Easter Bunny Saves the Day and The Little Easter Surprise ($5.99 each) by Anne Mussenbrock are holiday board-book tales. (2-5)

Good Night, Sleep Tight! and Good Morning, Sunshine! ($5.99 each) by Barbara Cratzuis and Uta Thönissen are glittery board books. (2-5)

The Wondrous Day ($6.99) by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Harmut Bieber encourages children to guess what happens next in this adventure. (2-5)

Molly Mole Loves to Garden and Molly Mole Takes a Nature Walk ($5.99 each) by Thea Ross are board books with flaps to lift. (2-5)

Adventures of the Three Best Friends ($6.99) by Sigrid Leberer presents five tales about a trio of animals. (2-5)

Busy Bear Goes to the Beach and Busy Bear Goes to Kindergarten ($5.99 each) by Hartmut Bieber relay a young bear's adventures. (2-5)

Benjamin Bunny Learns to Fly ($10.99) by Rolf F™nger and Ulrike Möltgen. Benjamin Bunny wants to learn to fly like his friend Red Bird. (3-6)

The Bunny Kindergarten ($10.99) by Kristina Franke and Sigrid Leberer. On the first day of school, Lisa is scared until she meets a new friend. (3-6)

The Good-Night Kiss! ($10.99) by Astrid Mola and Wahed Khakdan is a bedtime tale featuring two boys and their grandfather. (3-6)

Jenny and Johnny and the Great Treasure Hunt ($9.99) by Christine Von Dem Knesebeck and Thea Ross. Two youngsters find hidden messages and try to solve a mystery. (5-8)


The Fun board book series issues Backyard Fun, Beach Fun, Fun on Wheels and Fun with Animals by Gabi Höppner ($3.99 each, 18 mos. —3 yrs.).


Felix Explores Planet Earth by Annette Langen and Constanza Droop ($14.99, 5-8).


A Stocking for Jesus ($7.95) by Suzanne Arruda, illus. by Bettina Ogden. A girl and her family offer Jesus gifts of kindness and generosity. (4-7)

Find-the-Picture Puzzles: Bible Stories and Miracles & Parables of Jesus ($2.95 each), illus. by Liz Ball, challenges readers to find hidden objects in biblical scenes. (7-10)

My Prayers: To God with Love & Joy ($6.95) is an illustrated collection of prayers. (8-10)

The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend ($14.95) by Antoinette Bosco, illus. by Patricia Mattozzi, recounts the story of Easter. (8-12)

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: Journey to the Summit ($5.95) by Ana Maria Vazquez and Jennings Dean, illus. by Don Stewart, tells of this wealthy Italian man who chose to serve the poor. (9-12)

Saint Jude: A Friend in Hard Times ($14.95) by Michael Aquilina III, illus. by Keith Neely, is a tribute to this saint, written by a 12-year-old. (10-12)

What Is the Bible? ($12.95) by Sue Graves offers an illustrated exploration of this book. (10-up)



The Story of the World continues with Volume 3 by Susan Wise Bauer, illus. by Sarah Park ($21.95, paper $16.95, 7-up).


Larabee ($15.95) by Kevin Luthardt. A dog who delivers the mail is thrilled to receive a letter of his own. (2-6)

Saturdays and Teacakes ($16.95) by Lester Laminack, illus. by Chris Soentpiet, reveals the special bond between a boy and his grandmother. (4-8)

Rosa's Room ($15.95) by Barbara Bottner, illus. by Beth Spiegel. A girl discovers that her room in her new house is not complete without a friend. (4-8)

The Copy Crocs ($15.95) by David Bedford, illus. by Emily Bolam, centers on a fun-loving crocodile whose friends copy everything he does. (4-8)

Beautiful Bananas ($15.95) by Elizabeth Baird, illus. by Liz Pichon, follows a girl's journey through the African jungle. (4-8)

Who Has a Belly Button? ($15.95) by Mary Batten, illus. by Higgins Bond, examines belly buttons. (6-10)


About... adds About Crustaceans: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill, illus. by John Sill ($15.95, 3-8).

Paperback Reprints

The Moonflower by Peter Loewer, illus. by Jean Loewer ($7.95, 6-10); and Charlie's Story by Maeve Friel ($6.95, 12-16).

Paperback Series Reprints

About... reprints About Amphibians: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill, illus. by John Sill ($7.95, 3-8).


The Amazing Mr. Franklin: Or the Boy Who Read Everything ($12.95) by Ruth Ashby, illus. by Michael Montgomery, is a biography of Benjamin Franklin. (7-10)

Quake: Disaster in San Francisco, 1906 ($14.95) by Gail Karwoski, illus. by Robert Papp. With canine assistance, two boys search for their families after this earthquake. (8-12)

I Almost Love You, Eddie Clegg ($14.95) by Audra Supplee. A teenager copes with school cliques, first romance and an alcoholic father. (8-12)

Defending Irene ($14.95) by Kristin Wolden Nitz. A star soccer player gets a chilly reception when she joins a boys' team after her family moves to Italy. (8-12)


The Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries rolls on with Daredevils by Anne Capeci, illus. by Paul Casale ($12.95, 7-10).


Clovis Crawfish and Silvie Sulphur ($15.95) by Mary Alice Fontenot. A crawfish rescues a drenched butterfly. (5-8)

Down the Crawfish Hole ($15.95) by Wes Thomas offers a Cajun version of Alice in Wonderland. (5-8)

Dreddie Locks and the Three Slugs ($16.95) by Margaret Hyde sets Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the insect world. (5-8)

Too Tall Thomas Rides the Grubline ($15.95) by James Rice. A cowboy makes his way back home from the trail drive. (5-8)

Justin Potemkin and the 500-Mile Race ($15.95) by Peter Welling. A hare whose grandfather lost the tortoise-hare race faces off against an arrogant tortoise. (5-8)

A Claddaugh Ring for Nuala ($7.95) by Duncan Crosbie, illus. by Peter Rutherford. This story about the Irish ring symbolizing faithfulness, friendship and love is packaged with a ring. (5-8)

Irish Legends for Children ($16.95) by Yvonne Carroll, illus. by Lucy Su, rounds up tales recounting acts of heroism and mysterious events. (5-8)

D.J. and the Debutante Ball ($15.95) by Denise McConduit, illus. by Emile Henriquez. D.J. learns that good manners aren't just for girls. (5-8)

Discovering Pirates ($16.95) by Richard Platt focuses on famous pirates. (5-8)

Jane Wilkinson Long: Texas Pioneer ($15.95) by Neila Skinner Petrick profiles this Texas settler. (5-8)

Sugar Lump, The Orphan Calf ($8.95) by Lynn Sheffield Simmons. Marcy takes responsibility for raising a calf. (8-12)

Bo, The Famous Retriever ($8.95) by Lynn Sheffield Simmons. Caring for a puppy helps an elderly woman join in her community. (8-12)

Jack Crow Said Hello ($10.95) by Lynn Sheffield Simmons. Josh makes friends in his new town when he cares for an injured crow. (8-12)

Women Who Fly ($15.95) by Lynn Homan and Thomas Reilly, illus. by Rosalie Shepherd, examines the lives of Harriet Quimby, Amelia Earhart and others. (10-14)

The Pearl of Anton ($16.95) by Gene Del Vecchio. The heir to a royal house must protect his people from destruction. (10-14)


Great Art for Kids showcases Cassatt for Kids, Impressionists for Kids, Matisse for Kids, Picasso for Kids, Renoir for Kids and Van Gogh for Kids, ed. by Margaret Hyde ($8.95 each, 3-5).


Jean-Paul Hebert Was There by Sheila Hébert-Collins and Voices of the Alamo by Sherry Garland ($15.95 each, 5-8); and Elijah's Tears: Stories for the Jewish Holidays by Sydelle Pearl ($14.95, 8-12).


