Note: Some workshops and non-BEA, non-ABA meetings charge admission and require advance registration. If a phone number is listed, please call for more information, reservations and tickets. Unless otherwise indicated, all events will be held at Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center.


10 a.m.—5:30 p.m.PMA Publishing University

. Chicago Marriott Downtown. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association. This free first day is open to first-time attendees, new publishers and PMA members only and serves as an introduction to the concurrent seminars that begin on Wednesday. Call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 to register or visit

Maximize Your Time and Attendance at the Publishing University & BEA. (10—11:30 a.m.) Moderator and speaker: Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians. Speakers: Don Tubesing, PMA president; Jan Nathan, PMA executive director; Pat Bell, Cat's-paw Press; Bob Goodman, Silver Cat.

What PMA University Has Done for Me. (12:30—1 p.m.) Moderator: Pat Bell, Cat's-paw Press. Speakers: Stan Posner, Travelsmart; Sandra Phillips-Posner, Smart Shopping Montreal; Jennifer Elin Cole, Cookie Bear Press; Bonnie L. Vorenberg, ArtAge Publications.

I Did It, You Can Too. (1:30—3 p.m.) MaryAnn Kohl of Bright Ring Publishing shares tips and anecdotes on becoming a successful self-publisher.

Outsell the New York Times Bestsellers Without Breaking a Sweat! (3—5:30 p.m.) John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, discusses the seven basic secrets of success in marketing books as well as how to create bestsellers without going bankrupt.


7:30 a.m.—5:30 p.m.Book Expo America/Writer's Digest Books Writer's Conference. Room S504. All-day event includes lunch. Fee: $149. Registration (7:30 a.m.). Writing the Popular Novel (8:30 a.m.) with Loren D. Estleman. What Every Author Should Know About Finding the Right Agent (9:30 a.m.): moderator: Katie Brogan, editor, Writer's Market and Guide to Literary Agents. Panelists: literary agents Michael Larsen, Donald Maass, Alice Orr and Elizabeth Pomada.

Concurrent breakout sessions (10:45— 11:45 a.m.) The Best Way to Craft Queries & Synopses. Room S504. Moderator: Kristin Godsey, Writer's Digest. Panelists: Pamela K. Brodowsky, Secrets of Successful Query Letters; Lisa Tucker, Shout Down the Moon; Alice Orr, No More Rejections.

The Best Way to Create a Nonfiction Book Proposal. Room S503. Speaker: Jane Friedman, Writer's Digest Books.

The Best Way to Write the Breakout Novel. Room S505. Speaker: Donald Maass.

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.Lunch (noon) including presentation of the John T. Lupton New Voices in Literature awards. Room S406B.

Trends: What the Editors Are Buying Today (1—1:30 p.m.) Room S504. Speaker: John Baker, Publishers Weekly.

Concurrent workshops (1:30—2:30 p.m.) The Best Way to Grab a Publisher's Attention: Create a Buzz-filled Marketing Plan. Room S504. Moderator: Jane Friedman. Speakers: authors M.J. Rose and Noah Lukeman.

Novel Beginnings, Narrative Structure, Pace and Endings. Room S503. Speaker: Bob Mayer, The Novel Writer's Tool Kit.

Pitch Your Novel. Room S505. Speaker: Barbara Kuroff, Writer's Digest Books.

Concurrent Pitch Slam Breakouts. (2:45—4 p.m.) Author attendees will have two minutes to pitch their book proposals to agents and editors.

Fiction. Room S504. Moderator: Alice Pope, Writer's Digest Books. Agent panelists: Noah Lukeman, Donald Maass; Elizabeth Pomada.

Nonfiction. Room S503. Moderator: Kelly Nickell, Writer's Digest Books. Panelists: Michael Larsen, Larsen-Pomada Agency; Jonathan Malysiak, Dearborn Trade Publishing; Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks.

Autographing by writers conference author-speakers. (4:45 p.m.)

8:30 a.m.—5:15 p.m.PMA Publishing University

. Chicago Marriott Downtown. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association. Registration: Members: $75 per 90-minute seminar; one day (four seminars, one lunch): $275; two days (eight seminars, two lunches): $400. Nonmembers: $90 per 90-minute seminar; one day: $350; two days: $550. Call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 to register or visit

Concurrent seminars (8:30—10 a.m.)

Problems, Solutions, Surprises and Successes of Updating a Web Site. Speakers: Wilhelminia Ripple, Oakbrook Publishing House; Jody Cull, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers; Ted Treanor, Seattle Book Company.

The PMA Publicity Course, Part I: Timing, Tasks and Targets from Contract to Pub Date. Speaker: Alice Acheson, Acheson Public Relations.

Planning for Long-Term Success: Creating a Strategic Book Marketing Plan. Speakers: Greg Godek, BestSeller Management; Antoinette Kuritz, Strategies; San Horn, Action Seminars.

Building Solid Gold Relationships: How to Find, Cultivate and Utilize Key Contacts to Achieve Publishing Success. Speaker: Dick Bruso, Heard Above the Noise; Susan RoAne, the RoAne Group.

The Rewards of Awards. Speakers, Cynthia Frank, Cypress House; Diana Wells, Book Development; Bill Starr, Georgia Center for the Book.

Lookin' for Cash in All the Right Places: How to Create Profitable Spin-off Products and Line Extensions. Speakers: Janet Switzer, Leading Experts International; Dan Seidman,

Direct Marketing: The Shortest Distance Between You and a Customer. Speakers: Sam Goller, Stowers Innovations; Pat Friesen, Pat Friesen & Company.

How to Create a Bookmap. Speakers: Pam Art, Storey Publishing; author Arden Moore; Deborah Balmuth, Storey Publishing.

Concurrent seminars (10:15—11:45 a.m.)

