(dist. by IPG)

Code Optimization: Effective Memory Usage: A Practical Guide to Creating Faster Programs (Sept., $44.95) by Kris Kaspersky covers typical programming mistakes and easily implemented solutions.

PC Hardware Tuning & Acceleration: How to Realize the Hidden Capabilities of a PC and Increase System Performance (Oct., $39.95) by Victor and Evgeny Rudometov tells how to increase the performance of processors, memory, video adapters and hard drives.


(dist. by IPG)

The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web, Second Edition (Jan., $44.95) by Robert J. Ambrogi reviews and rates each site.


Blissful Data: Wisdom and Strategies for Providing Data That's Meaningful, Useful, and Accessible (Nov., $27.95) by Margaret Y. Chu looks for organization by creating a successful data warehouse.

Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses (Nov., $29.95) by Ramon Ray steers small business owners and entrepreneurs to the right computers, operating systems, software, networking and telecommunication technology.

Virtual Humans: A Build-It-Yourself Kit, Complete with Software and Step-by-Step Instructions (Nov., $34.95) by Peter Plantec. The creator of Sylvie provides instructions and a CD-ROM to make the "v-human."


Photographer's Guide to the Digital Portrait: Start to Finish with Adobe Photoshop (Dec., $29.95) by Al Audleman provides step-by-step instructions on how to color correct and retouch portraits.

Professional Strategies and Techniques for Digital Photographers (Jan., $29.95) by Bob Coates. Sixteen experts share technical and marketing tips.

The Digital Darkroom Guide with Adobe Photoshop (Feb., $29.95) by Maurice Hamilton focuses on how to fine-tune images by adjusting brightness, enhancing contrasts and balancing color.


(dist. by IPG)

Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen (Nov., $49.95) by Olaf Pfeiffer, Andrew Ayre and Christian Keydel is a guide to designing embedded networks with the Controller Area Network bus.

The Optigration Manifesto: The Future of Optics in Electronics (Feb., $44.95) by Jonathan Pollack examines the potential impact of optics on semiconductors, materials and systems.


Inside the Minds: Profitable Customer Relationships—The Keys to Maximizing Acquisition, Retention, and Loyalty (Sept., $27.95), edited by Inside the Minds staff. Twelve company presidents and CEOs give opinions from various perspectives. Inside the Minds: The Software Business—Industry CEOs on Developing and Implementing Profitable Software Solutions (Oct., $27.95), edited by Inside the Minds staff. Top software company executives discuss the industry, software systems and customer service.

Inside the Minds: Software Law—Leading Lawyers on the Art & Science of Patenting and Protecting Software (Dec., $37.95), edited by Inside the Minds staff. Lawyers offer practical advice, tips and tactics.


Critical Incident Management (Sept., $69.95) by Alan B. Sterneckert assists companies in preparing for and responding to network and information security violations.

The Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing (Oct., $69.95) by James S. Tiller explains methods and concepts for executing successful penetration testing.

Official (ISC) 2 Guide to CISSP Exam (Nov., $69.95) by Susan Hansche, John Berti and Chris Hare is based on the CBK review course, and created by the exam's certifying organization.


(dist. by Sterling)

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Portrait Photography (Oct., $19.95) by Duncan Evans advises on the basics of portrait composition, texture and mood, color composition, computer manipulation and digital camera purchase.


thepurplebook: The Definitive Guide to Exceptional Online Shopping (Oct., $24.95) by Hillary Mendelsohn. A former advertising executive recommends the best 1,600 underutilized e-commerce sites.


(dist. by Sterling)

Barnes & Noble Basics: Using Your Digital Camera: An Easy, Smart Guide to Using Your Digital Camera (Aug., $9.95) by Dave Johnson introduces new digital camera owners to memory cards, editing, special effects, picture refinement and accessories.

Barnes & Noble Basics: Using Your PC: An Easy, Smart Guide to Using Your PC (Aug., $9.95) by Matthew James advises beginners on computer setup, software loading, Internet use, e-finance and games.


(dist. by IPG)

Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Jan., $49.95) by Brian S. Madden and Ron Oglesby allows Windows Server users remote access to applications.


PC Repair and Maintenance: A Practical Guide (Sept., $39.95) by Joel Rosenthal and Kevin Irwin is a reader-friendly guide to Windows PC repair using comprehensible language, detailed diagrams and CD video tutorials.

Final Cut Express: Make the Cut (Oct., $44.95) by Kyle McCabe teaches film editing using Mac's inexpensive Final Cut Express program.

Game Programming with Python (Oct., $49.95) by Sean Riley guides users through creating large-scale, commercial-quality game components and systems.

