All titles are paperback unless otherwise noted.


Audio Anecdotes: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Digital Audio (Mar., $49) by Ken Greenbaum discusses how to process, create and record many forms of sound and music using digital media.

Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Mar., $35) by Andrew Glassner explains how to merge traditional storytelling with game structure to form a new kind of interactive story form.

AI for Computer Games (July, $39) by John Funge provides strategies and techniques for developing an AI engine for gaming applications.


Adobe Audition: Soundtracks for Digital Video (Apr., $39.95 with CD-ROM) by Roman Petelin and Yury Petelin. This project-based book demonstrates how to create soundtracks for digital video using Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro).

Music Home Studio with Steinberg Nuendo (Apr., $39.95 with CD-ROM) by Evgeny Medvedev and Vera Trusova covers the newest version of music technology program Steinberg Nuendo 2.0, including how to record live music.

3 ds max 6 Animation with Character Studio 4 and Plug-Ins (June, $39.95 with CD-ROM) by Boris Kulagin and Dmitry Morozov guides advanced animators through the latest release of 3ds max software.

The OpenGL Shaders Handbook (Aug., $39.95 with CD-ROM) by Sergei Gaidukov offers advanced programmers information on modern GPU architecture and writing low-level shaders.


Winning on the Web: Net Marketing for Lawyers (Aug., $49.95) by Dennis Kennedy, Jerry Lawson and Brenda Howard offers tips for creating a successful legal Web site, from selecting a domain name to enhancing search-engine ratings. $70,000 ad/promo.


eBay Motors the Smart Way: Selling and Buying Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Parts, Accessories, and Much More on the Web's #1 Auction Site (Apr., $17.95) by Joseph T. Sinclair and Don Spillane tells how to get the top price for any motorized vehicle.

eBay Global the Smart Way: Buying and Selling Internationally on the World's #1 Auction Site (July, $19.95) by Joseph T. Sinclair offers expert advice for trading around the world via eBay.

Instant Messaging Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for Safe IM Communication (July, $19.95) by Nancy Flynn addresses the potentially costly legal, regulatory and productivity issues regarding instant messaging in the workplace.


10 Technologies Every Executive Needs to Know (Mar., $19.95) by Dermot McCormack and Fergal O'Byrne provides easy-to-understand descriptions of key technological concepts, such as Web services and customer relationship management.

Software Licenses Line by Line: A Detailed Look at Software Contracts and How to Change Them to Fit Your Needs (Mar., $49.95) by Michael Overly and James R. Kalyvas helps companies optimize their relationships with service, software and equipment vendors by analyzing contracts.

Technology 10 Years from Now (July, $49) by Aspatore Books staff. Top CEOs and CTOs discuss the future of technology.

AVA PUBLISHING(dist. by Sterling)

Design Your Own E-Shop: Creating & Promoting Successful Small Business Sites (Apr., $24.95) by Molly E. Holzschlag is a guide for computer neophytes on how to set up a cyber store.

Digital Color for the Internet and Other Media by Studio 7.5 and Digital Layout for the Internet and Other Media (both Apr., $34.95 each) by David Skopec. These guides offer a visual approach to color and layout design for screen-based media.


How to Draw and Sell Digital Cartoons (June, $21.95) by Leo Hartas includes details on script-writing and mastering line art, color and 3D techniques.


Talking with Computers: Explorations in the Science and Technology of Computing (Mar., $30) by Thomas L. Dean encourages readers to experiment with short program fragments of code to understand computational ideas.


Game Programming Gems 4 (Mar., $69.95), edited by Andrew Kirmse, includes more than 70 new techniques and a cumulative index.

Code Hacking: A Developer's Guide to Network Security (Apr., $54.95) by Richard Conway and Julian Cordingley allows developers to view their code through hackers' eyes.

Homeland Security: Techniques and Technologies (May, $49.95) by Jesus Mena studies how data mining, networked collaboration and intelligent software systems can be used to identify terrorists.

Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers (Apr., $39.95) by Colin Smith teaches how to manipulate and enhance digital photographs.