Design and Produce a Web Site That SELLS! Moderator: Bob Goodman, Silvercat. Speakers: Andrew Chapman, July Publications; Judy Cullins,; Wilhelminia Ripple, Oakbrook Publishing House.

The PMA Publicity Course, Part II: Getting Results in Print and On Air! Speakers: Alice Acheson, Acheson Public Relations; Kristin Matthews, CBS News/Early Show.

From Buzz to Bombs: What Worked and What Didn't. What's the Secret to Getting to the Heart of the Media? Speakers: Meryl Moss, Meryl Moss Media Relations; Kate Bandos, KSB Promotions; Monique Raphel High, Write High.

Creating a Small Press Bestseller. Moderator: Robert Goodman, Silvercat. Speakers: Antoinette Kuritz, Strategies; Jacqueline Marcell, Impressive Press; Marion Gropen, Gropen Associates.

Tapping the Educational Market for Your Book: Pre-k—12 and Colleges. Speakers: Carol Waugh, Xcellent Marketing; Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians; Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies.

B&T, Ingram, Koen and the Regional Wholesalers: Your Questions Answered. Moderator: Jen Linck, Biblio/NBN. Speakers: Sheila Kowalski, Koen Book Distributors; Sally Neher, Baker & Taylor; Craig Pollack, Ingram Book Company.

The POD Fast Track: Controlling Your Books and Increasing Your Profits. Speakers: consultant Carla Ruff; Andrew Pate, Lightning Source; Celeste Policastro, First Street Books.

Organizing Editorial Tasks for Maximum Efficiency. Moderator: Jane Billingshurst, Page Wood Publishing Services. Speakers: Cynthia Sherry, Chicago Review Press; Deborah Balmuth, Storey Publishing.

Concurrent seminars (2—3:30 p.m.)

Introduction to Online Publicity: New Book Launch. Speakers: Steve O'Keefe, Patron Saint Productions; others TBA.

How to Work with PR Practitioners. Moderator: Marika Flatt, Phenix & Phenix. Speakers: Kate Bandos, KSB Promotions; others TBA.

Getting Through to Libraries: What Does It Really Take? Moderator: Sally Neher, Baker & Taylor. Speakers: Jean Srnecz, Baker & Taylor Books; Martha Sloan, Des Plaines Public Library; Wilda Williams, Library Journal.

Beyond the Book Launch: What to Do After Your Book Comes Off Press? Moderator: Sharon Castlen, Integrated Book Marketing. Speakers: Joanne McCall, Joanne McCall Public Relations; others TBA.

Selling to the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Markets. Moderator: Jose Levy, MP Ediciones Corp. Speaker: Janine Warner, JC Warner Communications.

Lining Up Distribution and Making It Work: What's Best for My Company. Speakers: consultant Carla Ruff; Jen Linck, Biblio; Peter Goodman, Stone Bridge Publishers.

Book Design 101. Moderator: Jonathan Gullery, Budget Book Design.

Book Packaging: Profitable Secrets Revealed. Moderator: Sylvia Langford, Elwin Street Productions. Speakers: Fred Ciporen, Reed Books; others TBA.

Concurrent seminars (3:45—5:15 p.m.)

Tips and Tricks for Using Online Newsletters. Speakers: Steve O'Keefe, Patron Saint Productions; Pat Holt, Holt Uncensored; Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies.

Publicity Challenges. Speakers: Marika Flatt, Phenix & Phenix; Laura Whaley, Nelson Bibles; Robbie Vorhaus, Vorhaus & Co.

Mine Your Business with a Functional Marketing Plan. Speakers: Brian Jud, Book Marketing Works; Jerry Marino, The Marino Group; Antoinette Kuritz, Strategies

What I Have Learned in 20 Years of Book Marketing. Moderator: John Kremer, Open Horizons Publishing.

B&N, Borders & the Independents: Your Questions Answered. Moderator: Jen Linck, Biblio/NBN. Speakers: Marcella Smith, Barnes & Noble; Laurie McBride, Borders Group; other TBA.

Non-Traditional Sales: How to Bring More Cash to Your Bottom Line. Speakers: Brian Jud, Book Marketing Works; Paulette Ensign, Tips Products International.

eBooks 101: What Are They and Is This a Market for You? Speakers: Marilyn Jenkins, CyberRead; Nancy McAllister, Boson Books; Jill Thomas, ION Systems.

P&L for Editors. Speaker: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants.

9 a.m.—5 p.m.Prospective Booksellers School. Room S106. First day of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. Facilitators: Donna Paz and Mark Kaufman of Paz & Associates. Sponsored by ABA. Fee: $350 (advance registration required) includes BEA registration. Contact Kristen Gilligan at (914) 591-2665, ext. 1286, or (800) 637-0037, ext. 1286 or e-mail Sessions continue on Thursday, 9 a.m.—5 p.m., and Friday, 9 a.m.—noon.


8:30 a.m.—5 p.m.A Day of Dialog for Publishers, Vendors and Librarians. Chicago Public Library's Harold Washington Library Center (400 S. State St.). Sponsored by Chicago Public Library and Library Journal. Coffee and check-in at 8:30 a.m.; programs begin at 9 a.m. Keynote speaker: Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy. Panelists: Gina Centrello, Random House; Cathy D. Hemming, HarperCollins; Barbara A. Marcus, Scholastic. Reception (4—5 p.m.) in the Exhibit Hall follows the conference. Register at

8:30 a.m.—5:15 p.m.PMA Publishing University. Chicago Marriott Downtown. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association. Registration: call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 or visit See Wednesday, 8:30 a.m., for pricing.