Bo and the Missing Dogs ($8.95) by Lynn Sheffield Simmons is a sequel to Bo, the Famous Retriever. (8-12).


Paperback Reprints

The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest, ed. by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling ($8.99, 12-up); Wren's Quest and Wren's War by Sherwood Smith ($6.99 each, 12-up); and Waifs and Strays by Charles de Lint ($7.99, 12-up).

Paperback Reissues

Wolf Moon and The Harp of the Grey Rose: The Legend of the Cerin Songweaver by Charles de Lint, Interstellar Pig and Parasite Pig by William Sleator and Wren to the Rescue by Sherwood Smith ($6.99 each, 12-up); Tamsin by Peter Beagle ($7.99, 12-up); and Ecstasia and Primavera by Francesca Lia Block ($6.99 each, 14-up).

Paperback Series Reissues

Tales from Redwall by Brian Jacques reissues Outcast of Redwall and Pearls of Lutra ($7.99 each, 10-up); The Bellmaker, illus. by Allan Curless; and Martin the Warrior, illus. by Gary Chalk ($7.99 each, 12-up).



Missing Persons starts up with The Rose Queen and The Chocolate Lover by M.E. Rabb ($5.99 each, 12-up).

Paperback Reprints

Evvy's Civil War by Miriam Brenaman and Stand Tall by Joan Bauer ($6.99 each, 10-up); Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes, The Year of the Hangman by Gary Blackwood, Straydog by Kathe Koja and The Cannibals by Cynthia D. Grant ($5.99 each, 12-up); This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen ($7.99, 12-up); The Shakeress by Kimberley Heuston and LBD: It's a Girl Thing by Grace Dent ($6.99 each, 12-up); My Heartbeat by Garret Freymann-Weyr and Postcards from No Man's Land by Aidan Chambers ($7.99 each, 14-up); and Aimee by Mary Beth Miller ($6.99, 14-up).

Paperback Series Reprints

Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz offers Skeleton Key, Stormbreaker and Point Blank ($5.99 each, 10-up).

Paperback Reissues

The Dear One by Jacqueline Woodson ($6.99, 12-up); and That Summer, Someone Like You, Keeping the Moon and Dreamland by Sarah Dessen ($7.99 each, 12-up).


Boom Chicka Rock ($15.99) by John Archambault, illus. by Suzanne Tanner Chitwood, is a counting book featuring mischievous mice. (2-6)

Mister Seahorse ($16.99) by Eric Carle. This tale about fish and fatherhood offers a reassuring message. (2-up)

Happy Dog Sizzles! ($15.99) by Lisa Grubb. Hot and bored, a dog and cat invent their own fun. (3-7)

Stick Kid ($13.99) by Peter Holwitz. A stick figure narrates this ode to parenthood. (3-up)

How to Catch a Star ($14.99) by Oliver Jeffers. A boy finds that things aren't always what one expects when he tries to catch a star. (3-up)

Oh Look! ($16.99) by Patricia Polacco. The goats meet an ogre in this follow-up to G Is for Goat. (3-up)

The Big Trip ($15.99) by Valeri Gorbachev. On a trip, Goat is scared and needs Pig's encouragement. (3-up)

Anno's Spain ($17.99) by Mitsumasa Anno depicts Spain's historical eras. (4-up)

La La Rose ($15.99) by Satomi Ichikawa. A girl loses her stuffed rabbit in Paris's Luxembourg gardens. (4-up)

Hot City ($16.99) by Barbara Joosse, illus. by R. Gregory Christie. On a hot day, two kids discover that the library is the coolest place in town. (4-up)

HepCat ($15.99), illus. by William Bramhall. This editorial cartoonist presents a musical tale. (4-up)

Henry and the Kite Dragon ($15.99) by Bruce Edward Hall, illus. by William Low. This story of two dueling groups in the 1920s celebrates culture, friendship and acceptance. (4-up)

Milli, Jack, and the Dancing Cat ($14.99) by Stephen Michael King. A pair of wandering minstrels teaches Milli to dance. (4-up)

The Wishing of Biddy Malone ($15.99) by Joy Cowley, illus. by Christopher Denise, relays a tale about an Irish girl and her three deepest wishes. (4-up)

High as a Hawk: A Brave Girl's Historic Climb ($16.99) by T.A. Barron, illus. by Ted Lewin, tells the true story of a girl who in 1905 became the youngest person ever to climb Longs Peak. (5-8)

John Philip Duck ($16.99) by Patricia Polacco reveals the story behind the ducks of the Peabody Hotel. (5-up)

Hunter ($17.99) by Joy Cowley. Set in New Zealand, this novel ties together the lives of children from 1803 and 2003. (9-up)

The Ribbajack ($16.99) by Brian Jacques is a collection of horror stories. (9-up)

In Darkness, Death ($16.99) by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler is a murder mystery starring Judge Ooka and his young apprentice. (10-up)

Trembling Earth ($17.99) by Kim Siegelson. In the Georgia swamplands during the Civil War, a young slave hunter and a runaway slave depend on each other to survive. (10-up)

Title in Spanish

La araña muy ocupada (The Very Busy Spider) by Eric Carle ($19.99, 2-6).


Tales of Rowan Hood by Nancy Springer continues with Wild Boy ($16.99, 8-up). And Alex Rider returns in Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz ($17.99, 10-up).


Mossflower Collector's Edition by Brian Jacques, illus. by David Elliot ($30, 10-up).


All the Ways I Love You ($8.95), illus. by Julie Downing, is a pop-up book. (2-up)

How Many Ducks in a Row? and Colors All Around ($5.95 each), illus. by Valeria Petrone, are rhyming board books featuring moving parts. (2-up)

Good Morning, Good Night ($9.95) by Melanie Mitchell includes gatefolds and touch-and-feel pages. (2-up)

On the Farm and On the Go! ($7.95 each), illus. by Olivia Rayner, are pop-up books featuring animals and vehicles that move. (2-up)

My Sparkling Nursery Rhymes ($8.95), illus. by Rob Hefferan, presents classic rhymes and foil art. (2-up)

Forest Friends and Safari Friends ($4.95 each) by Treesha Runnells contains laminated pages that fold out into pictures of animals. (2-up)

This Little Piggy ($9.95) by Steve Haskamp. Rubber pigs star in this counting book. (3-up)

Under Construction ($12.95) by Christine Schneider is a pop-up book with five removable trucks. (3-up)

Series Joining Harold and the Purple Crayon are Harold's Birthday ($6.95, 2-up) and Harold Takes a Trip ($7.95, 3-up).


Moose's Rocktime Band ($16.95) by Lee Lorenz. Moose and his friends form an unusual rock band. (4-8)

It All Began in East Africa ($16.95) by Samuel Plummer offers an account of the origin of the human species. (10-up)


Picture Me One, Picture Me Two and Picture Me Three ($5.99) by Deborah D'Andrea, illus. by Ali Mohrman feature photos of babies in their first, second and third year. (Up to 6)

Picture Me Be My Honey ($2.99) by April Roush is a pocket-sized story of love featuring areas to add photos. (1-5)

My Grandma & Me ($5.99) by Merry North, illus. by Kaycee Hoffman is a book that can hold six photos. (1-6)

Night Night, Sleep Tight ($6.99) by Viviana Garofoli. When saying goodnight to the animals, pull-tabs make each animal close its eyes. (2-6)

Pretend & Play Princess ($6.99) by Cathy Hapka, illus. by Hector Borlasca. Readers can become a make-believe princess with the enclosed sparkle crown. (3-6)

Easter Colors ($5.99) by Dandi, illus. by Bryan Fyffe, is a book about learning colors, with more than 50 stickers included. (3-6)



Angelina twirls on in Angelina Ballerina's Storybook Treasury, based on the text by Katharine Holabird and the illustrations by Helen Craig ($9.95, 3-up); Angelina and the Rag Doll with DVD by Holabird, illus. by Craig ($11.95 paper, 3-up); Dress Up Angelina ($3.99 paper, 3-up); and Angelina's Press & Dress Book, based on the text by Holabird, illus. by Craig ($8.95 paper, 3-up).