Moving from Windows to Linux (Nov., $44.95) by Chuck Easttom teaches Windows users to set up, maintain and use a Linux PC.


Going Mobile (Sept., $29.95) by Keri Hayes and Susan Kuchinskas identifies the potential and the pitfalls of implementing mobile networks.

Boris Visual Effects for Editors (Oct., $49.95) by Tim Wilson is a full-color presentation of tutorials, exercises and case studies that shows nonlinear editors how to master special-effects plug-ins.

Developing Windows CE .NET Devices (Oct., $44.95) by Jim Katsandres covers engineering decisions and special tools and skills required to customize CE to work with various hardware.

Final Cut Pro 4 Editing Essentials (Dec., $29.95) by Tom Wolsky presents seven tutorials on the core features of Final Cut Pro 4; includes a DVD with project media.

Working with DVD Studio Pro (Dec., $49.95) by Mike Evangelist illustrates features of DVD Studio Pro for advanced projects.


(dist. by IPG)

The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources (Oct., $29.95) by Nicholas G. Tomaiuolo, edited by Barbara Quint, provides a wealth of URLs, examples of free material and techniques for finding new content.

The Extreme Searcher's Internet Guide: A Guide for the Serious Searcher (Jan., $24.95) by Randolph Hock covers strategies and tools such as search engines, directories and portals.


Cybersecurity Operations Handbook (Sept., $94.95) by Bill Hancock and John Rittinghouse. Security operations experts guide readers through asset protection, integrity management, incident response and other issues pertaining to security products and services.

Integrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise (Oct., $39.99) by William Wheeler focuses on scope, feasibility, return on investment, architecture and data structure for both single- and multiple-device environments.

Debugging by Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Nov., $49.95) by Robert Charles Metzger applies logic, mathematics, psychology, safety analysis, computer science and engineering to identify and correct software errors.

Managing Software Development (Dec., $49.95) by John Rittinghouse explains proven processes for an effective corporate SPMO (Software Program Management Office).


Advanced Adobe Photoshop Elements for Digital Photography (Feb., $29.99) by Philip Andrews shares in-depth knowledge of Photoshop Elements.

Focal Easy Guide to Maya 5 (Feb., $26.95) by Jason Patnode instructs artists new to Alias/Wavefront's Maya or those switching from another 3D package to this animation and effects software.


Semantics in Business Systems (Sept., $34.95) by Dave McComb examines semantics and how they apply to the future of application system development.

Engineering a Compiler (Nov., $64.95) by Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon focuses on best-practice techniques in optimization and code generation, and presents examples in several different programming languages.

Game Physics (Dec., $69.95) by Dave Eberly introduces the ideas and techniques and mathematical and physical concepts necessary to create realistic 3D graphic environments.


(dist. by IPG)

Advanced Spatial Analysis: The CASA Book of GIS (Sept., $39.95), edited by Paul A. Longley and Michael Batty, provides advanced instruction on GIS (Geographic Information System) applications in such fields as urban planning, transportation and economic development.

Mapping the News: Case Studies in GIS and Journalism (Sept., $19.95) by David Herzog uses GIS as a tool for investigative reporting.


Easy Computing for Seniors: A Step-by-Step Handbook from Start-Up to Shut-Down (Nov.; $12.99, cloth $27.99) by Frank K. Wood and FC&A editors is written for the pre-computer generation with explanations that include parts of the computer, Windows, shortcuts, word processing, spreadsheets, clip art, e-mail and the Internet.


(dist. by IPG)

The Senior's Guide to PC Basics (Nov., $24.95) by Kristine Neville includes how to connect to the Internet and send e-mails in a large-type format.

The Senior's Guide to Discovering Digital Photos, Music, Movies, and More (Nov., $24.95) by Kristine Neville offers a self-paced guide to understanding the digital world.


(dist. by IPG)

OOoSwitch: 501 Things You Wanted to Know About Switching to OpenOffice.org from Microsoft Office (Sept., $49.95) by Tamar E. Granor, edited by Scott Carr and Sam Hiser, answers new OpenOffice.org users' common questions.

Email Explained: Infrastructure, Tools, Administration, Use, Customization and Other Interesting Stuff (Nov., $49.95) by Whil Hentzen, edited by Dave Taylor, identifies e-mail's capabilities and explains how administrators can protect it and programmers can use its varied resources.

Linux Transfer for Power Users (Nov., $49.95) by Martin C. Brown, edited by Chris Herborth, shows Microsoft Windows users how Linux works, highlighting similarities, file compatibility and common applications.


(dist. by IPG)

Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA (Oct., $99) by Gerard Verschuuren is a CD-ROM course that teaches spreadsheet expertise.