Barnes & Noble Independent Press Day. Concurrent to today's University schedule, there is the fifth annual B&N Independent Press Day. There will be four one-hour sessions throughout the day at 9—10 a.m., 11 a.m.—noon, 2—3 p.m., and 4—5 p.m. The B&N sessions are for publishers only (attendance at each session is limited to 100, so pre-registration is mandatory). A buyer will be at each session, and publishers can ask questions about trends in categories, what makes a buyer decide to buy a book, what information do buyers find helpful and not helpful.

Concurrent seminars (8:30—10 a.m.)

10 Real Life Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow. Moderator: Dominique Raccah, Source Books.

Secrets to Selling Your Books and Ideas Online. Speakers: Wilhelminia Ripple, Oakbrook Publishing House; Amy Knapp, Calendar System; Ted Treanor, Seattle Book Co.

What's the Big Deal About Book Reviews? Moderators: Victoria Sutherland and Alex Moore, ForeWord Magazine. Speakers: Bill Starr, DeKalb County Public Library; Brad Hooper, Booklist.

Creating a Distinctive and Powerful Brand for Your Publishing Business and Your Books. Speakers: Dick Bruso, Heard Above the Noise; Pam Lontos, PR/PR.

Marketing of a Title from Beginning to End. Moderator: Eric Gelb, Speakers: Penny Sansevieri, Get Published Today Author Services; and marketing consultant Bobbye Middendorf.

Selling to Today's Children's Market. Speakers: Jennifer Elin Cole, Cookie Bear Press; Eric Drachman, Kidkwick Books; Kim Dickie, Dickie Books.

Book Production: How to Save Your Time and Money. Moderators: Kent Sturgis, Epicenter Press, Shannon Bodie, Lightbourne. Speakers: Shelli Newhart, Freelance Book Editor; Sandy D'Amato, Phoenix Color.

Book Manufacturing... It's All About Quantity and Quality. Moderator: Ron Pramschufer. Speakers: Kevin Blood, Odyssey Press; Michael Vezo, Westcom.

Concurrent seminars (10:15—11:45 a.m.)

How to Write a Business Plan and Build Your Business Step by Step. Moderator: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants. Speaker: Linda Pinson, Out of Your Mind and Into the Marketplace.

Do-It-Yourself Web Sites: Everything You Need to Know. Speakers: Carol Ann Waugh, Xcellent Marketing; Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians; Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies.

Romancing the Media: A Crash Course in Interviewing Techniques for Authors. Speakers: Greg Godek, BestSeller Management; Celia Rocks, Rocks-DeHart Public Relations; other, TBA.

Marketing Repair Clinic: What to Do Now That My Book Hasn't Sold? Speakers: Maggie Lichtenberg, Margaret Klee Lichtenberg Coaching; Kathy Welton, American Bar Association; Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks; Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press.

How to Make a Big Noise with a Small Horn: Promotional Ideas on a Shoe-string Budget. Moderator: Andrew Chapman, July Publishing. Speaker: Paulette Ensign, Tips Products International.

Driving Regional Book Sales in Regional Markets. Speakers: Jennifer Elin Cole, Cookie Bear Press; Stan Posner, Travelsmart Publishing; Sandra Phillips, Smart Shopping Montreal.

Taking the Mystery out of Working with Agents. Moderator: Kent Sturgis, Epicenter Press. Speakers: Elizabeth Wales, Wales Literary Agency; Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks.

Fundamentals of Publishing Law and Updates. What Every Publisher Needs to Know. Speaker: Jonathan Kirsch, attorney and PMA's general counsel.

Concurrent seminars (2—3:30 p.m.)

PMA Financial Management Course: How to Grow Your Business and Talk Knowledgeably to Your Accountant. Speaker: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants.

Internet Publicity: Taking Full Advantage of the Tools. Moderator: Jane Reilly, Globe Pequot Press. Speakers: Kate Bandos, KSB Promotions; Dave Marx, PassPorter Travel Books.

Creative Thinking for Book Marketers: Techniques for Generating Blockbuster Ideas and Sustainable Strategies. Speakers: Greg Godek, BestSeller Management; Dick Bruso, Heard Above the Noise.

Marketing Strategies for Niche Books. Speakers: Len Charla, Countinghouse Press; Tordis Ilg Isselhardt, Images from the Past; Lawrence Jordan, Jaffe, Raitt.

Doing Big Deals: Learn How to Close Big Deals in Special Sales, Premiums, Book Clubs & Corporations. Speakers: publishing coach Maggie Lichtenberg; J. McCrary Sr., Perseus Books Group; Amanda Mecke,

Creating and Implementing a Special Sales Plan: The Buck Starts Here! Speakers: Brian Jud, Book Marketing Works; Dan Poynter, Para Publishing.

Providing Editors with a Marketing Edge. Moderator: Jane Billinghurst, Page Wood Publishing Services. Speakers: Todd Stocke, Sourcebooks; Karla Olson, Tehabi Books.

Fair Use, Plagiarism, Permissions & Attribution. Speaker: attorney Lloyd Rich.

Concurrent seminars (3:45—5:15 p.m.)

How to Avoid Publishers' Six Most Common Pitfalls. Moderator: Rudy Shur, Square One Publishers. Speakers: Don Tubesing, Pfeifer-Hamilton; Howard Fisher, The Fisher Company; Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press; Kathy Welton, American Bar Association.

How to Be a Publisher, Plan Strategically and Build Your Company. Where Am I Now? Speakers: Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks; others TBA.

The New Media Kit. Moderator: Victoria Sutherland, ForeWord magazine. Speakers: Lisa Warren, Da Capo Press; Stephanie Williams, Pelican Publishing.

Marketing Strategies to Help You Design Great Book Covers. Speakers: Len Charla, Countinghouse Press; Barry Kerrigan, Desktop Miracles; Elise Cannon, PGW.

How to Shape Book Ideas to Build Profits. Speakers: Judith Galbraith, Free Spirit Press; Carolyn Sakowski, John F. Blair, Publishers.