Paperback Series

Hopscotch Hill School skips on with Teasing Trouble and Good Sport Gwen by Valerie Tripp, illus. by Joy Allen ($3.99 each, 4-6). Coconut stars in Coconut's Rip-It-Out, Tear-It-Out, Use-It-All-Year-Long School Book by the editors of American Girl, illus. by Casey Lukatz ($7.95, 7-up). The American Girls Collection introduces The American Girls Pencil Play by the editors of American Girl, illus. by Dan Andreasen, Nick Backes, Bill Farnsworth and others ($5.95, 8-up).

New to American Girl Library are Math Smarts: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Making Math More Fun! by Lynette Long, illus. by Tracy McGuinness; What Would You Do? Quizzes About Real-Life Problems by Patti Kelley Criswell, illus. by Norm Bendell; and School Smarts Planner by the editors of American Girl, illus. by McGuinness ($8.95 each, 8-up); Pages and Pockets: Four Mini Books for Secrets and Stuff by the editors of American Girl, illus. by Anne Keenan Higgins ($12.95 hardcover, 8-up); Micro Minis: Create Teeny Tiny Rooms with Your Own Style and Flair! by Linda J. Goossens ($17.95 hardcover, 9-up); Mini Mysteries: 20 Tricky Tales to Untangle by Rick Walton, illus. by Lauren Scheuer ($7.95, 9-up); and A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School: Everything You Need to Know About Juggling More Homework, More Teachers, and More Friends! by Julie Williams, illus. by Angela Martini ($9.95, 10-up). And History Mysteries offers Betrayal at Cross Creek by Kathleen Ernst, illus. by Jean-Paul Tibbles and Greg Dearth ($6.95, hardcover $10.95, 9-12).


Moonbeams and Shooting Stars: Discover Inner Strength and Live a Happier, More Spiritual Life ($13.95) by Gwinevere Rain is a guide for teenage girls looking for answers to life questions. (12-up)



Adventures in Art and Architecture gains Niki's World: Niki de Sainte-Phalle by Ulrich Krempel and Get Lost: Amazing Mazes by Klaus Eid ($14.95 each, 8-up); and Children's Art by Antje Teche-Mentzen and Herlinde Koelbl ($29.95, 8-up).


Traffic Jamboree ($12.99) by Sue Nicholson, illus. by Christyan Fox, is a touch-and-feel counting book depicting a traffic jam. (All ages)

Bedtime Bunny! and Good Morning, Chick! ($4.99 each) by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Manhar Chauhan, are Easter board-book tales. (2-5)

Inside the Little Old Woman's Shoe ($7.99) by Charles Reasoner is a die-cut board book that peeks inside this home. (2-up)


So Smart! by Alexandra Tornek introduces Silly Snail ($7.99, up to 3); Rainbow Ride ($4.99, up to 3); and Run, Round Bear and Big Fish, Little Fish ($5.99 each, up to 3).


Catwoman Poster Book ($7.99) offers pull-out posters featuring the cast of the upcoming movie. (All ages)

Countdown to Easter ($3.99) by AnnMarie Harris, illus. by Claudine Gévry, is a shaped holiday book. (4-8)

I Love You Coupons for Mom and I Love You Coupons for Dad ($3.99 each) by Alison Inches, illus. by Laura Mercer, are storybooks that include coupons offering help with chores. (4-8)

Oh, Oh, Origami ($6.99) by Heather Alexander, illus. by Sophie Casson. This origami guide includes colored paper. (7-12)

Paperback Series

Mad Libs by Roger Price and Leonard Stern issues Diva Girl Mad Libs, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Mad Libs, Justice League Mad Libs, Shrek 2 Mad Libs, The Mad Libs Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Travel and Catwoman Mad Libs ($3.99 each, all ages). And Mad Libs Junior by Price and Stern offers Alphabet Mad Libs Junior, Once Upon a Mad Libs Junior, Prehistoric Mad Libs Junior, Sports Star Mad Libs Junior, Summer Fun Mad Libs Junior, Super Silly Mad Libs Junior, Around Town Mad Libs Junior and School Rules! Mad Libs Junior ($3.99 each, 5-8).

Paperback Reissue

Animal Grossology by Sylvia Branzei, illus. by Jack Keely ($9.99, 7-up).



Steps in Ballet: Basic Exercises at the Barre, Basic Center Exercises, Basic Allegro Steps ($19.95) by Thalia Mara, illus. by George Bobrizky. This guide to ballet combines three previously published volumes. (All ages)


The Swimmer With a Rope in His Teeth: A Shadow Fable ($14) by Jeanne Shaffer, adapted and illus. by Howard Cruse, is a parable about a swimmer who crosses a treacherous river to help people on the other side. (8-up)


Paperback Series

Easy-to-Read adds The Giant Jelly Bean Jar by Marcie Aboff, illus. by Paige Billin-Frye ($3.99, 5-up). Horace Splattly, The Cupcaked Crusader continues with The Invasion of the Shag Carpet Creature by Lawrence David, illus. by Barry Gott ($4.99, 7-up). Lily Quench debuts with Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashby, Lily Quench and the Black Mountains, Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely and Lily Quench and the Lighthouse of Skellig Mor by Natalie Jane Prior, illus. by Janine Dawson ($4.99 each, 8-up). And Hoofbeats debuts with Katie and the Mustang, Books One, Two, Three and Four by Kathleen Duey ($4.99 each, 8-up).

Paperback Reprints

Be Brown! by Barbara Bottner, illus. by Barry Gott ($5.99, 2-8); Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven ($6.99, 2-up); Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten by Joseph Slate, illus. by Ashley Wolff ($6.99, 3-6); Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Reverse (A Tale of Wickedness—And Worse!) by William Wise, illus. by Victoria Chess ($5.99, 3-6); 10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann, Louie by Ezra Jack Keats and The President and Mom's Apple Pie by Michael Garland ($6.99 each, 3-up); Turtle and Snake's Day at the Beach by Kate Spohn ($3.99, 4-7); Count the Ways, Little Brown Bear by Jonathan London, illus. by Margie Moore; The Egg by M.P. Robertson; Chato and the Party Animals by Gary Soto, illus. by Susan Guevara; I Invited a Dragon to Dinner: And Other Poems to Make You Laugh Out Loud, illus. by Chris Demarest; Atlantic by G. Brian Karas; Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett; and Good-Bye Tonsils! by Juliana Lee Hatkoff and Craig Hatkoff, illus. by Marilyn Mets ($6.99 each, 4-up); Storm Is Coming! by Heather Tekavec, illus. by Margaret Spengler ($5.99, 4-up); Get Well, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas, illus. by Jennifer Plecas ($3.99, 5-up); and The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob Hartman, illus. by Tim Raglin ($5.99, 5-up).

