Following an extraordinary jump in June in the children's hardcover segment, sales in the category had another solid performance in July, increasing 73.9%, according to preliminary estimates from the AAP. The gain in the segment was led by sales of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , which, much like June, also helped to boost audio sales, which increased 91.3% in the month. The Phoenix halo effect did not carry over to children's paperback, however, and sales were off 25.5% in the month. The adult hardcover category, helped by a decline in returns, had an extremely good July, with sales up 40.2%. Trade paperback sales rose 21.3%. Sales were down in the elhi segment, falling 2.8%. The decline was mainly due to a 9% drop in basal sales to non-adoption states. Sales of supplementary materials rose 15.3%.

% Change % Change
Category July YTD
Adult Hardcover 40.2 11.5
Adult Paperback 21.3 -5.2
Adult Mass Market -15.7 3.0
Juvenile Hardcover 73.9 68.1
Juvenile Paperback -25.5 -5.5
Audio Books 91.3 24.7
Electronic Books 200.0 190.0
Religious Books 32.9 26.4
Higher Education 7.9 3.2
Univ. Pr. Hardcover 38.7 15.4
Univ. Pr. Paperback 12.1 9.6
Professional 15.3 -5.9
Elhi -2.8 2.9
(Measured in $ sales against same time periods, 2002)