Sales and Marketing to the Religious and Spiritual Marketplace. Speakers: Sharon Castlen, Integrated Book Marketing; Dave Troutman, FaithWorks; others TBA.

Great Book Covers Equal Great Sales. Moderator: Shannon Bodie, Lightbourne. Speakers: author Marlene Coleman; Eric Kampmann, Midpoint Trade.

Publishers Personal Legal Clinic. Speakers: attorneys Jonathan Kirsch and Lloyd Rich.

9—10 a.m.Marketing Plenary session. Room N426 A/B. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. Learn guerrilla marketing with Jay Conrad Levinson.

9—10 a.m.Co-op Solutions for Independent Publishers. Room S504BC. Panelists: Mark Nichols, Director Book Sense Marketing; Tracy Adams, Co-op Marketing Solutions; Audrey Seitz, Ingram Book Group; Roger Williams, Peterson's.

9—10 a.m.Bestseller Publicity for Reference, Academic and Public Policy Titles. Room S504D. Speaker: Judy Safern, Leading Thinkers PR.

9—10:30 a.m.Who's Setting the Standards? Room S503A. Discussion of standards including the new ISBN and EAN bar codes, ONIX (Online Information Exchange) and BISAC category codes. Moderator: Jeff Abraham, Book Industry Study Group. Panelists: Michael Cairns, RR Bowker; Jim Benjamin, Baker & Taylor; Tom Clarkson, Barnes & Noble; Wendell Lotz, Ingram Book Company; Kevin Spall, R.R. Donnelly; Lyn Blake,

9—10:30 a.m.Publishing Finance for Today's Market. Room S503B. Speaker: Stephen J. Kerr and Harry Midgley, Business Marketing Consultants.

9—10:30 a.m.The Art of Publishing Body/Mind/Spirit Titles. Room S505B. Speaker: Simon Warwick-Smith, Warwick Associates.

9 a.m.—5 p.m.Prospective Booksellers School. Room S106. Second of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. See Wednesday, June 2, 9 a.m.

10:15 a.m.—noon.Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Plan. Room 402 A. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. Speaker: Jeffrey J. Fox, author of How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business. Moderator: Ivan Barkhorn, ABA's strategic planning consultant.

10:15 a.m.—noon.Marketing 201: Supercharge Your Current Marketing Efforts. Room 402 B. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. Speaker: Seth Godin, author of Free Prize Inside. Moderator: Michael Hoynes, former ABA chief marketing officer.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Large Store Roundtable. Room S106. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. To suggest titles/plan this meeting, contact Gayle Shanks at Session is repeated 1:45—4:30 p.m.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Global Rights Forum: Toward the Global Simultaneous Release. Room S504A. Moderator: Robert Baensch, The Center for Publishing, New York University. Panelists: Nicholas Callaway, Callaway Editions; others TBA.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Buzz Your Book: An Interactive Marketing & Publicity Session. Room S504BC. Speakers: Jacqueline Deval, Publicize Your Book & Publisher; M.J. Rose, The Halo Effect; Doug Clegg, The Hour Before Dark.

10:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m.The Chicago Print & Electronic Media: Meet the Editors & Producers. Room S504D. Program Chair: Bill Young, Midwest Media.

Chicago Print Media (10:30 a.m.). Panelists: Elizabeth Taylor, Chicago Tribune; Brian Hieggelke, Newcity magazine; Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times; Heather Schroeder, Capitol Times.

Chicago Electronic Media (11:30 a.m.). Panelists: producers Maggie Berndt, Milt Rosenberg Show; Monica Teague, WBBN-TV; Donna Seamon, Open Books; Mark Concannon, WITI-TV.

11 a.m.—noon.The Book Coverage Conundrum? Room S503B. How can publishers and booksellers can help the media create a true forum for the discussion of books? Speakers: Margo Hammond, St. Petersburg Times; Ellen Heltzel, freelance journalist and book critic.

11 a.m.—noon.Rapid Replenishment: Toward the Outsourcing of Inventory Management. Room S505B. Speaker: Kirby Best, Lightning Source.

11 a.m.—12:30 p.m.Expanding Publishing Revenues to Libraries with PDF. Room S503A. Moderator: Steve Potash, CEO, OverDrive.

11:30 a.m.—8 p.m.African American Booksellers Conference

. Room S501, S502. Free.

Opening Session and Luncheon (11:30 a.m.—12:45 p.m.) Welcome from Clara Villarosa, Hue-Man Bookstore, Harlem, N.Y. Luncheon sponsored by Literally Speaking Publishing House (LSPH). Moderator: Paul Robinson, senior-v-p LSPH. Speakers: Victoria Christopher Murray, Blessed Assurance; S. James Guitard, Mocha Love; Monique Jewell Anderson, Plum Crazzzy.

Keynote Address (1 p.m.) Room S502. Speaker TBA.

Market Buzz—From Classic to Street Life Publishers/Niche Within a Niche. (2—3:45 p.m.) Room S502. Moderator: TBA. Panelists: W. Paul Coates, publisher, Black Classic Press; Haki R. Madhubuti, publisher, Third World Press; Vickie Stringer, publisher, Triple Crown; Zane, publisher, Strebor Books International.

Sidelines to Help Increase Your Bottom Line. (4—5:15 p.m.) Room S502. Moderators: Desiree Sanders, Afrocentric Books, Chicago, Ill.; Felecia Wintons, Books for Thought, Tampa, Fla. Panelists: Greg Perkins, president/CEO, African American Expressions; Jesse T. Dewberry, The Kinship Ties Group.