Also, Ribbit Riddles by Katy and Lisa Eisenberg, illus. by Robert Bender; and Digby and Kate and the Beautiful Day by Barbara Baker, illus. by Marsha Winborn ($3.99 each, 6-up); The House in the Mail by Rosemary and Tom Wells, illus. by Dan Andreasen ($6.99, 6-up); Birdbrain Amos by Michael Delaney ($5.99, 7-up); Things Will Never Be the Same by Tomie dePaola ($5.99, 7-up); Princesses Are People, Too: Two Modern Fairy Tales by Susie Morgenstern, illus. by Serge Bloch ($4.99, 8-up); Keeper of the Doves by Betsy Byars; Bartleby of the Mighty Mississippi by Phyllis Shalant, illus. by Anna Vojtech; and Spy Cat by Peg Kehret ($5.99 each, 8-up); Anna Sunday by Sally Keehn, Tender by Valerie Hobbs and Scorpio's Child by Kezi Matthews ($6.99 each, 10-up); The Red Rose Box by Brenda Woods; A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson by Michelle Green, illus. by Kadir Nelson; Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements ($5.99 each, 10-up); and Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the WhaleshipEssex by Nathaniel Philbrick ($7.99, 10-up).

Paperback in Spanish

Chato y los amigos pachangueros (Chato and the Party Animals) by Gary Soto, illus. by Susan Guevara ($7.99, 4-up).

Paperback Series Reprints

Spot returns in Spot's Big Lift-the-Flap Book by Eric Hill ($8.99, 1-3). Froggy reprints Froggy Plays in the Band by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($5.99, 2-up). Corduroy stars in Corduroy's Garden and Corduroy Writes a Letter by Alison Inches, based on characters by Don Freeman, illus. by Allan Eitzen ($3.99 each, 5-8). Horrible Harry is back in Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins by Suzy Kline, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($3.99, 7-up). The Roman Mysteries adds The Thieves of Ostia and The Secrets of Vesuvius by Caroline Lawrence ($5.99 each, 8-up). And A Tale of Rowan Hood reprints Lionclaw by Nancy Springer ($5.99, 10-up).

Paperback Reissues

The Mysterious Tadpole by Steven Kellogg ($6.99, 4-up); Digby and Kate by Barbara Baker, illus. by Marsha Winborn ($3.99, 6-up); They Led the Way: 14 American Women by Johanna Johnston, illus. by Deanne Hollinger ($5.99, 7-up); and The Great Brain, More Adventures of the Great Brain and Me and My Little Brain by John D. Fitzgerald, illus. by Mercer Mayer ($4.99 each, 8-up).

Paperback Series Reissues

Spot reappears in Spot Goes to a Party; Spot's First Easter and Spot's First Walk by Eric Hill ($6.99 each, 1-3). The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka reissues Knights of the Kitchen Table; The Not-So-Jolly Roger; The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy; Your Mother Was a Neanderthal; 2095; Tut, Tut; Summer Reading Is Killing Me!; It's All Greek to Me, illus. by Lane Smith; and See You Later, Gladiator; Sam Samurai; Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bride?; and Viking It and Liking It, illus. by Adam McCauley ($4.99 each, 7-up).


Miss Suzy ($17.95) by Miriam Young, illus. by Arnold Lobel. A gray squirrel and toy soldiers ward off a band of mean red squirrels. (3-7)

The Brothers Lionheart ($17.95) by Astrid Lindgren, illus. by Ilon Wikland. Two brothers share adventures when they are reunited after their deaths. (8-12)

A Tree for Peter ($19.95) by Kate Seredy. With the help of a spade, a boy gives hope to the people of Shantytown. (8-12)


You Are to Me ($12.99) by Rebecca Doughty. A little pig describes his friendship with his rabbit pal. (All ages)

Hello Spot! ($8.99) by Eric Hill is a lift-the-flap cloth book. (up to 2)

Tomie's Little Book of Poems ($7.99) by Tomie dePaola is a collection of illustrated poems. (1-3)

Scuba Bunnies ($15.99) by Christine Loomis, illus. by Ora Eitan, is a follow-up to Astro Bunnies and Cowboy Bunnies. (2-up)

Truck Duck ($9.99) by Michael Rex. Animals' names rhyme with their vehicles. (2-up)

Spot's Jigsaw Puzzle Book ($12.99) by Eric Hill is a board book featuring a puzzle on each page. (3-up)

Skateboard Mom ($15.99) by Barbara Odanaka, illus. by JoAnn Adinolfi. After a boy receives a skateboard as a gift, he discovers his mother's skateboarding prowess. (4-8)

Pascual and the Kitchen Angels ($16.99) by Tomie dePaola tells the story of the patron saint of the kitchen. (4-up)

When It's the Last Day of School ($15.99) by Maribeth Boelts, illus. by Hanako Wakiyama, reveals the excitement of this landmark day. (4-up)

Giant Steps ($15.99) by Elizabeth Loredo, illus. by Barry Root. Five bored giants play giant steps. (4-up)

I Like Where I Am ($15.99) by Jessica Harper, illus. by G. Brian Karas. A boy discovers that moving can lead to a fun new neighborhood. (4-up)

Cock-A-Doodle Moo! A Mixed-Up Menagerie ($15.99) by Keith DuQuette presents poetry introducing made-up animals and mythological creatures. (4-up)

Keeping Up with Roo ($14.99) by Sharlee Glenn, illus. by Dan Anderson, centers on a girl's changing relationship with her mentally challenged aunt. (5-up)

Showdown at the Food Pyramid ($15.99) by Rex Barron. When unhealthy foods start to take over the food pyramid, a food fight follows. (5-up)

The World According to Humphrey ($14.99) by Betty G. Birney. While spending weekends with various students, a hamster helps their families solve problems. (7-up)

The Lost Colony of Roanoke ($16.99) by Jean Fritz, illus. by Hudson Talbott, examines this 1587 lost colony. (7-up)

The Elf of Union Square ($16.99) by Jan Carr. A boy tries to stop the scheme of a nasty New York City elf. (8-up)

Copper ($16.99) by Rebecca Lisle offers a fantasy centering on a girl and her feuding relatives. (8-up)

Al Capone Does My Shirts ($15.99) by Gennifer Choldenko is the story of a boy and his autistic sister living on Alcatraz Island in 1935. (10-up)

Behind You ($15.99) by Jacqueline Woodson is a sequel to If You Come Softly. (12-up)

Shadowmancer ($16.99) by G.P. Taylor. Set on the Yorkshire coast in the 1700s, this fantasy explores the supernatural. (12-up)

Board Book Reprints

When the Elephant Walks by Keiko Kasza ($6.99, 1-3); Mary Had a Little Lamb by Sarah Josepha Hale, illus. by Tomie dePaola; and Spot's First Easter by Eric Hill ($7.99 each, 1-up); and Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis, illus. by Ora Eitan ($6.99, 1-up).


The Dear One by Jacqueline Woodson ($17.99, Puffin paperback $6.99, 12-up).

RAGGED BEARS (Chronicle, dist.)

Lovely Ruby and the Mermaid ($15.95) by Nancy Trott is a tale revealing how friendship can diminish loneliness. (3-7)


Paperback Reprint

Mister Got to Go and Arnie by Lois Simmie, illus. by Cynthia Nugent ($6.95, 6-up).



