Help for Christians Who Have Been There and Done That

Scores of books talk about reaching the "unchurched," but who is helping the overchurched—those Christians who experience burnout and become discouraged with church? Some stop going entirely after they become fed up with heavy-handed pastors, an overemphasis on programs instead of spirituality or a focus on worldly growth. In Jaded: Hope for Believers Who Have Given Up on Church but Not on God, religion writer and editor A.J. Kiesling offers hope to beleaguered Christians who are sick to death of church. Kiesling draws on the personal stories and trials of various individuals who share their journey of "divine discontent," writing accessibly and with obvious passion. This is a terrific resource for those who've grown weary of Christendom but not of Christ. (Baker, $9.99 paper 128p ISBN 0-8010-6467-8; Mar.)