AABC Reception. (5:30—8 p.m.) Room S501. Sponsors: Ingram Book Group; Strebor Books; Triple Crown Publishers; Earl Cox; John Wiley & Sons. For more info., contact Clara Villarosa via e-mail at

11:45 a.m.—1:45 p.m.ABC Annual Meetingand Lunch. Free boxed lunch provided to the voting members of Association of Booksellers for Children; others can purchase lunch through the ABC. Meeting (11:45 a.m.—12:30 p.m.) is followed by the ABC Luncheon (12:30—1:45 p.m.) which includes speaker Mo Willems, Knuffle Bunny, and presentation of Pannell awards. See 2 p.m. for An Afternoon of Educational Programming for Children's Booksellers.

12:15—1:30 p.m.The Second Annual "What Are You Reading?" Lunch. Room N426 A/B/C. Fee: part of full-day ABA package.

1—2 p.m.Lighting: A Contributor to Your Bookstore's Success. Room S505B. Speaker: Dennis J. DeLorenzo, Design Dynamics.

1—2:30 p.m.Industry Data: Power Tools for a Stronger Bottom Line. Room S503A. Publishers and retailers present how their organizations use data to make business decisions. Moderator: Sally Dedecker. Panelists: Jeff Abraham, BISG; Barrie Rappaport, Ipsos-Insight; James King, Nielsen BookScan; John Helmus, John Wiley & Sons; Michael Hoynes, ABA.

1—2:30 p.m.Mergers & Acquisitions in Book Publishing. Room S503B. Speaker: Stephen J. Kerr and Harry Midgley, Business Marketing Consultants.

1—2:30 p.m.The Best Way for Independent Publishers to Work with Scouts & Sub Agents. Room S504A. Sponsored by the Council for Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP). Moderator: Ira Silverberg, Donadio & Olson. Panelists: Bettina Schrewe, Bettina Schrewe Literary Scouting; Todd Siegal, Franklin & Siegal Associates.

1—2:30 p.m.Bloggers: Rewriting the Rules of Tastemaking and Trade Influence. Room S504BC. Moderator: Michael Cader, Publisher's Lunch. Panelists: Jessa Crispin, Bookslut; Dennis Loy Johnson, Mobylives; Kevin Smokler, Virtual Book Tour.

1—3 p.m.Publishing Is a Series of Presentations: The Art of Crafting the Perfect Pitch. Room S504D. Speakers: Kim Dower, Perfect Pitch Productions and Kim-from-LA. Literary Publicists; Bill Applebaum, Perfect Pitch Productions.

1:45—3 p.m.Concurrent ABA sessions. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. These five sessions will be repeated 3:15—4:30 p.m.—allowing booksellers to attend two sessions.

Forming Business Alliances in Your Community. Room 402A. Moderator: Oren J. Teicher, ABA's COO.

Identify Competition & Self-Evaluation: A Method to Conduct the Analysis. Room 402B. Moderator: Avin Mark Domnitz, ABA's CEO.

Succession Planning: Employee Buyouts. Room 404A. Moderator: ABA's Ivan Barkhorn.

Focused Small Store Issues. Room 404B/C.

Inventory Management. Room 404D. Moderator: business consultant Bob Steele.

1:45—3 p.m.College Store Idea Exchange & Roundtable. Room S105B/C. Cosponsored by National Association of College Stores (NACS).

1:45—4:30 p.m.Large Store Roundtable. Room S106. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. Repeat of earlier session. See 10:30 a.m.—noon.

2—4:15 p.m.An Afternoon of Educational Programming for Children's Booksellers. Room S105. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. Co-sponsored by the American Booksellers Association (ABA), Association of Booksellers for Children (ABC), and the Children's Book Council (CBC) Children's Booksellers and Publishers Committee. Featuring Newbery Medal—winning author Linda Sue Park and the return of the Children's Book Buzz Workshop (3:30 p.m.).

3—4:30 p.m.Foreign Publishers: The Best Way to Distribute & Market English-Language Titles in the U.S. Room S503A. Moderator: Robert Baensch, Center for Publishing, NYU. Panelists: Lance Tilford, SCB Distributors; Henry Kornman, HKM Publisher Services; Eric Kampman, Midpoint Trade Books.

3—4:30 p.m.For Every Budget: Brilliant and Affordable PR Ideas for Authors. Room S504A. Speakers: Judy Safern, Leading Thinkers PR; Fern Reiss, Bestseller in 30 Days.

3—4:30 p.m.Bibliocide: Are Reviews and Reviewers Becoming Co-opted by Writers? Room S106A/B. Sponsored by: National Book Critics Circle. Moderator: Elizabeth Taylor, Chicago Tribune. Panelists: author Dale Peck, critics Ellen Heltzel and Carlin Romano.

3—4:30 p.m.The Economics of Being a "Green" Publisher: Benefits & Challenges. Room S505B. Sponsored by: Green Press Initiative. Moderator: Tyson Miller, Green Press Initiative. Panelists: Munro Magruder, New World Library; Margo Baldwin, Publisher, Chelsea Green.

3:15—4:30 p.m.Concurrent ABA sessions. Fee: part of full-day ABA package. See 1:45—3 p.m. for listing of five repeating sessions and room numbers.

4:30—6 p.m.BEA's Editor Bookseller Buzz Forum. Room S106A/B. Moderator: Nora Rawlinson, Publishers Weekly. Editors share their perspectives on forthcoming titles and authors. Editors: Michael Pietsch, publisher, Little, Brown and Co.; Anika Streitfeld, fiction editor, MacAdam/Cage; Ann Godoff, publisher, Penguin Press; Dan Menaker, senior v-p/editor-in-chief, Random House; Judith Regan, publisher ReganBooks; David Rosenthal, publisher, Simon & Schuster.