Healing Time of Hickeys ($6.95) by Karen Rivers presents the diary of a 16-year-old girl. (14-up)


The Seuss, the Whole Seuss, and Nothing but the Seuss: A Visual Biography of Theodor Seuss Geisel ($35) by Charles D. Cohen is a biography of this author, illustrated with his art. (All ages)

Little Bunny Follows His Nose ($8.99) by Katherine Howard, illus. by J.P. Miller, is a scratch-and-sniff version of this title, originally published in 1971. (2-5)

The Easter Rabbit's Parade ($12.95) by Lois Lenski. Farm animals plan a parade for the girl who takes care of them. (3-6)

Papa Small ($11.95) by Lois Lenski depicts a family sharing time together. (3-6)

Tom Cat ($14.95) by Noah Woods introduces a cat who would rather moo and quack than meow. (3-7)

Harry and the Dinosaurs Say "Raahh!" ($14.95) by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Adrian Reynolds. Harry's dinos are nervous about visiting the dentist. (4-8)

A Fine St. Patrick's Day ($14.95) by Susan Wojciechowski, illus. by Tom Curry. Two towns compete to display the best decorations for this holiday. (5-8)

The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss ($16.95) by Kathleen Krull, illus. by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, focuses on the early years of this author's life. (6-12)

Toad Rage ($14.95) by Morris Gleitzman. A slightly squashed cane toad is determined to make humans see how fabulous his species really is. (8-12)

The People of Sparks ($15.95) by Jeanne DuPrau is a sequel to The City of Ember. (10-13)

Colman ($15.95) by Monica Furlong. Three exiles embark on a journey in this sequel to Wise Child and Juniper. (10-up)


Sesame Beginnings-to-Go debuts with Time to Eat, In My Stroller, Away We Go and At the Store ($4.99 each, up to 3). Joining Sesame Street is The Bunny Hop by Sarah Albee, illus. by Maggie Swanson ($4.99, up to 3). Richard Scarry's Goldbug & Co. is a new Richard Scarry title ($4.99, up to 3). Bright and Early Board Books adds Hop On Pop by Dr. Seuss ($4.99, up to 3); and Thomas & Friends: A Crack in the Track ($4.99, up to 4). New Precious Moments titles are Love Your World and Share a Smile, illus. by Samuel Butcher ($3.99 each, up to 4).

Launching Bright & Early Playtime Books are Red, Stop! Green, Go! by P.D. Eastman ($8.99, 2-4); and Eastman's Sam and Gus Light Up the Night ($8.99, 2-6). Sesame Street: Elmo's World welcomes Opposites! by Kara McMahon, illus. by Mary Beth Nelson ($6.99, 2-4). The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library gains Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today? by Tish Rabe, illus. by Aristides Ruiz ($8.99, 5-8). New Junie B., First Grader novels by Barbara Park, illus. by Denise Brunkus, are Cheater Pants ($3.99 paper, 6-9); and Shipwrecked ($11.95, 6-9). And Magic Tree House introduces A Merlin Mission: Summer of the Sea Serpent by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Sal Murdocca ($11.95, 7-10); and Magic Tree House Research Guide: Ancient Greece and the Olympics by Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce, illus. by Murdocca ($4.99 paper, 6-10).

Paperback Series

New Step Into Reading Books are Disney Princess: Friends for a Princess and The Berenstain Bears: We Like Kites by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($3.99 each, 4-6); P.J. Funnybunny's Bag of Tricks by Marilyn Sadler, illus. by Roger Bollen; Disney's Toy Story: Buzz's Backpack Adventure; Disney's Home on the Range: A Hero of a Horse; Whose Feet? by Nina Hess, illus. by John Kanzler; Thomas & Friends: James Goes Buzz, Buzz, based on a story by Rev. W. Awdry; and Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Home, Stinky Home ($3.99 each, 4-7); Eat My Dust! Henry Ford's First Race by Monica Kulling, illus. by Richard Walz; and Coco and Cavendish: Fire Dogs by Judy Sierra, illus. by Paul Meisel ($3.99 each, 6-8); Pinky Dinky Doo: Where Are My Shoes? and Polka Dot Pox by Jim Jinkins ($3.99 each, hardcover $12.95, 6-8); Hungry Plants by Mary Batten, illus. by Paul Mirocha; and Batten's Wild Cats, illus. by Michael Langham Rowe ($3.99 each, 7-9); and Maximum Triceratops by Robert Bakker, illus. by Luis Rey ($3.99, 7-10). And Step Into Reading Books Fun Packs offers Thomas & Friends Fun Pack ($11.97, 4-7); and Girlfriends Fun Pack ($11.97, 6-8).

Joining Stepping Stone Books are Next Spring an Oriole by Gloria Whelan; Balto and the Great Race by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, illus. by Nora Köerber; and The Titanic Sinks! by Thomas Conklin ($3.99 each, 5-8); A to Z Mysteries: The Unwilling Umpire by Ron Roy, illus. by John Steven Gurney; Adam Sharp: Moose Master by George Edward Stanley, illus. by Guy Francis; Dragons by Lucille Recht Penner, illus. by Peter Scott; Aliens for Breakfast by Stephanie Spinner and Jonathan Etra; Fossil Fever by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, illus. by Paulette Bogan; and The Minstrel in the Tower by Gloria Skurzynski ($3.99 each, 6-9); The Case of the Elevator Duck by Polly Berrien Berends; Ghost Horse by George Edward Stanley, illus. by Ann Barrow; The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla; and Silver by Gloria Whelan ($3.99 each, 7-9); Andrew Lost on the Reef by J.C. Greenburg, illus. by Mike Reed; Water Wishes by Mallory Loehr ($3.99 each, 7-10); and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Lisa Norby, illus. by Fernando Fernandez; and Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, adapted by Deborah Felder ($3.99 each, 8-10).


Ten Apples Up on Top! by Dr. Seuss writing as Theo. LeSieg, illus. by Roy McKie ($8.99, 4-8); The Sesame Street Dictionary (with CD) by Linda Hayward, illus. by Joe Mathieu ($24.99, 4-8); The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. Brice by Dr. Seuss writing as Theo. Le Sieg, illus. by Roy McKie ($16, 5-8); and Wise Child and Juniper: Prequel to Wise Child by Monica Furlong ($15.95 each, 10-up).

Series Reissues

Trixie Belden reissues The Mystery off Glen Road and The Mystery in Arizona by Julie Campbell and The Mysterious Code by Kathryn Kenny ($6.99 each, 8-12).


My Dad Can Do Anything ($3.99) by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Mike Wohnoutka. This tale celebrating fathers includes a sheet of stickers. (3-7)

7th Heaven: Wedding Memories ($4.99) by Amanda Christie is a story based on the TV show. (9-12)

Paperback Series

Barbie returns in Fashion Show Fun! and Barbie Loves Weddings by Mary Man-Kong ($3.99 each, 3-7). New to Sesame Street is Just the Way You Are by Kara McMahon, illus. by Joe Mathieu ($3.99, 3-7). Thomas & Friends return in On the Track... There and Back ($4.99, 2-4); and James and the Red Balloon and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories, based on the Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry ($3.99, 3-7). Richard Scarry introduces Richard Scarry's A Day at the Police Station by Richard Scarry ($3.99, 3-7). Total Camp is a new Betty Spaghetty title ($3.99, 4-7). And The Berenstain Bears star in The Berenstain Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($3.99, 5-8).

Paperback Reprint

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau ($4.99, 10-13).

Paperback Series Reprint

Junie B. Jones offers Junie B. Jones's Fourth Boxed Set Ever! by Barbara Park, illus. by Denise Brunkus ($15.95, 6-9).

Paperback Series Reissues

Marvin Redpost by Louis Sachar reissues Kidnapped at Birth?, Why Pick on Me?, Is He a Girl?, Alone in His Teacher's House, Class President, A Flying Birthday Cake?, Super Fast, Out of Control! and A Magic Crystal! ($3.99 each, 5-8). And The Black Stallion brings back Mystery and Courage by Walter Farley ($5.99 each, 10-13).



Planet Yumthing DIY: Create, Design, Reinvent, and Make It Yours! ($12.95) by Ela Jaynes and Darren Greenblatt offers instructions for fashion accessory and home décor projects. (10-14)

13 Going on 30 ($5.99) by Christa Roberts. After wishing for a new life, a teenager finds herself trapped inside a 30-year-old's body. (10-up)

YM's Best of Say Anything ($6.95) by the editors of YM magazine compiles embarrassing tales that readers have submitted over the years. (10-up)

Paperback Series

Alias presents Free Fall: An Alias Prequel by Christa Roberts ($5.99, 12-up).


