HarperBusiness has a long-term bestseller in its October 2001 Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't by Jim Collins. The inspirational business book hit the business bestseller charts shortly after publication date but its first landing on PW's weekly hardcover list was in July 2002 (it regularly showed up among the top 25 bestsellers each week). It slipped away briefly in October 2003, only to come back in February. The publisher credits a cover story in the Jan. 6, 2004, Wall Street Journal (called "Homespun Strategist") as the impetus for getting back on the charts. So far, Good to Great has enjoyed a total of 47 weeks on the list; copies in print: 1,350,000. It passed the one-million-copies—sold milestone this past May; first printing for the book was 75,000 copies.