Software Architecture Strategies for Internet Applications (June, $54.95) by Roman Smolgovsky covers the pros and cons of Macromedia Flash, .NET, .NET Compact Framework and J2EE.

Web Designs with Macromedia Studio MX 2004 (Mar., $49.95) by Eric Hunley explains how to create a complete Web site.


Premiere Pro Editing Workshop (Mar., $49.95) by Marcus Geduld is a hands-on tutorial for the latest version of Adobe's Premiere Pro.

Using Soundtrack: Produce Original Music for Video, DVD, and Multimedia (Mar., $29.95) by Douglas Spotted Eagle teaches the basics of audio, from recording sound to using noise-reduction tools.

After Effects 6 on the Spot (Apr., $27.95) by Richard Harrington, Rachel Max and Marcus Geduld offers more than 350 professional-level tips and techniques.

Avid Xpress Pro Editing Workshop (Apr., $49.95) by Steve Hullfish and Jaime Fowler is a tutorial on the Avid Xpress Pro nonlinear editing system.

Digital Media in the Classroom (May, $34.95) by Gigi Carlson introduces teachers of grades k—12 to media learning tools.


Computer Forensics and Investigations (Mar., $39.99) by Amelia Phillips, Bill Nelson, Frank Enfinger and Chris Steuart is written for those with limited knowledge of computer security.

Inspired 3D Effects (Mar., $59.99) by David Santiago. The author, who worked on The Fifth Element and Titanic, discusses how to create digital effects as used in big-budget movies.

Physical Computing (Mar., $29.99) by Dan O'Sullivan and Tom Igoe shows how to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual world of computing.

Managing Contacts with ACT! X (June, $29.99) by Edward Kachinske covers the first upgrade for Act! in seven years.


Experience XSI (Mar., $49.99) by Aaron Sims and Michael Isner traces how designing animated characters for films has changed with XSI.

Naked Maya (Apr., $29.99) by Kelly Murdock is a guide to the popular 3D modeling, animation and rendering package.

Sampling and Soft Synth Power! (June, $29.99) by Michael Prager covers tricks and techniques for creating sounds and samples from scratch.


3D Game Programming All in One (Mar., $49.99) by Ken Finney teaches how to develop a 3D game.

The Dark Side of Game Texturing (Mar., $39.99) by David Franson is a guide for creating game character skins similar to the textures found in video games like Quake and Unreal.

Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists (May, $39.99) by Sebastien St.-Laurent is an accessible approach to real-time shading for hobbyists and seasoned game developers.

OpenGL-ES Game Development (June, $39.99) by Dave Astle and Dave Durnil is an in-depth look into the program's new standard and the issues involved in mobile game development.

Character Development and Storytelling for Games (June, $39.99) by Lee Sheldon addresses the challenges of writing for games, such as interactivity, non-linearity and player input.


Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Planning, Design and Implementation (July, $59.95) by Kevin Laahs, Emer McKenna and Veli-Matti Vanamo examines SPS and how to integrate it with other entries applications.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration (June, $54.95) by Kieran McCorry details how to design and implement an Exchange 2003 environment.


Get Streaming! Quick Steps to Delivering Audio and Video Online (May, $29.95) by Joseph G. Follansbee offers a step-by-step approach for those who surf the Web.


Information Visualization: Perception for Design, Second Edition (Apr., $59.95 cloth) by Colin Ware explores the art and science of how objects appear.

Communication Networking: An Analytical Approach (May, $84.95 cloth) by Anurag Kumar, D. Manjunath and Joy Kuri looks at analysis and design via mathematical models in discussing concepts such as multiplexing, switching and routing and bandwidth.

Wireless Sensor Networks: An Information Processing Approach (May, $64.95 cloth) by Feng Zhao and Leonidas Guibas discusses the constraints involved in sensor networks such as querying, routing and self-organization.

Automated Planning: Theory & Practice (May, $74.95 cloth) by Dana Nau, Malik Ghallab and Paolo Traverso emphasizes the need for a comprehensive reference on planning technology.