The Busy Body Book: A Kid's Guide to Fitness ($15.95) by Lizzy Rockwell rounds up information about the body and tips for getting and staying fit. (5-9)

A Subway for New York ($16.95) by David Weitzman chronicles the building of the New York City subway a century ago. (8-up)

Art Against the Odds: From Slave Quilts to Prison Paintings ($19.95) by Susan Goldman Rubin. This examination of the healing power of art includes examples from various time periods. (10-14)


Be Healthy! It's a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling Great ($12.95) by Mavis Jukes and Lilian Wai-Yin Cheung presents advice for living healthfully. (10-up)


The Fire-Eaters ($15.95) by David Almond. When Bobby's father suffers a mysterious illness and nuclear war erupts overseas, the boy, his healer friend and a fire-eating illusionist learn to believe in miracles. (8-up)

The Unseen ($15.95) by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. A girl rescues a wounded bird whose feather is the key to a magical world. (9-12)

The Orange Trees of Versailles ($15.95) by Annie Pietri. A girl's ability to blend scents into perfumes wins her the favor of Louis XIV's mistress. (9-12)

Grass Angel ($15.95) by Julie Schumacher. When her mother runs off to a spiritual retreat and rents their house to a stranger, Frances learns the meaning of family and home. (10-14)

Who Goes Home? ($15.95) by Sylvia Waugh concludes the Ormingat Trilogy. (10-up)

Ostrich Eye ($15.95) by Beth Cooley. Is the man Ginger meets in the park really her long-lost father or are his intentions sinister? (12-up)

A Heart Divided ($15.95) by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld. When Kate's family moves from New York to Nashville, she becomes embroiled in a controversy over resurrecting the Confederate flag. (12-up)

Walking Naked ($15.95) by Alyssa Brugman. A tragedy leads a popular girl to stand up for what she believes. (12-up)

Contents Under Pressure ($15.95) by Lara Zeises. Lucy thinks she's a loser until she attracts the attention of the most popular boy at school. (12-up)

Devil on My Heels ($15.95) by Joyce McDonald. In Florida in 1959, Dove suspects her father might be part of the Klan after racial tensions erupt. (12-up)

Naked without a Hat ($15.95) by Jeanne Willis. When Will falls in love with a gypsy girl, his mother threatens to ruin everything by revealing his childhood secret. (14-up)


Little Genie starts up with Make a Wish! and Double Trouble by Miranda Jones, illus. by David Calver ($8.95 each, 6-8).


Family Reunion by Caroline B. Cooney ($9.95, 10-up); and The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares ($15.95, 12-up); and Brian's Winter, The River and Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen ($15.95 each, Laurel-Leaf paperback, $5.95 each, 12-up).


Tell It to Naomi ($7.95) by Daniel Ehrenhaft. David is the author of his high school's advice column, allegedly penned by a female. (12-up)

Paperback Reprints

Sharing Sam by Katherine Applegate ($8.95, 12-up); Rush Hour: Sin, ed. by Michael Cart ($9.95, 14-up); and The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Iain Lawrence ($7.95, 14-up).


Paperback Reprints

Cassie's Magic Quilt by Faith Ringgold and As Big as You by Elaine Greenstein ($6.99 each, up to 4); No More Kissing! by Emma Chichester Clark ($6.99, 2-5); Dog Eared by Amanda Harvey ($6.99, 3-6); Kite Flying by Grace Lin ($6.99, 3-8); and The Prairie Train by Antoine Ó Flatharta, illus. by Eric Rohmann ($6.99, 4-8).


Paperback Series Reprints

New Readers Circle titles are Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli ($6.99, 10-up); Before We Were Free by Julia Alvarez, Harmony by Rita Murphy and Secret Heart by David Almond ($5.99 each, 12-up); and The Parallel Universe of Liars by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson ($5.99, 14-up).

Paperback in Spanish

Antes de ser libre (Before We Were Free) by Julia Alvarez ($5.99, 12-up).

Paperback Reprints

Up Molasses Mountain by Julie Baker ($5.50, 10-up); The Xenocide Mission by Ben Jeapes and The Shell House by Linda Newbery ($6.50 each, 12-up); Falling from Fire by Teena Booth; One Hot Second: Stories About Desire, ed. by Cathy Young; and Crash by Jerry Spinelli ($5.50 each, 12-up); Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch and Tribes by Arthur Slade ($5.99 each, 12-up); Girls in Tears by Jacqueline Wilson ($4.99, 12-up); Always and Forever by Lurlene McDaniel ($6.99, 12-up); and Bringing Up the Bones by Lara Zeises ($5.99, 14-up).

Paperback Reissues

Haveli by Suzanne Fisher Staples ($5.50, 12-up); and The Tin Princess by Philip Pullman ($6.50, 12-up).

Paperback Series Reissues

The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North and The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman are reissued Sally Lockhart Mysteries ($6.50 each, 12-up) and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares ($6.99, 12-up).


Paperback Reprints

Gloria Rising by Ann Cameron ($4.99, 6-9); Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry, illus. by Middy Thomas ($5.50, 7-10); Spring-Heeled Jack by Philip Pullman, illus. by David Mostyn ($5.99, 8-12); Quit It by Marcia Byalik and Charlotte's Rose by A.E. Cannon ($5.50 each, 8-12); Cat on a Hottie's Tin Roof by Shelley Swanson Sateren and Islands of the Black Moon by Erica Farber and J.R. Sansevere ($4.99 each, 8-12); Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff ($6.50, 8-13); Akiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000 by Mark Crilley ($4.99, 8-up); The Farthest-Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks, illus. by Victor Ambrus; The Fairy Rebel by Banks, illus. by William Geldart; The Girls Take Over by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor; and The Last Dog on Earth by Daniel Ehrenhaft ($4.99 each, 9-12); When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park, Song of Sampo Lake by William Durbin, Earthborn by Sylvia Waugh and Alida's Song by Gary Paulsen ($5.50 each, 10-up); Murdered, My Sweet, Nobody's There and The Trap by Joan Lowery Nixon; and Remote Man by Elizabeth Honey ($4.99 each, 10-up); The True Prince by J.B. Cheaney ($5.99, 10-up); and Girl Coming in for a Landing by April Halprin Wayland, illus. by Elaine Clayton ($5.50, 12-up).

Paperback in Spanish

Cuando Tía Lola vinode visitaa quedarse (How Tia Lola Came toVisitStay) by Julia Alvarez ($5.50, 8-12).

Paperback Reissues

The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo by Judy Blume ($4.50, 5-7); Blume's Freckle Juice, ($4.50, 7-9); Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, Blubber and Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself by Blume; and The Gypsy Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder ($5.99 each, 8-12); Iggie's House by Blume ($5.50, 8-12); The Witches of Worm by Snyder, illus. by Alton Raible ($5.99, 9-12); Snyder's The Egypt Game, illus. by Raible ($5.99, 10-14); and The Headless Cupid by Snyder, illus. by Raible ($5.99, 10-up).


Read-Aloud Board Books: Disney's Finding Nemo and Disney's Beauty and the Beast ($4.99 each) are board-book retellings of these movies. (up to 5)

Read-Aloud Storybooks: Disney's Home on the Range and Disney's Princess: Vol. II ($8.99 each) offer a tie-in to the film; and stories about Belle, Ariel and Jasmine. (3-8)


Disney's The Lion King 1 ½ ($3.99). Timon and Pumbaa each tell their side of the story. (3-7)

Disney's Lilo and Stitch: One Wacky Family and Disney's Home on the Range: Showdown ($3.99 each). These tales based on the movies include stickers. (3-7)

Disney Princess: My Perfect Wedding and Make-Believe Bride ($3.99 each) are stories featuring a press-out tiara; and a press-out necklace. (3-7)

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Getting to Know You ($3.99). This retelling includes press-out jewelry. (3-7)


New Shaped Little Nugget Books are Pretend with Piglet and Lovely Cinderella ($3.99 each, 1-4). And launching Disney's Monsters, Inc.: Monsters Get Scared, Too are Monsters Get Scared of Dogs, Too; Monsters Get Scared of Doctors, Too; and Monsters Get Scared of School, Too ($3.99 each, 3-7).


