Publishers Weekly has confirmed reports of approximately 29 layoffs spread across Random House's sales force and in its technical support departments in New York City headquarters and in its Westminster, Md., distribution center.

Random House spokesperson Stuart Applebaum confirmed that the publisher has "eliminated five sales rep positions, over the past several weeks." Applebaum also acknowledged that "over the last few months" Random House has eliminated about 24 technical support staff positions divided between New York and Westminster.

Applebaum emphasized that the house "was not contemplating any additional major layoffs." He also said that despite the layoffs among sales reps, "Random House still has the largest field and home sales force" in the industry.

Applebaum said the cuts in the sales force were unrelated to its decision earlier this year to combine its adult sales forces.

"We have a longstanding commitment to cost management, said Applebaum. "We're constantly evaluating the marketplace and how to respond to it. In this uncertain economy, all companies have to continually review their staff levels, and that's what we've been doing."