Sometimes you just have to put a book back in the drawer. That's what bestselling author Jennifer Crusie did with her first manuscript, Bet Me, back in 1992. She admits that it was awful and is not surprised that she couldn't sell it. About two years ago, after a number of romance bestsellers, she gave it a second shot, just expecting to do some polishing. Instead, she did a complete rewrite of the manuscript and it ended up, according to St. Martin's, being one of her best books. It lands on PW's list in the #10 spot—Crusie's first time on the national hardcover bestseller charts. Crusie is from Ohio and has just finished a seven-city tour in the Midwest. First printing for Bet Me was 100,000 copies; back-to-press activity brings the in-print figure to 130,000. The publisher supported the book with print and national TV ads (during the Today Show and Good Morning America). It also distributed promotional excerpts to accounts two weeks before the February 10 laydown date.