Dreamboat on Word (Nov., $24.95) by Anne Troy. This second installment in the On Office series covers all versions of Microsoft Word.


Assessing Competitive Intelligence Software: A Guide to Evaluating CI Technology (Sept., $39.50) by Frances Bouthillier and Kathleen Shearer offers a method for companies to evaluate CI software independently.


(dist. by IPG)

Managing Information Technology for Business Value (Oct., $49.95) by Martin Curley explains how to quantify business value beyond productivity by choosing optimal IT investments and building them for competitive advantage.

Audio in the 21st Century (Dec., $59.95) by Scott Janus updates the latest developments in digital audio.

Xscale Apps with Wireless MMX (Jan., $69.95) by Nigel Paver suggests techniques for optimizing performance using MMX software for Intel's Personal Client Architecture.


(dist. by IPG)

Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete (Sept., $49.95) by Jan Axelson helps to design and program small devices to communicate over local Ethernet networks and via the Internet.


(dist. by Sterling)

The Digital Photographer's Guide to Photoshop Elements: Improve Your Photographs & Create Fantastic Special Effects (Sept., $29.95) by Barry Beckham covers digital hardware and software, cameras and computers, storage options, printers and scanners, image film formats, picture saving, cropping, rotating, flipping, resizing and darkroom simulation.

Making Family Websites: Fun & Easy Ways to Share Memories (Oct., $14.95) by Jenni Bidner explains how to create a family Web site with digital photos and slides, snapshots and documents.


(dist. by IPG)

JUnit in Action (Oct., $39.95) by Vincent Massol with Ted Husted discusses unit testing techniques for EJBs and J2EE applications, database applications, JSPs and Taglibs and automated builds.

Programming Windows Server 2003 (Oct., $44.95) by Robert Foster teaches how to apply new Windows 2003 features to new and existing .NET applications with sample applications.

Art of Java Web Development (Nov., $44.95) by Neal Ford. This guide leads developers through industry-accepted best practices for architecture.

Semantic Web: A Field Guide (Dec., $44.95) by Thomas B. Passin acquaints readers with the basic technologies and interrelations of the Semantic Web.


(dist. by IPG)

XML-Based Integration Using XA-Suite (Nov., $49.95) by Kristan Vandersluis addresses the complexity of business integration and the technology available to solve related problems.

Exploring IBM Technology, Products, and Services (Feb., $54.95) by Jim Hoskins is an overview of IBM's most current technology, product lines and consultant services.




MCSE Windows Server 2003 (Oct., $79.99 cloth) by Brian Culp, Mike Harwood, Jason Berg and Drew Bird trains MCSE candidates studying Windows Server 2003.

HTI+ Home Technology Integration (Dec., $89.99 cloth) by Ron Glister covers exam objectives for the CompTIA certification and serves as a reference for professional home automation technology installers.


Flash X (Oct., $29.99) by Brian Underdahl is a primer for the latest version of Flash.

Access 2003 (Dec., $29.99) by Tom Sheldon trains how to use the popular database.


Build Your Own Smart Home (Oct., $24.99) by Toby Velte. This visual how-to guide teaches homeowners and hobbyists how to plan, install and maintain smart home technologies.


MCSA Windows Server 2003 for a Windows 2000 MCSA Study Guide (Upgrade Exam 70-292) (Oct., $49.99) by Chris Wolf and Steve Suehring provides in-depth coverage of all technical objectives covered by the MCSA Upgrade exam.

PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide (Nov., $59.99) by Joseph Phillips asks more than 400 practice exam questions.


Network Security (Oct., $59.99) by Roberta Bragg, Mark Rhodes-Ousley and Keith Strassberg is a holistic approach to network security using logical, concise information.

Office 2003 (Oct., $39.99) by Curt Simmons, Guy Hart-Davis and Jennifer Kettell explains new features such as file security, XML integration, OneNote and InfoPath and how to integrate all programs.

Red Hat Linux X, DVD Edition (Nov., $49.99) by Richard Peterson and Ibrahim Haddad features updated material on the Linux kernel, the new version of Gnome and K Desktop, along with Red Hat X.

Maya X (Dec., $59.99) by Tom Meade and Shinsaku Arima is a reference for the Maya toolset; includes CD.

Solaris 10 (Jan., $49.99) by Paul Watters covers new applications such as Solaris 10 desktop, Patch Manager, Modular Debugger, Solaris Flash and IP Multipathing.


The Healthy PC: Tune-Up, Crash-Proof, and Maintain Your PC (Oct., $16.99) by Carey Holzman shows the average computer user how to avoid system crashes, keep information secure and make simple upgrades.


Portable DBA: SQL Server (Oct., $29.99) by Damir Bersinic is DBA reference information in a convenient-to-carry and read format.


