December Bestsellers

1 Once minutos. Coelho, Paulo. (Eleven Minutes) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2003. ISBN 0-06-059183-8. pap. $13.95. Already a best seller in Latin America and Spain, Coelho's latest inspirational novel centers on themes of sexuality. Fiction
2 Cien años de soledad. García Márquez, Gabriel. (One Hundred Years of Solitude) Spain: Ediciones Cátedra: Anaya. 1994. ISBN 84-376-0494-X. pap. $12.95. This classic of all classics by the Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author is considered essential reading for those learning Spanish. Fiction
3 El alquimista: Una fábula para seguir tus sueños. Coelho, Paulo. (The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2002. ISBN 0-06-251140-8. pap. $12.95. A cult figure for U.S. Latinos, internationally bestselling New Age author Coelho is likely to stay on the charts and inspire for a long time. Fiction
4 Vivir para contarla. García Márquez, Gabriel. (Living to Tell the Tale) U.S.: Knopf: Random House. 2002. ISBN 0-4000-4106-6. $25. Still selling strong, Gabo's memoir blends the author's life with a backdrop of Colombian political strife. Non-Fiction
5 La casa en Mango Street. Cisneros, Sandra. (The House on Mango Street) U.S.: Vintage Español: Random House. 1994. ISBN 0-679-75526-8. pap. $9.95. Cisneros's first novel remains a coming-of-age Latino classic. Both El Paso and Miami have chosen it for their One City/One Book programs. Fiction
6 Atravesando fronteras. Ramos, Jorge. (No Borders) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2003. ISBN 0-06-0559-292. pap. $13.95. Ramos's candid memoir about his life in journalism and as a Mexican immigrant in the United States still stands strong. Non-Fiction
7 Una vida con propósito. Warren, Rick. (The Purpose-Driven Life)) U.S.: Vida Pub. 2003. ISBN 0-8297-3786-3. $12.95. The Southern Baptist Church pastor from California now applies his highly successful "purpose-driven" framework for Latino believers. Non-Fiction
8 El reino del dragón de oro. Allende, Isabel. (The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon) U.S.: Rayo: HarperCollins. 2003. ISBN 0-06-0591-706. $19.99. This sequel to Allende's first YA novel takes readers to a hidden kingdom in the Himalayas in search of a priceless golden dragon. Fiction
9 Los cuatro acuerdos: Una guía práctica para la libertad personal. Ruiz, Miguel. (The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom) U.S.: Amber-Allen Pub. 1999. ISBN 1-878424-36-X. pap. $10.95. Published in English in 1997, this self-help title by a Toltec shaman became a huge best seller. Oprah added extra sales when she touted him in '99. Non-Fiction
10 El amor en los tiempos del cólera. García Márquez, Gabriel. (Love in the Time of Cholera) U.S.: Penguin. 1996. ISBN 0-1402-5578-8. pap. $10.95. Arguably better than One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabo's classic romance about a 50-plus year courtship continues to delight. Fiction