Web Application Design Handbook: Best Practices for Web-Based Software (May, $49.95) by Susan Fowler and Victor Stanwick delivers a thorough treatment of Web-based application design.

ESRI PRESS(dist. by IPG)

GIS and Land Records: The Parcel Data Model (May, $24.95) by Nancy von Meyer looks at the applications and uses of parcel information in an ArcGIS geodatabase.

Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users (July, $24.95) by Cynthia Brewer helps intermediate and advanced GIS professionals improve the appearance and effectiveness of their maps.

Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS (July, $24.95) by Christopher Thomas and Milton Ospina features 75 case studies from six industries that use GIS programs.

Fun with GPS (July, $19.95) by Donald Cooke. The founder of Geographic Data Technology Inc. explains how to use GPS to do more than just calculate locations.


GNU C Library: Application Fundamentals (Mar., $60) by Sandra Loosemore et al. is a guide to implementing standard C libraries that are both POSIX and OPEN/X compliant.

GNU C Library: System & Network Applications (Mar., $60) by Sandra Loosemore et al. describes advanced functions for writing larger applications, such as networking or configuring a system.


The Success of Open Source (Apr., $29.95 cloth) by Steven Weber argues that leaving source code open has led to some of the most sophisticated developments in computer technology.

Information (Mar., $22.95 cloth) by Hans Christian von Baeyer discusses how information's measure, meaning and transmission have evolved and what its expanding presence signifies for the future.


Grover Park George on Access (May, $29.95) by George Hepworth is a guide to Access for non-geek, non-IT professionals who want to solve business problems.

Kathy Jacobs on PowerPoint (May, $29.95) by Kathryn Jacobs. The expert behind offers tips for making better presentations.

Holy Macro! It's 1,900 Excel VBA Examples (July, $89 with CD-ROM) by Hans W. Heber, Bill Jelen and Tom Urtis promises to provide every snippet of Excel VBA code users will ever need.


E-Commerce Security: Advice from Experts (Mar., $29.95) by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour looks at managing e-commerce practices and solutions to contain misuse, which now exceeds $10 billion a year.

Humanizing Information Technology: Advice from Experts (Mar., $29.95) by Shannon Schelin and G. David Garson discusses the need for rethinking the human side of IT.

MANNING(dist. by IPG)

Technology Paradise Lost: Why Companies Must Spend Less to Get More from Information Technology (Apr., $24.95 cloth) by Erik Keller debunks the myth of IT growth and argues that although companies will continue to use IT, it will become a lot less expensive.

JavaServer Faces in Action (May, $42.95) by Kito D. Mann explains how JSF works and how it relates to other frameworks and technologies like Struts, Servlets, Portlets, JSP and JSTL.

Hibernate in Action: Practical Object/Relational Mapping (June, $44.95) by Christian Bauer and Gavin King is both an introduction to the theoretical aspects of automated object/relational mapping and a practical guide to the use of Hibernate.


IBM Software for E-Business on Demand (May, $49.95) by Douglas Spencer is a guide to IBM branded software, including WebSphere, Lotus, DB2, Rational and Tivoli, and positions each within an e-business infrastructure.


WebSphere Application Server—Express: Step-by-Step (Aug., $49.95) by Sue Kelling and Marilyn Dukart. This guide is "the training wheels" for WAS-Express.

XML for iSeries (July, $64.95) by Steve Bos and David Morris begins with the basics and builds to parsing, namespaces and Web services.


WebSphere Application Server—Express: Pathways to Success on the Web (Mar., $59.95) by Bob Cancilla and Kevin Postreich guides new users through the Web development process using business examples.

The Business Case for on Demand (Aug., $49.95) by Keith Rutledge and Kris Neely provides an overview of on-demand computing and evolving business information practices to an on-demand model.


CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Official All-in-One Exam Guide (July, $89.99) by Shon Harris is the official study guide to the new CEH certification.


Dreamweaver MX 2004: A Beginner's Guide (Apr., $24.99) by Tom Muck and Ray West provides a revised and updated introduction for new Web developers.