How to Do Everything with Excel 2003 (Sept., $24.99) by Guy Hart-Davis teaches how to format, print and share worksheets, add graphics, and import and export data to and from the Web.

How to Do Everything with Illustrator 11 (Oct., $29.99) by David Karlins teaches how to create professional-quality graphics for print and Web sites.

How to Do Everything with Outlook 2003 (Oct., $24.99) by Bill Mann lists Outlook 2003's new capabilities.

How to Do Everything with Your TiVo (Nov., $24.99) by Evan Young covers all TiVo models including the new HDTV TiVo for DirecTV.


Windows Server Undocumented Solutions: Beyond the Knowledge Base (Sept., $39.99) by Serdar Yegulalp explains how to use servers for uncustomary tasks by providing undocumented techniques for installation, networking, multimedia tools, disk checking and more.

Hacking Exposed Windows Server 2003 (Nov., $49.99) by Joel Scambray and Stuart McClure reports on new security features and exploits in Windows Server 2003.


Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Server 2003 (Sept., $59.99) by Steve Kaplan and Tim Reeser explains how to build a robust, reliable and scalable thin-client computing environment.

Advantage Database Server (Oct., $49.99) by Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson includes a trial version of the Advantage Database Server, current database connectivity drivers and database management and configuration tools.


Oracle X XML & SQL (Dec., $49.99) by Mark Scardina, Ben Chang and Jinyu Wang utilizes XML technologies within Oracle's XML-enabled products.

Oracle X Database Linux Administration (Jan., $49.99) by Wim Coekaerts is by Oracle's acknowledged Linux guru.

Unbreakable Oracle by Design (Jan., $59.99) by David Knox. The chief engineer of Oracle's Information Assurance Center makes security part of corporate DNA.

Oracle X DBA Handbook (Feb., $59.99) by Kevin Loney and Bob Bryla instructs on set up and explains new features.


202 Digital Photography Solutions (Aug., $24.95) by George Wallace and Chuck Gloman provides expert advice from purchasing equipment to using digital special effects.

PDA Robotics (Aug., $24.95) by Doug Williams suggests designs and concepts for creating a robot that utilizes a Personal Digital Assistant as the remote control.

Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller (Aug., $39.95) by Dennis Clark is an object oriented embedded microcontroller manual.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DVD (Sept., $19.95) by Jim Taylor offers a comprehensive, quick look-up guide to DVD facts, figures and formats.


(dist. by IPG)

Eclipse: Step by Step (Sept., $59) by Joe Pluta explains the new universal approach to programming for any platform.

Building Application with IBM WebSphere Studio and JavaBeans (Sept., $55) by Colette Burrus and Stephanie Parkin teaches how to build, test and deploy Web applications with WebSphere Studio and JavaBeans.

IBM WebSphere Portal Primer (Sept., $59) by Ashok Iyengar and Venkata Gadepalli is a technology and e-commerce guide to the use of portals.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Step by Step (Sept., $24.99) by Online Training Solutions Inc. Lessons cover new functions of this software program.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Step by Step (Sept., $24.99) by Online Training Solutions Inc., teaches presentation graphic capabilities of PowerPoint 2003, with practice exercises.

Deploying Virtual Private Networks with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Oct., $49.99) by Joseph Davies and Elliot Lewis explains how to implement and manage virtual private network (VPN) solutions on a Windows .NET server and Windows 2000 Server operating system.

Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games (Oct., $59.99) by Peter Turcan and Microsoft. C++ game developers can add sound, music, video cut-scenes and other special effects to digital games; includes reusable code and copyright-free media samples.

Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Inside Out (Oct., $44.99) by Mark H. Walker and Nanette Eaton. This concise-format reference offers time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips and workarounds.

Microsoft Windows XP: Do Amazing Things (Nov., $24.99) by Joli Ballew explores Windows XP, including digital photography, music and video, Windows Movie Maker 2, Windows Power Toys, instant messaging and home networks.

The Future of Digital Memories (Dec., $29.99) by Dane M. Howard teaches a new scrapbooking method using a digital camera, PC and the Web.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out (Jan., $49.99) by Curtis Frye explains custom business solutions to advanced Excel users with hundreds of timesaving answers, tips and workarounds.

Microsoft Windows Desktop Deployment Resource Kit (Feb., $59.99) by Jerry Honeycutt with the Microsoft Windows XP and Office teams assists IT consultants with Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and applications.


A History of Online Information Services, 1963—1976 (Sept., $45 cloth) by Charles P. Bourne and Trudi Bellardo Hahn traces the growth of online information retrieval systems during the early period of search engine, online catalogue and large database development.

Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City (Oct., $27.95 cloth) by William J. Mitchell completes a trilogy examining the ramifications of information technology on modern social environments and lives.

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals (Nov., $49.95 cloth) by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman defends and defines the emerging field of game design.

Turing (A Novel About Computation) (Nov., $24.95 cloth) by Christos P. Papadimitriou. Turing, an interactive tutoring program, offers an idiosyncratic history from a computational perspective that unfolds in tandem with the story of a love triangle involving Ethel, a successful computer executive, Alexandros, a melancholy archeologist and Ian, a charismatic hacker.

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (Jan., $29.95) by Nick Montfort considers interactive fiction from gaming and literary perspectives.


Murach's ASP.NET Web Programming with VB.NET (Nov., $49.50) by Doug Lowe and Anne Prince. The Murach presentation method—details and coding on the right-hand page and programming perspectives on the left—helps programmers learn Web applications with ASP.NET.


Get Creative with Cubabase SX/SL (Sept., $24.99) by Keith Gemmell teaches musical arranging and composing using Cubase software, and provides examples of completed projects from Web sites.

Digital Image Processing (Oct., $29.99) by Chris Tarantino. Illustrated instructions teach photographers how to digitally enhance and change images.

Digital Landscape Photography (Oct., $29.99) by Tim Gartside offers techniques for creating impressive landscape photos.

Inside the Recording Studio (Nov., $49.99) by Robert Guerin focuses on modern technology used in today's studios.


Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (Sept., $39.95) by Jon Erickson studies techniques and methods used by hackers to exploit programs.

The Book of Postfix (Nov., $29.95) by Ralf Hildebrandt and Patrick Koetter shows how to use Postfix, the popular alternative to Sendmail.

Web Programmers Cross Reference (Nov., $44.95) by Lazaro Issi and Joseph Cohen references the four main languages of Web programming—HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DHTML—for intermediate to advanced Web developers.


Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell (Aug., $39.95) by Mitch Tulloch is a guide to the tasks required to deploy and administer any version of Windows .NET Server from Microsoft.

eBay Hacks (Sept., $24.95) by David A. Karp delves into eBay's API to help users become efficient buyers and sellers.

Head First EJB (Sept., $44.95) by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates supports the latest Java Certification exam from Sun Microsystems.

Mac OS X Unwired (Oct., $24.95) by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith shows how to install and configure wireless technologies on Macs.

PC Annoyances (Oct., $19.95) by Steve Bass provides home PC users with tips and tricks to smooth out the bugs in desktop designs.


Game Developer's Market Guide (Aug., $39.99) by Bob Bates gathers articles by seasoned professionals on selecting the right schools, planning career paths, negotiating with employers and capitalizing on industry trends.

MUD Game Programming (Oct., $49.99) by Ron Penton identifies protocols needed and concepts used for multi-user dungeon games.

Game Programming with Python, Lua, and Ruby (Nov., $49.99) by Tom Gutschmidt is a manual for programming games using the three high-level languages.

Inspired 3D Effects (Jan., $59.99) by David Santiago explains how to create digital and real-world effects such as water, smoke, fire, crumbling buildings, virtual sets, lava and tidal waves.

PHP Game Programming (Feb., $39.99) by Matt Rutledge takes programmers from beginning level Web development to hardcore Web games.


Data Access Patterns: Database Interactions in Object Oriented Applications (Sept., $49.99) by Clifton Nock helps software developers apply solutions to recurring problems in data access.

Effective XML—50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML (Sept., $44.99) by Elliotte Rusty Harold teaches effective use and better code production for XML.

The C# Programming Language (Oct., $29.99) by Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Wiltamuth and Peter Golde. The architect of C# and the author of C# specification offer a definitive specification of C# that includes a print index, online index and navigation tools.

Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins (Oct., $39.99) by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma explains Eclipse platform design, and offers a tutorial on creating custom tools.

Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture (Oct., $49.99) by Ken W. Henderson evaluates SQL Server architecture and performance.


The 100 Best Adobe Acrobat 6 Tips and Tricks (Sept., $15) by Donna Baker. Organized by Input, Output and Internal Acrobat Processes, this volume trains users on the program's standard edition.

Adobe Encore DVD Classroom in a Book (Oct., $45) by the Adobe Creative team. Project-based lessons teach Encore DVD for the beginning user.

Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Compositing with John Lund (Oct., $50) by John Lund and Pamela Pfiffner explains the elements that make up high-quality composite images.


Color Correction with Avid Media Composer and Avid XPress Pro (Nov., $34.99) by Avid Technology editors takes readers through the three stages of color—restoring the original image, achieving shot-to-shot consistency and creating a visual style.

