The authors of the bestselling The Nanny Diaries, Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, whose subsequent book, signed by Random House, was turned down, have moved instead to Atria, where their new book will be published this fall. It's called Citizen Girl and will be edited by Brenda Copeland. It was a North American rights deal, signed with Suzanne Gluck at ICM. The new book takes a satirical view of what it means to be young, ambitious and female in the new American economy, and is, said Copeland, "a lively and entertaining read that isn't afraid to pose some tough questions." Although Random declined to comment on what happened to the book there, sources said the authors were unable to revise it to the satisfaction of their Random editor, Lee Boudreaux, and others and, despite the high advance they had received, eventually Gluck had to shop it around again. The authors have caused some controversy in publishing circles by their behavior in the wake of their initial success, including changing agents three times in a short period.