Harvard Business School Press is teaming up with Gartner Inc., a research and consulting firm, to produce a series of co-branded professional books and a series of trade books focused on business and technology.

The professional series, called the Gartner Growth Agenda, will be aimed at senior executives and cover the skills and strategic frameworks needed in a marketplace dependent on technology for success. The books will be based on research and analysis conducted by Gartner. The series will start with three books and the first, What Is IT Worth? by Andy Roswell-Jones, a Gartner research fellow, will be released in 2005.

The agreement also covers a series of trade books on business and technology topics aimed at a wider, more general business audience. These will also be written by Gartner research fellows. The first book, Heads Up: How to Anticipate Business Surprises and Seize Opportunities First by Kenneth G. McGee, will be released in April 2004.

The agreement was negotiated by Hollis Heimbouch, HBS Press editorial director, and senior editor Jacqueline Murphy, with Gartner publisher Heather Levy and Gartner editor Timothy Ogden.