Creating Graphics for Avid Editing Systems with Adobe Photoshop 7 (Nov., $34.99) by Avid Technology editors provides illustrated instructions with screenshots, review questions and exercises to show intermediate to advanced Avid XPress DV editors how to create video-ready graphics.


CCNP BCRAN Exam Certification Guide (CCNP Self-Study) (Oct., $49.95) by Brian Morgan and Craig Dennis teaches remote access design and management for the Cisco CCNP 642-821 BCRAN exam; includes more than 200 test questions.

Data Center Fundamentals (Oct., $55) by Mauricio Arregoces and Maurizio Portolani teaches design guidelines that show how to deploy server farms in highly available and scalable environments and reviews site performance capacity.

Designing Network Security (Oct., $55) by Merike Kaeo surveys network issues and concepts and teaches specific implementation based on needs.

Wireless Local-Area Network Fundamentals (Oct., $50) by Pejman Roshan and Jonathan Leary is a concise design and deployment guide for mastering the basics of wireless LANs.

CCNP CIT Exam Certification Guide (CCNP Self-Study) (Nov., $49.95) by Amir Ranjbar presents troubleshooting and support topics for the new Cisco CCNP 642-831 CIT exam; includes test questions.


Photoshop Elements 2 Hands-On Training (Sept., $29.99) by Shane Rebenschied shows users how to apply Photoshop Elements to manipulate captured images into real-life projects.


Macromedia Contribute 2 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide (Sept., $19.99) by Tom Negrino. This visual, task-based reference covers Contribute's newest features, including Mac OS X compatibility, improved speed and user response and site security connections.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004: Training from the Source (Oct., $44.99) by Khristine Annwn Page includes 18 lessons and 23 hours of tutorials on how to create and maintain Web sites that integrate visual and code editing.

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript: Training from the Source (Oct., $44.99) by Derek Franklin and Jobe Makar explains how to script applications, Web sites, games and more in this project-based course.

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide (Nov., $24.99) by Katherine Ulrich covers the basic Flash MX 2004 features with screenshots and detailed instructions.

Macromedia Studio MX 2004: Training from the Source (Dec., $44.99) by Jeffrey Bardzell and Shaowen Bardzell calls on project-based tutorials to create professional-looking Web site design.


Maya Character Creation: Modeling and Animation Controls (Sept., $45) by Chris Maraffi teaches how to create realistic characters using Maya.

Dreamweaver MX 2004 Killer Tips (Oct., $39.99) by Joseph Lowery and Angela C. Buraglia is packed with sidebar tips and hidden secrets from pros.

Commercial Photoshop with Bert Monroy (Nov., $45) by Bert Monroy offers Photoshop-specific suggestions from an Adobe expert and commercial artist.

Mac OS X Panther Killer Tips (Dec., $29.99) by Scott Kelby is a speed course on Mac.

Maya 5 Fundamentals (Dec., $45) by Jim Lammers includes a conceptual explanation and tutorials for the Maya novice.

Understanding Google (Jan., $29.99) by Shari Thurow teaches how to increase Web site ranking on this search engine.


Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming (Sept., $49.99) by Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dumal is a compendium of techniques and algorithms used to code computer and video games using C++, the OpenGL and DirectX APIs.

AI Game Development (Oct., $49.99) by Alex Champandard explains how to add AI characters to games developed in C++, plus instructions for building a bot.

Mobile Games: Creating Business with Nokia's N-Gage (Oct., $39.99) by Jouni Paavilainen suggests that mobile game program developers use the Nokia N-Gage platform.


Real World QuarkXPress 6 (Sept., $44.99) by David Blatner provides comprehensive coverage of everything Quark, such as using the Tool palette, building a document, working with graphics and adjusting color.

Final Cut Pro 4 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide (Oct., $29.99) by Lisa Brenneis introduces video producers to the functions in the video-editing tool.

Red Hat Linux 9: Visual QuickPro Guide (Oct., $24.99) by Harold Davis uses a visual approach to teach navigating and configuring the Gnome desktop.

Sell It on eBay: TechTV's Guide to Successful Online Auctions (Oct., $19.99) by Jim Heid and Toby Malina provides details for selling merchandise on eBay, advising on photo presentation, page design, payment methods and shipping.

How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography (Dec., $29.99) by Jack Davis and Ben Willmore solves creative and production problems and teaches photo-enhancing techniques.

The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Panther Edition (Dec., $29.99) by Robin Williams gives instructions on Apple's latest version of Panther for both the novice and experienced user.


DB2 Version 8: The Official Guide (Sept., $59.99) by Paul C. Zikopolous, George Baklarz, Dirk deRoos and Roman B. Melnyk is organized into topics such as Performance Enhancements, Manageability Enhancements and SQL Enhancements.