5—10 p.m.ABC Annual Secret Garden Silent Auction & Evening with Children's Booksellers. Harold Washington Library Center. Fee: $60 (member) and $75 (non-member). Reception and Secret Garden Silent Auction (5—6:45 p.m.); dinner (7 p.m.) followed by speakers Chris Van Allsburg, Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith (8:30 p.m.) and payment and pick-up for auction pieces (9:30 p.m.). To register for the ABC Dinner, please contact ABC's Anne Irish at (608) 836-6050 or

6 p.m.Opening Night Keynote Address by Bill Clinton. Grand Ballroom.

6 p.m.Lambda Literary Awards. Chicago Mart Plaza Hotel. Fee: $125 (dinner); $175 (dinner and reception). The Lambda Literary Foundation's 16th annual VIP Reception (6 p.m.) and Dinner (7:30 p.m.) prior to awards ceremony celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender books. or (202) 682-0952.

8—10 p.m.Nautilus Book Awards. Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Grand Ballroom IX and X. Sponsored by Marilyn McGuire & Associates and Body and Soul magazine. Fourth annual awards for outstanding books in spirituality, health healing, social change and self-help. Fee: $20.


8—9:30 a.m.Children's Book & Author Breakfast. Grand Ballroom. Fee: $25. Sponsored by the Children's Booksellers and Publishers Committee of the ABA, the Association of Booksellers for Children (ABC), and the Children's Book Council (CBC). Speakers: Ursula K. Le Guin (Gifts), Jamie Lee Curtis (When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth), Jack Gantos (Hole in My Life).

8:30 a.m.—5 p.m.Internet Marketing Magic: What Every Author, Publisher and Bookseller Needs to Know to Create Buzz, Build a Brand and Market Books Online. Room 501. Fee: $195. Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, co-authors of The One Minute Millionaire, will teach how to catapult your book to #1 in a single day. Speakers: Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, John Childers.

9—10:15 a.m.Understanding Islam: How Books Can Foster Dialogue in a Faith-fractured World. Room S503A Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderator: Lynn Garrett, PW. Panelists: Irshad Manji, The Trouble with Islam; Feisal Abdul Rauf, What's Right with Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West; Asma Gull Hasan, Why I Am a Muslim: An American Odyssey.

9 a.m.—noon.Prospective Booksellers School. Room S106. Final day of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. See Wednesday, June 2, 9 a.m.

9 a.m.—6 p.m. BookExpo trade show floor open.

10—10:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Production Practices for the Author and Publisher. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

10—11 Users Group. Room 402 A. Moderator: director Len Vlahos.

10—11:15 a.m.Religion Books for Children and Teens: Trends and Attitudes. Room S503B. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderator: Elizabeth Devereaux, PW. Panelists: Judy Zylstra, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers; Deborah Brodie, Roaring Brook Press; Sally Bulthuis, owner, Pooh's Corner; Susan Kent, owner, Treehouse Readers.

10:30—11:45 a.m.Don't Be Left Behind! Buying, Shelving, and Selling Christian Fiction. Room S503A. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderator: Jana Riess, PW. Panelists: Sally Dumont, Joseph-Beth Group; Jerry Jenkins, Left Behind; Donna Kehoe, Christy Awards; Dick Malone, Riverside Distributors; Craig Stoll, Mardel.

11—11:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Retail and Distribution Channels . Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion.

11 a.m.—noon.Book Sense Gift Card Users Group. Room 402 B. Moderator: ABA marketing director Jill Perlstein.

Noon—1:30 p.m.Book Sense 76 Luncheon. Grand Ballroom. Open to all bookstores with Book Sense (must RSVP to Mark Nichols at Limit two per bookstore. Bring confirmation e-mail from Mark to the lunch). Sponsored by New Yorker magazine.

1—1:30 p.m.Press Conference: Religion Book Buying Consumer Survey. Room S503A. PW executive editor Daisy Maryles will present a summary of the results of PW 's new, broad-based consumer study of religion book-buying behavior.

1:30—2:15 p.m.Open eBook Forum: Library Markets for Your eBooks & Digital Materials. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

1:30—2:45 p.m.Sacred Texts and Classic Titles: The Torah, the Qur'an, the Christian Bible and Beyond. Room S503B. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderator: Phyllis Tickle, PW. Panelists: Ellen Frankel, Jewish Publication Society; Mary Ann Reilly, manager, Doubleday; Hargis Thomas, Oxford University Press.

2 p.m.Emerging Voices. Exhibit floor #4081. Stop in, listen to and meet authors after their brief readings. Chair: M.J. Rose. Authors: Stephanie Kallos, Broken for You; David Randall, Clovermead; Ron Rash, One Foot in Eden; Dan Chaon, You Remind Me of Me.

2—3:15 p.m.Serving the Niches: Stocking and Selling Non-Western and Alternative Religions. Room S503A. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderator: Lynn Garrett, PW. Panelists: Kathleen Sullivan, Phoenix Public Library; others TBA.

3 p.m.Book Festivals Best Practices Roundtable. Room S502B. Join fellow professionals involved with the management of book festivals.

3—4 p.m.Annual ABA Town Hall Meeting. Room 404A. ABA booksellers can voice their opinions and share their ideas with ABA Board members and staff in a less formal setting than at the ABA Annual Membership meeting, which follows.

3:30 p.m.BEA's Religion Day: An Afternoon with Religion and Spirituality Authors . Room 503B. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly. Moderated by Lynn Garrett, religion editor, PW. Authors: Andrew Greeley, The Catholic Revolution; Naomi H. Rosenblatt, After the Apple; Jonathan Kirsch, God Against the Gods; Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Opening the Invitation; and Jerry Jenkins, Silenced.

4 p.m.Association of Author Representatives (AAR) General Meeting at BEA: How to Work Best with Your Author's In-House Publicity and Marketing Department. Room S502B. Open to all agents. Moderator: Gail Hochman, AAR. Panelists: Patricia Eisemann, Scribner; Lisa Gallagher, William Morrow/Avon; Jeff Seroy, FSG; Louise Brockett, W.W. Norton & Co.