Project Rescue: Avoiding a Project Management Disaster (June, $40) by Sanjiv Purban and Darren Dalcher is a crisis-management road map for project managers in a tight spot.


MCSE Designing Security for Windows Server 2003 Network Study Guide (Apr., $49.99) by Sebastian Goodwin reviews the MCSE Designing Security exam in depth.


Crystal Reports X: The Complete Reference (Apr., $49.99) by George Peck contains detailed coverage, including the latest enhancements such as Report Designer and Crystal Enterprise.


101 Killer Apps for Your Palm Handheld (Apr., $24.99 with CD-ROM) by Dave Johnson and Rick Broida discusses programs for business, travel, entertainment and security.

101 Killer Apps for Your Pocket PC (Apr., $24.99 with CD-ROM) by Dave Johnson and Rick Broida covers various programs, from finance to diet and exercise management.

The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools (Apr. $39.99) by John Keane explains how Pro Tools shrinks a music studio into a computer.

Adobe Creative Suite Integration Secrets (June, $39.99) by George Penston teaches how to use Creative Suite applications individually and together.


Microsoft Yukon New Features (May, $39.99) by Michael Otey provides a jump-start for IT professionals transitioning from SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000.


Databases Demystified (Mar., $19.95) by Andy Oppel is a beginning guide to database planning, design, usage and reporting.

Java Demystified (May, $19.95) by Jim Keogh is an easy-to-follow guide to Java programming.


Hardening Windows Systems (May, $39.99) by Roberta Bragg. Series editor Bragg focuses on critical security issues.


How to Do Everything with eBay (Mar., $24.99) by Greg Holden is a comprehensive manual for beginners and advanced users.

How to Do Everything with Your iPod, Second Edition (Apr., $24.99) by Guy Hart-Davis includes information on where to access music and how to organize it, as well as hacks for having fun with iPod.

How to Do Everything with Your Sony Vaio (Apr., $24.99) by Tom Dunlap provides full coverage, including adding peripherals, using the bundled software and linking to digital cameras and home stereos.

How to Do Everything with Your TiVo (May, $24.99) by Todd Carter assists users in selecting the best TiVo service, hooking up to home networks and using multiple TiVos.


Adobe Creative Suite Keyboard Shortcuts (Mar., $12.99) by Guy Hart-Davis offers tips for using Photoshop, Illustrator, Go Live, InDesign and Acrobat.


Oracle Database 10gNew Features (Mar., $34.99) by Robert Freeman reviews cutting-edge features in the latest database release.

Oracle Wait Interface: A Practical Guide to Performance Diagnostics & Tuning (Apr., $49.99) by Kirtikumar Deshpande and Richmond Shee explains the Oracle Wait Interface to pinpoint and solve core problems and bottlenecks.

Portable DBA: Oracle (July, $29.99) by Robert Freeman covers commonly used Oracle database versions and contains tables for diagnosing problems quickly.


Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional Results (Apr., $34.99) by Carl Young teaches the latest techniques for creating professional PDFs for print, the Web or CD.


Mac OS X Panther QuickSteps (Apr., $16.99) by Martin Matthews and Carole Matthews combines simplified tutorials with a reference guide.


Advanced Network Security: Testing Your Defenses (Apr., $49.99) by David LeBlanc, Ben Smith and Devin Lam delivers information and tools needed to perform security assessments, uncover vulnerabilities and apply countermeasures against hackers.

Secure Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (Apr., $49.99) by Paul Robichaux details new system features and delves into client-server, server-Internet and server-client security options.

Microsoft Windows Scripting Self-Paced Learning (May, $44.99) by Ed Wilson teaches how to use scripting techniques to gain control over Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Internet Information Services and Microsoft Exchange Server environments.


Design Research: Methods and Perspectives (Mar., $39.95 cloth), edited by Brenda Laurel, describes new models of design research.