Online! The Book (Oct., $29.99) by John C. Dvorak, Chris Pirillo and Wendy Taylor covers topics such as hardware, security, mobile access, spam filters and blogging.

The Common Language Infrastructure: Annotated Standard (Nov., $59.99) by Jim Miller and Susann Ragsdale provides .NET programmers with a reference to Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Malware (Nov., $44.99) by Ed Skoudis focuses on malicious code, a large area of computer attacks.


Upgrading and Repairing Laptop Computers (Oct., $49.99 cloth) by Scott Mueller is an owner's manual that advises on when and how to tamper with one's laptop and when to call the manufacturer.

Business Travel Almanac (Oct., $22.99) by Donna William offers an indispensable pocket concierge for the high-tech traveler that lists locations for business meetings, high-speed and wireless access and other business services.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Launching an eBay Business (Nov., $18.95) by Michael Miller gives step-by-step instructions for setting up an eBay business and advice on running it day to day.


Sams Teach Yourself Dreamweaver in 24 Hours, Second Edition (Oct., $24.99) by Betsy Bruce focuses on the quick command of Dreamweaver to build impressive Web sites.

MySQL Tutorial (Nov., $29.99) by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson consists of short, concise chapters with a task-oriented format.


TechTV Leo Laporte's 2004 Technology Almanac (Sept., $24.99) by Leo Laporte. The host the Screen Savers TV show provides anecdotes, tips, factoids and musings on today's technology.

TechTV's Mod Mania with Yoshi: A Guide to Customizing Your Computer and Other Digital Devices (Nov., $19.99) by Yoshi Deherrera. An expert shares his know-how on modifying computers.

The TechTV and DVCreators.net Guide to the Digital Video Revolution (Feb., $34.99) by John Mellicker and Lisa Brenneis distills knowledge on shooting, lighting, audio, DVD authoring and Web video compression.


(dist. by IPG)

HIPAA Auditing for Oracle Database Security (Sept., $59.95) by Arup Nanda and Donald K. Burleson discusses using Oracle auditing features for the retrieval of sensitive information.

Oracle New Features for the DBA—Oracle Database Enhancements for the Oracle DBA (Nov., $27.95) by Mike Ault describes new Oracle features.

Oracle Replication—Snapshot, Multi-Master & Materialized Views Scripts (Dec., $27.95) by John Garmany. This reference includes a section on tuning and monitoring, examples of multi-master replication working code and all aspects of snapshot replication.

Oracle RAC—Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration and Intervals (Jan., $59.95) by Mike Ault and Madhu Tumma covers all new features of RAC continuous availability and transparent application failover.


Design Secrets: Products—50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered (Sept., $30) by Industrial Designers Society of America deconstructs successful product designs from initial concepts to finished work.

Universal Principles of Design (Oct., $40 cloth) by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden and Jill Butler covers the building blocks of design theory from graphic design to architecture.

100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers: Insider Secrets from Top Designers on Working Smart and Staying Creative (Nov., $40 cloth) by Plazm advises on how to survive the competitive graphic design world.

Layout: Making It Fit—Finding the Right Balance Between Content and Space (Nov., $45 cloth) by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser features 150 projects with creative solutions for two common design challenges: working with too much or too little content for the space provided.


Retail Graphics (Sept., $30) by Giles Calver studies how retailers use graphics to enhance a consumer's desire to buy.

Graphicscapes: New York—Street Graphics of the World's Greatest Cities (Oct., $25) by Ivan Vartanian is the latest sourcebook in a series on urban graphics for visual designers.


Instant ODS: Style Templates with SAS Output Delivery System (Sept., $29.95) by Bernadette Johnson acquaints ODS users with a library of business-style templates in HTML, PDF or RTF formats on CD-ROM.

Web Development with SAS by Example (Sept., $TBA) by Frederick Pratter teaches Web programming using SAS tools.


(dist. by IPG)

The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center (Sept., $49.95) by Dorian J. Cougias, E.L. Heiberger and Karsten Koop. This comprehensive guide to backup and recovery options evaluates the myriad of products designed for various problems.


505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages (Sept., $9.95) by Dan Crowley looks at the weirdest, funniest and dumbest Web sites.


Database Design Manual: Using MySQL for Windows (Dec., $59.95) by Matthew Norman explains how an effective database design can improve MySQL performance.

Guide to Biometrics (Feb., $79.95) by Ruud Bolle, Jonathan Connell, Sharathchandra Pankanti, Nalini Ratha and Andrew Senior covers all of the currently popular biometric identifiers: fingers, face, voice, iris, hand and signature.


