Before even one of the author's books has been published, Morrow's

Carolyn Marino has signed a second two-book deal for the work of

Claire Matturro, a Florida-based attorney whose comic suspense novels have struck a chord in some of those who've read them, akin to those of Janet Evanovich. Matturro's first book starring, yes, a Florida attorney named Lilly Rose Cleary (who also happens to be a health food addict) is

Skinny-Dipping, set for October, with another book, Wildcat Wine, set for next spring. The agent on the new deal was

Elaine Koster, but Matturro had made the earlier sale to Marino herself, giving the publisher foreign, film and audio rights; on the second deal, after Koster took over, the canny agent sold North American only, keeping the other rights. That's author progress.