Understanding Me: Lecture and Interview (Mar., $27.95 cloth) by Marshall McLuhan, edited by Stephanie McLuhan and David Staines, brings together 19 previously unpublished lectures by and interviews with the renowned communications theorist.

The Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace (Apr. $27.95 cloth) by Vincent Mosco explores the myths around digital technology.

How Images Think (Apr., $34.95 cloth) by Ron Burnett examines the intelligence that is programmed into image-dependent technologies, making it seem as if they are "thinking."


Murach's C# (Apr., $49.50) by Joel Murach and Doug Lowe shows how to use Visual Studio, C# and the .NET classes to develop Windows applications the way professionals do.

NO STARCH PRESS(dist. by O'Reilly)

Linux for Your Mom: A Hands-On, Project-Based, Take-It-Slow, and Have-Some-Fun Guidebook (Mar., $34.95 with 2 CD-ROMs) by Rickford Grant is a jargon-free introduction to using Linux for day-to-day computer needs, such as connecting to the Internet, listening to CDs and downloading software; includes a complete installation of Fedora Linux.

The Cult of Macintosh (Apr., $29.95) by Leander Kahney details the near-fanatical devotion that Macs inspire, from users with Apple logo tattoos to aquariums converted from their old machines.

The Book of Nero 6: CD and DVD Burning Made Easy (Apr., $19.95) by William Pollock offers step-by-step instructions for copying music and visuals.


Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Apr., $39.95) by Bill McCarty introduces corporate Linux standard and its advantages for reliability, security and performance.

Better, Faster, Lighter Java (June, $34.95) by Bruce Tate advocates newer, lighter-weight open-source application frameworks.

Mac OS X Panther in a Nutshell (June, $39.95) by Chuck Toporek, Chris Stone and Scott Geever details the user-interface elements, system and network administration and scripting and development aspects of Apple's new operating system.


Windows Server Hacks (Mar., $24.95) by Mitch Tulloch offers quick solutions to problems and explains how to tune Windows servers for better performance.

Digital Photography Hacks (May, $34.95) by Derrick Story reveals photography techniques of professionals who have discovered them through years of experimentation.

Linux Desktop Hacks (May, $24.95) by Jono Bacon and Telsa Gwynne offers tips, tools and tricks for desktop issues, including administration, accessibility and fonts.


Head First PHP (July, $44.95) by Alan Peterson, Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra explains the underlying concepts of PHP through stories, pictures, quizzes and jokes and emphasizes learning to think like a PHP programmer.


iPod: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition (Mar., $24.95) by David Pogue is for Mac and Windows X users who want to make the most of Apple's digital jukebox.

iLife: The Missing Manual (July, $24.95) by David Pogue is a guide to each program in the suite—iTunes 4.2, iPhoto 4, iMovie, IDVD4 and GarageBand.


CCNA Self-Study: Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO) (Mar., $50), edited by Stephen McQuerry, is the only book authorized by Cisco Systems for self-study learning of the CCNA INTRO exam topics.

Power-up Your Small—Medium Business Network: A Guide to Enabling Network Technologies (Mar., $39.95) by Robyn Aber provides both technical and non-technical staff with information on networking technologies, the cost of implementing them and their impact on the organization.

Network Security Architectures (Apr., $55) by Sean Convery is a comprehensive guide to the Cisco security blueprint.

Wireless Networking First-Step (Aug., $34.95) by Jim Geier helps novices understand the terminology and elements of wireless networking.


Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Game Design Demystified (Mar., $49.99 with CD-ROM) by Jobe Makar and Glyn Thomas covers multiplayer, sports, puzzles, action, 3D and casino, as well as the physics and trigonometry behind game design; includes a CD with source files.

Macromedia Director MX Demystified (June, $49.99 with CD-ROM) by Phil Gross combines explanations with exercises for hands-on experience with Director; includes a CD with scripts and lesson files.


Adobe InDesign CS Killer Tips (Mar., $29.99) by Scott Kelby is a full-color guide with sidebar-style tips and techniques.

