November Publications

Five Star presents A Flight of Storks and Angels, Robert Devereaux's (Deadweight, etc.) winsome fantasy about a small American town's struggle to reclaim its innocence. ($25.95 316p ISBN 1-5941-4058-8)

The same publisher also offers story collections by two horror pros: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Apprehension and Other Delusions, which includes a new, unpublished tale, "Fugues" ($25.95 345p 0-7862-5352-5); and Stoker-winner Thomas F. Monteleone's Rough Beasts and Other Mutations, which gathers 20 of the best tales by the author of the iconoclastic opinion column, "The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association" ($25.95 400p -5344-4).

Betancourt ( rolls out a couple of volumes of short stories: Gary A. Braunbeck's first science fiction collection, X3, which includes an introduction by Brian A. Hopkins ($27.95 164p ISBN 1-59224-597-8); and Stoker nominee Karen E. Taylor's Fangs and Angel Wings, which contains nearly all of her short fiction to date ($32.95 269p -612-5).

Flying saucers swoop over tall ships in Robota, an illustrated SF novel by Academy Award—winning artist Doug Chiang and best-selling author Orson Scott Card. On a strange, alien world, brilliantly rendered in Chiang's full-color paintings, Caps, an amnesiac human, turns to friendly talking animals for help in his fight against killer robots. (Chronicle, $35 208p ISBN 0-446-69187-9) Fans of exquisite fantasy illustration will also welcome Transitions: The Art of Todd Lockwood, with text by Karen Haber and Todd Lockwood. (Paper Tiger [Sterling dist.], $29.95 paper 112p ISBN 1-84340-072-3)