Coast agent Jillian Manus 's "pajama party" at Hyperion, with authors Karen Neuberger and Nadine Schiff pushing a book called The Gift of Comfort , ended in a high-six-figure world rights deal. Neuberger is a kind of anti—Martha Stewart, urging customers for her specially designed sleepwear, even beds, to embrace ease rather than perfection in their clothes, styling and decor; and her book, being co-written with Schiff, aims to help women to find comfort in their lives. To this end, Manus and the authors stressed the relaxation of Neuberger's sleepwear by wearing it as they toured publishers' offices recently, and found the most understanding response at Hyperion, with even president Bob Miller turning up in carpet slippers. The world rights deal was signed by Ellen Archer , and Kelly Notaras will edit for publication next fall. The book is dedicated, with permission, to Oprah Winfrey, on whose show Neuberger has been a hit.