LightWave 8 Killer Tips (Apr. $39.99) by Dan Ablan and Randy Shar. Ablan, who heads a 3D animation studio, provides secrets and shortcuts in this full-color guide to LightWave.

Inside 3ds max 6 (June, $49.99 with CD-ROM) by the New Riders team covers advanced features—camera matching, character rigging, rendering and compositing; includes a CD with lesson files.


Google and Other Search Engines: Visual QuickStart Guide (Mar., $19.99) by Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner uses pictures rather than wordy explanations to show how to find information on the Net.

The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Panther Edition (Mar., $29.99) by Robin Williams is a humorous introduction to Apple's new operating system.

Real World Adobe InDesign CS (Apr., $44.99) by Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner is written by pros for pros who want to learn InDesign CS's page layout tools, manage color or run custom scripts.

How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography (Apr., $29.99 with CD-ROM) by Jack Davis and Ben Willmore shows how to solve real-world creative and production challenges with go-home-at-night speed; includes a CD with presets, actions and tools.


Secrets of the iPod, Fourth Edition (Mar., $19.99) by Christopher Breen. Macworld magazine columnist Breen offers tips and tricks for Mac and Windows users who want to get the most out of their iPods.


Exploring the Internet After 50: Your Guide to E-Mail, Chat Rooms, Search Engines, Shopping, News, Health, Classes and More! A Best Half of Life Book (June, $12.95) by Francis Moss and Ted Pederson offers seniors a can-do approach to going on-line.


Conducting the J2EE Job Interview: IT Manager Guide for J2EE with Interview Questions (Apr., $16.95) by Jeffrey M. Hunter provides insights into what makes a good J2EE programmer and techniques for interviewing a job candidate.

Conducting the UNIX Job Interview: IT Manager Guide with UNIX Interview Questions (Apr., $16.95) by Adam Haeder contains a complete set of UNIX job interview questions and a method for assessing candidates' technical abilities.


Oracle 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters: Oracle 10g Grid Computing with RAC (Mar., $69.95) by Mike Ault, Madhu Tumma and Ranko Mosic presents a complete guide to the installation, configuration and design of Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Oracle SQL Tuning & CBO Internals (Apr., $27.95) by Kimberly Floss with contributions by Donald K. Burleson explores internal mechanisms within Oracle and illustrates the complex internals of Oracle SQL execution.


How to Do Just About Anything in Microsoft Excel: Hundreds of Ways to Get More Out of Microsoft Excel (May, $15.95) by Reader's Digest editors offers easy-to-follow instructions to the spreadsheet program with photos and illustrations.

How to Do Just About Anything in Microsoft Windows XP: Hundreds of Ways to Get More Out of Microsoft Windows XP (May, $15.95) by Reader's Digest editors provides step-by-step instructions, in words and pictures, for setting up a PC and mastering Windows XP.


The Rough Guide to Travel Online, 2nd Edition (July, $11.99) by Samantha Cook and Greg Ward explains how to use the Net to plan a vacation, find good deals and book a trip.


SAS Functions by Example (Mar., $34.95) by Ron Cody is a reference manual for more than 180 SAS language functions, from ABS to ZIPSTATE.

Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Second Edition (Apr., $45.95) by Art Carpenter contains examples and tools for the basic composition and operation of the SAS Macro facility and language.


Guide to Wireless Network Security (May, $59.95) by John R. Vacca presents foundation topics and technology frameworks for designing and maintaining secure, reliable operations.

SMIL2.0: Interactive Multimedia for Web and Mobile Devices (May, $59.95) by Dick C.A. Bulterman and Lloyd Rutledge is an introduction to the Web multimedia standard SMIL 2.0.

Introduction to Virtual Reality (June, $59.95) by John Vince explains the applications involved in virtual reality without going into the underlying math.


The Complete Guide to Filters for Digital Photography (May, $29.95) by Joseph Meehan examines digital cameras' response to photographic filters for improving color rendition and creating traditional effects.

Digital Scrapbooking (May, $24.95) by Maria Given Nerius focuses on digital scrapbook page techniques, from manipulating pictures with photo/image editing software to using scanners to create themed background paper.


