A study of the elhi supplemental publishing market found that sales grew 4.6% in 2002, to $1.53 billion. The study, sponsored by the Association of Educational Publishers and conducted by Education Market Research, recorded sales from 63 supplemental publishers.

The largest gain in the year was in math, where sales rose 8.2%, to $99.3 million. Sales of social studies materials increased 2.4%, to $108.4 million, while sales to the science market rose 1.5%, to $72.2 million. Sales of reading/language arts/English fell 3.9%, but the area remains the largest supplemental market by far with sales of $609.2 million in 2002. Sales to the secondary market, defined as grade 6 and up, grew the fastest in 2002, up 12%. Sales to the pre-k through grade 5 market fell 3.3%.

Among the companies that took part in the study were ABC-CLIO, Evan-Moor, LeapFrog School House, Pearson Education, Renaissance Learning and Riverdeep.