The following listings were not included in our fall children's announcements (July 21).


(Consortium, dist.)

The Big and Little ABC ($15.95, 0-9710278-4-6) by Sandra Ure Griffin is an alphabet book featuring plant and animal drawings. (2-8)

Dillan McMillan, Please Eat Your Peas ($16.95, 0-9710278-6-2) by David Schneider, illus. by Jeff Shelley. When Dillan refuses to eat his peas, his neighborhood joins in to cheer the picky eater on. (4-8)

My Brother and I ($15.95, 0-9710278-8-9) by Brad Harris, illus. by Phyllis Harris. Two brothers discover that despite their differences, they have a shared bond. (4-8)

Shadowbox Hunt ($17.95, 0-9700863-8-5) by Laura Seeley is a seek-and-find collection with shapes, colors, numbers and more. (4-up)


Magical Thoughts ($10.95, 0-9700863-5-0) by Arlene Maguire, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm (2-8); and Swim, Swam, Swum by Roy Marsaw, illus. by Phyllis Harris (4-8).


The Year My Life Went Down the Loo ($5.99, 0-8439-5251-2) by Katie Maxwell. Via a series of e-mails, Emily tells her best friend about the woes of adjusting to life in England. (12-up)

A Girl, a Guy & a Ghost ($5.99, 0-8439-8276-8) by Sherrie Rose. When Traci gets e-mails from a friend who died two years earlier, she wonder if she needs help in the afterlife. (12-up)

The Real Deal: Focus on This! ($5.99, 0-8439-5252-0) by Amy Kaye follows a reality television show that goes on location at a high school. (12-up)

My Life as a Snowbunny ($5.99, 0-8439-5296-2) by Kaz Delaney. When a ski instructor shows Jo some special attention, the prospect of an icy ski trip suddenly seems bearable. (12-up)


Goodness Gracious, Gulliver Mulligan ($15.95, 1-55192-560-5) by Susan Chalker Browne, illus. by Cynthia Nugent. Two boys become friends after one saves the other during a school nature walk. (6-up)

Number Four, Bobby Orr! ($15.95, 1-55192-551-6) by Mike Leonetti, illus. by Shayne Letain, is based on a true story from the life of hockey great Bobby Orr. (6-up)


All the Way to Mexico ($6.95, 1-55192-598-2) by Norma Charles is about a newly blended family from the viewpoint of a 12-year-old boy. (8-13)

One in a Million ($6.95, 1-896095-22-4) by Nicholas Read. A stray dog learns to survive and thrive in this story about pet responsibility. (8-12)


Who's Got Game? The Lion or the Mouse? ($16.95, 0-7432-2249-0) by Toni and Slade Morrison, illus. by Pascal Lamaître. This picture book, part of a six-book series, puts a new twist on Aesop's fables. (All ages)

Correction: The two fall titles for Dawn Publications, Sunshine on My Shoulders and Around One Cactus: Owls, Bats and Leaping Rats, will be published as dual editions in both hardcover and paperback. The paperback of Sunshine on My Shoulders does not contain a CD.