Dreamweaver MX 2004 Savvy (Mar., $44.99 with CD-ROM) by Christian Crumlish and Lucinda Dykes combines a task-based approach for beginners with coverage of working with ASP, PHP, JSP, dynamic content and Contribute for more advanced users.

Photoshop for Right-Brainers: The Art of Photo Manipulation (Mar., $49.99 with CD-ROM) by Al Ward explains how to create cutting-edge photographic art; includes a CD with images and project files.

After Effects and Photoshop: Animation and Production Effects for DVD and Film (Apr., $49.99 with DVD) by Jeff Foster takes a visual approach to running two Adobe graphic-creation programs simultaneously to construct real-world animations and production effects.

Mac OS X Power Tools, 2nd Edition (Apr., $39.99) by Dan Frakes goes beyond Panther basics and explains customization, networking, security, file sharing and Unix.

Mining Google Web Services: Building Applications with the Google API (May, $29.99) by John Paul Mueller shows how to embed the Google search engine in a Web site, create applications for optimizing complex searches and monitor the Web for specified information.


Security Sage's Guide to Hardening the Network Infrastructure (Mar., $59.95) by Steven Andres and Brian Kenyon offers detailed guidance on real-world network threats and exposures for security and IT professionals.

Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent (Apr., $49.95) by Ryan Russell, Thor, FX, Joe Grand, et al. Like last year's Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box, short stories offer realistic plots with technically accurate security information.

WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend, a Guide to Wireless Security (Apr., $49.95) by Chris Hurley concerns the much-debated act of driving or walking through an urban area with a wireless laptop to map both protected and unprotected wireless networks.

IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals (May, $49.95) by Stephen Northcutt, Cynthia Madden and Cynthia Welti supplies guidelines to system administrators, security consultants and programmers for applying ethical standards to day-to-day operations.

Zero-Day Exploit: Countdown to Darkness (May, $49.95) by Rob Shein, aka Rogue Shoten, is a fictional tale based on reality about the undercover world of Internet security.


The Digital Photography Handbook (Apr., $29.95) by Tim Daly offers advice on selecting the right digital camera and how to use it, from producing high-quality prints to preparing images for e-mail.

Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials (Aug., $29.95) by Bonny Lhotka, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Karin Schminke shows how to use digital processes to reinvent traditional art techniques.


Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible, Desktop Edition (Mar., $24.99) by Alan Simpson includes information on maintaining and tweaking the system, as well as updated coverage of XP Service Pack 1 and the new versions of Media Player and Movie Maker.

Project Arcade: Build Your Own Arcade Machine (Apr., $29.99 with CD-ROM) by John St. Clair is a guide to building a complete video arcade cabinet—like the ones that took quarters in the 1980s—using a PC, custom controllers and special emulation software.

Master Visually eBay Business Kit (June, $24.99 with CD) by Michael Banks covers all aspects of setting up a business on eBay.

3ds max 6 Bible (Apr., $49.99) by Kelly Murdoch is both a reference and tutorial for using 3ds max.

Wi-Fi Toys: 17 Ultra Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment (June, $24.99) by Mike Outmesguine contains instructions for building wireless projects using just a few off-the-shelf parts.

The Mac OS X Panther Book (July, $29.99) by Andy Iknatko and Jan Harrington provides tips on Apple's latest operating system.


CD & DVD Recording for Dummies, 2nd Edition (Mar., $21.99) by Mark Chambers covers the key features of CD and DVD recording, such as choosing the right software and using Easy CD & DVD Creator or Toast.

TiVo for Dummies (Apr., $21.99) by Andy Rathbone describes how to set up, use and incorporate TiVo into a home theater setup.


Professional ASP.NET 1.1 (Apr., $49.99) by Alex Homer et al. goes beyond the basics of ASP.NET Web pages, server controls and data management to security, debugging, performance and interoperability.

Expert One-on-One Microsoft Access Applications Development (May, $39.99) by Helen Feddema teaches Access developers how to build effective applications.

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