We've noted the phenomenal success of author Dan Brown elsewhere in today's issue (Charting the Winners), so why not continue the encomiums here? Not only is Brown making another debut on our hardcover fiction list, but the novel in question dates back nearly four years. Angels & Demons was published in May 2000, well before Brown and his Da Vinci Code were household names (that is, households that read). Pocket's mass market edition of Angels, which came out in June 2001, has, to no one's surprise, benefited from the Da Vinci furor, to the tune of 24 printings and 2.5 million copies in print. (It's marking week #38 on our mass market list.) But, since what's Brown is green these days, Atria's Angels hardcover, too, has been making hay: landing today at lucky #13, that edition is up to 270,000 copies in print after 12 printings. We can't help thinking of the current UPS tagline, "What can Brown do for you?"

—with reporting by Dick Donahue