Up in Heaven ($15.95) by Emma Chichester Clark is a story dealing with the death of a pet. (2-5)

Got to Dance ($15.95) by M.C. Helldorfer, illus. by Hiroe Nakata. A girl in the city beats the summertime blues by dancing. (2-5)

Board Book Reprint

I Love to Cuddle ($5.99) by Carl Norac, illus. by Claude K. Dubois ($5.99, up to 3).


Bing: Get Dressed and Paint Day ($5.95 each) by Ted Dewan are tales relating the capers of a preschool bunny. (1-5)

Ahoyty-Toyty ($14.95) by Helen Stephens is a sequel to Poochie-Poo. (3-7)

The Tale of Tales ($15.95) by Tony Mitton, illus. by Peter Bailey. On their journey to hear the greatest story every told, animals meet travelers who share their own stories. (5-12)

The Various ($16.95) by Steve Augarde. A girl discovers a tribe of fairies whose existence is threatened. (10-up) Sisterland ($15.95) by Linda Newbery. When Hilly's grandmother becomes ill with Alzheimer's disease, her family is stunned by revelations about her life during WWII. (12-up)


The Boy and the Tigers ($2.99) by Helen Bannerman, illus. by Valeria Petrone, offers a retelling of Little Black Sambo. (2-5)

Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Disney's Home on the Range and Disney's Beauty and the Beast ($2.99 each) retell the stories of these animated films. (2-5)

Gerald McBoing Boing ($2.99) is based on this motion picture by Dr. Seuss. (2-5)

Bob the Builder: Bob and the Hungry Bunnies ($2.99) by Dennis Shealy, illus. by Barry Goldberg, reveals what happens when a pet rabbit runs away. (2-5)


The Jolly Barnyard and A Blessing from Above ($2.99 each, 2-5).


The Golden Sleepy Book by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Garth Williams ($12.95, 2-5); and I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom, illus. by Richard Scarry ($5.99, 2-5).

Series Reissues

Golden Fuzzy Board Books reissues Puppy Playtime and Furry Friends by Melissa Lagonegro ($4.99 each, 1-4). New Big Little Golden Books are The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Leonard Weisgard; Richard Scarry's The Animals of Farmer Jones by Richard Scarry; Tenggren's Tawny Scrawny Lion by Kathryn Jackson, illus. by Gustaf Tenggren; and Sesame Street: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone, illus. by Michael Smollin ($8.99 each, 2-5). And Little Golden Treasure Board Books adds The Little Red Hen by J.P. Miller; Animal Orchestra by Ilo Orleans, illus. by Tibor Gergely; The Fire Engine Book; and Richard Scarry's Good Night, Little Bear ($4.99 each, 2-5).


Peter Cottontail: Here Comes Peter Cottontail ($3.99) ties in with the holiday TV special. (3-7)

Precious Moments: Some Bunny Loves You and A Match Made in Heaven ($3.99 each) are storybooks with stickers. (3-7)


This Little Light of Mine ($15.95) by Raffi, illus. by Stacey Schuett, presents this song against the backdrop of a school play. (up to six)

Halibut Jackson ($16.95) by David Lucas. A shy fellow becomes the most popular guy in town when he's invited to a party at the palace. (3-8)

Gobble, Gobble, Slip, Slop: A Tale of a Very Greedy Cat ($15.95) by Meilo So is an Indian folktale about a cat who swallows an entire wedding procession. (3-8)

Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young ($19.95) by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Marc Brown, presents this anthology with new art. (4-8)

Fortune Cookie Fortunes ($15.95) by Grace Lin shows how fortunes can come true. (5-8)

Block Party Today! ($16.95) by Marilyn Singer, illus. by Stephanie Roth. Will Lola overcome her anger at her friends and join the block party? (5-8)

Honey Sandwich ($14.95) by Elizabeth Honey compiles poems about a child's everyday life. (6-12)

Shredderman #1: Secret Identity ($12.95) by Wendelin Van Draanen. A boy devises a way to give bullies their due in the first of a quartet of novels. (7-10)

With Love from Spain, Melanie Martin ($15.95) by Carol Weston. Melanie finds romance in Spain. (8-12)

The Trial ($14.95) by Jen Bryant. Written in the voice of a 12-year-old, this recounts the trial surrounding the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby son. (8-12)

The Legacy of Gloria Russell ($15.95) by Sheri Gilbert. Billy sets out to discover the truth about his best friend's death. (8-12)

Voyage of Ice ($15.95) by Michele Torrey. Two brothers must fight to survive after they become stranded in the Arctic. (10-up)

What a Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music ($15.95), ed. by Jennifer Armstrong, collects stories exploring the impact music has on the lives of teens. (10-up)

See You Down the Road ($15.95) by Kim Ablon Whitney reveals the pressures felt by an Irish teen whose family lives in a trailer in America. (12-up)

Tending to Grace ($14.95) by Kimberly Newton Fusco. Cornelia is left with an eccentric aunt when her mother takes off to Las Vegas with a boyfriend. (12-up)

One Night ($15.95) by Margaret Wild. In this novel about young parenthood and the importance of forgiveness, one night changes Gabe's life forever. (12-up)

Board Book Reprints

Countdown to Spring! An Animal Counting Book by Janet Schulman, illus. by Meilo So; and A Busy Year by Leo Lionni ($6.99 each, up to 4).


Peekaboo! A First Pop-Up Book by Mathew Price, illus. by Jean Claverie ($12.95, up to 4); The Happy Lion by Louise Fatio, illus. by Roger Duvoisin ($14.95, 4-8); and The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni ($15.95, 4-8).

Paperback Reprint

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen ($8.95, 10-up).


The Quilt ($15.95) by Gary Paulsen. Spending the summer with his grandmother in a small town near the Canadian border, a boy witnesses the making of a quilt that depicts his family's stories. (8-12)

Eager ($15.95) by Helen Fox. Set at the end of the 21st century, this is the story of a boy and his unusual robot. (8-12)

Inside Grandad ($15.95) by Peter Dickinson. When Gavin's grandfather suffers a stroke and can no longer speak, the boy is determined to get through to him. (9-12)

Taylor Five ($15.95) by Ann Halam. Taylor, who is a clone, escapes with her brother after rebels attack the Borneo primate reserve on which they live. (9-12)

Brian's Hunt ($14.95) by Gary Paulsen. When Brian finds a wounded dog, he sets out to learn what happened. (10-up)

Raising the Griffin ($16.95) by Melissa Wyatt. A British boy discovers what it's like to be a prince when his family reclaims the throne of a tiny country. (10-up)


Even More/Todavía más ($16.95) by Barbara Quick and Liz McGrath, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by McGrath, is a bilingual story revealing the bond between mother and daughter. (4-8)

Yelly Kelly/Kelly, el gritón, Rev. ed. ($16.95) by Nancy Rose Sweetland, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by Robert Sweetland. Told in English and Spanish, this tale shows what happens when Kelly yells one too many times. (4-8)

Polar Slumber/Sueño polar ($16.95) by Dennis Rockhill, trans. by Eida de la Vega, is a bilingual winter story starring a polar bear. (4-8)

Counting Coconuts/Contando cocos ($16.95) by Wendi Silvano, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by Marty Granius. A monkey counts by sets in this bilingual book. (4-8)

Isabel and the Hungry Coyote/Isabel y el coyote hambriento ($16.95) by Keith Polette, illus. by Esther Szegedy. This English-Spanish retelling of Little Red Riding Hood gives the tale a Southwestern setting. (4-8)

My Pal, Victor/Mi amigo, Víctor ($16.95) by Diane Gonzales Bertrand, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by Robert Sweetland, is the bilingual story of a boy and his friend, who has a disability. (4-8)

On the Banks of the Amazon/En las orillas del Amazonas ($16.95) by Nancy Kelly Allen, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by Elizabeth Driessen. This bilingual tale introduces rainforest creatures. (5-10)


Solomon Raven adds Mason Moves Away/Mason se muda by Amy Crane Johnson, trans. by Eida de la Vega, illus. by Robb Mommaerts ($16.95, paper $8.95, 4-8).