4—5 p.m.ABA Annual Membership Meeting. Room 404B/C. ABA's official annual meeting will update membership on the past year and look ahead to future association projects.

5:30—7 p.m.ABA's Annual Celebration of Bookselling. Grand Ballroom. Sponsored by Atlantic Monthly magazine. Come snack, drink and find out who will win in the six categories of the 2004 Book Sense Book of the Year Awards. Awards will be handed out to the winners of Publishers Weekly 's Bookseller of the Year and Rep of the Year.

6:30 p.m.Latino Book Awards. Mexican Fine Art Museum. Sponsored by the Latino Literacy Now.


7:45—9:45 a.m.Authors Breakfast. Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Grand Ballroom IX and X. Sponsored by Marilyn McGuire & Associates and ForeWord Magazine. Moderator: Marilyn McGuire. Authors: Deepak Chopra, Book of Secrets; Andrea Jaeger, First Service; Gina Otto, Cassandra's Angel. $38.50/person. Reservations: (800) 367-1907, more info at

8—9:30 a.m.BEA Book and Author Breakfast. Grand Ballroom. Fee: $25. Host: Terry Gross, All I Did Was Ask. Speakers: Alexander McCall Smith, The Sunday Philosophy Club; Alexandra Fuller, Scribbling the Cat; David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

9—10 a.m.Lee y serás: A Community-Based Reading Initiative for Latino Children. Room S503B. Moderator: Karen Proctor, Scholastic. Panelists: Teresa Mlawer, Lectorum Publications; Marcela Davison Avilés, Latino Community Foundation.

9—10 a.m.The Best Way to Prepare for & Work the London Book Fair. Room S504A. Speakers TBA.

9—10 a.m.How to Do the Frankfurt Book Fair. Room S504BC. Speakers TBA.

9—10 a.m.Pubnet 2004: Making Documents Transparent and Easily Trackable. Room S504D. Learn about DCTS, a free Web-based service from Pubnet that allows retailers and publishers to track documents sent on the Pubnet system including shipment tracking. Speaker: Charles Halpin, Pubnet/Pubeasy.

9 a.m.—6 p.m. BookExpo trade show floor open.

9:30—10:30 a.m.Manga for the Masses: A Treasure Map for Booksellers. Room S503A. Moderator: Kuo Yu Liang, Diamond Book Distributors. Panelists: Stu Levy, Tokyopop; Michael Martens, Dark Horse; Dallas Middaugh, Random House; Micha Hersheman, Borders Group.

9:30—10:30 a.m.Expanding Your Title Offerings with DVDs. Room S505B. Moderator: Steven Pace, Baker & Taylor. Panelists TBA.

10—10:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Production Practices for the Author and Publisher. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

10 a.m.—noon.The 2% Solution. Room 402 A/B. The 2003 ABACUS Study showed that the average profitability of all 197 bookstore participants was -1.67%. This seminar examines how to move from negative profitability to a positive 2%. Moderator: Avin Mark Domnitz.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Demystifying the Spanish-Language Media & Influence: An English Speaking Primer. Room S503B. Sponsored by Críticas & AAP. Moderator: Leylha Ahuile, Promo Latino. Panelists: Eduardo Marceles, The Biography of Celia Cruz; others TBA.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Profiting from Business Book Fables. Room S504A. Moderator: Hardy Greene, BusinessWeek. Panelists: Jack Covert, 800CEOREAD; Erik Thrasher, Jossey Bass; Susan Williams, Jossey Bass; Steve Denning, Squirrel, Inc.: A Story About Leadership and Storytelling.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Branded: How Book Producers and Publishers Work with Brands, Licensors, and Famous Names to Produce Money-making Books. Room S504BC. Sponsored by ABPA. Moderator: James Buckley Jr., Shoreline Publishing Group. Panelists: Linda Cunningham, Meredith Books; Byron Preiss, Byron Preiss Visual Productions; Philip Lief, The Philip Lief Group.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Blue Sky: How Do We Deliver More Value to Our Customers? Room S504D. Moderator: Michael Cader, Publisher's Lunch. Panelists: Jane Friedman, HarperCollins; Margo Hammond, St. Petersburg Times; Vin Altruda, Borders Group; Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books; Simon Lipskar, Writer's House; author M.J. Rose.

11—11:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Retail and Distribution Channels. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA

11 a.m.—12:15 p.m.Reaping the Harvest of Comics Licensing: A Bookstore Primer. Room S503A. Moderator: Steven Ekstract, License magazine. Panelists: Scott Shannon, Pocket Books; Cheryl Rubin, DC Comics; John Parker, Tokyopop.

11 a.m.—12:30 p.m.China Update: Exports & Rights Opportunities & Trends. Room S505B. Speakers: Robert E. Baensch, Center for Publishing, NYU; Joanne Wang, Joanne Wang Agency.

Noon—2 p.m.BEA Book & Author Luncheon. Grand Ballroom. Fee: $40. Host: Brian Lamb, On American Character. Speakers: Donna L. Brazile, Cooking With Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics; Janeane Garofalo, For Those About to Salute, We Will Rock You; P.J. O'Rourke, Peace Kills: America's Fun New Imperialism; Linda Chavez, Betrayal.

1 p.m.BEA's Latin American & Latino Book Buzz Workshop. Room S503B. Hear from editors who are nurturing new and old voices in Latino publishing. Moderator: Kendra Marcus, president, Bookstop Literary Agency. Panelists: Macarena Salas, Scholastic; Silvia Matute, Santillana USA; others TBA.

1—2:15 p.m.Trends in Book-format Comics: Creative, Publishing and Consumer. Room S503A. Moderator: Calvin Reid, PW. Panelists: Milton Griepp,; others TBA.

