The former editor of Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and Talk is writing a nonfiction book for Random House, where her husband, Harold Evans, used to hold sway. It's to be called

The Icarus Complex and was signed for North American rights only by editorial director

Jonathan Karp. He was the winner in a week-long auction conducted by Brown's U.K.—based agent,

Ed Victor, and aims to publish two years from now. As Karp noted, Brown, who now writes a weekly newspaper column and has her own TV show on CNBC, "has been on every publisher's wish list for years." What she is offering here, however, is not a memoir—which would certainly be a blockbuster buy—but a combination of reporting and analysis of the get-rich-quick culture of the past decade and the many stories it has created of people gaining, then losing, their dreams.