipitio (Zipitio) ($16.95, -539-3) by Jose Argueta, illus. by Gloria Calderón (5-up).