Taunton Press has introduced a new line of do-it-yourself books aimed at a different audience than its core publishing program. The series, Do It Now, Do It Fast, Do It Right, is targeted to readers in their late 20s to early 40s, many of whom are first-time home owners, said Taunton publisher Jim Childs. Most of Taunton's list is geared for baby boomers, with books that are text-heavy and feature advice on long-term projects.

To appeal to the younger audience, the new line includes 350 color photos and focuses on projects that "can get done over a weekend," Childs explained. The $14.95 price for each book in the line is also lower than most other Taunton titles. "It's all part of our effort to broaden our customer base," Childs said.

The first three titles in the line, Trim Transformations, Paint Transformations and Lighting Solutions, were released earlier this month. Each title had a 35,000-copy first printing, and response has been so strong that Taunton went back to press on all three books, bringing the current in print figure to 70,000. Taunton had planned to do 12 books in the line, but the company "may go deeper" if demand continues strong, Childs said.