1—2:15 p.m.Account-Specific Data Warehouses: Actionable Analysis for Your Business. Room S505B. Speaker: Mike Shatzkin, The Idea Logical Company.

1—2:30 p.m.Library Acquisitions: Leveraging Open Technology for e-Commerce. Room S504A. Speaker: Ric Rodriguez, Dynix.

1—2:30 p.m.Making the First Novel Work: What the Publisher, Author and Bookstore Can Do. Room S504BC. Moderator: Lisa Tucker, Shout Down the Moon. Panelists: Louise Burke, Pocket Books; Marly Rusoff, Marly Rusoff Agency; Megan Underwood, Goldberg McDuffie; Mary Gay Shipley, That Bookstore in Blytheville.

1—2:30 p.m.Authors at your Library: Creating and Marketing a Successful Event. Room S504D. Sponsored by FOLUSA. Speakers: Elizabeth Fabian, Random House; P.J. Campbell, John Wiley & Sons; Gretchen Moran Laskas, The Midwife's Tale.

1:30—2:15 p.m.Open eBook Forum: Library Markets for Your eBooks & Digital Materials. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA

1:30—3 p.m.ABFFE's Amending the Patriot Act: The Fight Continues. Room 404A. Sponsored by ABFFE and the Freedom to Read Foundation. A panel of experts outline the next steps in the fight to amend the Patriot Act.

2 p.m.Emerging Voices. Exhibit floor #4081. Stop in, listen to and meet authors after their brief readings. Chair: M.J. Rose. Authors: Ellen Sussman, On a Night Like This; Meg Waite Clayton, The Language of Light; Karen Siplin, Such A Girl; Mary Sharratt, The Real Minerva; Adam Langer, Crossing California.

2:30 p.m.Writers on the Verge/Nuevos exponentes de la literatura latina. Room S503B. Emerging Latina/o writers will read from their newest works. Moderator: Ana Castillo, TheMixquiahuala Letters. Writers include: Black Artemis, Explicit Content; H.G. Carrillo, Loosing My Espanish; Mary Helen Lagasse, The Fifth Sun; Joe Loya, The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell: A Memoir; and Silvio Sirias, Bernardo and the Virgin.

3 p.m.BEA's Afternoon with Art Spiegelman. Room 503A. PW news editor Calvin Reid hosts the award-winning author of Maus, who will discuss the inspiration behind his forthcoming In the Shadow of No Tower, an illustrated response to 9/11.

3—4 p.m.How New Booksellers Can Profit from the Used Book Craze. Room S505B. Speaker: Boris Wertz, COO, Abebooks.

3—4 p.m.Book Sense at Five Reading Room. Room 404 B/C. Four Book Sense 76 authors share their work.

3—4:30 p.m.Bookstore Automated Inventory Management: An ORIS Update. Room S504A. Moderator: Mike Shatzkin, The Idea Logical Company. Panelists: Nance Shatzkin and James Misewich, Shatzkin Systems.

3—4:30 p.m.Reading Groups Update: New Ideas to Increase Participation and Build Sales in Your Store. Room S504BC. Sponsored by HarperCollins Publishers, Penguin Books, Random House Publishing Group and Vintage Books & Anchor Books. Moderator: Carol Fitzgerald, co-founder, the Book Report Network. Speakers: Adriana Trigiani; Rachel Jacobsohn, The Reading Group Handbook; Jennifer Hart, HarperCollins; Russel Perreault, Random House.

3—4:30 p.m.Mining the Culinary Genre: A Banquet for Booksellers. Room S504D. Sponsored by John Wiley & Sons. Moderator: Carol Hadix, Chicago Tribune. Panelists: Mark Bittman, How to Cook Everything; Natalie Chapman, Wiley; Rob Dyer, Wiley; Adrianne Maher, Wiley; Annette Meurer, Joseph Beth Booksellers.

3:30—5 p.m.The Heard Word: BEA's Audiobook & Author Tea. Room S105 B/C. Fee: $15. Sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association. Speakers: Augusten Burroughs, Magical Thinking; Kinky Friedman, The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic; Amy Tan, The Opposite of Fate; Scott Turow, Ultimate Punishment.

4—5:30 p.m.BEA's Latin American & Latino Author Forum. Room S503B. Moderator: Chique Cartagena, Latino Boom! What Every Business Needs to Know About the U.S. Hispanic Market. Featuring Ernesto Quiñonez, Chango's Fire; Nina Marie Martínez, ¡Caramba!; Ignacio Padilla, Antipodes; Luis Rodriguez, Music of the Mill; and Carlos Eire, Waiting for Snow in Havana.

5 p.m.Book Sense at Five Birthday Bash. Trade Show floor. Help celebrate Book Sense's fifth birthday. Look for details at show.

9 p.m.BEA's Evening with George Carlin. Navy Pier Grand Ballroom (600 E. Grand Ave.). Tickets: $25; two for $45; five tickets for $100. Carlin's performance will benefit the Book Industry Foundation, which supports ABFFE and the Association of American Publishers' Get Caught Reading campaign. For more information, call (203) 840-5614 or visit


8—9:30 a.m.BEA Book and Author Breakfast. Grand Ballroom. Fee: $25. Host: Graydon Carter, What We've Lost. Speakers: Tom Wolfe, I Am Charlotte Simmons; Gish Jen, The Love Wife; Jon Stewart, America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction.

9 a.m.—4 p.m. BookExpo trade show floor open.

10—10:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Production Practices for the Author and Publisher. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

11—11:45 a.m.Open eBook Forum: eBook Retail and Distribution Channels. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

1:30—2:15 p.m.Open eBook Forum: Library Markets for Your eBooks & Digital Materials. Located in the eBook Experience Pavilion. Speaker TBA.

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