Doubleday's Deb Futter won an auction for a first book of stories by Boston U. writing teacher Daphne Kalotay; it was a North American rights deal with Leigh Feldman at Darhansoff, Verrill & Feldman.... Bestselling author Haven Kimmel (A Girl Named Zippy) made a deal with Caitlin Dlouhy at Atheneum for a pair of new children's books, following her Orville this fall. The North American rights deal was signed with Bill Clegg at Burnes & Clegg.... Random's Dan Menaker bought world rights to Not Me, a first novel by Michael Lavigne that tells the story of a Jewish comic who discovers his father, revered as a philanthropist, may have once been a Nazi. The agent was Michael Carlisle, and Claire Tisne is handling foreign.... Composer David Israel has written a first novel that was signed for North American rights by Danielle Durkin at Ballantine. It's called Behind Everyman and is described as a satirical romp about a young man trying to find love and a creative life in New York. Emilie Stewart at Anne Edelstein made the deal, and tentative pub date is spring 2005.... Emily Bestler at Atria made a two-book North American deal for Tennessee-based debut novelist Paula Wall. Her first book is The Rock Orchard, about a family of spirited and seductive women, and was bought from agent Aaron Priest, who has already sold it in Germany and the U.K.