Final Cut Express Solutions (Sept., $39.99) by Jason Cranford Teague and David Teague teaches novice and experienced filmmakers how to edit, cut, add transitions, effects, audio and titles for the best results on a limited budget.

Presenting Keynote: The Insider’s Guide to Creating Great Presentations (Sept., $24.99) by Erik Holsinger uses case studies to demonstrate professional design and production techniques to create sophisticated interactive multimedia materials; accompanying CD features new themes, examples and source materials.

Maya 5 Savvy (Sept., $59.99) by John Kundert-Gibbs, Peter Lee, Dariush Derakhshani and Eric Kunzendorf is a guide for the Academy Award-winning 3D modeling and animation software with new tutorials that integrate instruction with real-world advice.

Visual Basic .NET Power Tools (Oct., $49.99) by Evangelos Petroutsos and Richard Mansfield This advanced book on Visual Basic.NET, one of the core components of Microsoft’s upgrade to Visual Studio, provides solutions for experienced programmers to make smooth transitions.

ICDL/ECDL 4.0 Study Guide (Nov., $29.99) by BCS. The International/European Computer Driving License (ICDL/ECDL) is a worldwide end-user IT skills certification program managed by the ECDL Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. This manual covers all seven certification modules in a single volume: 1) Fundamental Concepts of IT; 2) Using the Computer and Managing Files; 3) Word Processing; 4) Spreadsheets; 5) Databases; 6) Presentations; 7) Internet and E-mail.


Managing and Securing a Cisco Structured Wireless-Aware Network (Dec., $59.95) by Syngress editors covers Cisco Structured Wireless-Aware network features with a focus on integrating legacy Cisco products into the network.

Ethereal Packet Sniffing (Jan., $49.95) by Syngress editors shows how to use Ethereal to examine data from a live Unix or Windows network or disk.

Lockdown: Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook Web Access (Jan., $39.95) by Syngress editors gives instructions for a comprehensive security program.


Femme Digital: Perfecting the Female Form on Your Computer (Oct., $29.95) by Michael Burns is a how-to showcasing the examples of this digital art form.


HTML Complete Course (Oct., $49.99) by Donna L. Baker explains how to create a well-designed Web site.

Kickin' Bot: An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots (Oct., $24.99) by Grant Imahara gives instructions on how to design and build fighting robots using common parts found in local hardware and electronic stores.

Myth of Homeland Security (Oct., $TBA cloth) by Marcus Ranum asks how the hype bandwagon began, who stands to gain from it, will security be improved and what can regular citizens do?

PC Toys: Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment (Oct., $29.99) by Barry Press and Marcia Press. Two PC toy builders offer instructions for more than a dozen free or low-cost projects, including an MP3 or CD jukebox, a TiVo-like digital video recorder and a weather station.

Dr. Hack: Secret Methods for Discovering Security Holes (Jan., $TBA) by Jack Koziol, Dave Aitel, David Litchfield, Chris Anley, Sinan (noir) Eren and Frank Louis Witt (aka Rocky-gobbles) includes several previously unpublished "0days," a slang term for security holes used by hackers in the 1980s to classify the age of a find.

OpenBSD Security: The Complete Guide (Nov., $40) by Brian Carter is by an information protection and former U.S. Army intelligence analyst.

Photoshop "X" Illustrated (Nov., $24.99) by Design Graphics editors offers the latest from Adobe Photoshop in a visual format using full-color screen shots, product shots and diagrams.


Photoshop "X" Bible (Oct., $39.99) by Deke McClelland revises the classic bestseller in anticipation of Photoshop's next release in late 2003.

Final Cut Pro 4 Bible (Dec., $49.99) by Zed Saeed, J.J. Marshall and Jeffrey Chong shows how to create video masterpieces; includes new chapters on color correction and workflow techniques between Final Cut and Shake, Apple's compositing application.


Google for Dummies (Sept., $21.99) by Brad Hill identifies Google tools and teaches essential procedures.

Cryptography for Dummies (Dec., $TBA) by Chey Cobb explains the difference between weak and strong cryptography to guide buyers to the best products for safe home computer security systems.


The Macintosh Projects Book (Dec., $39.95) by Alan Graham teaches sophisticated projects that novices can easily understand.

Backup Exec 9: The Official Guide (Jan., $49.95) by Mike Black and Dan Castillo introduces the back up and protection software product from Veritas; includes troubleshooting and practical anecdotes.

LightWave 8: 1001 Tips and Tricks (Jan., $39.95) by Steve Warner, Timothy Albee, Deuce Bennett, et al. Twenty-five leading 3D artists share their knowledge on character modeling, animation, digital cinematography and more.