Mommy Always Loves You ($6.99) by Jane Gerver, illus. by Trace Moroney. A young panda imagines himself in grand adventures while his mother looks on. (18 mos.- 4 yrs.)

What Daddy Loves ($6.99) by Sue Kassirer, illus. by Jerry Smath. A girl talks about the time she spends with her father. (18 mos.- 4 yrs.)

Little Cricket's Song ($12.99) by Joanne Barkan, illus. by Claudine Gévry. This tale of a cricket who overcomes his uncertainty and learns to sing includes built-in plastic "clickers." (2-4)

The Big Book of Bible Fish Tales ($8.99) is a shaped board book presenting five biblical stories. (2-5)

Good Night Sun, Hello Moon ($12.99) by Karen Viola, illus. by Chi Chung. In this tale with graduated pages, bunny parents encourage their child to bid goodnight to the sun. (2-6)

Bugillions! A Book About Counting and See the Sea! A Book About Colors ($7.99 each) are concept books featuring critters. (2-6)

The Red Ribbon: A Story of Friendship ($12.99) by Kristine Lombardi, illus. by Thomas Taylor. As Sara and Sam find new uses for a torn ribbon, their friendship grows. (3-6)

The Littlest Princess ($10.99) by Allia Zobel-Nolan, illus. by Claudine Gévry, tells what Isabella does when her new clothes do not fit just before she is to be crowned princess. (3-6)

Wish Upon a Star ($12.99) by Allia Zobel-Nolan, illus. by Trace Moroney. Bear wishes upon glittery foil stars. (4-6)

Nickelodeon Movie Theater Storybook and Movie Projector ($24.99) is a storybook packaged with a projector and 10 picture discs. (4-8)


Touch & Feel Books gains Fisher-Price Little People Fuzzy Farm ($7.99, 12 mos.- 3 yrs.). Little Tikes introduces Little Tikes Sounds Yummy! and Little Tikes Noisy Workbench ($14.99 each, 18 mos.-4 yrs.). Barbie returns in Barbie Beautiful Brides ($7.99, 2-5); Glamour Books: Barbie: A Very Berry Day ($9.99, 3-5); and Press-On Stick & Stay Barbie Dress-up Fun ($9.99, 3-6). New Fisher-Price titles are Fisher-Price Little People—A Match & Learn Book: Busy People ($9.99, 2-5); Fisher-Price All-Star Readers: Lost and Found Puppy ($3.99, 3-5); and Brian's Big Break ($3.99, 6-7); and Fisher-Price Press-On Stick & Stay: Colorful Play Days ($9.99, 3-6). New Books with Fabulous Flaps are Animal ABCs and Counting from 1 to 100 ($7.99 each, 2-5). NASCAR zooms on with NASCAR CarryAlong Book: Cars•Drivers•Races ($14.99, 3-5); NASCAR Poster Book: Stars & Cars ($7.99 paper, 5-up); and NASCAR Chapter Books: The Greatest Races and Speedway Superstars ($4.99 each paper, 8-12). Disney Winnie the Pooh is a new CarryAlong Treasury ($14.99, 3-5). And Rescue Heroes are back in Rescue Heroes Move & Play Book: Storm Trouble! ($9.99, 3-6).


Sailor Duck: Bath Book & Bubble Wand ($5.99) offers a vinyl storybook plus bubble wand. (up to 3)

Paperback Series

Storyland Books gains The Story of Noah's Ark and The Easter Story ($3.50 each, 4-7). New to Transformers Armada Chapter Books is The Autobots Strike Back ($3.99, 8-12). And Pathfinder Paperbacks introduces The Human Body and Rocks and Minerals ($7.99 each, 8-14).


I Don't See Any Bears, Do You? A Glow-in-the-Dark Adventure ($7.95) by Theresa Howell, illus. by Larry Jones, is a board book depicting animals on a camping trip. (3-5)


Desert Baby Board Books debuts with Baby Coyote Counts (bilingual ed.: Bebé Coyote cuenta), Baby Gecko's Colors (bilingual ed.: Los colores de Bebé Geco) and Baby Snake's Shapes (bilingual ed.: Las formas de Bebé Serpiente by Neecy Twinem ($5.95 each, 1-5).


The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit/La tortuga y la liebre ($7.95) by Susan Lowell, illus. by Jim Harris. This bilingual board book gives this classic tale a Southwestern flair. (1-5)



Snakes Discovery presents Anacondas, Boa Constrictors, Cobras, Copperheads, Cottonmouths, Mambas, Pythons and Rattlesnakes ($14.45 each, 7-11). Read and Do Science II by Melinda Lilly includes Energy, Hot and Cold, Me and My Shadow, Rocks, Sun and Moon and Water and Ice ($14.45 each, 8-10). Discover the Life of a Sports Star by David and Patricia Armentrout introduces Andy Roddick, Tony Hawk, Anika Sorenstam, Lisa Leslie, Dale Earhardt, Jr. and Travis Pastrana ($14.45 each, 8-10). Hot Cars revs up with BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Porsche ($19.95 each, 8-12). And Exploring America offers The California Gold Rush, The Erie Canal, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, The Oregon Trail, The Santa Fe Trail and The Transcontinental Railroad by Chuck Reasoner ($10.95 each, 10-up).


Paperback Reissue

The Last Bit Bear: A Fable, 20th Anniv. Ed. by Sandra Chisholm DeYonge, illus. by Ellen Ditzler Meloy ($7.95, all ages).


Goodnight Baxter ($12.95) by Nicola Edwards. A boy and his new puppy can't fall asleep the first night the pet arrives. (4-8)


Magic Windows Books features Bugs, Dress Up, People and Tools ($4.95 each, 2-up). Launching My Little Chalkboard are Animal Friends and Playing with Numbers by Nancy Krulik, illus. by Barroux ($12.95 each, 3-6). Hasbro Children's Book Collection issues Circus Fun! Create It All with Play-Doh and Clue, Jr.: The Case of the Missing Glasses ($9.95 each, 3-8). And Large Format Magic Windows Books offers Magic Mother Goose and Fairy Tale Magic ($12.95 each, 4-8).


Sandcastle in a Box ($9.95) by Ted Siebert, illus. by Mark Fputzman, features a guidebook and materials for making a sandcastle. (All ages)

Paperback Series

Action Books introduces Nature Explorer by Paul Sterry ($19.95, 8-12). And new Start Exploring Kits are Dinosaurs and Gray's Anatomy by Pamela Liflander and Masterpieces by Jordan Abramson ($15.95 each, 8-up).

Paperback Reprints

The Family Car Songbook ($12.95, all ages); Charlene Loves to Make Noise by Barbara Bottner, illus. by Alexander Stadler ($6.95, 4-8); and The New Alphabet of Animals by Christopher Wormell ($7.95, 4-8).


The Adventures of Pinocchio ($9.98) by Carlo Collodi, illus. by Greg Hildebrandt, presents this classic tale with new art. (6-up)


The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit by Joel Chandler Harris, illus. by Don Daily ($9.98, 6-up).

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